Jeff Long walked slowly across the deck toward his son, Jay, standing at the railing, his short hiking shorts hugged his muscular thighs, his powerful hamstrings bulging. The yellow T-shirt hugged his upper body, contrasting sharply against his dark tan. The thick column of his neck was taut, holding his handsome head up.

'I'm sorry you're not having a good time,' he said as he stepped up and leaned on the railing beside the boy.

'It's not exactly what I expected,' the youth said without looking around.

'Me either. I was as surprised as you were at the guys who were naked in the pool. Still, I don't know why that bothered you so; you've been an athlete all your young life, you're used to being around other naked guys in the locker room.'

'There's not a bunch of dads with us in the locker room. And those guys were awfully playful with each other in the pool.'

'We've done that; wrestled around,' Jeff said.

'Not naked, except for that one time, and not with anybody else around,' Jay said.

'Well, if I had known, I would've never booked us on this cruise.'

'They didn't tell you?' the boy asked.

'Thinking back, I guess they did, or tried to, but I guess I never caught on,' Jeff lied.

'Well, I just never thought father-son bonding would involve guys passing their sons around to other men, which is what they seem to be doing,' said Jay.

'I don't think everybody is doing that,' Jeff said. 'I haven't; we haven't. And maybe its not what it seems. It could just be a way of everybody getting to know each other. Anyway, its only our second day out, we can still have a good time going our own way and let everyone else go their way.'

'And try to ignore what's going on around us?' Jay asked.

'Yes. Do the things you enjoy doing, on the ship and on the islands, and leave everybody else to do the same. And if you have a problem with our table guests, I can see the headwaiter about getting us moved.'

'No need to do that, we only see them at dinner,' Jay said.

'I just want you to be comfortable and have a good time on your graduation cruise,' Jeff said.

'I will. I am, actually. This ship is unbelievable. I still haven't seen it all. The climbing wall is awesome. And the's better equipped than the one at school.'

'Have you climbed the wall yet?' Jeff asked.

'No, but I'm going to. I am having a good time, Dad, I'm just trying to ignore some of the stuff that's going on around me.'

'And you can get away from all this other stuff when you go ashore on the islands,' Jeff said, patting his son on the back. 'But for now, we'd better get dressed for dinner. Unless you want to eat up on deck.'

'No, we've got all those new clothes, we might as well make good use of them,' Jay said. 'I'm just glad the formal night is out of the way so I don't have to wear the tux.'

'There's another formal night at the end of the cruise,' Jeff reminded him.

'Don't remind me.'

'Hey, you looked great in your tux,' Jeff said as they headed for the elevator.

'Yeah, maybe a little too good from the looks and some of the remarks I got,' Jay said.

'You handled them okay,' Jeff said. The elevator doors parted and they stepped inside with a good-looking, thirty-something man who openly admired the two.

'Well, the stud patrol has arrived,' the said.

Jeff laughed, partly at his son's embarrassment. They rode up in silence till the elevator stopped and the man got off.

'See what I mean?' Jay said.

'Hey, it was a compliment, to both of us,' said Jeff. 'And I'm taking all the compliments I can get.'

'Hell, Dad, you're probably the best-built dad on this boat, its not like you have to grovel for compliments,' Jay chided him.

Jeff let Jay have the shower first while he stood out on the balcony watching the sea sparkle with the colors of the setting sun. Maybe he had done the wrong thing, booking them on the cruise. He felt guilty for lying to his son. He knew what the cruise was all about; that was why he sought it out and booked it. And the travel agent had made everything quite clear, explaining that everything onboard clothing and the activities was optional. He understood and he booked them on Bonding Voyager because he hoped it would be the opportunity to bring them together the way Jeff wanted them to be together. He wanted to finally reveal to his son that he was gay. He had no intention and would never suggest that they take part or even mingle too closely with the other men and boys. He just wanted them to have the time together, as father and son and he needed the atmosphere of the cruise ship to bolster his courage to make his announcement. He just hoped it didn't turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

'It's all yours, dad,' Jay said from behind.

He turned to see his son standing in the doorway, drying his hair vigorously and his breath came short. The towel barely covered his naked body and when he brought it down to dry his pubes, Jeff's eyes raked over his muscular upper body, nicely tanned except around his middle where he wore a swimsuit. His muscles rippled and his abs danced with the motion. Godd, he was beautiful! More so because he didn't seem to be aware of it. He had to avert his eyes when Jay brought the towel down, revealing his manhood. He didn't know why; if he wanted him to know his secret, then why not stare and let him figure it out. But he knew Jay would never raise the question; it would never enter his mind. Godd, when had he gotten so muscular, and big! More and more, he felt unsafe being in the boy's presence when he was naked.

Jeff didn't tarry about taking his shower. When he came out of the bathroom, Jay was dressed in a pair of light slacks and a black stretch satin T-shirt that hugged his upper body like a gentle skin, with a gold choker around his thick, muscular neck. He looked stunning.

'You know you're only soliciting more comments, looking like that,' he said jokingly.

'Should I wear something else?' Jay asked innocently.

'No, of course not,' Jeff said, laughing. 'Hell, Son, it doesn't matter what you wear, the way you're put together, people are going to look. Get used to it.'

Jeff could barely keep from beaming with pride as they made their way to the dining room as he noticed the way people looked at the boy. The sleeves of his shirt stretched around his big arms, and the trousers hugged his massive thighs. And that particular pair of trousers fit his butt almost indecently. It was fun to discreetly watch other people looking at him as they walked to their table.

Their table guests were already seated; Chad Barrington, a ruggedly built man who looked to be in his mid thirties, too young looking to be the father of the boy with him. The boy, Kody, was about Jay's age, more cute than handsome, nicely built, but not of the rugged build of his father. They were barely seated and had greeted each other when the waiter came to their table.

'Would anyone like a drink before dinner?'

'Hold mine till after dinner,' Jeff said. 'But I would like a beer with dinner.'

Chad ordered a beer as well, then the waiter turned to Jay.

'I'm not old enough to drink,' he said.

The headwaiter happened to be close by and he stepped over to their table. 'Since we are in international waters, we don't impose a drinking age, but there are some restrictions. You may have beer or wine with dinner as long as your dads approve. The only other place you can drink is in the Locker Room, the teen club. There, you are allowed two beers, and you won't be allowed to leave there on your own. Your dad or some other responsible adult has to come and get you. We don't want guys getting drunk and falling overboard.'

'Those are smart rules,' Chad said. 'Do you want a beer?' he asked his son.

'No, thanks.'

'Jay?' Jeff asked. 'Its okay with me.'

'Sure, I'll have a beer,' Jay said.

When they had ordered, they settled back in their chairs. They were only slightly acquainted from dinner the night before. Chad was an over-the-road truck driver, divorced, doing his best, he said, to raise his son by himself. Kody would be a senior in high school. Jay was just graduated from high school with football scholarships to college. Jeff was a construction foreman, also raising his teenage son on his own.

'So, are you boys going to enter the swim suit contest tomorrow?' Chad asked.

'I'm sure not going to, if Jay does,' Kody said.

Jay blinked with surprise. 'Why not? You would have as good a chance as anybody,' Jay said.

'Not with you standing next to me,' Kody said. 'I saw you at the pool today.'

'Okay, I won't enter,' Jay said.

'That wouldn't be fair. It would be a waste of time for me, but you should enter. You could win it, hands down, the way you're built,' Kody said.

'Come on, you're a gymnast,' Jay said. 'Besides, who cares who wins? I'll enter if you will.'

'Actually, boys, I think it's a sexy body contest, not a swimsuit contest. In fact, I think swimsuits are optional,' Chad said.

'Well, that leaves me out then,' Jay said.

'Why?' Chad asked with a wry smile. 'It's a shipload of guys, and you're both athletes; you're used to being around other guys without your clothes on.'

'Okay, I'll enter if you will,' Kody told Jay. 'I might just have a chance at second place.'

'Hey, you boys ought to go check out the Locker Room after dinner,' Chad said. 'No adults allowed,' he added, laughing.

'Have you been there yet?' Kody asked Jay.


'Do you want to check it out?' Kody asked.

'Sure, we can do that,' Jay said.

The dinner conversation went well and the boys agreed to meet on deck. Back in their room after dinner, Jay was changing into something more casual; a pair of khaki cargo shorts and hiking boots with a dark blue knit T-shirt.

'I'm not exactly looking forward to this,' he said.

'Try to have a good time,' Jeff said. 'Kody seems like a nice enough guy; he might actually be fun if you get him away from his dad. And by the way, go ahead and have a beer or two. Just give me a call when you're ready to come back up to the cabin; I'll come down and get you.'

'Dad, are you getting the same vibes I am, that there's something weird between Kody and his dad?' Jay asked.

'No, nothing like that,' Jeff said with a frown. 'I just think the man can be overbearing, and that Kody is intimidated by him. The boy might loosen up and have more fun away from his dad.'

Jay strolled around the upper deck, biding his time till nine o'clock. He was keenly aware of the way some of the men and boys looked at him. Some of them smiled and spoke; their smiles more than mere friendly, and Jay had a strong suspicion what was behind those smiles. He tried to picture his dad coming onto a boy like that; because that's exactly what he thought they were doing. It was impossible to imagine. He was leaning on the rail, gazing out at the rolling sea when he felt a presence beside him. As he turned to look, he took in a pair of muscular, hairy calves and tree-trunk thighs, and on to encounter a man about his dad's age, who had moved up beside him.

'I can't believe a hunk like you got stood up,' the man said.

'I'm waiting on another guy to meet me here; we're going down to check out the Locker Room,' Jay said.

'Ah, the inner sanctum, where adults are forbidden to enter,' the man said.

'I guess, nobody over nineteen,' Jay said.

'Well, if your buddy doesn't show, maybe you and I could find something to do together. Have you tried the climbing wall yet?' the man asked.

'No. I intend to, tomorrow.'

'They tell me it's an awesome experience at night, with the lights shining on you,' the man said. 'But maybe you're not into hanging out with an old guy like me.'

'You're not old,' Jay said. 'You're about my dad's age, but I'm with my dad.'

'My son was with me, but I lost him a poker game,' the man said, laughing.

'You bet your son in a poker game?' Jay asked, incredulous.

'It was all in fun. And he was okay with it. The guy who won him walked off with three boys all together. He was a hell of a poker player.'

Jay laughed, shaking his head in disbelief as he tried to imagine his dad betting him in a poker game. He wondered what the real stakes were behind just winning the boys.

'But, hey, you've got other plans,' the man said. 'You and your buddy have a good time. If you change your mind or things don't work out, check around the climbing wall. Or if I'm not there, come up to my cabin, number 3324.'

'Thanks, but I doubt I'll make it,' Jay said and the man walked away. A few minutes after nine, Kody showed up.

'Well, are you ready for this adventure?' Jay asked him in a friendly tone. Might as well get things off on the right foot, he thought.

'I'm ready if you are,' Kody said.

The Locker Room was a nightclub for the boys only. Adults were not allowed in. The design was a huge locker room, complete with dressing benches and oversized wall lockers, many of them standing open, with towels and jockstraps and football jerseys draped over the doors and football helmets on top.

'They certainly went for authenticity,' Kody joked, nodding to one of the jockstraps.

The only light was from small, naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling, along with black lights that flashed like lightning to the beat of the music. In one corner was a stack of wrestling mats piled about a foot high. A small boxing ring took up another corner. There was also a small-scale climbing wall, but for decoration only. Gym bags, football helmets and jerseys and pants, and baseball gloves and uniforms adorned the walls, and more jockstraps. Positioned throughout were small, round, stand-up tables for drinks and snacks. A room off to one side was designed to look like a shower but it housed all kinds of video games. There was a small bar along one wall where drinks and snacks were served.

'Wow, this is really neat,' Kody remarked.

'Yeah, it is,' Jay agreed. 'Hey, do you want a beer?'


Jay went to get two beers while Kody went to stake out one of the tall tables. When he started to pay, the bartender waved him off.

'All I need is your cabin number,' he said.

'So my dad can keep track of how much I drink?' Jay asked.

'You're only allowed two beers, but that can make some guys tipsy. I need your cabin number to call when you're ready to leave,' the bartender said.

Jay gave his cabin number and went to find Kody.

'Couldn't get a table,' he said when Jay came back with their beers.

'That's okay, we'll sit on one of the benches along the wall, over there by the stack of wrestling mats,' Jay said.

'This is really a neat place,' Kody said again.

'Yeah, I'm glad we came,' said Jay.

'Are you?'

'Yeah. Why?' Jay asked with a scowl.

'I wasn't sure you would want to come with me,' Kody said.

'Why do you say that?'

'Well, I don't think you think we have all that much in common,' the younger boy said.

'Well, I know you're a gymnast, so that opens up sports,' Jay said.

'We haven't really got to know each other, and I didn't think you would want to,' Kody said.

'Why do you keep saying that? What's so wrong with me?' Jay asked, laughing.

'Oh, nothing,' Kody said emphatically. 'We're just different, that's all. I'm a pretty average Joe, and you're.....well, you look like you're probably the stud on campus.'

'Don't I wish,' Jay said, laughing.

'Come on, you've probably got the girls lining up to mount your bones.'

'Don't I really wish,' Jay said.

' it J.A.Y, or just J?' Kody asked.

'My name is J. Hardin Long. The J stands for Jeff, after my dad, but I go by Jay, J.A.Y. because I didn't want to be called Jeff.'

'Is it?' Kody asked with a wry grin.

'Is what?'

'Is it hard and long?'

Jay did a double take, rearing backwards with surprise, laughing. He didn't reply at first, but he saw that it was a real question; Kody was waiting for an answer.

'Well, I don't get many complaints,' he said.

'I'll bet you don't, from the way you filled out your Speedo.'

'Speedos are designed to make a guy look good,' Jay said with a shrug.

'But like my dad said, not many guys can pull it off the way you did. And I'll bet a lot of guys around the pool wanted to do just that,' he added with a mischievous grin.

'Do what?' Jay asked.

'Pull it off.'

Jay didn't respond to his remark. 'Do you mind if I make an observation?'

'Go ahead,' Kody said.

'You seem to be down on yourself.'

'Why do you say that?' Kody asked.

'Well, you didn't think I would want to hang out with you and you made that judgment without even knowing me. And you weren't going to enter the contest if I did. Then you were ready to settle for second place.'

'Well, look at you,' Kody said.

'I really can't figure that one out. Look at you. You're a gymnast. You compete. With that attitude, when you walk into an arena and see a guy whose put together better than you are, you're beat before you even get started.'

Kody looked down at his shoes. 'I'm afraid I sort of do get that attitude when I see some big stud walk in all cocky and confident.'

'The way to counter cockiness and confidence is with cockiness and confidence,' Jeff said.

'Yeah, I know. I've had people tell me I don't know how good I am.'

'Maybe you should listen to them,' Jay said. 'Start acting cocky.'

Kody laughed and took another long swig of beer. 'Have you, uh....gotten involved yet?' he asked rather cautiously.

'Involved?' Jay asked.

'In any of the activities on board,' Kody said.

