On a cool fall evening as I left a local basketball game, I vaguely heard a voice saying.'please help me!' The voice sounded familiar to me.

I turned and proceeded towards the area I heard the voice coming from. It was coming from the side of the gym.

As I turned the corner, I saw one of the younger guys from my neighborhood being held against the wall by a much larger kid.

The large kid was yelling at Mike and threatening to kick his ass. The large kid was calling Mike a 'faggot' and said he would kill Mike if he did not stay away from him and his friends,

I yelled.'let him go or you will be the one gettin his ass kicked punk.'

The bigger kid abruptly turned and saw me approaching. He let Mike go immediately. I had a reputation as a very good fighter and apparently he did not want to find out.

Mike ran behind me crying. He grabbed ahold of the back of my shirt and held on tight.

After a few brief words of warning to this bullys, they left the area. As they were leaving they yelled back and called me a 'queer lover!'

I ignored them and told Mike I would take him home. We only lived about a mile away in the same neighborhood.

As we got in the car, Mike was still crying and very upset. He asked if we could stop in the park near our hood and talk before I took him home.

Seeing how upset he was I thought this would give him time to calm down before he got home. You see, I was a local badass, but his older brother was psycho-insane. If he saw Mike like this, he would probably kill someone.

Anyway, I parked by one of the pavillions and let Mike cry it out.

Let me describe Mike for you. At this time, he was a very early teen. He was about 5'2', maybe around 100 lbs. He had very blond hair and blue eyes. He actually looked just like his older sister in boy clothes. His sister was a local hottie and Mike could pass for her if he tried.

So, Mike finally stopped crying and looked at me with a sad face. He said, 'I feel like I can trust you, can I share a secret with you?'

I said, ' Sure Mike, I am sorry I did not get there faster, there was alot of noise and I did not hear you yelling.'

That got him crying again. He said, 'I know, you have always protected the younger kids on the block and that is why I feel like I can talk to you.'

Then he said, 'It's true, you know? What they were saying, I guess I am gay!' I am only interested in guys, girls do not interest me at all. For example, I have always had these strange desires for you.'

I think he was expecting a hostile reply or something, but I just listened. He watched my face searching for some kind of response. I just nodded and listened.

He continued after a few minutes. 'My sister knows, she caught me in her clothing and made me confess. Now, she accepts it and helps me dress up and put on makeup and stuff.'

Mike then went on and told me how he imagined what it would feel like to touch another guy and feel another guys body.

Well, while I was listening to all of this, I must admit, I became aroused. I had just gotten my drivers license and at that age, sported a constant erection.

Being aroused, I asked for further details, I said, 'you talkin about another guys dick?'

He finally said, 'Yes, I mean making out with another guy, I think about it all the time. Touching a strong, muscular guy and doing whatever he wants.'

Mike looked at me with those big blue eyes. He was sitting closer to me. He had slid across the seat as he spoke. I think he was more uncomfortable than me at this point actually, I wondered if he had tried to come on to a guy before and got hurt or something, he seemed to be shaking like he was frightened.

Finally he began speeking again, I guess he gained confidence since there was no negative response up to this point. He said, 'Here is another secret, I am totally hairless. I shave every inch of my body hair. I love to wear stockings and the hair feels weird, so I shave it all off.'

Boing, Lucifer (nickname for my cock) sprung to life suddenly! The thought of him having silky smooth legs and genitals turned me on immensely. I had to shift around and reposition Lucifer.

Here is another little tidbit about Mike you should know. He literally is a genious. Fourteen + on his IQ tests. He noticed my movements. Apparently, this is the response he was looking for.

Casually he had reached up and was caressing my very muscled chest and arms. Not grossly as to draw attention, but gently admiring my build. I was a jock, football, baseball, etc.

Then he said as he was caressing me, 'are you mad at me? Do you hate me now like those guys at the gym?'

I said, 'no Mike, actually I am kind of curious what this is all about. I don't know what to say to you that will make it all better, but no, I don't hate you at all.'

Suddenly, he said, 'then can I touch your dick? I really want to and I promise to be careful and not hurt anything.'

I tried to act surprised, but I actually was hoping for this. I waited a few seconds and finally said, 'I guess it would be okay, you promise never to tell anyone?'

'Yes, I have hidden my stuff for a long time, I will never tell anyone, I swear! Can I please? I will love you forever!'

He was now speeking in a frail, rather feminine like voice. His legs were crossed like a girl crosses her legs and he indeed looked like his gorgeous sister in the dim light.

Finally I agreed. He skillfully reached down, unzipped my shorts, and whipped rock hard Lucifer out.

He let out a little gasp of excitement as he started stroking my cock. He reached down and lifted my balls out of my trousers and began exploring every inch of my private area. He seemed to be in heaven, gasping for air and letting out little girlish squeels as he played with me.

Needless to say, it felt great! His hands were very smooth and soft. Being a guy, he knew how to handle a cock. He was driving me crazy and he knew it. He finally got his chance and he apparently was gonna make it count.

His hands slowed to a stop and he held my cock in his right hand. He then said, 'can I try and suck you off, my sister told me how to do it, I think I can do it right?'

At this point, I was gone. I said, 'go ahead Mike, try whatever you want, I feels good.'

He leaned over, still holding my shaft in his right hand, he took my cock in his mouth. He slid his hand down and cupped my balls in his hand and gently juggled them around. His sister definately taught him well I thought to myself.

I leaned back and was totally enjoying what Mike was doing. He seemed to know when I was getting close to cumming. He would stop, lift up and rub on my chest a arms awhile and then return to my dick.

He stopped asking if things were okay to do and just started doing things. He got up and took off all of his clothes. Suddenly it dawned on me, he was wearing perfume. It smelled like Chanel number five. The smell filled my nostrils as he went back to work of my dick.

He had a gorgeous body. He had these great legs and he did not lie, smooth as silk. As he worked my dick, I reached over and started playing with those great legs.

He started, during his pauses kissing my neck and chest. On about his third pause, he kissed my lips. He actually was a great kisser.

As I was caressing his legs and inner thighs, he spread his legs, grabbed my hand and led it to his cock. I did not resist, I grabbed his cock. He too was rock hard. He was a few years younger than me and was going through puberty, but he already was sporting a 6 incher.

I played with his cock and very full balls as he sucked me off. The taboo of the whole thing made it ever so much more exciting.

Finally, I came! Believe it or not, he took the whole load and swallowed it. I was amazed. He reached down and jerked himself off until he came, while holding my spent cock in his mouth. He just lay there like that for awhile.

We were both spent. Cum was all over the place. We spent awhile wiping it all up with a towel I kept in the trunk.

He was quiet. I think he was scared. I said, 'thank you Mike, I really needed that, I haven't gotten any in awhile.'

This seemed to be just what he wanted to hear. He said, 'well you don't have to be horney any more, whenever you need me, I will take care of that for you.'

He walked up close to me and whispered, 'next time, do you think you can try fucking me, my sister told me how and I would really like you to be my first?'

I agreed, but you will have to wait for my next revelation to find out how we did. Hope you enjoyed my confession. It really happened, it is a true story.



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