Detective Reese Kent inspected the lifeless body that lay in the back seat of the Chevy Tahoe parked in the alley. "Took two to the head; seems to be 10mm. No ID, But the car's registered to her. Carly West; 22. She's a local college student", Detective Jenkins briefed Kent. The overkill wasn't what made this case so weird. The victim had 3.14 tattooed all over her face. It was the mathematical constant Pi. "Where the hell is the M.E.? ", Kent demanded.

"Right here", Darren Walsh said, with a smug look on his face. Darren Walsh was not what you'd expect when you hear Chief Medical Examiner . He was probably the youngest to make chief. Dark brown hair, broad shoulders and muscles that were clearly visible through his lab coat. He looked like he'd just strolled out from a magazine. But everybody knew the truth, New York recruited him after Walsh cracked the Boston Bomber case, a month after he started working for the Boston Police Department.

"Nice of you to join us", Kent said, not amused by Darren's credentials. Darren chuckled. He began to inspect the body. "What are you hoping to find? COD is pretty clear here", Kent said annoyed by the lack of punctuality. He had a date. He'd just started feeling ready to date, after everything that happened. Being called in off duty already put a damper on his mood. Reese Kent was exactly what you'd hope a cop to be. Well built... strong willed...brave. His boyish charm always made people mistake him for a sexy stripper when he was a beat cop.

"Well it's a good thing I'm more patient", Darren grinned. "The cause of death wasn't the bullets to the head. The lack of a spray indicate that she was shot post-mortem. Even the tattoos are too steady to have been done when she was alive. Lividity indicates that she died earlier today, which means she was being held captive for at least a few days."

"How do you know that?", Reese asked, slightly impressed. "Because this bruising around her wrists is a few days old and it's bruising from her struggling against her restraints." Darren explained. "There's no other signs of a struggle. Seems like all of his sadistic artwork was post-mortem. But I won't know more till I get her to the lab.", He continued as he peeled off the green latex gloves.

Kent's phone buzzed.

It was a text from his date, sexy Dr.Brian, 'Hey. Just got ur message. Sorry but I'm on-call tonight so.. some other time :)'

"Shit", Reese said. Now he was really annoyed. "Alright...We're not gonna find anything more tonight. Jenkins, you and Mendez canvas the area first thing in the morning. See if you can find any witnesses. Somebody had to have heard gunshots or seen something." , the duo nodded and walked off.

Reese Kent always found the patter of rain to be soothing. The door bell rang. Reese wondered who it could be at this hour. He was looking at pictures on his phone. They were pictures of him and his boyfriend, Jackson from Jackson's 25th birthday. Jackson Blake was murdered by a serial killer that Reese and his team were tracking. He knew Reese was catching up and sought to silence him. Jackson was how he got Reese to come to him. Reese set his phone aside and walked over to the door but not before getting out his Glock 20 from his bedroom drawer. No matter how hard he tried, Reese could never forget what happened six months ago. Instinctively his fingers traced the right side of his chest where the scar was. He'd never forget the pain of that psycho cutting into his flesh or watching Jackson bleed out in front of him. Putting a bullet into his killer's skull did not make him feel any better. He looked through the peephole. Not who he'd expected at all. He clicked the safety of his firearm back on and unlocked the door and there stood Darren Walsh, drenched from head to toe with a bottle of red wine in one hand and his phone and wallet tightly secured in a plastic bag in the other. "Hi", Darren said. " What are you doing here Walsh?" Reese sighed. " Well, I noticed that you were in a sour mood at the crime scene. Being called in when you're off duty really screws plans am I right? Thought I'd cheer you up. Don't shoot me." Darren said with a sheepish smile. "Get in! you're soaking wet, wait here while I get you something dry". Reese said taking the bottle from Darren. "Woah woah woah detective! you sure you want me getting naked in front of you?" Darren said smugly . Reese set aside the bottle and the gun on the kitchen counter. "Jussst wait here, I'll get you a towel and something dry to wear".

Reese picked out a shirt that he thought might fit the comparatively smaller Darren. He was still looking for a pair of pants when he felt a shadow block the light coming in from the hallway. He turned around to see Darren standing in the doorway, butt-naked, running his hands through this hair. His dusty brown hair was a tangled mess, there was water dripping down his entire smooth body. Everything was in perfect proportion. His muscles weren't extremely defined, just enough to be sexy. Each nipple was a perfect pink disc. He walked over to Reese and while he did Reese realized that he didn't find Darren annoying at all. In all truth he was severely attracted to this beautiful man. But the thing that caught Reese's eye most was Darren's 9'' cock. It was glistening like the rest of his wet body. The veins were thick and ran all the way around it. It was literally the most perfect thing ever and he couldn't take his eyes off of it. All the while his own dick was getting harder and harder.