'No, I'm not even sure what activities there are on board,' Jay replied. He paused, waiting, but Kody didn't volunteer anything. 'Have you?' he asked to draw him out. His curiosity was too great not to ask, especially his curiosity about Kody and his father.

'Well, I spent our first night at sea with two other guys in another man's cabin,' Kody said.

Jay's mouth flew open in surprise. 'Geezusss! did that come about?'

The boy shrugged and seemed a little embarrassed.

'Its okay if you don't want to tell me,' Jay said.

'Dad lost me in a poker game,' Kody said

Jay did a double-take. 'I just met a guy who lost his son in poker game!' he blurted. 'He said there were three.......'

'Yeah, there were three of us that the guy won. It was a pretty wild night.'

'Geezusss!' Jay gasped in disbelief. 'Damn! Somehow I can't see my dad doing that, betting me in a poker game.'

'Well, actually, he's not my dad. He's my step dad,' said Kody.

'All right. I didn't know. Is that a bad thing or a good thing, him being your step dad?' Jay asked.

'Depends on how you look at it, I guess.'

'How do you look at it?' Jay asked.

The boy shrugged and looked down at his beer. 'Well, my real dad has been gone out of my life from the time I was two, so in that regard, it's been a good thing.'

'Is he good to you and your mom?' Jay asked.

'My mom hasn't been in my life either since I was four. She took off right from work one night and we never saw her again. So I guess it's a doubly good thing that my step dad was there for me. You and your dad seem to have a good relationship.'

'We have a great relationship,' Jay said.

'Well, then, this cruise can't do anything but make the bond stronger,' Kody said.

'I was bonding with my dad long before this cruise,' said Jay.

'Yeah, me, too,' Kody said with a screwy look. 'Big time bonding.'

Jay waited for him to elaborate. When he didn't, he asked, 'And that would mean what?'

'Well, for starters, he's been fucking me since I was.....well, you don't want to know.'

Jay's mouth flew open. 'What!? Geezussss!' he blurted, shocked again. He took a long swig of his beer. 'Geez, you said that he's been teaching you to swim or something.'

'Ironically, that's exactly how it started, when we were swimming at the lake,' Kody said. 'We were on a weekend camping trip and we'd gone swimming and were wrestling around in the water and the next thing I knew I was spread out across a warm boulder, losing my virginity.'

'Look, I don't think I wanta hear the details,' Jay said, holding his hands up. Suddenly, he wanted to leave.

'So you and your dad haven't....,' Kody started.

'No!' Jay replied quickly and emphatically, with a scowl, before the question was out of his mouth.

'Well, the cruise isn't over,' Kody said flippantly.

'It's not in our plans,' Jay said dryly. He didn't want to pursue the conversation.

A stocky-built guy and a very boyish, blonde, slender kid wearing nothing but a pair of onion-skin running shorts, came over to the stack of wrestling mats. The bigger boy seemed to be leading the other one, although not forcing him. The big guy pushed the blonde back onto the mats and laid on top of him, nuzzling his neck and running his hands up and down his thighs. Jay and Kody watched them. Kody didn't seem to think anything of it. Jay was taken aback, wide-eyed, by the brazen display, especially when they actually started kissing and the bigger guy ran his hand up inside the other boy's shorts.

'Hey, let's go check out the rest of the place,' Jay said, wanting to get away from it.

As they moved away, others moved in to watch the show.

'That bothered you back there,' Kody said.

'Yeah, sort of,' Jay said. 'I mean, I've spent a lot of time in the locker room and I never saw anything like that going on.'

Checking the place out might not have been a good idea either; he was shocked when he realized what all was going in the place. There was a guy standing inside one of the big lockers, with another kid standing in front of him, groping the front of his shorts.

'Geezusss!!' he swore under his breath in total disbelief. 'Nothing like this ever went on in our locker room at school.'

Kody laughed.

In the game room was a pool table with a smallish boy spread out, wearing nothing but a jockstrap, with two bigger guys holding his legs wide apart. Another guy was hitting balls into the kid's crotch, trying to hit his balls.

'Damn, that's gotta hurt,' Jay said. He jumped when he felt a hand on his butt. He whirled around angrily, thinking it was Kody, but Kody was around the corner of the table, watching the pool game. He looked to the other side to see a tall, good-looking, studly kid with a big smile and snappy dark eyes that danced with mischief.

'What would it take to convince you to ditch your friend and come up to my cabin?' he asked quietly.

'First, you would have to give me one good reason why you have your hand on my ass,' Jay said, not kindly.

'I don't know, it just seemed to cry out for my hand,' the other boy said smartly as he squeezed his butt. 'So, what do you say?'

'I think I'll stick with my friend,' Jay said, reaching back to shove his hand away.

'Your loss. Maybe I'll see you later,' the youth said.

'What'd that guy want?' Kody asked as they left the game room.

'He wanted me to come up to his cabin,' Jay said.

'Hey, feel free to go, I don't need a babysitter,' Kody said.

'Naw, I'm about ready to go back to my cabin,' Jay said. 'This place if sort of giving me the creeps.'

'It bothers you, huh?' Kody said with a smile.

'I've never been a homophobe or really cared what two people do in private, but this is taking it a little over the top, and it's not in private,' Jay said.

'Would you feel differently if it'd been a cheerleader making out with that big stud on the mats, or the one standing in the locker?'

'Don't confuse the issue,' Jay said.

A big, burly, college-age guy stopped them at the door as they were about to leave. 'What's your cabin number? I need to call your dads or guardians,' he said.

Kody's dad didn't answer, so Jay's dad came and got them both. They delivered Kody to his cabin then went to their own.

'How was it?' Jeff asked his son.

'Nice place. Weird stuff going on,' Jay replied.

'How weird?'

'Well, there was a kid in a jockstrap being held down, spread eagle on the pool table and another guy shooting pool, trying to hit him in the nuts with the pool balls.'

'Damn, that had to hurt,' Jeff said, laughing.

'Yeah, that's what I said. There were two guys making out on the wrestling mats kissing, mind you and another guy standing inside one of the big lockers with another kid feeling him up. I don't think I'm going back.'

'Oh....Well....How did you and Kody get along?'

'Okay; if that's all you mean,' Jay said.

'Just asking how you got along,' Jeff said, holding up a hand.

Jay didn't tell his dad about the guy's hand on his butt or about the older guy who tried to pick him up, or about Kody and his stepfather, or that Kody had spent the first night with a man who had won him in a poker game.

The next morning Jay and his dad were out on the balcony eating breakfast from room service when the phone rang. Jeff was closest to the door so he picked it up.

'Hey, Jay, it's Kody. He wants to know if you're going to enter the contest; it's at eleven o'clock,' Jeff called out.

'Is he going to?' Jay asked.

'He is if you are,' Jeff said.

'Okay, I'll be there,' Jay said. 'But tell him I'm wearing a swim suit.'

Jeff smiled when he hung up the phone. 'Which suit are you wearing?' he asked.

'I don't know, maybe I'll be daring and wear the yellow one you bought for me. I've never worn it before, except to try it on,' Jay said.

'You'll cause a riot in that thing,' Jeff said. 'But you'll also win the contest.'

At a quarter to eleven, Jay changed into the yellow bikini suit. He stood in front of the mirror and hefted the front up but it pulled back down from the weight in the pouch.

'You need suspenders?' Jeff asked, laughing.

'Maybe I'd better wear the blue boxer brief that I wore to the pool,' Jay said.

'No, wear that one,' Jeff said. 'People have already seen you in the blue one. It's a sexy body contest. You've got the body, boy, flaunt it.'

'What the heck is the prize for winning this thing, anyway?'

'I don't know, a medal of some sort, I think.'

Jay hefted the pouch and let if fall again. 'This is flaunting it all right,' he said. 'Hell, it's more like advertising.' He grabbed a towel out of the bathroom and wrapped it around his waist.

'Oh, you're gonna tease, huh?' Jeff said.

'No, I just want to get to the pool without being attacked,' said Jay. He surveyed himself in the mirror one more time with the towel held behind him at the ready. 'I don't know, Dad, whether this is a good idea or not.'

'Come one, you're going to be late,' Jeff told him from the open door.

All the poolside deck chairs had been taken long before time for the contest to start and the upper decks overlooking the pool were crowded with spectators

'Sir, are you entering the contest?' a deckhand asked Jay. 'You certainly should,' he added, looking him up and down.

'Yeah, I guess I am,' Jay replied.

'If I could have your towel, you can join the others on the deck at the end of the pool,' the youth said.

Jay undid the towel and handed it to the guy, who gave a low whistle. 'Well, the competition has arrived,' he said under his breath.

'Now there is the winner,' someone declared.

Accustomed as he was to being around other guys without their clothes, and the looks that came with it, he was more than a little uneasy about standing on the deck with the other eight contestants, who ranged in age from a very young looking boy who didn't look old enough to even be on the cruise ship, to about nineteen. (Author's note: Some characters may or may not appear to be 18 years old. For the purposes of keeping minors out of my writing, I am making them all over the age of 18, but the reader can use his own imagination and make them whatever age he wants. And after all, eighteen can be just a day past seventeen. Thank you). Jay naturally sized up his competition; Kody, of course, and one guy who looked like a college athlete, and a muscular, rather hairy guy. The youngest kid wasn't bad; already well muscled, and sporting an impressive pouch in the front of his tiny swimsuit. Another boy who looked to be in high school, was smooth as a baby, but his swimmer's build was a little too smooth, without much muscular definition. Two more rather twinky looking boys, he didn't consider competition.

The MC announced their names then explained the rules, which were few and simple. There would be four elimination rounds, with two contestants being eliminated each round. The winners in each round would be the ones who got the most applause. The contestants were allowed to walk, speak, even dive in for a swim and climb out of the pool, and even remove their swimsuits if they wanted to. Jay decided right away that he wasn't taking off his suit. If he couldn't win without showing off his manhood, then he didn't deserve to win. It wasn't a cock contest.

One by one, the MC called out their names as he held his hand over their heads. Jay couldn't be sure he got the most applause the first round but he ranked high enough that he wasn't worried. Yeah, he sort of waned to win the contest; it was in his competitive nature to win anything he tried. The two twinks were voted out right away. The second round, the college athlete dove into the pool and as he swam across he removed his swimsuit and tossed it to the crowd and climbed out naked. That might have kept him in the competition except that he had little to show without his suit and he got voted off along with the high school swimmer. Jay, the muscle guy, Kody, and surprisingly, the kid who looked like he was twelve were left. Jay figured it was his young appearance that got him all the applause from the older letches.

But muscle won out. In the third round, the young kid was eliminated, along with Kody. Jay felt sorry for Kody, but he seemed to take it in good spirits and he began rooting for Jay. The final two were Jay and the muscle guy with the hairy chest. Jay wouldn't have bet either way. He thought he was as well built but he guessed it would depend on how many guys liked hairy chests.

'Wanta take it off and let the real judging begin?' the guy asked Jay.

'No, I'm okay just like I am,' Jay said.

'Oh, you're more than okay,' the young man said. 'Actually, win or lose, I don't care, I was only asking to try to get you out of that suit. If I can't get it off of you that way, I'd like to hook up with you later. I'll take the fucker off with my teeth, and grovel while I'm doing it.'

Jay felt his face grow warm with embarrassment, and the guy laughed, but the contest had resumed and he shrugged it off. The first round of applause was for the muscle guy, and it was pretty loud. But the second round was louder, and it was for Jay.

'We have a winner!' the MC announced excitedly. He handed the muscle guy a red-white-and-blue ribbon with a heavy brass medal attached. 'The rules say that you must award this to the man who defeated you.'

'Proud to do so,' the guy said as he stepped in front of Jay. 'Just watch, I'm very good at muscle worship and groveling,' he said in a low tone, looking into Jay's eyes. He placed the ribbon around Jay's neck and positioned the medal carefully between his thick pecs then casually brushed his fingers across his chest before he went down on one knee, head bowed, in a posture of homage, and reached out and clasped his hands around Jay's thighs in a gesture of defeat. As he lifted his head he let his eyes fix unmistakably on the bulge of Jay's swimsuit, very obvious for all to see. There was applause, it sounded like from all over the ship. Embarrassed, Jay put his hand on the guy's shoulder to urge him to his feet, but he stayed kneeling for a moment longer.

'I could show you a lot,' the guy whispered as he finally stood.

His look, and the tone of his voice, sent chills down Jay's spine. Some deck hands brought out champagne for the contestants to celebrate and offered it to the guests at a price. It was difficult for Jay and his dad to get through the crowd wanting to congratulate them, and many who wanted to get close enough to touch Jay's muscles.

'Well, you won that hands down,' Jeff said.

'Let's face it, Dad, the swim suit won it for me. That other guy was built every bit as good as I am.'

'But he was hairy. And it wasn't the swimsuit, it was what you had packed inside it. You saw how quick that other stud got voted off when he took his suit off. Listen, are we still on for a tour of the island?'

'Yes,' Jay replied.

After lunch, Jeff rented a Jeep and they went to explore the island. It was a random excursion, driving up and down the narrow roads to see the countryside, back in from the seashore where the people lived. They stopped at a 'jerk station' and had some jerk chicken and some kind of fruit drink.

'I hope we don't regret this,' Jay said.

'I know, they told us not to eat on the islands, but it's hard to resist the native food,' said Jeff.

They visited a couple of tourist spots and ended up at a place called Jackson Beach. They had passed a couple of signs advertising the place; the second one said it was a nude beach, Males Only. Jeff slowed at the second sign.

'Do you want to check this out?' he asked his son. 'It would be a great place to finish your tan,' he quipped.

'Yeah, why not? I think it would be great to swim naked in the ocean,' Jay said.

It was the most beautiful beach Jay had ever seen, with the most beautiful people he'd ever seen; all males except for the female attendants and the strikingly beautiful woman who ran the food and drink stand.

'Do you need to rent an umbrella, or towels or beach chairs?' she asked with her native accent.

'Towels, yes,' Jeff said.

The woman got two big, heavy towels from under the counter. 'Ten dollah,' she said.

'Am I buying them or renting them?' Jeff asked jokingly.

'Twenty dollah to buy,' she said, pointing to a price list behind her.

When he turned to go, he saw Jay gazing off, not paying any attention.


'Huh?' he said, looking back at his dad. 'Or, are you ready?'

'Yeah, are you?' Jeff asked with a smiling scowl.

'Yeah,' he said.

Jeff laughed. 'Are you going to be gun why with the female attendants around?'

'No,' Jay said, rather absently, as he continued to look at the girls who were scurrying around, attending to the guests, serving them drinks. 'No, I don't think so.'

They took a spot a few yards from the water's edge and spread out their towels and began taking off their clothes.

'You're okay doing this here, but you were adamant about wearing your swim suit at the pool,' Jeff pointed out as he stepped out of his shoes and skinned off his shirt.

'It's different out here, I don't know why,' Jay said, also pulling his T-shirt off over his head. It was different; he felt no hesitation, even in front of the girls, as he dropped his hiking shorts and pulled off his briefs. Maybe especially in front of the girls. He had been naked a lot in front of a lot of guys, but not in front of girls, and it was a heady feeling. 'Ahh, this feels good,' he said, digging his feet into the sand.

'It looks good,' someone said from close by.

