Jim and I had been friends for several years. He was totally straight and had no idea that I was totally gay.

Let me explain. Jim and I would meet at a popular sports bar to watch the games. We were always in separate cars in case we got 'lucky'.

At night, after the games, they would open up the dance floor. We would dance with the single ladies who were there to hook up. Nearly always, Jim scored. He thought I did also, because when I was ready to leave, I would watch and when one of the ladies I had danced with would leave, I would tell Jim I was leaving and that my date was waiting at the door for me. I would later tell him the sex was awesome or just so-so. He always bought it.

Anyway, after college I went to work for an advertising firm and Jim continued on, working on his masters degree. In the evenings, he worked full time for a small motel on the edge of town, working at the front desk. About a quarter of their clients were truckers from a nearby truck stop.

I had been out one Wednesday night and on my way home, I stopped by the motel. It was just before eleven, his getting off time.

"Hey, Mark, what are you doing out this late on a week night?" Jim asked.

"Oh, there was a late meeting with a new client," I replied. I had actually been at a local adult video store cruising for cock. "I was just wondering if you'd like to grab a beer when you get off?"

As he was about to answer, the doors opened and in walked one of the hottest studs I've ever seen.

He stood close to six-three, slim yet very muscular. His hair was collar length and dark brown. He wore a narrow beard along his chiseled jaw line that ended in a neat short goatee and moustache. He wore a form fitting tank top, revealing his hairy muscular chest. His jeans were skin tight and showed a nice bulge down the right leg. And on his feet were tan work boots.

I couldn't help but notice his bulge and he noticed me staring at it. When my eyes finally met his, he smiled and winked.

"Hey, Mr. Peters. Good to see you again. I have your regular room ready."

"Thanks Jim. You know I'll be here every other Wednesday about this time for room 128."

"Yes, sir, I do. You like tat end room."

"Yep," he replied handing Jim his driver's license and credit card.

Jim checked him in and gave him his key. The man looked at me again, smiled, and winked. Knowing his room number, I wanted so bad to go to his room and assault him. I'm pretty forward, but not that forward.

When he left, I asked, "He must be a regular, right?"

"Yea. Josh Peters. He's a trucker and is through here every other Wednesday, checking in just before I get off. He's a damn nice guy."

I knew then that I would be stopping by to see Jim every other Wednesday myself.

Returning to our conversation, Jim said, "I'll have to pass on that beer. I have a big exam tomorrow. I'll probably be pulling an 'all nighter'."

"I understand," I said. "Maybe another time."

I left the front desk and after starting my car, I drove through the parking lot on my way out. I saw Josh, climbing down from his rig with his bag. seeing me he waved and smiled that beautiful smile again. I smiled and waved back. Seeing him again, had my cock rock hard.

Two weeks later, I again stopped to visit with Jim, hoping to see the trucker again. Sure enough, shortly after ten-thirty, Josh again walked into the lobby to check in.

Seeing me, he smiled and winked again and my heart raced wildly.

I was there for the next two times Josh checked in. That made four times for me to see him, and that was when Josh finally said something.

"You're here as much as I am," he said. "You work here also?"

"Mr. Peters, I'm sorry. This is my best friend, Mark Davis. Mark, meet Mr. Peters."

As we shook hands, he said "I keep telling him my name is Josh, but he insist on calling me mister."

"It's business," Jim said.

"Well, I'll just call you Josh. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Jim spoke up saying, "Mark's in advertising and stopped by to see if I wanted to grab a beer after I get off, but working on my masters degree prevents that except on weekends."

"I see," Josh said smiling.

He got his key and left. We heard his truck start up and I assumed hat he had gone to his room. I told Jim that I'd check with him on Friday and see what we could do over the weekend.

I left the front and after starting my car, I noticed Josh's rig parked at the end of the building with him standing by the front bumper with him leaning against the truck, his legs crossed at the ankles and his arms crossed over his chest.

Pulling over to where he was, I asked if anything was wrong.

"No. I was waiting on you."

"Me? Why?"

"Well, I know it's against policy for employees to visit guest. I've invited Jim to have a beer with me after he got off in the past. You're not an employee, so if you'd like a beer, I've got I've got some cold ones in my rig. I'd enjoy the company."

"Sure," I responded. I knew that Jim wuld leave and go straight out the front drive and not drive around back.

He pulled his rig around to the back and I parked my car near his room. I walked over to his rig and he handed me the cooler with the beer before climbing down with his bag. After locking the truck, we went to his room which had a nice king size bed and all the amenities.

"Make yourself at home," he said, sitting on the bed and removing his work boots.

I opened the cooler and grabbed two beers and as i turned to hand him one, he was stripping off his signature tight tank top. I almost gasped when I saw his well defined pecs and abs, all covered with a nice thick coating of dark brown hair.

