I met Aaron at college when we were both 17. Now 3 years later Aaron had grown into a 20 year old where as i looked about 16. We had both had girlfriends but i did enjoy looking at gay pics on the web though i had never acted on it for real. Aarons parent were cool, really outgoing and fun. Aarons dad was always messing about and teasing us about girls. I never thought anything of it when he would rub my leg and tease me about some girl i liked.

One day i was in their garden waiting for Aaron. We were going on a run so i was bending over the wall stretching when his dad came up behind me. I felt some hands on my waist pulling me towards him and then i felt him pushing against me simulating sex in a playful way. I was sure i could feel his cock pressing against me. He made a joke as he walked away but from that day i saw him in a different way. I noticed more that he would be looking at me in a strange but nice way. I made more effort to try and be bent over whenever i was around him without making it look too obvious.

He didn't make any moves like that for weeks then one sunday i was over at Aarons having a swim. Aaron went inside to watch some tv and me and his dad stayed in the pool 'you boys got any girls in tow yet?' he asked. When i said no he started his teasing and we started play fighting. He got out of the pool to get his drink so i followed. I bent over near to him to get my towel. It seemed like ages and i was just about to get up when i felt his hands on me. He pulled me to him and started grinding up and down. I could definately feel his cock was semi hard which made me start to get hard. I just stayed there pretending to laugh. He started calling me his dirty little slut which got me rock hard then he stopped and slapped my arse hard before gently rubbing it with both hands.

Again i stayed there then he moved away and walked towards the pool. As he got into the water i could see the bulge in his trunks so i decided to turn and walk to the pool so he could see my trunks bulging too. He watched transfixed as i walked to the pool edge and jumped in. He swam over to me and put his hand down to my hard cock 'my dirty little slut is horny then' he said looking me straight in the eye. I smiled and nodded, i had never felt like this before and wanted to kiss him right there and then. 'Dad, moms on the phone' Aaron called. He moved his hand off my cock and left the pool as Aaron got in. I desperately tried to hide my hard on from my best friend espsecially as it was caused by his dad!!

For the next few weeks we never got any time alone to see if anything would develop. The closest i came to contact was a few slaps on my arse or a gentle squeeze. I was climbing the walls when i got the perfect opportunity. Aaron was into wrestling and his dad was his main coach so i decided to get into it myself..




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