Jay glanced around to see a muscular man about his dad's age, eyeing him. Jay recognized him as the man who had approached him on deck when he was waiting for Kody to go to the teen club; the one who had lost his son in a poker game.

'Don't let it get to you,' Jeff said under his breath.

'I'm not. I don't care who looks,' Jay said.

'Yeah, especially these gorgeously tanned girls,' Jeff said, laughing.

'I think I'll go in the water,' Jay said.

'Yes, I thought you might have to, to cool down,' Jeff said. He noticed with amusement the way his son kept his eyes on the girls to see if they were watching him.

They swam out and floated and frolicked like two dolphins, and Jay dove for seashells. He swam back with a handful of shells and took them to his towel.

'Hey, didn't you win the sexiest body contest on the Bonding Voyager?' a man asked.

'Uhh....yeah,' he replied, somewhat embarrassed.

'Well deserved,' the man said with a smile, boldly looking him up and down. 'Very well deserved.'


'Your dad must be really proud of you.'

'I guess he is,' Jay said with a shrug.

'If you were my son, I certainly would be,' the man said.

Jay ran back into the water to swim with his dad. He felt safer in the water. After awhile they went back to their towels to soak up the warm island sun. Jay stretched out on his stomach. Jeff lay on his back.

'Don't get sunburned, Dad,' Jay chided him.

Jay was dozing in the hot sun when he heard someone close by them.

'You're from the Voyager,' the man said.

'Yes,' his father replied.

'You look like you belong look like father and son, I mean.'

'Yes, we are,' Jeff said.

'My son is right over there, under the umbrella. He's taking a liking to your son, and would like to meet him,' the man said. 'I have my catamaran docked nearby. Would you like to join us sailing? We'll get you back to your ship on time.'

'No, I don't think we have the time, but thanks for the invitation,' Jeff said.

Jay was glad his father turned down the invitation. He couldn't believe a guy would pimp for his son like that. When he began to feel too hot on his back, Jay turned over onto his back and laid his cap over his face to block out the bright sun. It was a perfectly natural thing to do and he was able to shed his inhibitions for the moment. There was something exhilarating about the beach, especially with the half dozen female attendants buzzing around the place. He wondered if any of them were watching him. He lifted his cap a couple of times to check, but they seemed busy. Once, though, he caught one of them looking at him and when she saw him looking at her out from under bill of his cap, she smiled. He smiled back. Despite the feeling of exhilaration over the nude beach, he dozed off again in the warm sun, only vaguely aware of the voices around him. In his more cognizant moments he recognized the voice of the man who had recognized him from the contest.

'Well, we have to head back. Maybe you and your son would like to join me and my son in our cabin when we get back to the ship,' the man was saying.

'I'm not sure what we've got in mind for later,' Jeff said.

'Talk to him when he wakes up and if you decide you would like to, we're in 6332. I guarantee we can show you a good time.'

'Thanks, we'll see,' Jeff said.

As he was dozing off again Jay wondered why his dad didn't just outright decline the man's offer. He was awakened some time later by his dad nudging his shoulder.

'Jay,' he said quietly. 'Hey, you might want to wake up, you're getting a hardon, Son, and people are beginning to take notice.'

Jay raised up and looked out from under his cap to see that his cock had lifted up from being draped over his balls to lolling out over his right hip, very much alive and pulsating. 'Thanks,' he mumbled as he quickly rolled over onto his stomach and buried it in the towel and the warmth of the sand. He heard his dad laugh. He heard someone else say, 'Damm!'

Jeff laughed. 'If you weren't so tan, I swear, I would think you're blushing,' he said.

'Well, I just never heard you talk like that,' Jay said. 'And I can't believe we're out here together, bare-assed naked on an all-male nude beach.'

'I think you're supposed to be naked on a nude beach,' Jeff said.

'But with your dad?'

'If you wanted to show off to these girls, that was your golden opportunity,' Jeff chided him.

'Impress them, maybe, but I didn't want to scare them off,' Jay said.

'Oh, they were impressed, even before you starting getting a hardon,' Jeff said.

'Oh, yeah?'

'You couldn't see them with your cap over your eyes, but they kept looking this way.'

'Maybe they were looking at you, Dad,' Jay joked.

'Yeah, right,' Jeff scoffed. 'Listen, Son, I, uh.....well, I know this might appear to be out of line, but we're on this cruise sort of man-to- man, and you are eighteen, and I don't have any reason to believe that you're still a virgin, so if you would like to meet one of these girls and go off someplace for awhile......I would understand completely.'

'Go off.....was that an intended pun?' Jay asked, laughing.

'You know what I mean. I'm just telling you I would be okay with it. You're not a little boy anymore.'

'I don't know where we would go,' Jay said as he raised up and looked all around.

'I'm sure they would know a place,' Jeff said.

Jay kept looking around, and Jeff smiled that he was really thinking about it.

'Mann, this is like a dream, being out here on an island with scantily clad native girls.......'

'And you even more scantily unclad,' Jeff put in.

'Dang, it is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I can't believe you just made me that offer,' Jay said. 'I can believe even less that I'm turning it down, but no thanks, Dad.'

'Oh? I'm surprised any red-blooded American boy would turn down such an opportunity,' Jeff said.

'I'm as red-blooded as any other American boy, but I also know I wouldn't be the first guy these girls have taken to some little pleasure shack in the woods, and I don't think I want to follow that many guys.'

'Well, its good to know you're still thinking with your head instead of your balls,' Jeff said.

'Oh, my balls were right in there, making their pitch; my brain just happened to win out this time,' Jay said.

Jeff laughed heartily. 'You have a most unique way of putting 'things.'

'Yeah, I get that from you.'

'Are you able to get up yet? The sun is getting hot,' Jeff said.

'Able? I am up,' Jay said.

'Well, maybe I'd better rent an umbrella till you go down.'

'Having one of those beauties come over with her boobs about to tumble out of her top, to put up an umbrella isn't going to do anything to help me go down.' Jay said.

'You know what? I don't think anybody's going to care,' Jeff said.

'Maybe I do.'


'I've got a hardon, Dad.'

'Its nothing to be ashamed of,' Jeff said. He looked at his watch. 'You're going to have to get up eventually, we'll need to be heading back soon. Why don't you just jump up and make a mad dash for the ocean, maybe a cool swim will take care of it, at least enough so you can get it put away.'

Jay lay thinking for a moment then shoved himself up from the towel and ran toward the water. Jeff took in his tight, round butt and his muscular thighs and looked around to see others watching him.

'Damn, that boy of yours is phenomenal,' the man close by said.

Several of the girls stopped what they were doing to watch as well. He was a powerful swimmer but Jeff thought he might be swimming out too far. He stood up

'Speaking of phenomenal,' the man said, eyeing Jeff up and down. 'Like father, like son.'

Jeff smiled but kept his eyes on the figure moving through the water, too far from shore. He started to go to the shoreline himself but then saw the figure disappear, and a moment later, saw him reappear, swimming back. He picked up a towel and went to meet him.

'I thought you were going out too far,' Jeff said as he waded out into the water to meet him. He shivered with excitement, watching the water sheet down his son's muscular body. 'Well, it helped,' he said, glancing down at the boy's still fluffed manhood. 'I thought cold water was supposed to make it shrink.'

'No such luck,' Jay said as he dried off his upper body. 'Thanks, Dad, for bringing me a towel,' he added as he wrapped the towel around his waist.

'You're going to have to take it off to get dressed,' Jeff said.

'I know.'

'What is all the modesty all of a sudden?' Jeff asked, laughing, as they walked back to their spot on the beach.

'I don't know, I just feel self conscious with all these people looking at me,' Jay said.

They got dressed and Jay gathered up his seashells and walked to the Jeep. Returning from the beach, after they had dropped off the Jeep, they stopped to check out the dockside shops. At least a half dozen people recognized Jay from the sexiest body contest and asked where his medal was. Jeff was filled with pride and got a kick out of his son's embarrassment. Jay bought another gold chain and a heavy bracelet to match.

They returned to the ship just in time to shower and dress for dinner. Jay didn't mention the other man's offer for them to come up to his cabin, although he wanted to ask his dad why he didn't turn him down outright.

'Looks like you got a little toasty around the middle,' Jeff pointed out.

'It'll tan,' Jay said.

'Everybody we met from the ship recognized you. You've gotta be damned proud of winning the contest. I know I'm damned proud of you,' Jeff told him.

'Yeah, well, I might have thrown myself right in the middle of it by entering that contest. Did you see how those guys looked at me when they were congratulating me?'

Jeff laughed softly, shaking his head. 'Dude, you've been getting those looks since you were twelve years old, you just didn't realize it. Now you're having to deal with it.'

'I'm not sure I know how to do that.'

'You dealt with it just fine. You thanked them for the compliments,' Jeff said.

'But you know what they were least some of them,' Jay said.

'You can't help what others are thinking. Just be yourself. All you have to do is let them know you're not interested.'

'Dad, I'm glad you turned that guy down to go out on his boat,' Jay said as they were walking toward the dining room.

'I didn't trust us being out to sea with perfect strangers,' Jeff said.

'By the way, thanks for waking me up out there on the beach before I made a spectacle of myself,' Jay said as they were walking into the dining room.

'I was sorely tempted not to,' Jeff said, laughing. 'I think you would've probably got another medal.'

'Well, Mr. Sexiest Body,' Kody said as they came to the table.

'Where's your medal?' Chad asked. Jay.

'Back in the cabin,' Jay replied with modest embarrassment.

'If I won a medal for having the sexist body on the ship, I would damn sure wear it,' Chad declared.

'It was just a game....a contest, for entertainment,' Jay said.

'Well, you looked mighty handsome in that Speedo swim suit,' Chad said. 'Not many guys can wear a Speedo. I know I certainly couldn't pull it off....pardon the pun.'

Jay glanced down at the plate in front of him.

'You're embarrassing him, dad,' Kody said.

'I know. I intended to. It makes him look even sexier,' Chad said.

'So what did you guys do with your day?' Jeff asked, to change the subject.

'We visited the fort,' Chad replied. 'There wasn't much left of it, but I guess everybody has to have ruins of some kind for the tourist trade. What about you guys?' he asked Jay.

'We rented a Jeep and drove around the island. Ended up at a real nice beach,' Jay said.

'Sounds like more fun than the fort,' Chad said.

'Yeah, there wasn't much left of the place,' Kody put in.

'Do you ever wonder sometimes if they don't just pile up and arrange a bunch of rocks and make up a story about them?' Chad said.

'How was the beach?' Kody asked. 'I haven't gone swimming in the ocean yet.'

'It was great,' Jay said. 'I dove for sea shells.'

'Hey, it wasn't one of those nude beaches, was it?' Chad asked.

'Matter of fact, it was; an all-male nude beach,' Jeff said.

'No kidding! I wish I'd known about it,' said Chad.

'You went to a nude beach but you wouldn't take off your swim suit for the sexy body contest?' Kody asked.

'That's exactly what I told him,' said Jeff.

'It was different out there on the beach,' Jay said.

Invariably, the conversation got around to the four of them doing something after dinner, at Chad's suggestion of course.

'If it's okay, I would like to spend some alone time up on deck. I've got some letters I need to write,' Jay said to his dad. He didn't want to get teamed up with Kody again.

'To your girlfriend?' Kody asked.

'Yeah, sort of,' Jay said.

'Lucky girl,' said Chad.

It wasn't a lie, about writing letters, but it was mostly an excuse not to be with Kody again, and especially his dad. He couldn't quite process the fact that Chad was fucking his son, and he hadn't told his dad about it. Of course, most of the men on the ship were probably doing the same thing, but it was different, sitting at the same table with them after Kody had told him, and he was afraid that in a more intimate setting, the conversation would eventually get around to that.

After dinner he changed into a pair of shorts and T-shirt and went up on deck with a writing pad and pen. Truth be known, he hadn't really missed Allison all that much, but he wanted to. He wished she were here with him. Or he tried to wish it. But even that didn't ring true. He'd had some doubts about their relationship for quite awhile and he was more confused now to know what he wanted or how he felt about her. He wrote a short letter to her and went down to put it in the mail slot. He would probably get back home before the letter arrived, but that was okay; at least she would know he was thinking about her while he was on the cruise. Allison thought it was so neat that his dad was taking him on a cruise just for fathers and sons. If she only knew.

Returning to the cabin, he stopped short in the corridor when he saw the guy from the teen club at their cabin door, which was open. He was the guy who had felt his butt, trying to put the move on him. The guy went inside and the door closed. Jay froze in his tracks. What would the kid be doing going into their cabin,, that couldn't be. Not his dad. But how did he know their cabin number, unless his dad had met up with the guy and given it to him. Jay cowered back a few steps, moving along the side of the corridor, then turned and headed for the elevator. He punched the button to the top deck. No, he kept telling himself, that couldn't be happening. The elevator doors slid open and there was a man about his dad's age, with his arm around a young teenager's waist, his hand clasped around the side of his butt. Jay backed away and headed for the stairs.

Okay, think through it, he told himself. Don't panic or buy trouble. It didn't mean anything. If he went back to the cabin right now, they would probably be there just talking, maybe having a beer together, waiting on him to return. Hell, his dad knew he could return at any moment. The guy was probably waiting for him to get back to the cabin, not there to see his dad. But try as he might, none of it would compute in his brain. Other things did. Like, his dad had booked them on a father/son gay cruise. Sure, he'd said he didn't understand that it was a gay cruise ship, but how could he not know? The travel agent wouldn't book anybody on a gay cruise ship without making sure they understood what kind of cruise it was. He thought it might even be illegal to do that. So what was his dad doing with the kid in their cabin?

It was eleven o'clock before his dad came looking for him and found him in a lounge chair, gazing out at the black sea.

'I was getting worried about you,' Jeff said.

'I'm okay,' Jay said.

'Have you had enough alone time? Mind if I join you?' Jeff asked as he pulled up a deck chair.

'Be my guest.'

He sat down and they stared out into the black sea together. Neither of them spoke.

'You miss Allison?' Jeff asked.


'Can you hold off a few more days?' Jeff asked with a quiet chuckle.

'I'll survive,' Jay said. 'I'll have to.'

There was another long silence and Jeff tried again to strike up a conversation.

'Something wrong, son?' Jeff asked.

'No, everything's fine.'

There was a longer silence and Jeff let it go. Finally, Jay spoke.

'Dad, I gotta ask you something.'

'All right.'

'Please don't get mad.'

'Why would I get mad over a simple question?' Jeff said.

'Well, it's not what you would call a simple question.'

'Okay. Are you going to ask it, or dance around it?' Jeff asked.

'Are you gay?' He couldn't believe he'd asked, but the words were already out of his mouth.

His son's voice boomed around them, his words slammed into Jeff's chest like a hammer, taking the wind out of him. He gathered his composure before he replied but Jay spoke first.

'I'm sorry, Dad. That was out of line. I had no right to .....'

'No, it's a perfectly legitimate question, considering the circumstances,' Jeff said.

Jay looked at his dad, waiting for a reply.

'I, uh...I have leanings in that direction,' Jeff said in a calm, quiet tone.