I handed him his beer and we opened them at the same time. He took a big swallow of his then asked, "You mind if I get a quick shower? I got pretty sweaty today."

"No problem. Go ahead," I answered.

He sat his beer down and to my surprise and pleasure, he quickly removed his jeans right there in front of me, laying them on the small table. He wore no underwear, and one of the most beautiful long uncut cocks I have ever seen hung there before me over two plum size balls.

I couldn't help but stare and he noticed and smiled. It was obvious that his cock was slowly starting to rise. He grabbed his beer and turned to the bathroom.

I could hear the shower running and moments later it stopped. After a few moments, he stepped out of the bathroom, still nude, drying his hair with a towel. After reaching into his bag and getting a brush, he brushed it into place.

Looking at me he said, "Mark, I apologize. I should have put something on, but this is the way I'm the most comfortable."

He reached for his jeans and I quickly said, "Hey, it's cool. It's your room so feel free to stay like you are. It doesn't offend me in the least."


"Yea. Hell, I run around my place like that most of the time."

"Thanks. In that rig, clothes get awfully tight and binding after a long day."

"I'm sure they do," I replied.

"You ready for another?" he asked as he opened his cooler.

"Sure," I replied from my position sitting on the far side of his bed.

As he lay on the other side of the bed, he handed me another beer. We talked and we found that we were both single, and the same age, twenty-eight.

He said he had a delivery route that brought him to town every other week, delivering merchandise to hardware stores.

I wanted so bad to make a pass at him, and felt sure he as wanting it also. Playing it safe, though, I resisted. finally saying that I needed to get home and get to bed and be ready for an early morning appointment.

As I reached the door, he came up and shook my hand. "I've enjoyed our visit. You know my room number and I'm here every other week. Why don't you stop by in two weeks and well down a few beers."

"I just might, if you don't mind."

"Hell no, I don't mind. I've enjoyed the company, but be prepared for me to answer the door just like i am now, since you said it didn't offend you."

"It doesn't. And to be honest, I really expected you to answer nude."

We both laughed and as I left, he said, "See you in two weeks."

"Sure thing," I replied.

He suddenly called out, "Come back here a minute."

I returned to his door and he said, "You said you go this way at home a lot, so next trip, feel free to join me if you want to."

"Thanks. You never know, I just might. Why should you be the only one so comfortable?"

Laughing, he said, "Damn, I like you."

"See you in two weeks," I replied and left. I knew that in two weeks, I'd definitely get nude with him and would do my utmost to have sex.

The next two weeks just crawled by. Seeing him nude again was all I could think about.

The day finally arrived and I had told my boss that I might be late coming in. He said it was fine.

I showered and dressed in shorts and polo shirt and sneakers, and no underwear. I was prepared.

I was nearby waiting, when I saw Jim leave. I immediately pulled into the lot and around to Josh's room. After parking, I knocked on the door. He cracked the door with the security chain in place. Upon seeing it was me, removed the chain and opened the door, staying hidden behind it.

As he closed and locked the door he said, "You know where the beer is. Help yourself."

I glanced at him and he was indeed completely nude. I grabbed a beer from the cooler as he lay back down on the bed. The covers had been pulled back and it looked as if he was waiting for sex.

I popped the can open and took a big swallow, before walking around to the other side of the bed. Setting my can on the bedside table, I asked, "Mind if I get comfortable also?"

"Be my guest," he said.

I slipped off my sneakers then removed my Polo short, tossing it into a nearby chair. Then, without hesitation, I casually removed my shorts.

"Ah, another guy that goes commando," Josh said.

"Only in casual clothes, not business attire," I replied.

"You have a damn nice build," he said, looking me over. I noticed his eyes stop and take in my cock for several seconds.

"Not as good as yours, however," I replied.

"It could be with very little work."

"Yea, but I'm too lazy," I answered as I lay on the bed a foot or so from him. He looked over and checked me out again.

I asked how his last two weeks had been and he said nothing exciting then asked about mine. I said it was just business and usual as he got up and got two more beers.

However, when he lay back down, he lay closer than he had been before, facing me. He handed me my beer, and after opening it, I rolled onto my side, facing him. We were now less than a foot apart.

"Mark, I'm glad we met. Visiting with you make my trip so much more enjoyable. I look forward to it now."

"I enjoy it also," I told him.

Propping his head up on his hand, he said, "I don't always feel so at ease being nude with someone I've recently met, but with you it's different. It just somehow feels so natural."

"I know what you mean. I feel the same way."

Our eyes met and locked on each other. Ever so casually he began leaning toward me. I knew what was coming and moved slightly toward him. Our lips met and a second later, our tongues were exploring each others mouth.

Suddenly, we were in a passionate embrace, our arms wrapped tightly around each other, and our cocks rapidly stiffening.

We kissed for several minutes and when we separated he asked, "Were you wanting this as much as I was that first time we saw each other?"

