This is a story that all began back seven years ago. Me and my friends were having a sleep over and we were up watching TV in the guest room at my house. We had not planned on all sleeping in that one queen size bed but when we fell asleep we were out. So we ended up just staying the night in that bed together just the three of us in one little queen size bed. I was in the middle of my two friends Joe and Tim.

I had known Tim ever since I was a baby and had known Joe for at least ten years now. We were all such good friends and had been for a while. Joe was a star Soccer player at school and he was in great shape. Tim was in great shape as well but it was weird to think to much about me and Tim because he was like my brother. I was just in average shape and no where near as good looking as they were.

I would never want to do anything that jeopardized that relationship but I had had a crush on Joe for about a year know. I was not sure if I was bisexual or gay or just confused but I had at least for the last year had a thing for Joe. We had all changed in the same room before but they would always turn and look at the corner of the room or just turn away from the group so I would do the same. Because of this I had never seen either of their dicks except in my dream!!. (And trust me those were some wild dreams if I remember correctly).

So anyway back to the story. We were all asleep in the bed and I woke up in the middle of the night at about 2 in the morning. We had all been asleep for about 2 hours and they were so out of it. I knew this because when I woke up I first raised my arms up and then dropped them down on Tim's face and he did not even stir. So i figured that he was sound asleep. Then I almost sat on Joe's leg as I turned around and Joe did not even flinch. They were all asleep and not waking up anytime soon.

As I ever so rudely sat on Joe's leg I noticed that I hit something that was hard and long and pointy and I just assumed it was his finger. It took me a few minutes then I woke up fully and started to think that when I sat on Joe's leg I only hit one finger and it was pretty fat so I hope that it was not swollen but then after I worried for a while I realized just what it was. It was not a finger at all unless some of you consider that a guys 11th finger. (Personally I have always thought of mine as more as my second brain. My second sexually driven brain.)

I rolled over and turned around to look at it. It was a warm night and none of us had used the sheets which were at the end of the bed. Joe apparently was quite warm because he had not only pushed the sheets to the end of the bed but also his boxers. His dick was just starting to grow. Joe must have just been starting to have a sexual dream because I sat there and watched it go from soft to rock hard. It also went from about 3 inches to about 7 inches. I was amazed.

I just touched it in amazement. I then thought that maybe Tim had a boner as well. Well he did but he was laying on his side and I could not see it very well. So I turned back over to look at Joe's. That is when I noticed that I was rock hard as well. I jacked Joe's cock for a while and then I just looked at it while playing with my own. It was my first experience that was close to sex. I ended up with my hand on his dick and my other hand on my dick and I blew my load. Thankfully it was not a very big load and I did not hit anyone else with cum. I quickly pulled up my pants and turned over so that I was laying on my stomach.

The next morning I woke up and dropped a few hints to ask how they slept and find out if they knew anything. neither of them ever said anything and it was just always my little secret.

Well that was just the back story to my real story and we are already on the second page. Okay so I just want everyone to know that there is just a little bit more background to my story.

So this story took place about a year ago if that. We are all three in college and I am at Notre Dame in Indiana. Joe is at Boston College and Tim is at Amherst. They see each other every so often and I almost never see them. We skype and we text but it is not the same.

We all three have girlfriends. My girl is from just outside Boston just like me but in a neighboring town. So during a long weekend I took my girl down to my house to meet my parents. It was going to be a surprise and when we got there the house was empty. I waited about an hour then called my mom to see where they were. It turns out that they had gone on vacation to go visit my brother in Texas.

When I heard that I knew that I could call my two friends and that they would come and join us for dinner tonight or tomorrow. I called Tim first and he said that he was actually on his way home just to get away from school for a night and that he would love to come and hang out. He said that he was alone and that his girl was back at school. Joe said that he really needed a break and that his girl and he would love to come down for dinner.