Jay pursed his lips tightly and his breath seemed to come hard. He wished he hadn't asked, and now, knowing that his dad had lied to him, he had a hard time not being angry.

'So you knew full well what this cruise was all about,' he said.

'I thought it would be an easy way to tell you,' Jeff said.

'Why didn't you just tell me sitting out on the deck at home?' Jay asked.

'I didn't know how,' Jeff said. 'I guess I was hoping that here, on the ship, in these surroundings, you would figure it out for yourself. And you did, obviously. But how?'

'Well, you booked us on a dad and son gay cruise and a little bit ago, I saw the guy who grabbed my ass in the teen club going into our cabin and it's three hours before you come looking for me. All pretty good clues.'

'Well, you are way off base there,' Jeff said. 'Aaron came looking for you. We sat and talked and had a couple of beers till he finally gave up and left.'

'Aaron....was that his name?'

'Yes. Be careful about jumping to conclusions, Son. If you had come back to the cabin, you would've found the door unlocked,' Jeff said.

'How did he know our cabin number?' Jay asked.

'He said he overheard you when you told the attendant in the teen club so he could call me to come get you.'


'He seemed a nice enough guy. Bold as hell but, congenial,' Jeff said.

'How long, dad?' Jay asked. 'How long have you been gay? Because I never had a clue.'

'That's pretty hard to determine precisely. I mean, it's not like a light comes on and a voice announces to you that you're gay. I suppose all my life, although I didn't realize it till I was twelve or thirteen years old.'

'How'd you come to realize it?' Jay asked.

Jeff laughed softly. 'When Jim Riley showed up starting eighth grade with hair around his dick,' he said bluntly.

'That made you realize you're gay?' Jay said, laughing.

'It got my attention,' Jeff said. 'He got my attention, rather. It made me realize that the attraction I had for Jim Riley, and other boys, wasn't just buddy-admiration.'

'So you started when you were twelve or thirteen.'

'No. I was eighteen before anything happened,' Jeff said. 'Look, Son, are you sure you want to hear this?'

'Yeah, I wanta know.'

'It was after I joined the Marines. I'd finished boot camp and was assigned to my permanent duty station in San Diego. I went on weekend pass and met this sailor from one of the ships docked there. To make a long story short, we ended up in his hotel room and he seduced me, you might say. No, he did seduce me, out and out.'

'Its hard to believe anybody could seduce a Marine right out of boot camp, if he didn't want it to happen,' Jay said.

'Okay, I let him seduce me. He was pretty forward and persistent and I was curious. And horny as hell after boot camp, which was twelve weeks of rugged hell with not a hint of sex in sight.'

'What happened?' Jay asked.

'I don't think you really want to hear all the details, but it was all one-sided. I mean, he did everything, I just laid back and enjoyed it.'

'If it was one-sided, how did that make you know you were gay? I mean, I didn't think getting a blowjob makes you gay.'

'Well, let's say it set the wheels in motion,' Jeff said. 'It wasn't the only time. We met up a few times after that, and I kept getting more curious, you know, about what the hell was the attraction. All the while, I was thinking the same thing as you just said; that getting blowjobs didn't make me gay. I mean, even after the realization about Jim Riley, I wasn't ready to admit that I was gay. Anyway, he shipped out, and I missed it; what I had with him. I went to a bar that he told me about before he shipped out and got picked up by another Marine. That's when I....when I satisfied my curiosity.'

Jay nodded thoughtfully. 'How?' he asked, finally.

Jeff smiled and it turned into a quiet chuckle. 'I really shouldn't have to draw you a picture, Son,' he said.

'And things just progressed from there?' Jay put in.

'You might say that.'

'Are you saying it or not?' Jay asked, rather insistently.

'Yes. I reciprocated,' Jeff said.

'When you booked us on this said it was an easy way to tell me. But was it more than that, truthfully?'

Jeff waited before he answered. 'I really don't know how to answer that. Possibly, it was more, in the back of my mind,' he admitted finally. 'It's been so many years since I was in the military, I don't know.'

They were quiet for a long time; Jay more quiet than his dad, if that were possible

'Jay, you seem to be handling this well, but I can't be sure.'

'I'm sitting here trying to let it soak in, trying not to let it soak in, hell, trying to picture it,' Jay said.

'Don't,' Jeff said.

'No, not us; you and that Marine,' Jay said. 'In some hotel room, in bed together, doing God knows what. And I'm going to back to our cabin and get in bed with you.'

'We can pull the beds apart if you're uncomfortable,' Jeff said.

'Did you have them pushed together to make one bed?' Jay asked.

'No. I suppose they all are,' Jeff said. 'Look, you know the truth about me now, but that's no need to fear me. I would never attempt anything....hell, look at you, nobody could make you do anything you didn't want to do.'

'Yeah, they could. It's called curiosity, just like you were curious,' Jay said.

'You said a minute ago that you were trying to picture it; not us not me and you but me and the Marine,' Jeff said. 'Why would you say that not us unless you were picturing it?'

'Okay, I was trying not to picture it,' Jay said. 'I'm your son.'

'For the advocates of father and son love, that makes it all the more special,' Jeff said. 'Not that I'm an advocate, but sex is a form of love. Or, it can be. Should be.'

'You've loved me all my life without it,' Jay said.

'Yes, and I will continue to love you, more than anything in the world,' Jeff said. 'No matter what you might think of me,' he added.

Jay looked around at him. 'You're admitting that you're gay doesn't change how I feel about you,' he said.

'I'm relieved to hear you say that, but you haven't had time to absorb all that it entails. Give yourself some time,' Jeff said. 'And you said something else....when I said nobody could make you do anything you didn't want to do and you said, yeah, they could; it's called curiosity. You satisfying your curiosity wouldn't have the same end result as me. I already had the attraction, and then I happened to realize that I liked being on the giving as well as the receiving end. It wouldn't be like that for you. I'm saying this because I don't want you to be weighted down with a sense of guilt or shame if you ever do venture out and satisfy your curiosity.'

It was quiet again, for a long time.

'Well, are you ready to go back to the cabin?' Jeff asked, clasping his hands around the arms of the deck chair.

Jay hesitated before he replied. 'Yeah,' he said as he pushed himself up out of the chair.

Neither of them spoke as they made their way back to the cabin. Inside, Jeff immediately set about separating the bed.

'You don't have to do that, dad,' Jay said.

'I think you would be more comfortable.'

'Leave it,' Jay said as he pulled his shirt off over his head. 'If I get curious, I'll let you know,' he added with a sly grin.

Jeff looked at him with a screwed up smile then broke out laughing. 'Goddamit, Son, I don't know how I produced a kid like you,' he said as he walked over and took the boy in his arms. They held each other in a tight bear hug for a moment. 'Thank you for understanding, even though I know you don't.'

'I don't have to understand. I love you, Dad, no matter what,' Jay said as they parted.

They both pretended as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred as they got undressed for bed. Hopeful as Jeff was, Jay didn't get curious. He stayed on his own side of the bed and Jeff was careful to do the same.

The next morning they had breakfast at the café instead of going to the dining room.

'You okay this morning?' Jeff asked his son.

'I'm okay,' Jay said, rather tight lipped. 'You see that guy over there in the dark blue shorts and yellow T-shirt, with the hairy legs?'

Jeff looked around and spotted the guy. 'Yeah. Should we know him? Do we know him?' He suddenly tensed with panic inside; was Jay going to tell him that he knew the man? 'Do you know him?' he asked.

'No, but he tried to pick me up out by the pool.'

'Oh, you didn't tell me that,' Jeff said.

'That's not the best part,' Jay went on. 'The reason he tried to pick me up was because he lost his son to some other guy in a poker game. Him and three others.'

Jeff didn't know what to say. The idea sounded exciting as hell, but he couldn't show it.

'I tried to imagine you betting me in a poker game,' Jay said.

'I don't even play poker,' Jeff said.

'But if you did......'

'Come on, I deserve better than that, no matter what you think of me,' Jeff cut in.

'No, I'm not saying you would. I just tried to imagine it. I couldn't. You wanta hear something else? Chad lost Kody in that same game. Kody spent his first night aboard in some other man's cabin, along with two other boys.'

Jeff shook his head in disbelief. 'Well, like I said, we can keep our distance and still enjoy the cruise,' he said. 'Next time, I'll book us on another cruise line. Now, what do you want to do today?'

'I would like to go ashore and check out some of the shops then come back and finish exploring the ship, if that's okay with you.'

'It is. I was thinking about going to the library and sample some sixty year old brandy but I didn't want to leave you out on a limb,' Jeff said.

'Let's don't worry about having lunch together either. We'll meet up for supper,' Jay said. He wanted to try one of the big, juicy hamburgers he'd heard about at Jimmy Jameson's, the 50s diner on board. He went ashore and wandered through the dockside shops, bought some after-shave and soap and a T-shirt then went back to the ship.

He had just placed his order at Johnny Jameson's when two guys walked in together; the muscle guy from the teen club and the muscle guy with the hairy chest that he'd beaten in the contest. The place was packed and after looking around they saw Jay sitting in a booth by himself.

'Would it be okay if we sat with you?' the younger muscle kid asked.

'Sure, sit down,' Jay said.

The kid slid into the booth across from him and the guy with the hairy chest slid in beside Jay.

'James,' he said, offering his hand. 'From the contest.'

'Yeah, I remember. Jay.'

'Aaron,' the other boy said.

'Thanks for letting us sit here,' James said.

'No problem,' Jay said.

'I came to your cabin looking for you,' Aaron said.

'Yeah, my dad told me.'

'Where's your dad?' he asked.

'He didn't want to eat fast food,' Jay said.

'So, you're on your own for the day?' James asked as he boldly rubbed his bare, hairy leg against Jay's leg.

Jay was shaken by the thrill that went through him at the feel of the man's hard, hairy thigh, and the aura of masculinity that the two guys brought with them that seemed to surround him. Suddenly he felt drawn close to the two men.

'I'm on my own any time I want to be,' Jay said.

'Great, you wanta team up for the rest of the day?' James asked.

'Depends on what you mean by teaming up.'

'Nothing in particular,' said Aaron. 'Whatever you want it to mean.'

'Well, we know what kind of cruise this is,' Jay said.

'Are you enjoying it with your dad?' Aaron asked.

'Not the way I think you mean,' Jay replied emphatically.

'What a fuckin' waste. I saw your dad. He's a stud. So are you,' said James.

'Are you guys here with your dads?' Jay asked.

'I am,' Aaron said.

'I'm with an older uncle,' said James. 'He's been doing me for years so when he asked me to come along on a cruise, I figured what could it hurt. But I'm more attracted to younger guys. How about you?'

'I've never found myself attracted to guys at all,' Jay said.

'No? Not even a little bit? Then how come you don't pull away when I rub my leg up against yours?'

Jay felt his face turning red and he took a big bite of his hamburger to avoid answering.

'Hey, its okay, buddy,' James said, laughing, as he put his arm across his shoulder. 'You're curious, that's good. It's okay. Just being on his ship would arouse anybody's curiosity.'

'I guess....but I wasn't curious till this cruise,' Jay said. 'Not till my dad....I mean, he just told me he was gay. I didn't have a clue.'

'Oh, man!' James exclaimed. 'A gay dad with a hunky straight son! What a setup!'

'There's been no setup. I didn't know,' Jay said.

'But now you do, it's gonna be great when you guys get back home,' Aaron said.

'I don't know what its gonna be when we get home,' Jay said. 'I'm so damned confused.'

James squeezed his shoulder. 'Look, why don't you let us help you sort things out; you know, sort of ease you into it, show you what its all about, so you won't be so confused about your feelings. You can face your dad with an open mind and let him know where you stand on things.'

'We won't do anything you don't want us to do,' Aaron said.

Now he was really confused, because they were making sense. He was curious, there was no doubt about that. He'd heard about blowjobs, and even jokes about guys fucking other guys. Fucking another guy never held a bit of interest for him but blowjobs aroused his curiosity when he thought about it. Maybe it was time to find out; about blowjobs. That wasn't so unthinkable all of a sudden. He wondered if his dad liked getting fucked.

'What do you say?' James urged him. 'We can go up to my cabin, have a couple of beers to get you relaxed. Just relaxed, mind you, not drunk. We want you to know what's going on. Or not; you don't have to drink at all. Actually, you don't have to do anything. Aaron and I can demonstrate for you, while you watch. Whatever you say; you call the shots all the way. Hell, if you change your mind about the whole thing, well you just go out the same door you came in; no hard feelings.'

Jay couldn't decide. He didn't want to let himself be drawn in by them, if that was what was happening. He just wasn't made that way. And he didn't really know these guys.

'Hey, okay, let's drop it,' Aaron said suddenly. 'How about we just hang out together, maybe shoot some hoop. Have you done the wall yet?'

'No, but I'm going to,' Jay said, suddenly relieved that Aaron had changed the subject. It would at least give him time to think.

'That cool with you?' Aaron asked James.

'Sure. Hell, it's not like I was trying to molest him,' James joked.

After they had eaten, they walked around for a while till their lunch settled then headed for the basketball court and the climbing wall at the other end of the ship. They decided to do the wall first.

'Have you done this before?' the handsome attendant asked them.

'No,' Jay said.

'Nope, never had the balls but if he's going to do it, I will,' James said, clasping his hand on Jay's shoulder.

'I have,' said Aaron.

'Smart ass,' James said.

'Who wants to go first?' the attendant asked.

'Let Aaron go first, show us how it's done,' James said

Aaron didn't need any help putting on the harness, but the attendant checked it out, tugging on the straps and feeling places that Jay thought weren't necessary. But Aaron didn't seem to mind. He went up the wall like a bear up a tree. When he'd hit the gong he signaled for the attendant to release him for the descent. He came down in one swift fall, landing like a cat on his crouched legs.

'Well, fuck me,' James said, as a way of complimenting him on his athletic prowess.

'Who's next?' asked the attendant.

'I'll go,' Jay said.

He was right about the attendant feeling more than necessary when he put the harness on him. He explained the basics and told him to go. Jay started the climb like gangbusters, surprised how easy it was. Then he ran out of handholds. He had to go back and retrace his route several times but he did manage to keep on going up while his newfound friends encouraged him from below.

'He's fuckin' gonna make it,' he heard James say.

'Yeah, he's putting the pressure on,' Aaron said.

Twice, Jay lost his hold and swung out from the wall but struggled to regain his position. Finally, he pulled himself to the top and hit the gong with his fist. The guys below yelled and applauded. Jay swung out from the wall for the descent, but the attendant didn't let him come down as fast as Aaron.

'That was pretty awesome for a first timer,' he said.

'Yeah, awesome,' James agreed.

'Okay, stud, I guess you're next,' the attendant told James.

Jay was glad to see that James struggled far more than he did, despite his superior strength. When they were finished with the wall, they headed for the basketball court. Surprisingly, there was no one on the court, Jay surmised, because of the hot afternoon sun. In a show of bravado, James peeled off his shirt and tossed it aside, baring his darkly tanned upper body with its neatly trimmed mat of black hair dispersed over his thick, hard muscles. Jay felt a sort of envious attraction to the man's hairy chest. He knelt down to tie his shoe just as James stepped in front of him to grab a basketball and he found the same attraction to his hairy legs. He remembered how good it felt rubbing against his own thigh.