"Fuck yes. I suspected that you played when you winked at me. I wanted to see you again so why do you think I was here on Wednesdays when you arrived?"

"Does Jim play? I've offered him beers to get him here and try to find out."

"Fuck no! He's as straight as they come, and he has no idea about me."

"I'll keep your secret,"

We kissed again as we fondled each others hard cock.

After the kiss, he began licking and kissing my neck and body, working his way to my nipples then lower. Soon he was deep throating my hard cock as I moaned in delight. He went to my balls then lifted my legs and rimmed my ass. Returning to my cock, he soon brought me to a roaring climax, draining me completely before swallowing.

After another hot passionate kiss, I returned the pleasure to him. When he climaxed, I was amazed at the quantity. It was huge and as delicious as I had ever had. It was a real pleasure to swallow.

We kissed and cuddled a while before I asked how long he had been gay.

"After my parents were killed by a drunk driver when I was twelve, I was raised in several foster homes. At eighteen, I was put out of the system and on my own. I joined the Army and did two years then got out. I was thumbing my way across country whe a trucker in his early thirties picked me up. We got to talking about driving and he offered to teach me if I was interested. He said he would pay me to help him load and unload and i could ride with him and learn. About six months later, he began talking about getting horny on the road. I casually asked what he did about it. He said that at truck stops that had a glory hole, he'd let other guys blow him. He said it was much better than jerking off. He said sometimes they were locals from the area and sometimes other drivers. He asked if I had ever had a guy blow me. When I said no, he said that if I wanted to see what it was like he could arrange it. About a week later I asked if he could arrange it. He smiled and said yes and hat it would be easy. when we stopped for the night he told me to get in the sleeper and get naked and lay on the lower bunk. I did and he watched and suddenly sat next to me and started sucking me."

"Damn. Did you suspect that he was gay?"

"Not at all. Anyway, he got me off and I loved it. He'd do me almost every night. If we stopped at a truck stop with a glory hole, I'd get sucked there. Then one day I was in a booth and boned and a driver came in next to me. He got boned and put his through the hole to me. I was curious and sucked him off. He left and another came in. I ended up sucking three other guys with the last one sucking me. The next night when Clay came to suck me I shocked him by doing him first. Once I got started he lay down and we had a sixty-nine. Few days later he fucked me. i liked it also. Been gay ever since. I've tried pussy since then but can't get off."

"Fuck. I bet he was shocked."

"Oh yea. He trained me well in male sex as well as driving a truck. I soon got my commercial license and went out on my own. But I'm very picky about who I go with."

"So am I," I replied.

He asked about me and I told him about how me and a buddy started messing around when we were fourteen. One thing led to another and we were soon sucking, fucking and making out.

Josh and I then lovingly fucked each other before i left his room just before three the next morning.

We met every other Wednesday for over a year, and during that time we both took vacation together and spent just over a week together. It was awesome.

Then one Wednesday night when I met him he said, "I told Jim that tonight would be my last night staying here."

"Why?" I asked.

"I'm getting off the road. I'm going to be a dispatcher for a major company in one of their terminals. The pay is better and I'll be able to settle down."

"I guess that this will be our last time together then," I said.

"I certainly hope not. the terminal I'll be working at is located right here in town. Mark, I'll be living here. We can see each other all we want."

"What? No shit?"

"No shit," he replied.

I was as excited as hell. I grabbed him and kissed him passionately holding his face to mine. After separating I asked where he as going to live.

"I need to find a place."

"Why don't we find a place together. Just as room mates."

"I'd like that."

We found a house out on the edge of town on a few acres. we paid the deposit and first and last months rent and moved in. However that didn't last long.

One Saturday morning, he looked at me and said, "I want you to move out of your room."

Shocked, I said, "What? Why" Have I done something?"

"Yes, you most certainly have," he said then paused.


"You've made me fall in love with you. I want you to move out of your room and into mine, as my lover, not room mate."

"Oh fuck Josh, I love you so much. I'll gladly make that move."

Shortly after that, I invited Jim over. He didn't know that Josh had taken a job in town.

When he arrived and walked in and saw Josh, he said, "What the fuck?"

Josh and I sat him down and told him everything. He said that he wasn't surprised about me but that he was about Josh.

"Why were you not surprised about me?" I asked.

"Two reasons. First, I talked to a few of the girls you have said you took home and they said that it never happened although they wanted it to. And secondly, I've passed that bar on West Street that caters to the gay crowd and seen you either going in or coming out several times."

"And you never said anything?"

"It didn't matter to me. You will always be my best friend. Besides, I'm getting married and want you to be my best man."

"I'd be honored," I said.

"And if you and Josh are happy and it appears that you are, that's all that matters.

I was Jim's best man and his new wife knew I was gay and that Josh was my over. She accepted us and she and Jim would have us over for dinner and barbecues.

We are all great friends and would do anything for each other.




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