The automated doors opened and Paul Jacobs escorted Nick Murphy inside. The air conditioned lobby was pleasing as opposed to the mid day Florida heat. Paul Jacobs worked with social services, he'd spent all morning trying to find a home suited for Nick Murphy, the 18 year old boy who's parents died last week when a kitchen curtain caught fire and burnt the rest of the house. He didn't have any living next of kin, so he didn't have anywhere else to go. But Paul couldn't find anyone in this city who wanted to take in an 18 year old. Since Paul lived alone with his 19 year old son he didn't take much time making the decision of taking Nick in. He only wished that Nick and Adam would get along.

Nick was a good kid Paul thought, he'd already thanked Paul a hundred times for the effort he was making and agreed instantly when Paul asked him if he would live with him.

Paul Jacobs was 45 years old, slightly tanned and quite muscular. He had gotten used to not having his wife around, his wife Amanda had been killed because of a robbery gone wrong. But Paul was satisfied when her killer was put behind bars and he wasn't getting out for a long time to come.

'Thanks again, Mr. Jacobs.' Nick said, nervous about how much was going to change. Paul had told him about Adam, how he was good with people. He wondered if Adam would like him and hoped that he wouldn't get in the way too much.

'Nick, please call me Paul and you don't have to thank me, I'm glad to have you come live with us. I mean I've know you one week and I already wish that you were my son.' Paul said smiling a little. The elevator stopped on the 25th floor, the doors opened as they heard the bell.

Paul guided Nick out and to his house. Paul's front door was made of polished oak-wood. He waved the key-card near the lock and the red light under the knob turned green as Paul opened the door. He lead Nick in first and then stepped in.

As they stepped in, Paul lifted Nick's bag and said, 'I'll put these up in your room, you'll be sleeping in Adam's room, till then why don't you get yourself a glass of water.

Nick gulped down the water, he didn't even feel the cold of the glass since his hands were icy cold with nervousness.

He looked around and gasped when he saw the panoramic view from the giant windows. He could see as far the ocean.' Nick we're in here', Paul called. Nick noticed the plural, 'here goes', he said softly only meant for his ears.

He pushed the slightly ajar door and stepped into the room, the first thing he noticed was the shirtless boy on the bed with a black laptop on his lap and earphones in his ear. When he saw Nick, he pulled out the earphones and smiled. He got off the bed and extended his hand, 'Hey Adam Jacobs, great to meet you and be your foster brother if you want'. He said, with a sincere smile on his face, showing that he was happy to have a brother.' Hi, Nick Murphy'. Nick said feeling the warmth of the welcome he'd received.

Nick woke up, smelling bacon and coffee. Adam was beside him also awake staring at the celing, he noticed Nick looking at him and turned to face him.' morning he said getting out of bed. It had been a month since Nick had first come to live with them. Paul was putting the bacon onto the plates.

'Hey guys, you may have the week off but I gotta work. So I'll be back at 11. ok', Paul said as they entered the room together in nothing but their boxers, pushing, wrestling one another. Paul was happy to see how well Nick had become a part of Adam's life also his. He sat on the high chair in the kitchen and turned on the T. V. Adam put on the show they watched together, everyday.

They hungrily chugged the bacon down they're throats.' So what shall we do today', Adam asked, 'We could watch all those movies we decided to watch.' Nick suggested.' Great, then I'll set everything up and you make the popcorn.', Adam answered excited.

10 minutes later after Paul had left for work, they started the first movie on their list. When Nick said he had to go to the bathroom. When he got back he saw Adam sprawled comfortably on the couch. They continued the movie again and after a few minutes Nick noticed Adam staring at him, so he looked at Adam.' What', Nick said smiling as he felt a strange feeling, he felt the connection between him and Adam. Adam moved closer to Nick and placed his hand on Nick thigh.' Nick', he said, 'this isn't easy for me to say and don't hate me for saying so but I'm attracted to you, I have been since I saw you the first day.' Nick smiled he moved closer to Adam and held his face with both hands and kissed him. They both stared into each others eyes. Their cocks hard, Nick placed his hand on Adam's cock and stroked it through Adam's tight briefs and moved in for another kiss. . .

Nick arched his back slowly lying down on the couch while Adam moved on top of him, they pushed themselves almost into one another. Adam placed his hands, one on Nick's chest and the other on his stomach. He moved his hand feeling Nick's hard Abs. Adam kissed down Nick's jawline and they moved up to his ear, he nibbled on Nick's ear lobe, pulling it slightly. Adam moved down to Nick's nipples and nibbled on one while he squeezed the other. A loud moan escaped Nick's mouth. His cock almost tearing out of his briefs. He pushed up rubbing against Adam's cock, their abs rubbing against each other.

Adam moved down to Nick's diamond hard cock and licked it through the underwear, as Nick moaned in pleasure. Adam licked and sucked Nick's cock till his underwear was soaked in saliva and pre-cum. He pulled down Nick's underwear as Nick's cock bobbed up and hit his abs. Adam held Nick's cock and licked the entire length. He pulled back the foreskin with ease, and licked the head of Nick's cock. His mouth watering for Nick's cock he took it into his mouth and sucked like a hungry wolf. He licked and sucked Nick's thick, smooth, hard 9' cock until Nick couldn't take anymore he screamed, 'oohh ffucckk, bbrroo, I'mm goonnaa cumm', and a warm gush of cum filled Adam's mouth and another and another, he swallowed as much as he could.' Fuck, bro, you cum alot.' Adam said.' Yeah I know', Nick said smiling sheepishly, still dazed about what had just happened. Adam stripped down his underwear and they began pushing into each other again. Adam pushed into Nick's hole and Nick moaned, he didn't feel much pain since his hole was quite flexible, it took the entire length of Adam's giant 10' cock, Adam rammed Nick's ass a few more times and then he came, filling Nick's hole with warm cum, wile Nick had a second orgasm since he was stroking his still hard cock. Adam colapsed on Nick, their bodies sweaty and hot, moving up and down on account of their heavy breathing. Their cock's were already hard and Adam got up and carried Nick in his arms and placed his hand on Nick round bubble butt. Nick placed his hot hands on Adam's chest which moved from the excitement and the sex. Nick kissed him, lips first, then neck, Adam walked to their room for another hot, cum-filled fuck. Nick and Adam both got hard coz of the idea that they were going to have alot of sex.



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