Low season, not too busy, time to go and relax for the afternoon at our local sauna complex.

I went in and there were 3 beautiful Thai boys on reception, big smiles, smart shirts and white shorts and nice welcome. It was 2.30pm. so I was probably one of the first there. The beach people arrive after 5pm.

I paid my entrance fee, and one of the boys asked me to follow him round into the changing room, narrow but plenty of safe boxes for clothes etc. He opened one up for me and handed me the key. Then he stood back to let me change. I was wearing a tee-shirt and shorts over a pretty red and blue thong.

I am a 6ft Englishman, big body, clean shaven all over, especially round my dick and 2 big balls and my arse. I have a large cut cock, but it was asleep at this stage, and I had no intention for anything else as I wanted to rest and relax. The reception boy kept standing there watching me, smiling, and asked me if I needed any help! I said no thanks and dropped my shorts, standing facing him, so he got a good eyeful of my thong, just about holding everything in. He sighed and said how beautiful it looked and move towards me to help me take off my tee-shirt. There I was, naked except for my bulging thong, my prick starting to get stiff.

After he put my tee-shirt on a hangar, he came back to me and placed his small hand on top of my thong and said it felt so good. With that, my almost erect penis shot out of the top of my thong, so that it was half in and half out. He used both hands to feel my big balls which were still in the thong and my stiff cock. He pulled down my thong and I stepped out of it. He put everything in the locker and came back to me, completely naked with a raging hard cock. He came right up to me and kissed me gently on my lips, which is a big turn on for me, and pre-cum started to trickle out. He looked down and saw why his hand was wet (with the pre-cum) and smiled at me and then bent over to lick it up and then take it all into his mouth. I told him I was there to relax. He got up smiling and said there were only a few people in the sauna and I had made him feel very horny.

I could see a good bulge in his shorts and felt his erection. He undid his shorts very quickly and let them drop to his knees. He was wearing the usual Thai whiteys and showing a good bulge. He let me pull his underwear down to his knees and then started to wank him, slowly and gently. He put both hands onto mine and started to wank me but came right up and kissed me over and over again on my mouth. He then let out a big grunt and I felt him shoot his load over my stomach and hand. Thai boys cum very quickly. He moved his hands up and collected his spunk onto his hands and then continued to wank me.

The kissing and his spunk were too much for me and I shot my load all over his tee-shirt, his hands and down onto his bare legs. He laughed and used one of the towels in a stack nearby to wipe it all off his tee-shirt and hands. Then he leant over and put my semis-erect cock into his mouth and sucked me dry.

He then liked the rest up, wiped me clean and said he hoped I had a nice relaxing afternoon. He told me he was having a break at 6.30pm and would come to find me and go even further this time!! I wrapped myself up I the towel and walked to the entrance. There, just standing there, was another foreigner, with a big smile on his face. He said he had watched it all, and he liked my thong. But, better still, he liked watching me shoot my load all over the boy. I laughed and told him I had only come here to relax and already had cum once in the first ten minutes. He laughed again, and I went out to find the sauna room.

There were two Thai boys and 1 foreigner in the sauna when I entered. The 2 boys sat on the top bench at the corner, so that they were facing each other at 90 degrees. They held small towels over their equipment. The foreign man sat at the other end facing the boys and slowly massaging himself. He was semi-erect, short fat cock and a lot of pubic hair - not my type at all. The boys were watching him and both of them had hands under the towels slowly massaging themselves.

I went and sat on the bottom bench next to the boy's legs, but not touching them. I took off my towel and let everything hang free - but no erection after my recent emptying by that lovely boy from reception. The man was now strong and trying to interest the boys, but they did not do anything. He carried on and then shot his load onto the floor, wiped himself and then walked out !! Very strange.

The boys bent down to look at my collection and smiled. I asked them to take off their towels so that I could see theirs. Both had a crop of pubic hair, whereas my chest and groin were completely hairless which makes an erect penis look gorgeous. Both of their cocks were small and thin, although one had a good pair of balls, the other one quite small. Although they had watched this man wank himself off, neither of them was erect.

One of them asked me to stand up naked and slowly turn round in front of them. I did so, and one asked me why I was not strong. I told them I had just been wanked off by a reception boy whilst getting changed. When I started to sit down, the other boy stretched out his hand and arm and asked me to step closer to him. I did so, and he moved his hand down and grabbed my balls and started to massage them. The other boy leant down and held my cock, spat on his hand and then started wanking my flaccid cock very gently. Both of them used their other hands to massage themselves and were soon strong. I got semi-erect but said I was not ready to cum again just yet. The boys said it was no problem as they would take me into the small porno theatre later. So I stood there and started to massage both of their sets of balls at the same time. They were still wanking themselves and massaging me.

Suddenly, one boy shouted out, and shot his load down onto his legs. Thai boys usually cum very quickly, but can cum many times. He stopped massaging me and wiped his spunk off his legs and put it on the cock of the other boy as a lubricant. So I pushed his hand off his cock and continued to wank him gently. He put his head back against the wall, closed his eyes, arched his back and then shot quite a good load into the air, with some hitting my chest. I carried on wanking him till I had every drop out of him. He then cleaned up and said that we should go to the porno theatre.

They stood either side of me and walked me towards the theatre. On the way we passed the showers so I stopped and said I wanted a shower. They came in with me - no cubicles, just a line of shower heads. I stood under one and the boys stood either side of me and we all washed everything clean. Then one of the boys got a load of liquid soap and insisted he washed me. He poured it all over my cock and balls and then used it to start on me again. This time, I got strong, and they laughed, switched off the water, grabbed my hands and marched me to the porno theatre. It was very small, five rows of seats and six chairs in each.