James was a better basketball player than a climber. His heavier musculature was a disadvantage, though, against Aaron's leaner build and Jay's natural athleticism. Within a short time, his body was glistened with sweat and his shorts darkened with sweat around the waist and down the back and in the crotch. Jay and Aaron's shirts were soaked and they took them off. Very quickly, their bodies were streaming with sweat.

'I'm not going to have to do cardio when I work out today,' Aaron remarked.

There was no keeping score, only the play of competition, and the chance to vie for each other's attention on the court.

'Fuck, you guys are wearing my sorry ass into the ground,' James complained as he stopped to catch his breath. 'I didn't know I was in such bad shape.'

'You are definitely not out of shape, you're just not used to playing basketball in the tropical sun,' Aaron said.

'Well, I think I won, and I believe in quitting when I'm ahead,' James said.

'You shit!' Aaron chided him.

'Let him have his victory, he might cry,' Jay kidded him, and took off running.

'You little fucker,' James growled as he ran across the court after him. When he caught up with him he grabbed him in a headlock and gave him a Dutch-rub. They laughed and wrestled around, Jay trying to get away, but basking in the smell of the man's sweat.

'Damn, I gotta shower,' Jay said when James released him.

'I wish you wouldn't,' James said. He laughed at Jay's questioning look. 'I was looking forward to licking the sweat off of your balls,' he said.

Suddenly Jay felt on the defensive. Aaron saw it and came to the rescue for the moment.

'Let's go back to Johnny's and get something cold to drink,' he said.

They got their drinks and went outside to stand at the railing.

'You guys wanta go back to my cabin?' James asked them.

'I don't think you've got virgin boy convinced yet,' Aaron joked.

'Come on, I know you're curious, and it ain't going to go away,' James said to Jay. 'Why don't you let us satisfy that curiosity while you've got the chance? I mean, hell, you'll never have another opportunity like this cruise.'

'Let me tell you, if you've never had a pair of lips wrapped around the head of your cock and slide all the way down the shaft, and felt your cock sliding into the wet, tight heat of somebody's throat, you don't know what you're missing,' Aaron chimed in.

'All the way down?' Jay asked before realized it.

'You sound like you don't think it's possible,' James said with a smile. 'And the only reason you would think that is if you're virgin and built like a horse. Would I be right?'

'I....I am pretty big, I don't see how anybody could.....well, I don't think anybody could take more than half of me in his mouth,' Jay said.

'I said down the throat,' Aaron said.

'But I'm pretty big around, too,' Jay said. 'I would probably choke a guy to death if he tried it.'

'Tell you what,' James said as he squeezed his shoulder again and pulled him in tight. 'I don't know how big you are, and I don't care; you sound like a challenge, and I'm a real sucker for a challenge, pardon the pun. I guarantee I will swallow you whole, no matter how big you are, and lick your balls while I've got your cock buried in my throat. And you can fuck my face till you blow your load right down my throat. Or you can shoot all over my face, or in my mouth, fuck, I don't care. How's that for a guarantee?'

By the time James finished talking, Jay's cock was coming alive. He was getting so hot he couldn't stand it. He looked at Aaron.

'Oh, he's not just along for the ride,' James assured Jay. 'He'll do anything you want, same as me. Right, Aaron? I mean, you should have seen how he worked me over last night. Shit, I was barely able to walk this morning.'

'Yeah....Okay,' Jay said, timidly but anxiously, the words out of his mouth before he realized it.

'Great, let's go!' Aaron said.

Jay went with the two guys to the cabin, getting more scared with every step. What was he letting himself in for? How could he get out of it? He didn't really know these guys. It would be like him and his dad going out on that guy's catamaran; he had no idea what they might do to him, and he would be hard pressed to fight them both off. Suddenly, they were at the cabin door. For a fleeting few seconds, he thought about bolting and running but he thought of facing them again on the ship and he didn't want to humiliate himself by acting like a scared little boy. James opened the door and stepped back for him to go inside, more or less blocking his way of escape, as if he thought he might try.

In the cabin, Aaron locked the door while James opened the sliding doors out onto the patio. They met in the middle of the room with Jay between them and Jay found himself in the middle of a sandwich, the two men pressing and writhing their still sweaty bodies against his as Aaron pulled his shirt up and James untied the cord of his shorts. Aaron pulled his shirt off over his head while James shoved his shorts down and pulled them off over his shoes.

'Damn, you've really got it bad,' he said, laughing at the way Jay's jockstrap was tented again with his hardon.

Aaron looked around at the front of him. 'Fuck, buddy, I hope you didn't make promises you can't keep,' he told James.

Still on his knees, James began mauling Jay's jock pouch. 'I was serious about licking the sweat off of you,' he said as he leaned in and buried his face in his crotch, to the right side of his jockstrap.

'Aawwhhh,' Jay gasped with surprise as he felt James' tongue lapping at his crotch. 'Ohhhh!' he gasped again when Aaron leaned in and began licking his chest. His tongue felt wonderful, dragging across his nipples. James moved to the other side and licked off his sweat then ducked under to lick way back between his legs. Jay set his feet wide apart to give him more room in his crotch. He couldn't believe they were doing this to him, especially James, licking his sweaty crotch. He had to smell like a horse.

'Turn around,' James told him.

He turned around and Aaron moved around with him, still licking his pecs. James big hands were squeezing his butt then suddenly he felt his hot breath, then his tongue lapping in the crack of his ass. Fuck, he can't be doing this! Licking my ass! Pulling my butt apart, licking at my asshole!

'Fuck, kid, you taste good!' James exclaimed, short of breath.

They pushed Jay back across the bed and on his way down James pulled his jockstrap off his hips. His jock caught on his cock and he had to pull it nearly to his knees before it swung free and slapped hard against his stomach.

'Holy Shit! I thought you said pretty big. That ain't even big. That is huge!' James exclaimed. 'Hell, you don't need me, you could be giving yourself head.'

The two men sprawled on the bed with Jay and went to work on him, James on his cock and Aaron on his chest. Jay gasped and moaned when Aaron started nibbling and sucking on his tits, surprised that he had feelings there. He wasn't surprised that he had feelings in his cock but he had no idea how wonderful a mouth could feel on it.

'Ohhhhhh! Fuuuckkkkk!' he cried through clenched teeth when James took his cock in his mouth and swallowed it to his balls. He heard and felt James chuckle around his cock.

Jay lay there gaping in awe at the handsome, whiskered face smashed against his pubes, the man's lips distended around the base of his cock. And his cock was nowhere to be seen; all the way in the man's throat! Godd, how could anything feel so good? James held him for a long moment before he raised up to breathe.

'That is a real challenge,' he declared, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

'I don't believe you did it,' Jay said, now gaping at his spit-shiny cock. It looked even bigger now than before.

'I don't believe it either,' James said. 'I'm gonna do it again, just to make sure I wasn't dreaming.' With that he went back down on the big cock; all the way down, till he was able to lap Jay's balls with his tongue just like he promised. He moved his head up and down this time, force-fucking his own throat with the huge teenage meat. Then he raised up again and stretched out on his back.

'Okay, your turn to do the work. Climb on top and let's see how many pushups you can do,' he told him.

Jay crawled on top of the man, astraddle his face and aimed his cock at his open mouth with his tongue wagging anxiously inside. James pulled it down at the right angle and Jay drove his cock into his throat again. He held it tight for a moment, smashing and grinding his pubes brutally against the man's face, then he withdrew to his mouth and began fucking his throat. James coughed and gagged and choked but Jay didn't let up. The guy said he could fuck his throat and he was going to do it. Suddenly he felt something behind him, something wet on his butt. He jerked his head around to see Aaron's head and shoulders and realized that he was kissing and licking his ass. Man, how could anybody do that? But Aaron was just getting started. He wasn't just licking away the sweat; James had already done that. He pulled Jay's butt apart and buried his face hard between his taut buns, licking and tonguing his asshole like it really tasted good.

Jay was between a rock and hard place; he didn't know whether to fuck forward into James's throat, or backward so he could feel Aaron's tongue in his ass. In short order the two men turned him into a gasping, moaning, trembling mass. He'd never felt such intense pleasure in his life! And suddenly he didn't mind being in bed with two guys.

James and Aaron knew precisely what they were doing; bringing the hot teenager to the brink then letting him down gently, then bringing him back again. Every time they sensed that he was close to coming, they eased off. It went on and on, over and over again, till he couldn't take it anymore. The agony of wanting to come was becoming unbearable.

'Fuck, you guys, stop torturing me!' he moaned. 'I've almost shot off so many times....I don't think I can take much more.'

He was begging them to stop teasing him, to let him come, he couldn't stand it, but they only laughed and kept doing it, now with James big hands clasped around his butt so he couldn't move away.

Finally it became too much, his body couldn't take it. It had to have some relief from the tension building up inside. Finally, without warning, he exploded.

'Ohh, he's coming! I can feel it in his asshole!' Aaron cried with glee.

Under him, James gagged and choked even more as he pumped his load into his throat. His climax seemed to last forever, the stuff wouldn't stop coming, and his asshole and his balls began to ache from the intensity of it. Finally, he was drained and his body kept pumping dry. He collapsed on top of James, his cock still buried in the man's throat, while James continued to choke, but he wouldn't give it up. Realizing he was choking the man, Jay raised up and extracted his cock from his throat and rolled over onto his side.

'Shit, how long have you been saving that?' James asked, gasping, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. 'I never had a load like that in my life!'

'Couple of days; I managed to jerk off in the shower two days ago,' Jay said.

'Damn! I've never been had and used like that in my life either!' James exclaimed, gasping for air.

'Sorry I choked you and made you gag,' Jay said.

'Fuck, don't apologize,' James said. 'That was the most awesome cock I've ever had. I wasn't sure I was going to live to tell about it, but you are one awesome stud!'

As Jay lay gasping for his breath, it came over him what he had done. He'd been had by two gays. He had let himself be used by them; lent them his body for their lust. Suddenly he wanted to be out of there.

'Well, this awesome stud has to get back to his cabin, my dad's going to be wondering where I am,' Jay said.

'Why don't you pick up the phone and call him,' Aaron said. 'We've got a lot more we can show you.'

'I need to get back,' Jay said.

'Well, maybe another time. Please, at least one more time before the cruise ends,' James said.

'Maybe,' Jay said, although at that moment he had no intention of letting it happen again. Not with these guys and not with anybody else. It was like his mind was rebelling against his body. He was still curious about what else they had in mind to show him, but he wanted to get back to the safety of his cabin. He didn't want to have to explain a long absence to his dad.

His legs were shaky as he made his way back to his cabin. On the way he passed by the spa. He hadn't checked it out yet; he didn't really know what a spa was. He walked through the heavy glass doors into a small, dimly lit reception room where a young, muscular, college-age guy stood behind the desk with his bare upper body showing.

'Welcome. Have you visited us before?' he asked.

'No. I thought I would check it out.'

'Then come along, I'll show you around.' He came around from behind the desk to reveal himself in a pair of snug-fitting white shorts and sneakers. He wore a name-tag on the leg of his shorts that said Ryan. He led the way down a corridor that opened up into a spacious area decorated like the jungle. Tucked in behind a grove of trees was the hot tub. There were two men in it, along with four younger men and boys; all of them were naked. Behind some huge fake boulders was the Jacuzzi, where two young men were sitting with their arms around each other's shoulders. The whirlpool was further in the thick foliage. There was a young man and an older man in it.

'We also have the massage rooms,' Ryan said as he led Jay back down the corridor. He opened the door to an empty room. It was difficult to tell where the soft lighting came from. There was a massage table in the center with four chairs and an open wicker cabinet containing towels and bottles and jars of all sorts. Jay wondered why there were four chairs. Ryan turned a switch and candles flickered from brass holders on the walls. He turned another switch and soft music flowed from some mysterious source.

'Would you like to make an appointment to reserve a room?' he asked.

'I don't know, I would have to check....with my dad,' Jay said. Then he changed his mind. 'All right, I would like to make an appointment.'

'Very good. For you, or your father, or both?' Ryan asked.

'For both of us,' he replied. He glanced at his watch. 'Right away, if the room is open. I just need time to shower.'

'I can hold it for you,' Ryan said. 'And you can shower here.' He opened a pair of glass doors to reveal a shower almost as big as the room itself. There were nine showerheads on three walls and three more overhead. 'It's a virtual rain forest when you turn all the showerheads on,' Ryan said.

Jay rushed back to the cabin.

'Did you finally finish exploring all the ship?' his dad asked him when he came in.

'Yeah. It's awesome,' he lied. 'I don't know how they build these things so big and keep them afloat. Do you have anything in mind for the rest of the afternoon, Dad?' he asked.

Jeff looked at his watch. 'We're already well into the afternoon. I thought you were wanted to stay on the ship.'

'I thought we might go check out the spa.'

'All right, I overheard some guys talking about, and it sounds pretty nice.'

'It is. I've got us an appointment for a massage,' Jay said with a smile.


Jeff slipped his shoes on and they headed to the spa. He wondered immediately about his son's motives when he saw the young, muscular attendant. Ryan led them down the corridor and let them in the room.

'There is a time limit of one hour, but we aren't swamped with reservations right now, so take as long as you like,' he told them as he switched on the soft music and the flickering candles. 'Enjoy,' he said as he started leave and close the door.

'Uhh, excuse me, are you, uh....I mean, do we ring for you when we're ready for the massage?' Jay asked.

Ryan smiled. 'I'm sorry, I didn't schedule you with one of our masseuses. Perhaps I forgot to explain, you normally bring your partner for that. Would you like to reschedule with a masseuse?'

'Oh,' Jay said with a deadpan look. He looked at his dad, who only shrugged.

'It would be a two hour wait,' Ryan said.

'I, this is okay,' Jay said.

'Enjoy,' Ryan said again as he slipped out and closed the door behind him.

'Well. I guess we're left to our own devices,' Jeff said.

'Have you ever given a massage before?' Jay asked.

'No, but I guess I can muddle through it, if you want to climb up on the table,' Jeff said.

'I need to shower first,' said Jay. 'You can join me, there's room for both of us. Heck, there's room for a half dozen guys,' Jay said.

They undressed and Jeff followed Jay into the shower. He thought it was strange that they stood apart, with plenty of room between them, when in a moment he would be giving the boy a massage. Jeff finished first and went to investigate the array of jars and bottles of lotions and oils. When Jay turned off the showers, Jeff was waiting for him with a towel to wrap around him. He dried him off then motioned for him to get up on the table. Jay climbed up and lay on his stomach.

Jeff selected a bottle of massage oil marked 'Diesel Fuel' and poured some on his hands. He rubbed his hands together and started at Jay's feet. He massaged first one foot then the other, gradually moving up to his calves, and on up to the back of his thighs.

'It's hard to tell if you're relaxed, your muscles are so solid,' he said.

'I'm relaxed,' Jay said. 'And you're doing a good job.'

'Thanks, but you have no basis for comparison,' Jeff said as he worked his fingers in to the boy's hamstrings; all the while his eyes were on his butt.

'I don't need any basis for comparison to know it feels good.'

