Sometimes on my way home I would pass a gang of 3 boys that I had been at high school with. Carlos, Rodrigo and Javier. They were 3 bored 18 year olds looking for someone to pick on. They knew that I was gay, they verbally taunted me. The verbal abuse was playful more than malicious. Calling me a gay cock sucker and queer boy. Holding their hands on their bulge asking if I wanna play with their cocks. Stuff like that. At first I was scared and embarrassed.  After a while I got used to it and gave them verbal insults back. I accused them of being all talk and no action.

I’m Andy 18 years old blonde hair green eyes. 120lbs. 5’ 8" tall. Caucasian.   

One day I was on my way home when I saw them standing near an alleyway, as soon as they saw me the abuse started. I was giving them as good back, also accusing them of being just talk. I was just about to leave when Rodrigo’s older brother Manuel came out of the alley. Manuel is 26 years old. He’s been in and out of jail for different offences over the years.

"So you think we are just talk," said Manuel as he pushed me backward down the alley. I tried to step aside and push by him. "NO!" he shouted as he pointed at me and then continued to push me down the alley. The others were laughing and shouting obscenities at me. Manuel glanced at them and smiled. He looked at me with glaring eyes. "I’ll prove I’m not just talk." It made him feel good to have control over me and impress his younger brother and his buddies. We were near the trashcans when he said, "yeah here will do." Manuel leaned with his back up against the wall and unzipped his zipper. "On ya knees boy." I knelt down. 

Adrenaline surge flowed through my veins making my legs tremble and my body shudder.  A mixture of fear and pleasure shot through me. "Get my cock out and play with it bitch," said Manuel. The other guys were laughing and talking excitedly. I looked up at him, I was uncertain whether he was serious or not. I half expected him to laugh and push me away. I reached into his pants. Fuck his cock was warm and big. I looked up at him as I pulled it out. He was looking down at me and smiling. He didn’t pull away. "PUT IT IN YA FUCKING MOUTH BITCH," he shouted. In a slightly softer voice while glancing at the others with a grin on his face he said, "let’s see how good a cock sucker you are gringo."  Rodrigo and his buddies had gone quite they were looking down at me with wide-open eyes.

I felt Manuel‘s hands on my head as he shoved his now hard cock deep down my throat. He held my head tight – I couldn’t breathe. I started to squirm in an attempt to get away. Eventually I pulled away. Saliva dripped off my lips and my eyes were watering. He slapped me across the face with his hard cock.  "Don’t pull away bitch." He had both hands firmly on the back of my head as he shoved his cock deep down my throat to the hilt. My lips were kissing his pubic hairs as I struggled to breathe. I had a salty taste in my mouth from his precum. I could feel the whole length of his thick cock sliding up and down inside my throat. He was up on his tiptoes as he thrust more vigorously as he got nearer to squirting his juice down my throat. He suddenly gave out a loud moan and his whole body shuddered as he shot copious amounts of his sperm juice into my mouth and down my throat. I was gasping for air and nearly blacked out. I swallowed as much as I could some spilled out my mouth onto my shirt. He was breathing heavily as he pulled out and said, "ok boys he’s all yours."

Rodrigo approached me he was obviously nervous he was holding his flaccid cock in his hand. He grabbed my hair and forced my head back as he fed me his flaccid cock. It soon grew hard as I sucked on it. "Now who’s just talk, eh bitch?"  He said as he thrust deep down my throat glancing at his big brother Manuel and grinning. He too used me to impress his brother and buddies. Thrusting his cock all the way down my throat until I kissed his pubic hairs. Holding me tight into him making me struggle to breathe. He laughed louder as I straggled to pull away. He was shaking uncontrollably as he squirted his load into my mouth and on my face.  

The others stood in line waiting their turn. One by one I sucked their live sperm juice out their hard throbbing cocks. Making them shudder with delight. Manuel fucked my face a second time delivering a second load of his delicious juice down my throat. I knelt there breathing in deeply to get my breathing back under control. My lips and throat were soar. The front of my shirt and jeans were covered in spilt cum juice. I watched them walk away adjusting their cocks in their pants laughing and talking excitedly. The next few days I relived that erotic moment over and over again. 

It was about 3 weeks later I was walking along the sidewalk when a car pulled up. Manuel leaned out the car "get in the car," he demanded. I stared at him then said "what". I could see there were other guys in the car. Suddenly the passenger door opened a tall broad shouldered Hispanic guy got out and grabbed at me, grabbing my shirt and pulling me towards the car. He was so fast he took me by surprise. I was panic-stricken and tried to struggle free. He was too strong for me and bundled me into the back of the car. Immediately he started to grope and fondle me. Stroking his hands over my naked chest inside my shirt. His hands were all over me as he licked my neck and face. Manuel was laughing. I was becoming afraid for my life. "What you gonna do with me?" I asked in a nervous voice. Manuel assured me that if I obeyed them I would not be hurt. 

They drove me to an area of town I didn’t know. In the car I picked up on the names of the other 2 guys Eduardo and Franco early 30s muscular like Manuel. Both had been in jail that’s how Manuel  knew them. Some of the houses looked to be not lived in and derelict. We turned onto the drive of one of the houses and parked the car at the back. The yard was overgrown and the house was in a neglected condition. Inside shabby well-worn furniture stood on a threadbare carpet. Empty beer bottles littered the table.

