Nick (fake name) and I are great friends since we were in the 8th grade. I always craved for him. He is a musician. He is a fairly tall and broad boy. His facial hair strikes and he wears specs. He has a girlfriend and he loves her a lot. Her name is Anni. She is pretty but not so attractive. Nick was once caught in the train compartment having sex with his girlfriend. She was sitting on his lip and they were fondling each other. 

We were in Delhi for a party when we went to his house. Rest of our friends left for the night but I stayed back with Nick. They left and Nick was watching something on his phone. I snapped and looked he was watching porn. I got excited. But I showed as if I was embarrassed. I loved it secretly. I sat towards him and slowly started touching him. I touched his dick and his chest a bit. He was feeling horny as it is. He unzipped his chinos and our friends Arjun and Vats staying at Nick's house came in suddenly. Nick lept and tried to take his hard dick in. But I then told him that i had had sex with both of them earlier and they didn't know that both of them had had sex with them. So he was shocked. They entered the room and were really shocked. I threatened them that if they didn't keep quiet about it then I'll tell people that even they had sex with me. So I told them to join me and Nick. 

Nick was a little scared and apprehensive but nobody had a choice. I told Vats and Arjun to unzip. They unzipped and I sucked Arjun's dick which was about 7'' long. Then I moved on to Vats dick. His dick was like mine but a little bigger. I sucked it and I loved his ass. It was a fair bubble butt I wanted to duck it someday. Then I went to Nick. I sucked it hard. I took his balls in. Vats sucked my dick and Arjun kissed me. His kiss was wondeful. I loved it. Nick started licking my ass. He rimmed and fingered it. 

Vats came and slapped me and said that today I was their bitch. Vats took his belt and lashed me. Arjun spanked me. I was lined and then fucked in double penetration by Nick and Arjun and and Vats sucked me off and was kissing me continuously.

I was brutally fucked for 30 mins and then they shot their loads off. I drank all that. And then this kept happening. 




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