Jeff's head was swimming with thoughts he shouldn't be having about his own son. But the boy knew he was gay now, and he seemed okay with it; even okay with him having his hands on him. How okay, was the question. Jeff had to wonder; Jay was the one who had made the appointment for the massage and he was the one who nixed the masseuse, now he was lying there stark naked with his gorgeous, tight little butt sticking up like an engraved invitation. Jeff knew if he laid his hands on his son's butt he would be doomed. But he didn't want to be obvious in avoiding touching the round, taut muscles. As he worked higher up the back of his legs he dug his thumbs into the curvature of the tight muscles. Once he was that close he couldn't retreat. He continued, digging his fingers into the tight butt, kneading the muscles like firm loaves of bread dough, his thumbs digging into the crevice between them. He paused to drizzle more oil on Jay's back and shoulders then set to work on them. He worked his way back down, sliding his thumbs and fingers between his butt muscles, purposely dragging them across the boy's puckered asshole, relieved that he didn't seem to mind such intimacy. He didn't linger, though. He massaged up and down the length of the boy's young, muscular body several times, always paying special attention to his butt.

'Okay, you can turn over,' he said finally.

'I can't,' Jay said.

'Why not?'

'You know.'

'Its nothing I haven't seen before,' Jeff said. 'Come on, Son, we've built up too good a relationship for you to be embarrassed over a little thing like a hardon.'

'Okay,' Jay said as he turned over onto his back. His big cock swung out then up over his stomach as he stretched out on his back.

'Well, I stand corrected on that little thing remark,' Jeff said. 'Damn, Son. I guess I haven't seen you in awhile. When did you grow this?' he asked, nodding at his hardon.

'I don't know, it just didn't stop growing,' Jay said. Meanwhile, he was having his own battle of emotions. Okay, getting his cock sucked didn't make him gay, and it was unbelievable. Or licking the sweat out of his crotch or getting his ass ate out, perverted as that was, and that was pretty incredible too. Liking it so much as he did was what bothered him; what did that say about him? He had vowed not to let it happen again, but his body started doing battle with his mind as it recovered and a new batch of testosterone flooded his veins. Now the battle was over his dad. He was gay; that was out in the open. What would it hurt if he told him about his experience with Aaron and James? He would certainly understand. What would it hurt if....he quickly cut off his thoughts but they didn't go away; they only retreated to the back of his mind. Within moments they were resurfacing. His dad was gay; he reiterated it over and over again, not so much to make himself believe it, but to come to the realization that his father, being gay, was just like James and Aaron. Being gay, it was pretty certain that he probably wanted to do the same things that Aaron and James had done; probably was doing them, but with somebody else. He had tried to imagine it. He conjured up the picture in his mind but quickly, almost fearfully, dismissed it as impossible; till now, when he was lying stretched out on a massage table with his cock fully hard and exposed to the man, and had his hands moving all over his body.

What stood out in his mind was that his dad had brought him on this gay cruise. Why? He was certain, now that the reason was more than just being an easy way to break the news to him that he was gay. Suddenly, he felt sort of sorry for his dad. If he really wanted to do those things to him.....if the desire was that strong, it seemed almost cruel to deny him. To deny both of them, for that matter. What could it hurt? Nobody would ever know. He felt a tightness in his chest at the mere thought of suggesting anything. But there was also a tightness in his loins, demanding relief. Why not? Geezusss, he couldn't think straight. He wondered what was going through his dad's mind.

It was the most foolish and dangerous thing he had ever done, placing himself in the tiny massage room with the boy. He should've bowed out when the attendant told them they would have to give each other massages. Being naked wasn't the problem; they had been naked together countless times before, even at the nude beach, but this was so different. There was knowledge between them now that had not been there before.

Standing at the head of the table, he worked his fingers into the thick muscles of the boy's shoulders, massaged his neck, and his biceps. Then he reached over his head and squeezed and massaged his thick chest muscles.

'Ohhh,' Jay gasped.

'What?' Jeff asked.

'That felt good, your fingers moving over my tits,' Jay said, laughing nervously.

'Like that?' Jeff asked as he moved his fingers back and forth across the turgid nipples then squeezed them between his fingers.

'Ohhhhh, Yeah,' the boy gasped again. 'I didn't even know I had feelings there,' he lied. He knew, from Aaron sucking his tits, but the feelings were even more intense from his dad's touch.

Jeff moved around to the side of the table and began working on his son's stomach. He worked each of the eight muscles that made up his abs, like pliable bricks set in his midsection. He massaged the strips of tenderloin that sloped down his sides, framing the washboard plate of abs muscles. He dutifully worked around his cock, brushing against it from time to time but otherwise pretended to ignore it.

He moved down to the end of the table and began working his calf muscles, then moved on up to his knees and to his thighs. He leaned over the table as he massaged up the boy's muscular legs, digging his fingers into the thick, solid quads and his thumbs along his inner thighs. When he reached the apex, touching his hands against his balls, he moved back to the side of the table. His mouth was watering and he was having to fight to keep his hands from shaking. Adrenalin and testosterone pumped through his veins, creating a potently dangerous mixture that sent his head reeling. If he didn't stop....if he didn't remove his hands from Jay's muscular body........

Suddenly, he couldn't stop. Suddenly, as he kneaded the thick upper leg muscles, his knuckles coming into contact with the boy's balls, he didn't want to stop. He paused to reach for the bottle of massage oil.

'Diesel Fuel,' he said, holding the bottle up for Jay to read.

'Well, I guess you could say its working,' Jay joked, giving his big cock a playful slap. It bobbed up and down and swayed over his stomach.

Jeff squirted the oil into his hand and rubbed his hands together. Then he boldly took Jay's ball in his hands.

'Oohhhhh,' Jay gasped, surprised, closing his eyes.

'I'll be careful with them,' Jeff said huskily.

'It's okay. It feels okay,' Jay said.

Jeff massaged the twin orbs in both of his hands, gently, lovingly, as if they were two fragile pieces of art. His eyes were glued to his son's huge cock, throbbing and bobbing up and down over his stomach. There was precome oozing out the wide piss slit, forming a pearl-like drop that soon expanded and dripped onto his stomach. More oozed out, then more, till it was almost boiling out and forming a puddle in the ridge between two of his ab muscles. Jeff curled his thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock. It bucked violently at his touch. He ran his hand up the length of it and it throbbed gratefully. He didn't wrap his hand around it; he was only massaging it, as part of the boy's body. But then his fingers were encircling it. They wouldn't reach all the way around it, but they were gripping it. Were those his fingers? Was it his hand? Godd, it felt good. He pulled the great cock upward and moved his hand up and down the thick shaft.

'Please, tell me to stop, Son, before I get started,' he said in a hoarse tone.

'You don't have to stop,' Jay said in a clear tone. He opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at his dad. 'You were honest with me, Dad, now I have to be honest with you....I....I already satisfied my curiosity.'

'When? Who?' Jeff asked with surprise.

'Today. The muscle guy who came to our cabin looking for me, Aaron, and the guy with the hairy chest that I defeated in the contest.'

'Both of them?'

'Yeah, they sort of ganged up on me,' Jay said.

'They didn't hurt you!'

'No, it wasn't like that,' Jay said. 'I met up with them at Jimmy Jameson's, and the way they started talking about all the stuff they did, they got me all wrapped up in it. We went to the climbing wall and then played some basketball then they started talking about it again and before I knew it, I was agreeing to go with them to their cabin.'

'And?' Jeff asked.

Jay swallowed. 'I hate to say it, Dad, but......'

'No. Do not hate to say it,' Jeff cut in.

'Well, you know what happened, I was just going to say that it was the greatest sex I ever had.'

'Well, that....that's wonderful,' Jeff said.

'I don't know if that sounded like you meant it,' said Jay.

'I did. I really did, I'm just a little taken aback, that's all,' Jeff said.

'Afterwards, though, I wished....I sort of wished it'd been with you, my first time,' Jay said. 'I mean, that's what the cruise was all about, wasn't it?'

'It really was about telling you, more than anything,' Jeff said. 'Anything else would be the silver lining,' he said as he continued to slowly pump his son's cock.

'You're not mad at me, then?' Jay asked.

'Of course not. Not if it was as wonderful as you say.'

'They were determined to make it so, to make it something I would remember,' Jay said. He looked down to see his cock throbbing in his dad's hand.

'You said I knew what happened, but I don't,' Jeff said.

'They....they sucked my cock and Aaron used his tongue in my ass and James licked the sweat off my crotch.'

'You don't think it awful, then, that I.....I'm doing this?' Jeff asked. 'I could make you feel pretty wonderful, too.'

'No. I think I would be disappointed, now, if the cruise ended and we didn't.'

Jeff squeezed his cock. 'You must have given them a real thrill with this. You're so big. I guess I never realized you'd grown into such a man.'

'You haven't seen me that many times with a hardon,' Jay said. 'Only when you caught me jacking off.'

'I don't want you to term it that way again,' Jeff said. 'I don't want you to feel that way, that you're being caught. It's your body, you have a right to do what you want with it. From now on, if I happen to walk in on you, I don't want you to even stop and pretend it wasn't happening.'

'All right. I'll just keep on doing it,' Jay said with a smile.

'Yes. And I might just stay and watch,' Jeff said, laughing.

'Is that what you want to do now, watch?' Jay asked.

'Is that what you want to do, jack off while I watch you?' Jeff asked.

Jay swallowed hard. 'I know I acted like a little shit about the cruise when we first sailed, Dad, but I didn't....I was too naïve to realize what it was all about. No, I was too naïve to face it.'

'You didn't answer my question,' Jeff said as he moved his hand back and forth, rolling his son's thick cock across his belly. 'If we do this, son....there's no turning back. No do-overs, and pretending like it never happened.'

'I think we've already gone past going back; you've got your hand on my cock,' Jay said.

'I want it in my mouth,' Jeff said bluntly. 'Is that where you want it?'

'Yes,' the boy replied. 'I want......' His voice choked.

Jeff lifted the big cock up off his stomach and held it straight. 'My Godd! Where did this come from? And don't say my genes. You're bigger than I am.'

'Maybe from your dad's genes, then,' Jay said with a smile.

'Yeah, my dad was pretty big. I don't know how big.'

'You never saw your dad with a hardon?'

'No, he wasn't......' He cut himself off.

'He wasn't gay?' Jay asked.

'No, I can't imagine that he ever had a gay thought enter his head. But I was going to say, we weren't as open with each other as you and I are.'

'I'm sorry for that, Dad,' Jay said.

They were quiet for a moment as Jeff moved his hand up and down the huge boy-cock, squeezing precome out the wide slit. Jay began clenching his butt muscles then lifting his hips to fuck his dad's fist. Then, Jeff leaned down and took it in his mouth.

'Ooohhhhhh,' Jay moaned softly. 'Awww, Dad!' His mind went blank as his head spun in a whirlwind of unthinkable lust. He closed his eyes, trying to block out what was happening, afraid to believe it. But when he opened them, there was the truth; his dad was sucking his cock! He closed his eyes again and played a game of trying to grab hold of his thoughts as they rambled aimlessly through his head. What would his friends think? Did any of them ever do this with their dads? He would've never thought so, but there were probably dozens of dads and sons doing the same thing right at that very moment on the ship. Who could he share this with when he got back? Who could he tell? Nobody, that's who. What would their life be like when they got back home? Or was this a one-time experience? His dad was gay; he was sucking his cock, their life could never be like it was.

'Ohh, Godd, this isn't happening!' he gasped.

Jeff stopped and raised up. 'Jay, if you don't want to.....'

'Oh, no! Godd, yess, I want to.....I want you's just so wonderful, I can't believe its happening.'

Jeff went back down on him.

'Dad,' he said, laying his hand on his dad's shoulder.

Jeff raised his head.

'When I get close, what......'

'Let it go,' Jeff said. 'Don't try to hold it back.'

'I mean....w-what do you....I guess I just warn you?'

'I want it,' Jeff said. 'I want your load.'

'Oh, Geezuss,' the boy gasped in disbelief.

'Will it bother you to come in my mouth?' Jeff asked.

'No! No, it won't bother me at all. I just can't believe we're doing this.'

'I can't either, Son. I can't either.'

'Ohh, Godd, Dad, it feels wonderful,' Jay gasped as he humped his butt up off the table, thrusting his cock into his dad's mouth. He wanted him to take it all, like James had done, but he couldn't tell him that. He couldn't tell his father what to do. He laid his hands gently on his dad's head, hoping to urge him to go all the way down on him.

Jeff raised up again. 'Do you want to go in the shower?'


Jeff grabbed some towels and spread them on the shower floor then turned on all the showerheads. He turned to see Jay waiting at the glass door, as if he were afraid to enter. Jeff motioned him in, and urged him to lie down on the towels. He went to his knees between his legs, and when he spread them apart, he lifted one leg onto his shoulder, the other leg Jay cocked up with his foot against the tiled wall. Jeff hunkered down to suck his balls and kiss beneath them. He proceeded with caution, unsure whether Jay would want him to go further between his legs. But the boy lifted his butt up with the leverage of his one leg, offering his butt freely.

'Go it....I like your tongue there,' he whispered, twisting his hips around.

Jeff buried his face in his son's butt, pulling the taut muscles apart to get to his hole.

'AAAwwhhhhh!' Jay cried when he felt his dad's tongue penetrate his asshole. He squeezed his dad's shoulders and he raised his head.

'Can I do pushups over you?'

Jeff smiled his approval and raised up and took his place stretched out on the towels. Jay dropped to his hands and knees in a pushup position over his dad's upper body, his cock aimed in the direction of his mouth. His dad pulled his cock down to his mouth.

'This is a trick, isn't it, to force your cock all the way down my throat.'

'No, sir,' Jay said. 'I wouldn't try to force you to do anything.'

'Go ahead, maybe if I was forced I might be able to handle it. But go easy.'

Jay hovered over his dad his body straight and tight. His dad took about half his cock in his mouth, lavering it with his tongue and working his head up and down to try to take more. Jay eased down ever so gently till he felt his dad's throat begin to stretch open. He started to ease up a little but this dad clasped his hands around his butt to hold him in place. Then he squeezed his butt muscles to urge him deeper.

'Ohhh!' Jay gasped as the head of his cock plunged through the opening of his dad's throat. He felt his dad choke but his hands still clasped his butt to hold him tight. After a moment he pulled him down, forcing more of the big cock into his throat. He choked again, and again, Jay started to lift up but his dad pulled him down. Finally, in a sudden surge of brave lust, Jeff pulled down hard on his son's butt and lifted his head to receive the rest of his cock into his throat. Jay began doing pushups, thrusting his cock in and out of his dad's throat, using it like a pussy. Only it felt better than any pussy he'd fucked. It was tighter, and more alive, the muscles squeezing and milking the full length of his cock.

'Awww, Dad, I could come this way,' he choked huskily.

But Jeff held him off, and for the next hour the universe centered on the shower in the massage room of the Bonding Voyager, moving languidly through the gentle sea and the man and boy locked in the strongest, most unique embrace possible for a father and son. Finally it was too much for the boy.

'Aw, Dad, I can't hold back with you doing that!' Jay gasped.

'Uummphhhh!' Jeff groaned around his cock.