So I went straight into the kitchen and tried to make dinner or at least get the stuff ready for dinner. I had to run to the store to get some chicken for my dinner. I ran to the store and when I got back my girlfriend was in the shower. She had never been to my house and we did not make our towels easy to find so I figured that I would go and get one and just put it in the sink.

Well when I walked into the bathroom I saw that she had not quite gotten in to the shower yet. She was standing their butt naked in the bathroom. I had never seen he naked before we had only been dating for about a months and a half and I don't like to jump into bed with people, of course that kinda went out the window later that night. She freaked out and thought that I was being a pervert for walking in on her and I tried to apologize a million times.

Well after a little bit of convincing and the shower she was over it but she did tell me that she called a friend and decided that she was going to go stay at her house tonight. I was fine with that I just didn't want her to tell my friend when they got to the house. I told her it would be great if she would not tell my friends that she was going away for the night. She was cool with that. I set her up in the living room With the tv then I went to the kitchen to make diner.

Joe and Tim were at the door they had arrived together and they were ready for dinner but Joe's girl was not here yet she was about ten minutes away. We set the table while chatting and catching up with each other. Joe's girl got here just in time and was beautiful. She was a gorgeous girl if I had ever seen one.

We ate dinner and went to the living room to just hang out for a little bit. Then Joe's girl had to get home because her mother was expecting her. I got up and told her I was happy to meet her and that she was welcome any time. After that my girlfriend came out to the mud room and we talked. She wanted to know if it was okay if she left to go to her friends house and I said that it was fine I would talk to her in the morning.

I went back into the other room and I was talking to my friend it took them about ten minuets to figure out that my girl had left. I told them that she was going to spend that night at a friends house. Thats when Joe said "hey if your girl is not staying the night can I stay here with you?" I told him that would be fine. Tim said that he would just go home and that he would see his parents. Tim had to leave shortly after that and so Joe and I walked him to his car and said goodbye. They we went in and just sat on the couch.

There was a fire in the fire place and it was nice to just sit by the fire and talk to someone. WE talked about school and about old times for about an hour I would say when we heard the door bell. I said that I would get it if Joe would put another log in the fire he said sure but did not move until was out of the room.

The door bell was Tim. He had forgotten his sweeter and it was one that his mother had sent him when he was away at college so he thought that he should have it one or at least have it when he got to his house. I said ya come on in I think its in the living room. When we walked into the living room Joe was just finishing tending to the fire and he was walking back to the couch. He also had a boner that was quite blunt. I could have noticed it from about a mile away he wearing jeans but it was just like a big outline of his dick.

Joe jumped down onto the couch and said Don't any one say a word. But I had already heard Tim say wow that had grown. I looked at him and said what do you mean it has grown. Ya i would say so thats what happens when you get a boner.

Tim just started to blush and said never mind i don't mean anything. I looked at Joe and asked him jokingly if he and Tim had ever had a sexy night just the two of them. Joe laughed and blushed saying no that would never happen.

I just laughed and said ok. Thats when Tim said well it kinda happened once and you were there Billy. I was really blushing now I wanted to know what had happened. Tim said never mind you guys don't want to hear about it. I said ya I do are you kidding me. Well Tim started to tell a story and it was quite a bit like the story that I started out this story like. I was amazed and said hey whats up with that. Why did you do that cause I might have done it once or twice myself. Then Joe said hey I think I did it multiple times. I was amazed that we had all done it.

We went back to talking and before I knew it it was 12:30. Tim called his mother and told her that he was staying the night at my house. I told them that I was going to bed and that they could stay in my brothers room and in my room I would sleep in my parents room. After I was in my room for about 20 mins I remembered that all my cloths were in my bedroom where Joe was. So I just went into the room without thinking and man was I surprised when I got in there.

Joe was masturbating and I was not sure what to do. He just pulled the cover over him self and said well after that talk we had earlier I have been a little horny so just helping my self. I said well after all those years don't you want to know how my dick turned out. He was thrilled to hear it. He said r u sure. I said ya why not we all kinda did when we were younger why not fulfill our curiosity.

