I was a student in a large department store in Budapest at the age of 16, where day I met a guy with blue eyes and blond hair, her face was beautiful and amazing muscular body from the very first moment you will, at the age of 28 he was Peter, bright eyes looked at each other, was a haunt of Lake Balaton and you called me two weeks to spray only sex I said, but then we talked and getting színpatikusnak looked more and more like it, said it ships bath, daily massage with my body, but you can completely naked I have to be, which makes little megriadtam, but he saw me and reassure tried, so I have also traveled to, and then began a series of indescribable experiences in my life some of which date back to those happy memories and I enjoyed every moment. Have you picked up at the station and waited embraced and kissed her mouth, but with such force that I could not speak and completely merevedtem, but it was so good and sweet that we just could not stop, pierced tongues into each other and a huge battle started, the heat flooded my mind when suddenly another hand touched hátamat.Hátra I looked and I saw a brown haired and eyed boy watching me staring, hi Tom I am and she has two kiss mark on my face, while heavily on squeezing my hand too, come in the car and has been repesztettünk toward the farmhouse. When we arrived at the cuccott picked up the car and went inside the house, of course, they show you the way. The living room beérve, removed it from my hand in my purse, and the kitchen were herded into where another two men were found, naked and huge a cock, I knew what was going to happen to me, or at least thought about many things, but thats me done in the four guys, we have In my dream, I thought it would not. I was naked in no time and grabbed me, rubbing my body strong and powerful punches popómra palms were measured, there were handprints all five new. Eliszkolni I tried, but I get into the yard, they tied me to a tree and started to beat my naked body, and reed whip, if they liked the shouting and moaning in pain. Then you can easily potyogott the eldest said, if you enjoy doing what we say, no more beating you? He asked, and I nodded my head and brought attention to tell him so. Peter spleen at me and mouth kissed it vigorously, but more and more sensually licking, I felt that special sweet taste, as saliva each other's mouths landed as language games started, felt the growing bubble, and fuck even harder állt.Majd hole myself started ujjazni and lick it, getting wildly stretched and pushed up to the hilt in a baton and well megjáratták me crazy pains tormented and yet I enjoyed the way they took my virginity. At last they tied and dog pose commanded and inventory cut cock, increasingly pulled her head, air did not get unraveled the saliva out of my mouth, but someone from the back hooked, but so that I could feel the cool completely sink and have great strokes fucks out of the cock in my mouth I swallowed whole and not a word I could drop out. Completely shocked, just my brain did not want to work, only increasingly nauseous and was snot salivary merges, öklendeztem groaned and did not want to see that is not at all good what you are doing, and huge shout enjoyment out of my mouth, almost drowning in cum volume, I also took my nose off and wrestled to the ground and the other bent over his cock began szopatni, causing much was that he knew it to be inserted halfway into my mouth, I thought this little naive, but pushed harder into me

more and more sunk in it, in the end there were to be completely up to the hilt was in my mouth, up and down like a piston that was in my mouth, tail shining bright in the nyálamtól is gushing out of my throat, and then we noticed that the hole in my hard

expand a little pain but it has penetrated my body, and that I thought I had split, pay a thousand or more of my tears appeared and then all of a sudden ripping pain is getting more fun, exciting EXPERIENCE transformed.

Lustful moans, but nyűszögesek left my throat, because you are properly fucked my mouth, and something in me was annoyed because I did not know what it is. My blood almost boiled, and I started to enjoy it all completely beindulva fiercely started to suck his big cock, cock to stand on end and I enjoyed the way rongyossá fucked, now both my legs on his shoulders lay and slammed huge cock just hilt cuppant my ass, blow wave and a large Cut into force harder and bunny in a sea of ​​pain and emotion. Surprised myself enjoying it more and more used to the way my body, I think everything has just turned me straight to the primer on my life, turned into some kind of machine she is totally dominate placed under there and you really have done what they wanted with me. But I wanted to be on the other fuck awful lot of white slightly sweet sperm Sea surprised by my mouth, swallowed as a duck noodles, the tab is gecis was but the other guy licked it, bitch you fucking fagot with our cunt and started to come to mocskosnál , dirtier words raged in all of them is stupid, drew huge cock out of my mouth, but I could hardly close, it was impossible to speak, sucking n fucking fagot felavatlak now, so I knew that something was going to happen to me now. He lay down on the ground, the meaty hard dick stand on end, and I sat in it, as I felt completely crush my ass

sinking into the way, what's completely up to the hilt and began to move it up and down like a bad bitch, yeah and even enjoyed, then I am sure that bitch.

Rhythmically moved faster and now I wanted to fuck the other one began to suck my cock, then enjoyed a mouth that such force and volume even if not seen, almost like a bomb went into his mouth, but coughed even normally, I even shouted I almost shit myself, of course, this is only figuratively. Another whose spear summer salt it, raised a little popómat perhaps a little out stretched well and something horribly, brutally started to fuck her in the hot blazing lyukamat.A pain screamed, gasped like a stray dog, but not for long because they slammed his cock into my mouth, imagine it away when you plug and szopatnak same time as State over my neck my body flowing saliva sea, feels fantastic one, but cruel as well, of course I'm not made of wood and later ondóanyagot shot into the air, they just enjoyed being defensive unsuitable or that a possessing a body, so now it's just the first nap.De beginning and not the end, so I'm sucking whore. Then suddenly pulled out of my mouth for huge cock, and the other up to the hilt planted on the rock hard meat tower and told me to lean forward because they kiss to me, there I bent and almost ate each other's mouth, his tongue each other entangled and something tasty sweet tasting for me, but This idyll did not last long, because again split I wanted to break even in a brutal fuck you want me to penetrate and pushed him as jerk the door, almost even shout I could not be paralyzed or paralyzed, I just feel that total'm ready, my body and my legs were shaking, my hands on it I could not move, just waiting for the end, they stayed get away with it is very good and the comatose or drugged you with myself, I had no idea that there was still a living, breathing man, I screamed like a pig, but that this can be enjoyed not know me, I burst through

like a knife through butter, brutal dilation was, yeah, and breathe only hurriedly set, my body was filled completely with sweat, just two bödületes dick went at once to me as if he wanted to believe you're on the whole, but this is the harsh reality was

Did you feel anything like some other planet did and I have no idea about it to something other dimension which always float and it's like six thousand people along would go on me, but to describe the feeling you can not, Luka is fully dilated, the two húsdorong completely szétfoszlatta the sphincter and my now be made unlawful I do not know how long they fucked, but several hours must have been at least it felt like when she blinked tears in my eyes, a big shout woke up and they both enjoyed it lukamba, I think it totally filled up, I felt like the cum on my ass leaving my thigh constant melting left the earth, their tails pulled out of my ass, and that's all I have said, now fagot bitch you are, what your lord and master Pepin, whose orders are always fulfilled. Bitch you know you should not because you have to dress naked and you travel when you want to split my breast to my mouth, well fuck you too, yeah megkívánlak when you sleep and I will fuck you, you fucking fagot animal. That's how I started to get acquainted with a capital life.



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