'I'm gonna come, Dad! Ohhh....ohhh, Godd....I'm gonna come!' He tried to thrust downward but his dad held him at bay so his cock was thrusting in and out of his mouth. 'Uunhhh! UUNNGgghhH!' he cried through clenched teeth as his cock bolted and quivered, sending great ropes of thick semen gushing into his dad's mouth.

'Uummnhh....Uummn....aawnnghhh,' Jeff moaned with each spurt of come.

Jay stayed hovered over his dad as long as he could while he sucked the life out of him, till his arms began to tremble, threatening to buckle.

'Ohh, Dad, I can't hold this position any longer,' he moaned as his powerful arms weakened. He made a valiant attempt to shove himself up and off to the side but his dad wrapped his arms around his butt and pulled him down on top of him, swallowing and nesting his cock deep in the curvature of his throat. They stayed like that for several minutes, till Jeff had to have air. He turned them over onto their sides so he could pull his son's cock out of his throat.

'Whew!' he gasped as he sucked in deep breaths of air.

'Dang! I don't know how you did that,' Jay said breathlessly.

'Looking at you now, I don't know how I did it either,' Jeff said.

'Thanks, Dad. That was the most incredible thing I've ever had happen to me.'

'I'll take that as a compliment, considering you were just had by two younger studs before me.'

'It didn't compare with this,' Jay said. 'I think it's because it was you.'

Jeff shoved his arm under Jay's head and pulled him into a tight embrace and they lay under the nine shower heads spraying them like the rain forest. 'I should be thanking you, Son,' he said. 'You just fulfilled a lifelong dream. I've never been so happy in my life,' he said as he languished in the wonderful aftertaste of his son's boy-juice.

'It was pretty damned wonderful,' Jay said. 'Can we get out of the shower, before we drown?' he asked, laughing.

They turned off the showers and grabbed up dry towels to dry off.

'Man, its like a steamy jungle in here,' Jay said.

'Do you want to go back to the cabin?'


When Jay took his clothes out of the locker and started to get dressed, his dad stopped him. Jay gave him a questioning look.

'No. Carry them,' Jeff said.

Jay blinked with surprise and smiled. 'Okay,' he said.

'I want to show you off,' Jeff said.

They left the room and walked down the corridor naked. Ryan was at the desk, reading. He looked up, blinked and smiled as they walked past him, onto the deck.

'Oh, My Godd!' someone said whey came out into the bright sun.

They ignored the man and walked on, but not unaware of the looks and stares from the other men and boys. Jeff guided them to the railing where they looked out at the rolling sea.

'Jay, I want it to be more than wonderful. I want you to be all right with it; that's the most important thing,' Jeff said.

'I am,' Jay said.

'But will you be when we get back home, when it's just the two of us around the house together?' Jeff asked.

'I was wondering about that myself....what it'll be like,' Jay said.

'What do you want it to be?' Jeff asked.

'I don't know.'

'It'll be there, between us, Jay. It'll always be there, no matter what does or doesn't happen in the future,' Jeff said. 'We can't ever make it go away.'

'What do you want it to be, Dad? I mean, are you asking me if I want it to happen again?'

'I can tell you what I don't want. I don't want to be put through a worse hell than I've already had for the past several years.'

Jay looked at his dad with a confused scowl. 'What kind of hell?' he asked.

'The hell of having you around in all your beautiful, young-manly glory and not being able to express how I feel.'

'I had no clue that I was putting you through hell.'

'Every time you walked in a room, every time I looked at you, every time I heard your voice, when I watched you sleeping. You can never understand the tremendous frustration of wanting to tell you how I felt, wanting to show you, and not being able to.'

'Well, you've told me now, and you've shown me, in spades,' Jay said.

'Not everything,' Jeff said. 'There's so much more.'

'To tell me or show me?' Jay asked.

'Both,' Jeff said. 'But I don't want to lead you down a path that you won't be able to return from. I want you to have a life like other boys. If that is possible, now, after what I've done.'

'What you've done? You make it sound like you beat me or something.'

'Well, I've done something that the world believes a father shouldn't even think of doing with his son.'

'We're not the world, Dad. We're you and me. As for having a life like other boys, you would have to define other boys. The boys on this ship? Or like all the other boys who won't ever be lucky enough to experience what I have with their dads?'

'I'm glad you feel that way.'

'Dad, when we get home, I don't want us to go our separate ways and pretend this cruise didn't happen; that this didn't happen. Not that we could, but like....well, if I'm jacking off and you happen to walk in, I want you to feel free to stay and watch. Or, hell, join in if you want. If I walk by your chair, I don't want you to be afraid to reach out and touch me. Or if I'm in the shower and you come into the bathroom, I don't want you to be afraid to look at me, or even join me, or....or whatever else you want to do. And I.....' He lowered his head with a boyishly innocent look. 'I still hate thunderstorms and lightning. I would like to feel right about coming into your room and crawling into your bed like I used to when I was a little boy.'

'I didn't know that,' Jeff said, 'that you're still afraid of thunderstorms and lightning.' He smiled. 'I'm glad. But you don't have to wait till a thunderstorm to come into my room. You're welcome in my bed anytime you feel like it.'

'Dad, I'm eighteen years old, I feel like it all the time, but being eighteen, it doesn't seem right,' Jay said with a smile.

'Its up to us, isn't and decide what's right for us?' Jeff said. He smiled again. 'You know, we can always use your bedroom as a spare guest room,' he said.

'Listen, dad, there's something I want to do before the cruise is over,' Jay said. 'I want to get together with Kody. I know he wants to....I recognize that now, and now that I've wised up a little. I've treated him like crap and I want to make it up to him.'

'Tell me about it,' Jeff said, laughing. 'He's been drooling over you since the cruise started, although you didn't see it. His dad even asked me if there was a chance that you boys might get together. I can't be sure but I think Kody might have asked his dad to ask me. I told him I doubted it. You'll make him very happy. You can use the cabin.'

'We could make it a foursome, if you and Kody's dad were so inclined,' Jay said with a mischievous grin.

'No, I don't think I want to get involved with Chad. Or anybody else,' Jeff said.

'You haven't seen any boys, other guy's sons that you would like to get in bed? I'm okay with that now, if you want to, Dad.'

'No, I've got the son I want,' Jeff said. 'That's not what the cruise was about, seeing how many boys I could get in my bed. It was about finally revealing the truth about myself to you. I lied to you, Jay. I knew what kind of ship the Bonding Voyager was when I booked us on it. I'm sorry, I should've been more up front with you.'

'You've been as up front with me as I could possibly imagine,' Jay said. 'And I'm glad I know about you now, although I don't consider it lying that you didn't tell me before now. I don't have a right to know every little detail of your life.'

'You had a right to know that about me,' Jeff said.

'No, Dad, I didn't.'

Jay racked the barbell and sat up, wiping the sweat off his bare chest. Kody was finishing up on the squat rack. Jay walked over to watch him. He had powerful thighs, and nice abs that twisted and bulged when he pushed up.

Kody shoved up for the last rep and racked the bar. 'Damn, you've really got a pump going in your pecs.'

'Thanks,' Jay said, flexing his chest muscles proudly.

'Are you finished?' Kody asked.

'Yeah. Hey, do you want to come up to my cabin?'

Kody gave him a surprised look. 'Sure, just give me time to shower.'

'You can use my shower,' Jay said.


Jay walked just a little behind Kody, eyeing his tight, round butt flexing inside his shorts. It was the first that Jay had noticed, really, how sexy he was. Maybe it was because he had been exposed to the sexuality of another male. He slipped the key in and held the door open for Kody.

'You can have the shower first,' he told Kody.

'No, go ahead,' said Kody.

Jay stepped out of his sneakers and pulled off his socks then hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts to shove them down.

'Why'd you invite me up here?' Kody asked.

Jay looked at him, surprised. 'We, uh.....we haven't spent any time together since we went to the Locker Room, except at dinner.'

'The real reason,' Kody said.

'I just told you,' Jay said. 'Hey, man, if you don't want to spend time together, that's okay by me; I just thought, the cruise is winding down......'

'Did my dad set this up?' Kody cut in.

'No,' Jay said with a scowl. 'Why do you say that?'

'Because he said he would ask your dad about me and you getting together, if I wanted him to. I told him not to, but I thought maybe he did it anyway.'

'Would it matter if he did?' Jay asked. 'Look, Kody, I thought...I mean, I don't want to sound egotistical or anything, but you sort of came across like you were interested. I just wanted to create the opportunity.'

'I am interested.'

'You don't act like it,' Jay said.

'I'm sorry, I just never....I mean, I thought you were too straight to even consider it. Shit, man, I've jacked off in the shower just thinking about getting it on with you.'

'No kidding. That's sort of a compliment,' Jay said.

'In bed I even pretended it was you instead of my dad.'

'Well, you don't have to pretend anymore,' Jay said.

'And you don't have to take that shower,' said Kody. 'I like you all sweaty. I would like to lick the sweat off of your muscles.'

'Better get started, it's evaporating,' Jay said with a smile.

'Fuck, I can't believe this is happening,' Kody said huskily as he moved closer and spread his hands across Jay's bare chest. His eyes shifted from one side to the other, as if he couldn't decide where to begin. Then he leaned down and began sucking hard on his left tit.

'Ohhhhhh,' Jay moaned, clasping his hand around the back of Kody's head.

'You like that?'

'Yeah, your tongue feels like soft sandpaper.'

He moved back and forth, sucking one then the other, then licked the sweat off the smooth, solid muscles. He made his way down his stomach, licking the crevices between the slabs of muscles where the sweat trickled down. At his navel he tugged on Jay's shorts.

'Do you wanta fuck me?' he asked, looking up at him.

'I don't know, I....I never thought about doing that.'

'You would like it,' Kody said. 'It's better than pussy.'

'That's going some,' Jay said.

'Guaranteed, or your money back,' Kody said.

'Okay, I'm willing to try it,' Jay said as Kody finished pulling his workout shorts off. His cock swung up like a steel spring and smacked hard against this stomach.

'I was going to suck you to get you hard, but I guess I don't have to,' Kody said as removed his own shorts. He went into the bathroom and returned with a towel. 'On my stomach or my back?' he asked.

'I'm used to fucking girls face to face, but either way you wanta do it,' Jay said.

'I want to make you feel at home,' Kody said as he stretched out on his back. 'I'm lubed up and ready,' he said.

'You are?'

'Yes. When dad said you wanted me to work out with you, it got my hopes up that something might happen, so I got ready for it.'

Jay crawled on the bed and Kody lifted his legs. Jay guided them onto his shoulders as he moved up to his tilted butt. 'Isn't this going to hurt?' he asked as he fisted his cock to aim it. 'I'm awfully big, compared to that tiny hole.'

'A little, at first. A lot at first. But nothing I can't handle,' Kody said.

Jay nudged the head of his cock against the clenching hole. It gave a little but showed no sign of opening up. He pushed and it gave some more.

'You gotta shove it hard to get it through,' Kody told him.

'I don't want to hurt you,' Jay said.

'Nothing you can do about that, especially with a cock that size,' Kody said. 'Just don't worry about it, I can handle it. The pain goes away pretty quick.'

Jay took him at his word. He got a good grip on Kody's butt to hold him in place as he shoved, hard.

'AwwwhhhH!' Kody cried softly.

'Fuck, I'm in!' Jay exclaimed.

'Tell me about it,' gasped Kody.

'Do you want any more?' Jay asked.

'Yess. Fuck, yes, I want it all.'

Jay looked down at their juncture as he eased his cock deeper, and deeper. He couldn't believe how the boy's tiny asshole stretched so around his thick cock, and he wondered where his cock was going. A guy wasn't built to be fucked no pussy but Kody was putting it somewhere.

'Here goes,' he said as he shoved the last of his cock through the hole and pressed his loins hard against the boy's butt.

'Ohh, Geezusss! You're big!' Kody moaned.

'Too big?'

'Almost, but I like it. Godd, I never had such a big cock.'

'Bigger than your dad?' Jay asked.

'Yes. Fuck, you must have the biggest cock on the planet!'

'I doubt that,' Jay said.

'Fuck me,' Kody said. 'Start out nice and slow and deep then you can go crazy, fuck my brains out.'

'Mann, your ass is so snug,' Jay said as he began moving his cock back and forth through the warm hole.

'No, my ass is normal, it's your cock that's making it feel so snug,' Kody said.

'Fuck, this feels so good,' Jay said.

'Do you want your money back?' Kody joked.

'Fuck, no.'

They lost track of time or, Jay did till Kody asked him how long he could go on.

'I don't know, are you getting tired?'

'No, I'm just surprised, that's all. My dad never lasts this long, fucking me. You've been at it for over an hour.'

'No shit? I've fucked you for an hour? You must be getting sore, or else you're numb.'

'No, I've still got plenty of feeling,' Kody assured him.

'Do you want me to try to come?' Jay asked.

'Yes, but not till you're ready. I wanta feel you shoot up inside me. I have a feeling it's going to be pretty phenomenal.'

Jay began concentrating on his own climax, using every move, every technique he knew.

'Ohh, Godd, you sure know how to fuck,' Kody moaned.

'Can you go off with me?' Jay asked.

'I can try,' Kody said as he wrapped his fist around his cock. 'Just keep me posted on your progress.'

It was several minutes longer before Jay finally grunted the announcement that he was ready. He fucked the boy in a frenzy, like a jack-hammer, with a vise-like grip on his shoulders and Kody's legs locked around his hips.

'Godddd, I'm coming!' he gasped. Then suddenly, he grabbed for Kody's cock. 'Let me do that for you,' he said as he began jacking him off furiously.

Kody's moans turned into squeals of delight as Jay pounded him into oblivion and jacked him off, and he grabbed the pillow to put over his face to stifle his outcries.

Jay's body had taken over and he was fucking on automatic pilot. His hips lurched and slammed forward, his legs trembled and his butt ached from the constant strain of thrusting his cock. Finally, his cock erupted deep inside Kody's ass. It felt like a hose had been turned on full blast. He kept pounding Cody's cock with his fist.

'Ohhhhh, Ohhhh, that's so hot!' Kody groaned into the pillow. 'I can feel you shooting in me! Ohh, Goddd, it feels wonderful!'

Suddenly, Jay felt Cody's cock stiffen even more in his fist, almost a harsh bolt, then he felt his semen gushing through the big vein. A split second later he shot off, all over his face and neck. It was so powerful, like a long, white, liquid arrow bursting from a bow. He quickly had himself white-washed with long streaks of thick semen.

As relief and satisfaction set in, Jay toppled to the side, taking Kody with him as they stayed locked together. It took them a moment to catch their breath, and for Jay, for his head to stop spinning.

'Geezusss, what just happened?' Jay said, finally.

'You fucked my brains out,' Kody said.

'I think I fucked my brains out. Hell, I can't even focus my eyes.'

'You really had to work at it, didn't you? Most guys have to work at holding off,' Kody said.

'I've been practicing all my life at holding off. I guess I've honed my skill a little too much,' said Jay.

'It was wonderful. I've never been so fucked.'

Jay laughed. 'Don't tell your dad that.'