"Getting a good view over there?" Darren asked, snapping Reese back to reality. Reese stood up, hesitant, not sure whether his knees would buckle. "What in the holy hell are you doing?", he asked.. hoping that the darkness was sufficient to hide his raging boner. Before he could say anything else, Darren crossed over to him in one swift move and slipped his arm around Reese's waist. Reese could feel water soak into his shirt. Reese felt the heat between the two of them. His mind.. fogged. Shut down. All he could think about was this sexy guy who was gazing into his eyes. The man whose cock was inches away from his own. Before Reese could finish his mental sentence Darren pulled him in for a kiss. He pressed his lips up, hard, against Reese's and used his tounge to explore Reese's mouth. Reese kissed him back, coiling his hand into Darren's wet hair.

Darren then grabbed Reese's cock and began to slowly stroke it making the outline of Reese's cock visible through his pants. Reese let out a moan, as his head fell back. Sensing Reese's pleasure, Darren lifted his shirt and began to suck on Reese's nipple. This, this experience was almost forgotten to Reese. He had forgotten how much he enjoyed it. As Darren continued to suck on his nipple and now jerk Reese off, Reese couldn't stop himself and was moaning like he had never done before. Darren got onto his knees and pulled down Reese's pants. But before he could do anything else he looked up at Reese, as if asking for approval. Reese couldn't help but smile. " It's hard isn't it?"

Needing no other permission, Darren parted his lips and.. Reese's cock slowly slid in and out of Darren's mouth. Reese's 8 inch thick hard cock was venturing deeper and deeper into Darren's mouth. Darren wasn't exactly used to such a big cock but the more he struggled, the more it slid in. But this only made him hotter. His cock felt like it was going to rip through the towel that Reese dried him with.

Reese pulled out from Darren's mouth and pulled him to his feet. " My turn", Reese said.. licking his lips as he began to fondle Darren's bulge. Reese dropped to his knees, threw off the towel that scantily clad Darren and released his huge cock from its confinement. The tip gleamed with precum. Without hesitation, Reese was sucking as much of Darren's dick as he could. Bobbing back and forth trying to make sure that he got it all down his throat. Darren was panting and moaning.

Reese stopped for a second, "are you liking that?"

Darren, head still arched back moaned, "DON'T STOP!"

With that, Reese took the opportunity to slide his hand between Darren's bubble buns. Darren began to pant harder as Reese's finger inched closer and closer to his puckering hole. Reese took Darren's cock as deep as he could and then attempted to push the tip of his finger into Darren's hole.

Darren was tight as hell. Reese wasn't sure who between them was in deeper ecstasy. He pulled Darren's dick out of his mouth and instead began to suck on his balls. All the while, inching his finger.. further and further into Darren.

"Reese, I'm close!"

Hearing that, Reese went back to work on Darren's big shaft. Slurping and sucking every inch on it and taking it deep. Darren started to tense up like he was primed to explode. Reese knew what that meant.But he didn't slow down. One final bob and stream after stream of warm milky cum was erupting into Reese's mouth.

Darren stumbled back and collapsed on the bed desperately trying to catch his breath. Before he could recover, Reese was over him and before he knew it.. Reese's cock was at the tip of his lips. Darren lifted his head and happily sucked on the monster. As Reese felt himself getting closer, he screamed out, warning Darren, who he simply pulled his cock out of his mouth and let it blast his face with what felt like a gallon of hot cum. Darren slurped at the cum that was dripping down his face. Reese jumped off the bed and quickly grabbed the towel to wipe off Darren's face. "I'm so sorry about this!", Reese exclaimed, a flash of guilty pleasure oh his face. Darren chuckled and as if to answer.. licked some more of the cum on his face. Reese grabbed his Darren's head and pulled him in for a hard kiss and then collapsed on top of Darren, enjoying his body's warmth under him. Darren freed one arm from under Reese to give him a quick spank on the butt. "Oucch!". They both chuckled as Reese grabbed both of Darren's hands and pinned them over his head. Darren felt awesome, being powerless and naked under this hunk of a man. Reese felt Darren's cock getting hard again and laughed, "looks like somebody's ready for round two".



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