So I striped down so that I was naked and starting to get hard. Thats when Joe took off his covers and I saw just how nice his cock was. He was cut which I knew and he was shaved. His dick was about 6-7 inches and I was about 7.5 inches. He was still athletic and had a beautiful body and was hot as ever.

I was standing there in better shape than I ever had been because I had been working out for my girl just to impress her. I was still not a really healthy guy but I was about average. I was shaved, hard and uncut.

I went over to the bed and laid down and started to jack off a little that was when Tim walked by the door to got to the bathroom. He just walked past the first time to got to the bathroom. When he was on his way back he slowed down by the door and stopped to come in he said "what the hell is going on here and why the hell wasn't I invited." I said well now you are.

We again had to explain how this happened and he laughed and said wow I was bout to go do the same thing in my room. I was a little frustrated because I had not really planed on washing the sheets after the night I figure 7 hours of sleep would be fine.

Anyways tristan had striped down and he was the best out of all of us. He was athletic with a six pack and beautiful pecs. I knew he was fit but not that fit. He was also shaved and he was cut as well. I was the only one who was uncut. That was kind of cool. But Tim was defiantly the biggest. His dick must have been about 9 inches. I wanted that cock.

Well I just got up and went to give him a blow job. He was a little stunned but after a second he decided that he was really liking it. We moved to the bed and i laid down giving him a blow job. I had never even seen another guy who was hard except for some porn that I had watched. This was amazing.

Joe got down and was giving me a blow job while I gave one to Tim. I stopped giving tim his blow job after prob 10 mins. My tongue was getting tired so I moved on to fingering his ass. Joe was still giving me a blow job and I was loving every second of it. Then I came into Joe's mouth. It was amazing. Joe put could barely fit it all in his mouth I had not shot a load in like a month.

He spit it out into Tim's six pack and we played with it with our tongues. I think that was the most sexy thing that we had ever done.

Then Tim asked if he could fuck me while I gave Joe a blow job. I said sure that sounds great. I would love it. So Tim stuck his dick into my tight ass and it felt so so good. I was amazed at how amazing it felt. Joe was a hard nut to crack he was barely wet from pre cum. I was determined to get him to cum that I had almost forgotten about Tim in my ass until he shot his load. It was not quite as big as mine but it was still a nice load. I could feel it shot up my ass and it felt so fucking good. It was like a high.

Tim pulled out and said WOW!! That was amazing. I have never done anything like that before. I had taken a break from Joe and said ya now help me get Joe to cum he is the only one left. I caught a glimpse at the clock and it was like 2:19.

Tim took over giving him a blow job and i was just kissing him all over. Then I got to his ass and I stuck my finger in it first then I just shoved my cock right up his ass. He loved it and was close to cuming according to Tim. I just pulled my dick out and started to kiss him his lips were so plump and amazing.

It took a lot of work and effort but finally Joe cam. He shot his load and it was huge Tim had taken a break from blow job and was just jacking him off. His load almost hit the ceiling. I was amazed it just kept coming and hit me in the face. I was amazed that he had such a load and could hold on to it that long. Well after that we had been at it for about 2 hours and were all exhausted. I fell asleep right there on Joe's stomach and Tim was on my thigh.

In the morning I was the first one to wake up but everyone was like hugging and spooning each other. It was a cute picture and I was turned on again by this thought. So between that and the usual morning wood I was hard in about 10 seconds. My dick was going into Tim's ass and that woke him up.

We all got up and took a shower together and talked about what we had done. They were all really happy. I was so happy that we had done that.

We meet up and still meet up every time I come to town that we can get together. I am still dating the same girl and we have done it. After that weekend I had to make it up to her somehow and sex was the way. But it is never quite as good as it is with Joe and Tim. We are all bi but no one but us three know about the others.



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