The following is a non-fictional account by the author

A married man who wanted to be seduced

By Chris

I don’t remember after all these years why I was out before 8 o‘clock that Saturday morning in October but do remember needing a few minutes to myself. Heading home, I pulled into a park infamous for its gay cruising but knowing it would be empty of cruisers and undercover cops at that hour of the day.

I was right. The park was vacant of anyone and cars except for the half pick-up truck that was parked in front of the entrance to the vast and heavily wooded area that gave some privacy to gay couples sucking and fucking. I planned a short walk through the woods before going home and, as I got out of my car, I noticed the gay in the half pick-up truck – maybe early 30’s and not bad looking, I thought to myself. Spotting me, the guy straightened up in his truck seat and seemed to be fumbling with something in his lap.

As expected, the woods were empty of anyone, and it was still early for cruisers to show up. Some 10 minutes into my walk and deep in the woods, I heard the sound of twigs being broken beneath walking feet. I turned around and saw the guy who’d been sitting in the pick-up truck walking behind me, some 25 feet or so away. Tall, dark and better looking than I thought, I said to myself. After a “good morning,” the guy said he hoped he wasn’t “disturbing” me. I assured him he wasn’t and sat down on a huge fallen tree trunk.

The guy drew closer and stooped into a squatting position some six feet from me and introduced himself as Ron. He said he was getting married that afternoon and he needed some time to himself before taking the “plunge” into marriage. I told Ron I was also just taking some time to myself before heading home. After a few seconds of what felt like awkward silence, I asked Ron if he’d found what he was looking for in the park to get ready for his wedding. “Not yet,” he answered. What else did he need, I asked him. “How about a blow job?” Ron answered in a nervous tone.

Needing to satisfy myself that Ron wasn’t an early morning undercover cop looking for a bust, I asked him if he was a cop. No, he wasn’t, he giggled nervously. I then asked if I understood him correctly that he wanted me to suck his cock then and there. “Uh, huh,” Ron answered, nodding his head slightly. “Well, then, how ‘bout you lean against that tree to keep a lookout and let me see what you’ve got and if I can help ya’ out,” I told him. Surprisingly, Ron complied quickly, got up from his squat and leaned against the tree as he looked around while he undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.

As I walked toward him, Ron pulled his jeans and underwear to his knees. “My God,” I muttered when I saw his beautiful cock, fully hard and 7 ½ to 8 inches long, curved and protruding from a massive black bush of thick pubic hair. Above his heavily haired cock area, Ron’s stomach was even more hairy and had a jet black pleasure trail that glistened in the rising sun. I wanted to suck that incredible, beautiful cock – badly - but asked Ron if he was “sure” about getting his cock sucked. “Yeah,” he said. I then took his cock gently into one of my hands. I saw the piss-slit was already moist with a slight hint of pre-cum. I glided a finger gently over the cock head, and I heard Ron inhale slightly as he collapsed slightly further back onto the tree.

Assured he wasn’t a cop and was indeed the real thing, I knelt in front of Ron and gently glided my tongue over the piss slit of his cock while I slightly squeezed his balls. They were hard and full, I could feel, ready to be drained of a cumload that I knew needed release. Ron trembled slightly and gasped lightly when he felt the tip of my tongue tickle the head of his cock. More confident then that Ron was indeed the real thing and he was a man who desperately needed his cock milked, I lifted his prick upward and took its entire length in my mouth.

“O, fuck!” Ron breathed in. I then bobbed my head back and forth along his massive hardness as I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and slinked my tongue over his cock head. I broke from sucking his cock only occasionally to lick and roll his thick, full nuts in my mouth. Devouring his cock while at the same time reaching behind to fondle his manly ass cheeks, I felt Ron spread his legs slightly. As he did, I felt his ass cheeks spread as well – my opening to glide a finger between his ass cheeks. When I did, my own cock – still in my jeans – hardened totally, enough that I fumbled to take my cock out. Beneath a layer of thick hair between Ron’s ass crack, I felt the damp of his natural man juices. Gently working his hole with one hand while I jacked my own cock with my other hand and moving my mouth back and forth along Ron’s cock, I gently opened Ron’s hole and slowly inserted one finger. Ron, trembling more strongly, uttered, “Fuck, yes.” He asked for a second finger in his fuck hole. As he took not only a second but a third finger in his man hole, Ron gasped, “O, guy, you do that pretty good!”

“Finger-fuck my hole,” Ron pleaded. And I did – with uncaged passion that only two guys locked in serious finger-fucking and cock-sucking can feel. Wanting to feel and taste Ron as long as I could, I fingered his man-pussy and ate his cock gently. And for more than five minutes, Ron savored my three fingers in his fuck hole and his cock down my throat until he groaned, “Fuck, fuck! I’m cumming! I’m gonna fucking cum!”

And when he did, his cum drenched the walls of my mouth and trickled down my throat and, when Ron’s ass tightened involuntarily as his balls released their aching load, the feel of my fingers trapped inside his asshole was enough for my cock to shoot its own load. As my cock exploded while I trapped Ron’s in an iron grip with my lips to drink every drop of his cum, Ron bent over and wiped my cum from my cock shaft with his finger. Taking my cum into his mouth from his fingers, “Yum! Tastes good!” Ron proclaimed.

Both of us spent, Ron and I got our cocks back into our pants and straightened our clothes before heading back our cars in the parking lot. We’d gotten away with nearly 10 minutes of incredible man-to-man sex, cock-sucking and finger-fucking without being interrupted or getting busted. Walking back to the parking lot, I wished Ron good luck with his upcoming marriage, and he said he hoped we’d run into each other again someday. “That’d be great!” I said, absolutely convinced I would never again see this incredible specimen of masculinity, never again make love to one of the most beautiful cocks I’d sucked, never again feel the depth of his asshole as I pleasured him with my fingers buried deep in it.

As kind fate would have it, though, I ran into Ron again at a service station about a month later. Yes, he’d gotten married and had a honeymoon, but his new wife didn’t suck cock like she did when she was just engaged. Could we go back to the park, Ron asked. I had a better – safer – idea. How about we go to my apartment?

We did. That time, though, Ron found out he loved fucking a man hole more than he did a woman’s pussy. We spent nearly three hours that morning and afternoon in my bedroom and locked together in some real serious man-to-man cock-sucking and fucking – and sharing lots of cum.

That’s another story, though.


Chris M

[email protected]


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