A straight man

Kevin was a very nice looking guy, early 30's.We met and without any small talk, I was down on my knees sucking his dick forhim. He had a pretty thick, pretty long dick, but I could handle it. I gave hima pretty good blowjob and because he selfishly expected anyone sucking his cockto swallow his cum so there was never a question as to whether or not he'd cumin my mouth. He knew what he wanted and deserved, so he cummed and I swallowed,and that was that. I didn’t expect to be asked, but just be used. I’m acocksucker and I always swallow. 

It’s a good thing I do swallow though becauseKevin shoots so much cum, it would be a mess to clean up,

After we finished, we talked, and Kevin told mehe was married, 2 kids and that he had a huge sex drive. He and his wife Barbarahad sex twice a day and more on weekends. At lunch, he'd sneak off and get ablowob or two to get him through the afternoon. He said he didn't care if itwas a man or woman, but just that he loved getting sucked off. He said because findinga man to suck his dick was easier and less complicated than having a woman doit, it was more often than not a man. 

I liked that while he wasn't a hairy guy, hischest, his pubes, and his balls were all natural. To me there’s just somethingfaggy about a man shaving his pubes and balls.

After that we met several times a week and I'd suck him off once or sometimestwice each session. We got to the point where he'd shoot his first load and whilehe laid there I’d keep his flaccid dick in my mouth until he was ready again.Then I'd suck another load out of him. 

Once, while waiting for him to ‘regroup’ I introduced Kevin to the joysof getting rimmed. Instead of holding his dick in my mouth, I flipped him overon his belly. Then as I kneadedthe cheeks of his ass, my lips grazed across them and my tongue slithered alonghis tan line tasting the salt from his flesh. I licked the top of the crease ofhis ass as I pulled his butt cheeks apart and looked at his clean tightasshole. My tongue slid wetly down his ass crack making him moan, “Mmmmmmmmm.” When Ilicked his tight puckered asshole and he groaned, "Ohh, Ooohhhh, yesss,” with pleasure. My tongue slithered from his musky ballsacross his taint to his asshole before jabbing inside his ass and tonguefucking him as he writhed with pleasure.

Kevin had never had that done before and heliked it. He said after that, we'd always incorporate it into our play. He hada perfect ass for eating, clean and sensitive.

Because he was straight if given the choicebetween pussy and getting a blowjob from a cocksucker, Kevin would take pussyevery time. But, given a choice between jacking off and a blowjob from a goodcocksucker, he’d take the blowjob. 

Kevin didn't want to make love to another man, hejust wanted his dick sucked and to get off. He was sure enough of their own sexualitynot to feel threatened by letting a queer suck his dick, so he could and did,just relax and enjoy one of the great sexual experiences.

Also, I think Kevin had an unusually intense relationship with his dick. So notonly did he enjoy the physical aspect of expert serviced, he greatly enjoyedthe psychological aspect of having another man worship his manhood. He thoughtthat he had the greatest dick in the world and I told him with my mouth that hewas right. That was a big turn on for him.

Even though he'd cum twice, he was always a really nice guy. He never wanted torun away afterward, full of guilt like some married guys will do. Instead he'dhang around and talk and it was always friendly talk. 

I had no doubt I was the perfect ‘suck buddy’for him. There was never a question that this was any other type ofrelationship. I loved to suck and Kevin loved to get sucked. I was no threat tohis marriage and he was comfortable with me. If he lived closer to home though,I have no doubt that he'd have gone home for lunch, if his wife Barbara could havekept up with him, that is. She was probably relieved that he didn't. What arethe chances they both had such a high sex drive?

We met for maybe a year or so and then Kevin got transferred to Austin. I missthe times we met and the many loads I got from him. 

Since then I’ve hooked up with other married guys that were very comfortablehaving a man suck their dick and they too were very insistent that they were100% straight. But before meeting Kevin I would have been willing to say,"A man who enjoys getting his cock sucked by another man is at leastbi." However, I think the key is that if given a choice, a straight manwill choose pussy over a blow job from a guy every time. A bi man willflip-flop on his preferences, depending upon what he's in the mood for. Muchthe same as one might choose a hamburger over a pizza on any given day, or aCoke over a Dr. Pepper.

A gay man . . . well, isn't it obvious? He’ll always choose a blowjob from agreat cocksucker . . . unless, of course, he is the cocksucker.

It's not the action as much as the desire. A straight man desires only thesatisfaction of the blowjob, not a sexual relationship or intimacy with thecocksucker.

The end..



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