'I love to watch your abs when you laugh. It's so sexy,' Kody said, smacking him in the stomach, then rubbing his hand across the hard, ridged muscles.

'Nice abs yourself,' Jay said.

'Thanks for taking me off like that,' Kody said.

'It was the least I could do. We sure made a mess.'

'I made a mess. Your mess is inside me,' Kody said.

'I expect some of it will run out when you stand up,' Jay said.

'It felt like I had a horse inside me.'

'I hope I didn't hurt you.'

'Oh, fuck, no. Godd, I can't begin to tell you how great it was. I don't know what I'm going to tell my dad when he asks.'

'What do you mean? He wanted it to happen, didn't he?' Kody said.

'I mean, I can't tell him that you fucked rings around him. It would bruise his ego. Listen, Could I ask you a big favor?'


'Would you consider having sex with my dad?'

Jay blinked with surprise. 'Shit, I don't know about that.'

'We talked about it. He would give anything to get you in bed, and he said I could watch if you didn't care.'

'That's pretty weird, a guy watching his dad have sex with another kid. I don't know, I'll have to think about it. But if I do it, he'll know.'

'Know what?' Kody asked.

'That I can fuck rings around him.'

'Maybe he can learn something,' Kody joked.

It was after dinner and Jeff and Chad were walking on deck watching the sun go down while their sons were together in Jeff's cabin.

'I wonder how they're getting along,' Chad said.

'I would guess just fine,' Jeff said.

'He's going to make Kody the happiest boy in the world,' Chad said.

'I expect Kody will make Jay pretty happy, too. He's had more experience than Jay.'

'He's had a lot of experience,' Chad said.

'I think I envy you that,' Jeff said.

'Well, now you have it. You and Jay have got the rest of your lives to make up for lost time,' Chad said. 'But don't waste a minute of it.'

'I don't know about that,' Jeff said. 'I don't think it's going to become a lifestyle for us....for Jay. He's straight.'

'He's a straight young stud who likes gay sex. And you said he was the one who suggested getting together with Kody.'

'Yes, but I don't think he's going to give up girls any time soon,' Jeff said.

'I never gave up women,' Chad said.

'You didn't?'

'No. But I don't want a woman in my life again. They tend to complicate things. Kody and I have a great a life, and its handy, just the two of us.'

'Forgive me for saying so, but it sounds almost like you use him. Or do you reciprocate?'

'I have on rare occasions, but no, not in the normal course of things. But I don't use him. He's happy the way things are. He was so relieved when I found out he was gay. Scared, but relieved.'

'Why was he scared?' Jeff asked.

'He thought I would be angry with him, maybe even disown him.'

'How did you discover it?' Jeff asked.

'I walked in on them.....him and another kid, a teammate on the gymnastic team. The kid was fucking Kody's eyeballs out. Godd, what a sight, those two young muscle studs going at it. I wish I'd had a video camera. They didn't see me, and I stood at the door and watched them till they finished. The kid was pulling out when Kody saw me standing there. He turned pale. The other kid just sort of stood there, but Kody was really scared.'

'What'd you do?' Jeff asked.

'I put my hand on the other boy's shoulder and calmly told him he should get dressed and leave; wasn't angry or anything. Then I sat down on the edge of the bed and had a long talk with Kody. I told him I was okay with him being who he was, I still loved him, and it was okay to have his teammate over again. He was so relieved, he cried.'

'How did you and Kody get started?'

'I took him on a camping trip that weekend so we could be together and talk things out. We went swimming and got to horsing around and wrestling in the water; he swam for the shore and I swam after him. I caught up with him and we wrestling around some more and the next thing I knew, I had him spread over a big warm boulder and..... it just happened.'

'I fucked him. He wanted it and I gave it to him. He never even cried out, and I know it hurt like hell; he's so small and tight. But he took it and he's never stopped taking it.'

'You fucked him right out in the open, beside the lake? Was it a public lake?'

'Yeah, but we were in the camping area, in the heavily wooded part. Nobody saw us. At least I don't think they did.'

'That's quite a story,' Jeff said.

'I hope you and Jay have a lot of good stories of your own,' Jeff said.

'I don't know....I hope so....we'll have to see how things work out when we get back home.'

'Listen, I may be out of line asking, but....that boy of yours is the hottest stud onboard this ship. Do you think there's any chance......?'

'I don't know. I'll ask him,' Jeff said.

'Geezusss, he would make me the happiest guy in the universe if I could spend just a few hours in bed with him.'

' what end?' Jeff asked with a confused frown. 'I mean, you said you don't reciprocate with Kody, and Jay is straight.'

'I know he is. But after meeting him, I gotta tell you, I don't know just how straight I am. I guess I wanta find out. If anybody's gonna bring it out of me, he's the one.'

Jeff held back his smile. 'Okay, I'll ask him.'

One of the final activities on the ship was the photo sessions. It was on the last formal night and Jay and his dad were dressed in their tuxedos, as were Kody and his dad, and most others.

'You boys look sharp as hell tonight,' Chad said when they were seated for dinner. 'But guys your age look sharp in anything, or out,' he added. 'I understand you and Kody had a good time today,' he said with a wry grin.

Jay glanced at his own dad, who was smiling his approval. He'd told him all about him and Kody, and that Kody had asked him to fuck his dad. He looked over at Chad, feeling a little embarrassed that everybody at the table knew.

'No need to be embarrassed,' Chad said. 'Kody told me what a tiger you are. I bow to your youthful prowess. I just hope you haven't ruined him for me.'

'I....d-don't think so,' Jay stammered.

'Have you had time to consider Kody's proposition?' Chad asked, but then looked at Jeff.

'He told me,' Jeff said.

'Does he have your approval?' Chad asked.

'It's his call, he's a big boy,' Jeff said.

'So I'm told,' Chad said then looked back at Jay.

'I don't know, it's a little embarrassing, talking about it here at dinner,' Jay said.

'Then we won't,' Chad said. 'But please consider how bad you'll feel when you get home if you deny an old man your youthful vigor. Not to mention your horse-size cock.'

The matter was dropped for the rest of dinner. After dinner, the four of them strolled along the promenade where one of the photographer's stations was located.

'We should get our picture taken, the four of us,' Chad suggested. He put his arm around Jay's shoulder, playfully, and added. 'It might be all I have to remember you by.'

They had their picture taken then Kody and Chad posed for their picture. Then it was Jeff and Jay's turn.

'Hey, that's the hunk who won the sexy body contest,' someone said.

'Yeah, and his dad. Damn, they make a fine looking couple.'

'Hey, how about some candid shots,' someone said to the photographer.

'That would have to be up to them,' the photographer said.

'How about it, let's see those muscles again for posterity,' the man said, bringing a round of applause.

'Yeah, come on, you've got it, dude, flaunt it.'

Jay looked around to see Aaron and James. He could feel his face growing warm with embarrassment.

'Do you want to?' Jeff asked his son.

'They had plenty of chances to take pictures at the contest,' Jay said.

'Do you want to?' Jeff asked again.

'I don't know.....I don't care. If you do.'

'It's your call. Its not my sexy body they want to see.'

'Bull, half the guys on this ship would kill to get their hands on you,' Jay said.

Others had picked up the call, encouraging Jay to take off his tux for some poses.

'You'll wish you had,' Jeff told him. 'You could take home a nice collection of professional photos to pass around to the girls.'

'Okay,' he said, finally. There was applause as he started undoing his necktie, and his dad untied his cummerbund. The photographer began taking pictures and it quickly turned into a photo-shoot. When Jay was down to his socks and T-shirt and trousers, Jeff stepped out of camera range.

'Okay, stud, give us a show,' the photographer said.

Jay wished his dad had stayed with him, but he pulled off his T-shirt and tossed it to his dad. Then he pulled off his socks. There were whoops and hollers as he undid his trousers, and it grew louder as he took them off. His dad stepped in to take them and stepped back. Jay stood for the photographer in his briefs, then did several more poses at the man's direction.

'Don't stop there!' someone shouted from the back of the crowd.

'Come on, you little tease, take 'em off.'

Jay glanced at his dad, who was smiling proudly. He waited till he gave him a little nod then hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts. The crowd of men went wild. He turned with his back to the camera to shove them down off his butt. There was even louder applause as he bent over to take them off.

'Ohh, my Goddd, look at that gorgeous butt!'

'Somebody call 911! I think I'm having a heart attack!'

The din quieted when he turned around. A hush fell over the place, then there were only soft moans as he stood in all his naked glory, his big cock hanging out proudly. Unlike most of the others onboard, it was the first time he had displayed himself naked.

'I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life,' someone said, loud enough for most to hear. With that, somebody began clapping, and it grew louder and louder, so that Jay couldn't hear the photographer's instructions on how he wanted him to pose. He realized that he was still holding his briefs in one hand. He stepped over to give them to his dad.

'Don't go too far, you don't know where these pictures will end up,' his dad said.

Someone asked if he could have his picture taken with Jay and that began a whole new frenzy. The guy didn't wait for permission; he laid some money on the edge of the platform and stepped forward. Jay posed with him and another man stepped up. Very quickly, there was a line forming.

The first of the line simply laid down their money and posed in their tuxes with the naked muscle boy. But then a youngish looking man came forward with his son.

'Do you mind if we get naked with you for a couple of shots?' he asked Jay, but without waiting for an answer they both began taking off their clothes.

'I think you're going to be here for awhile,' someone said to Jeff.

'I think you're right,' Jeff said.

Word spread and men came from other parts of the ship to see what was going on at this photographer's station, and to line up to get their pictures taken with the muscular teenager. The process was speeded up as they began undressing in line so they would be ready when their time came to pose with Jay. It was well over three hours before the session ended; the photographer even had to send his assistant for more film.

'Dang, I never had an experience like that before,' Jay said as he was retrieving his clothes from his dad.

'Well, they all conducted themselves admirably,' the photographer said. 'I was afraid things might get out of hand.'

'Here, this is yours,' his assistant said, handing Jay the big wad of money.

'What? Why is it mine? I wasn't taking the pictures,' Jay said.

'We get paid by the pictures that are sold,' the photographer said. 'Consider it your modeling fees. And listen, I've been doing this for a long time. You should consider a career in modeling. You're a natural, for the runway, and you would make an excellent underwear and swimsuit model. Of course, nude modeling speaks for itself.'

Jay was still reeling from the experience as he and his dad walked along the upper deck.

'I wonder how much is there?' Jay said.

'I don't know, but don't quit your day job,' Jeff said. 'You won't have that opportunity again back home.'

'Oh, you don't think I could get a job as a model?' Jay said indignantly. 'The photographer thought so.'

'Probably not again with a crowd like that,' Jeff said.

Back in their cabin, they dumped the money on the bed to count it.

'Dang, Dad, they are fifties in here,' Jay exclaimed as they sorted the bills and counting them.

'Wow! Three thousand, eight hundred and twenty bucks!' he exclaimed when they were finished counting.

'Damn near paid for the cruise,' Jeff joked.

'Here, take it,' Jay said, handing his Dad the money.

'No, I was just kidding.'

'No, seriously, Dad, take it. I want you to. This cruise has turned out to be ....well, the most incredible experience of my life, and I would like to help pay for it.'

But Jeff refused the money. 'It's been the most incredible time for me, too, Son. Keep the money and put it toward that pickup you've been wanting. I'm just glad you've finally had a good time.'

'Oh, have I ever. Mannn! Only thing is, there's nobody I can share it with when I get back home. I mean, I can't tell any of my friends about it.'

'We'll have it to share together,' Jeff said, his voice half choking.


Jeff was swiping a tear away.

'Dad, are you okay?' Jay asked as he went over to him.

'I've never been more okay in my life, thanks to you,' Jeff said.

'We've got you to thank for bringing us on this cruise,' Jay said.

They were standing close, within inches of each other, Jay still naked, for he had returned to the cabin that way, now unabashedly proud of his nakedness.

'Son, I love you so much,' Jeff uttered in a bare, husky tone. And they moved closer, Jeff's head tilted first, then Jay, with a little bewildered frown, tilted his head in the opposite as their lips brushed together.

'Ohh, Dad,' he whispered as they kissed.

It was a long time before they parted, and longer before either of them spoke.

'Whew! I don't believe we just did that,' Jay gasped.

'Did it bother you?' Jeff asked.

'No. No, not at all. I just don't believe it. I don't believe any of this past week. I'm going to be reeling from it for a long time.'

'I think I'll be reeling from it for the rest of my life,' Jeff said.

''s it gonna be, Dad, when we get back; for the rest of our lives?' Jay asked.

Jeff shrugged. 'We can go back and remember the good time we had and resume our lives, if that's what you want,' he said.

'Is that what you want, to resume our lives the way they were?' Jay asked.

'Son, I accomplished what I set out to,' Jeff said. 'I wanted you to know about me, and you do. That's enough for me.'

'Is it?'

Jeff smiled. 'Well, no, but....well, I'm not going to impose myself on your life.'

'I think I might want more than that....just the memories,' Jay said.

'Let's wait and see. Wait till you get back to your friends and the routine of living.'

'That routine won't ever be the same again, Dad, I think we both know that.'

'What do you want, Jay?' Jeff asked.

'I want us be as close as we've been here on the ship. You've given me a whole new meaning to being your son. I want to be everything for you, everything you want me to be. And I'm still afraid of thunder and lightning,' he added with a mischievous grin.

'You've exceeded my wildest dreams for a long time, Son,' Jeff said. 'But let's wait. Just know that when we get back, I'm open to anything you want, so please don't be afraid to approach me. Meanwhile, we've got a little bit more of this cruise to enjoy. And speaking of enjoying....have you decided what you're going to do about Chad?'

Jay still hadn't decided what he was going to do. Part of him wanted to do it, but he didn't want to spend his last night aboard with Kody's dad; he wanted to spend it with his own dad. Part of him wanted to get all of them together; him and his dad, Kody and Chad, and James and Aaron, and have an orgy. He wondered what his dad would think of that suggestion.

Jay laughed softly, shaking his head. 'I don't know what to do, Dad. A week ago, all I had on my mind was pussy. Now I'm supposed to be deciding whether I want to fuck another kid's dad.'

'He's really got the hots for you,' Jeff said.

'Are you okay with it?' Jay asked.

'Hey, give him something to remember,' said Jeff.

'I was thinking, Dad....we could really walk away with something to remember.'

'I don't think I've ever seen that gleam in your eye before,' Jeff said with a smile. 'What is this devious plan you've hatched up.'

'Well, Chad told Kody he could watch us, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you wanted to watch, too, if you wanted to. And then there's the two guys.....James and Aaron......'

'Sounds like you want to organize an orgy,' Jeff cut in.

'Something like that, I guess. Do you want to?'

'I'll call Chad, if you can get hold of your two friends,' Jeff said.

'I just know we won't ever have an opportunity like this again, unless we come on another cruise,' Jay said.

Jeff smiled. 'There'll be plenty of other opportunities,' he said with a knowing smile. 'There are places back home that I can take you.'

'What kind of places?'

'Men's clubs, gay baths.....where orgies abound.'

'No kidding!' Jay exclaimed. 'Then, no. I don't wanta get together with those other guys. I wanta spend our last night aboard with you.'

The End.



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