Immediately they milled around me pulling at my shirt and pants stripping me naked. The three of them groped and caressed my naked body as they stripped. I was encouraged to play with their cocks and balls. I enjoyed every moment being able to play with their cocks and stroke my hands over their naked muscular bodies. I felt a hard cock sliding up and down my ass crack. I glanced and could see it was Eduardo. Their cocks were hard, thick and long. I knew there was a possibility that their cocks would be too big for me. I was a little scared. My cock was raging hard with their constant groping and pulling on my balls. Bouncing all over the place, I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. I was in heaven knowing I was about to be fucked by these 3 fit muscular guys. 

Eduardo had his arm around my neck and shoulders as he guided the head of his hard cock towards my anus. Then prod, prod, prod. Slowly my anus opened up and just the head of his cock penetrated me. It was so sudden that it caused me to inhale deeply and cry out. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he paused to savoir the feeling of my tight anus squeezing the head of his cock. My heart beat rapidly and my eyes were watering. He shoved it in further, little by little to the hilt. I could feel his pubic hairs rubbing on the cheeks of my ass. Manuel and Franco stood back. I felt Eduardo’s hand pressing down hard on the back of my neck forcing me to bend over as he thrust hard into me making me yelp. A stinging pain shot through my body as he slapped me hard on my back, making me bend over even more. Eduardo slowly gyrated his hips as he slid his hard cock up and down inside my ass.  Sounds and expressions of delight came from Eduardo as he fucked me. Ooh ahhhhh! ooohh aaahhh! Mmmmmmm! Manuel and Franco looked on as they stood in line waiting their turn to fuck me. It was then my cock exploded squirting cum all over the place as Eduardo continued to fuck me hard. Eduardo was grunting and cussing as he started to speed up. I knew he was near to cumming. It was then that I felt the full force of his cock ramming into me and exploding a fountain of hot cum juice deep into my gut.  I squeezed Eduardo’s cock with my anus making sure I got every drop of cum juice from his balls. He slowly withdrew his cock out my ass, as he did I could feel rivulets of cum running down my inner thighs.

Eduardo sat back in a chair with his legs spread apart. He crooked his finger and beckoned me to kneel between his legs. He fed me his semi-hard cock. "Fuck him while he sucks on my cock," said Eduardo to Manuel. It was becoming obvious that Eduardo was the alpha male. Manuel held me firmly with his hands on my waist as he slid his hard cock into my ass. Eduardo looked down at me and asked, "you like the feel of a hard cock sliding in you while you suck on my cock?"  "Mmmmmm yeaeeeaeh," I replied. "Good boy," he said. Eduardo’s cock was swelling in my mouth as he ran his fingers through my hair and stroked my naked back. Manuel gyrated his pelvis as he thrust hard into me. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my gut as his whole body convulsed, shaking violently as he squirted copious amounts of juice deep in my gut. Franco was next to fuck me filling me with more live sperm. Eduardo’s cock had grown hard in my mouth as he watched Manuel and Franco fuck me.

Eduardo shoved his cock deeper down my throat making me gag. I couldn’t breathe. It was then that I started to squirm in an attempt to pull away. He looked at me with his cold eyes and said. "Come on gringo take it, I know you like taking it deep." After awhile my throat muscles relaxed and I was able to enjoy having him face fuck me. Eduardo had his hands behind my head as he slowly slid his iron bar in and out of my mouth, making me take it deep then pulling it all the way out. I felt the full force of his cum juice hit the back of my throat as he squirted copious amounts of live juice into my mouth. I was unable to swallow all of Eduardo’s juice some of it trickled from the corners of my mouth as he pulled out and wiped his cock over my face. Both Manuel and Franco face fucked me after.

There was a knock on the door, Manuel opened it, in walked Carlos, Rodrigo and Javier. They looked bewildered when they saw me on my hands and knees on the floor breathing deeply, sperm juice trickling out my ass and mouth. They obviously didn’t know the reason why Manuel wanted them there. Eduardo told them to strip and fuck me. Rodrigo looked shocked and said "NO!" Eduardo grabbed him and pushed him up against the wall. "If you don’t do as your told we will fuck you too." They soon did as they were told. 

Carlos, Rodrigo and Javier milled around me I could tell they were nervous their cocks were flaccid. I needed to do a lot of sucking before they were hard. I was in heaven knowing I was going to get fucked by some more guys Eduardo Franco and Manuel were drinking and smoking as they looked on. Javier was the first to slide his hard cock into me forcing me down onto my hands and knees. His cock easily slid into my well-lubricated ass. Carlos and Rodrigo were standing in line waiting their turn. When Javier withdrew his cock an eager cock ready to fuck me replaced it. They were getting excited which made them a little rough with me. Eduardo told them to face fuck me by now they were enjoying fucking me as much as I was being fucked by them Cum juice spilled out my mouth and ass forming pools on the floor. Eduardo, Franco and Manuel joined the younger guys and continued to fuck me. I lost count of the number of times I was fucked in my mouth and ass. 

It was an erotic surreal moment being kept captive by six guys. Used on and off for over 2 days while they ravished my naked and vulnerable body. At first I was scarred, I needn’t have worried. They wanted their fun and never intended to harm me. I was sore and tired, Eduardo told me to get dressed and they would take me home. Eduardo said they would need me again soon for some more fun. I long for the next time……



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