J had spent the night of our first meeting with Chas. We didn’t get much sleep and he taught me so much in one night. I sucked him again but this time I swallowed it all myself though he taught me the joy of snowballing and I got to taste my own again. He invited me to meet up with some of his friends that weekend and I gladly said yes. I was now certain I loved being gay. The sex was giving me a high I had never experienced before. In the morning I gave Chas a big hug and kiss and looked forward to the weekend.

Saturday evening arrived and I felt excited. I had bought myself a new pair of very tight skimpy pants. I felt very sexy wearing them even if Chas might be the only one to see them. I arrived at Chas,s and pressed the buzzer.”Hi Ill be right down “ and a moment later he was there so off we went to his mates.It was about five minutes walk so we soon arrived at a small terraced house. The door was answered by a tall fit guy with brown hair “hi I’m Steve wow you look hot hi Chas” he said. As we entered Chas and Steve kissed quite passionately. Wow there more than just friends I thought though I did enjoy watching them kiss.. We went into the lounge where we met Paul and Ryan who were both slim, fit and good looking. We all sat down with a beer each and started chatting and getting to know each other.

As the drinks started to flow and the alcohol loosened our tounges Chas sarted to tell in graffic detail the story of our first meeting. He told of how sexy he found it being able to shave my cock bare.”So your lean shaven then” said Steve. “We all are. It makes it so much nicer to suck when there is no hair and shaving your balls just makes them so sensitive don’t you find”. “ Oh yes I love the feel of it being shaved” I replied. I noticed that all three of them had stiff cocks now, the outline showing clearly against there trousers. Chas continued telling about his suck and share. Paul and Ryan who were sitting side by side were now rubbing each others cocks. Steve had his hand on cock as Chas continued on with the story and how I had returned the favour. On hearing this Steve ripped his shirt off , undid his trousers and grabbed his cock. As he did that Paul and Ryan undid each others trousers and grabbed each others cocks. “OH shit Ive got to have you” said Steve “lets go in the back room”. I was led into the back room by Chas. He pulled my shirt off whilst Paul undid and removed my trousers. I had a huge hard on. Paul pulled my pants to let it jump upright then gently licked the end of my cock.. By now all the others were naked.

Steve disappeared briefly then came back in holding a botlle of baby oil.”Lay on the table” he ordered. I climbed up and layed out flat on my back. Steve started to pour oil on my chest and belly. Chas started to massage my chest whilst Steve now poured oil all over my pants and legs. Paul and Ryan started to . rub the oil into my pants and legs whilst Steve and Chas were now licking my nipples. Steve and Chas moved up to kiss me and I felt my pants being removed and a warm soft tounge licking my cock whilst another licked my balls. “Will you suck me off?” asked Steve. “Of course I will “ I replied and truth known I felt so horny I would have done anything he asked at that point. I propped myself up on my elbows and now could see Ryan and Paul working my cock. They were certainly enjoying it as was I. Steve now bought his cock to my face and after quickly licking it I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock. I sucked as hard as I could and after a short while I felt Steve tense and felt his warm salty cum fill my mouth. Slipping his cock from my mouth I tipped back my head and swallowed every last drop before returning to lick any last drops from the head of his cock.

Now it was Paul and Ryans turn and they moved up the table whilst Steve took over attending to my cock. “Lets paint him in cum “said Paul. “Yeah lets” came the reply from Ryan. They started to vigouresly wank in front of my face and I realized they wanted to cum all over me. Wow this was getting better all the time. I was now aware that Chas was wanking above ny head. I was going to get covered in four lots of cum of which three loads would be over my head. My own cum would possibly reach my face. I was a heavy cummer and the more turned on I felt the harder it shot. I had never felt so turned on as I did now . Paul came first followed closely by Ryan. They too were heavy cummers and my face was now covered in warm slippery cum. I felt such a slut but I had never felt so good. I came straight away and shot it all over my chest with a few drops reaching my face. I was expecting a fourth load on my face but Chas came all over the top of my head. I was not expecting what happened next. Paul started to rub the cum all round my face whilst Chas was starting to massage his cum into my hair!!Steve scooped all my cum off my chest into his hands and joined Chas in massaging it into my hair. Paul was busy gently spreading cum all over my face. “Pout your lips “ he ordered and spread it all over them. “Close your do you think eyes” and I felt cum being gently applied to my eyes. “Oh you must come again and let me loose on you “ said Paul. It was an idea I liked the sound of. Pauls a transvestite and wants to turn you into a woman” “said Steve “ have you noticed he shaves his legs aswell as his cock” . “yes and I’d love to shave you fully too” said Paul. “What do you think Chas? “ I asked.”Go for it if it makes you feel good” came the reply

I felt so good. From being a lonely person I had become a highly popular person who people wanted and they gave me such a high. “Paul you can do what you like with me. I just get so high being gay I want to explore as much as I can”. “Great come back next weekend and I will give you your first experience as a tranny” Next weekend couldn’t come fast enough.




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