Two other foreigners were in there and both had a Thai boy with them. They were all watching a gay porno movie but also massaging each other at the same time. They turned round when we came in, and sat down behind them. At that point, one of the older foreigners groaned, leant forward and shot his load onto the floor. His boy laughed. The other two carried on, but the first boy sat round in his chair to watch us, as his friend was now lying back exhausted.

My two boys covered themselves up but pulled my towel away to show a nice big strong cock standing up. One of them got hold of it, and the other one got hold of my two lovely big balls. The boy in front said WOW and leant over to feel under my balls and touched my arse hole. My boys both pushed him away. But he told them in Thai that he had a bottle of poppers and some lovely coconut massage oil we could try, as long as he could also help.

I said it was OK by me, as I love poppers, and he could massage my arse, while they kept hold of my cock and balls. Then I heard the other boy in front grunt, at the same time as his man. Somehow they had managed to cum together, and both started kissing and hugging.

The other boy in front passed over a small bag and the boy holding my cock let it go and took out the bottle of poppers. He took a big breath of it, passed it to his friend who also took a big shot. Then they gave it to me. It was lovely and I lay back to let it work. It was already working on the other two who were now doing their best to make me cum very quickly. It made my head hot and dizzy and I moved up to start kissing one of them. His tongue shot into my mouth and the kiss and the poppers almost made me cum straight away, so I pulled his hand off and said not yet to cum. The other boy was swaying from the poppers and massaging my balls at the same time, whilst the boy in the seat in front leaned right over, took a big breath of poppers, emptied a load of oil onto his hand and started massaging my hole. In no time, he had put two small fingers inside me and massaged my prostate. Then the poppers kicked in for him, and suddenly he was finger-fucking me very fast. His foreign man friend then turned round and watched what his friend was doing to me, and moved his hand up and started to wank off the poppers boy, who was now facing me. I could not see his cock and balls as they were below the seat height from me. But, in no time at all, his fingers stopped fucking my arse, he leant back from the kneeling position on his seat, groaned loudly and a spurt of his spunk shot over the back of his seat and landed on my knees. Only one spurt came over, but he kept groaning as he continued to shoot onto the back of his seat.

As soon as he moved off my arse to shoot his load, the boy wanking me, slipped off his seat and knelt between my legs. The other boy stopped massaging my balls to let him in. Then the boy on the floor lifted up my legs and slipped his tongue into my well-greased arse. His tongue flicked in and out, and the other boy took over wanking me off. That boy also got the poppers bottle from the boy in front and we all had another big sniff. The boy on the floor started to gently eat both my balls, but speeded up as his poppers took hold. The boy wanking me speeded up, and I knew I was nearly there. He obviously could feel my cock getting fatter and starting to throb, so he moved his mouth down on top of my cock. I warned him, but it was too late. I erupted into his mouth, shooting about 5 or 6 times. He came up when he had drained me, and kissed me very passionately for a long time, telling me my sperm was nice and sweet, and not spicy like Thai sperm. The boy on the floor knelt up and put my cock, which was still quite stiff, into his mouth, so that he could taste my cum , or at least the little drop he managed to get out of it. Then we all sat down, completely drained of all our energy. The boy in front had fallen asleep, the other two in front turned back round. They had also watched our little orgy.

My two boys were erect and very strong when I put my hands onto them, but they said they did not want to cum now, as they wanted to rest and then take me upstairs to the darkrooms and shoot their loads onto my stomach, and kiss me at the same time. I told them there was no way I would be able to cum again, but they said that they could massage and kiss anyway.

The 4 in front moved out, leaving us there to recover. I was so tired and sensitive and asked that we stay there a little while.

After the video had finished, the two boys got up and told me to follow them. I told them I wanted a shower first, so we all ended up in the showers again, but no sex! Then we slowly climbed up to the top floor and found an empty room with a large mattress and sheet on the floor. There was no lighting in the room, but the door was cut short so that light came underneath it and also over the top. There was no lock on the door!!

We all lay down. My cock was completely down, but both of theirs were up again. I told them no fucking, and they said no problem as they wanted to cum on me. I still did not know their names, but one of them sat on my stomach, facing me, and sitting on my flaccid cock and balls. He leant over and kissed me and started to rub his body on mine. I could feel his little stiff cock going up and down on my stomach. The other boy sat on the mattress behind me, and we got into a position where I could put his cock in my mouth and start to suck him off.

The boy on top of me moved his hand behind him and massaged my balls and my arse hole, while still rubbing up and down on my stomach. Suddenly we heard the door open and standing there was the beautiful reception boy. He said he had brought some more condoms for us, but I declined. I asked him if he had any oil or cream. He reached into his bag and brought out a large bottle of baby oil. The boy on top of me let the reception boy pour a load of oil onto my stomach and then use that as an excuse to rub my cock and balls. He asked me why the boys were strong but I was down. I told him that three boys had just drained me completely in the theatre. He laughed and asked if he could stay a while and watch. I said OK so he closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed. I popped the boy's cock back into my mouth, the other boy lay back down, now rubbing smoothly on the oil. His hand went round and started to massage my arse again.

But the reception boy asked him in Thai if he could massage my arse while the boy continued to lie on me and run us together. He agreed, and so there I was again, one boy, finger fucking me, one boy sliding on me and one boy with his cock in my mouth. I started to feel my cock coming to life again, and the reception boy asked me to use a condom and fuck the boy on top of me. But I said no, I couldn't.

The boy in my mouth suddenly started to moan and shouted something to the boy on top. He sat up, the boy in my mouth took it out and held it, as he came again, most of it on my face but the first shot came onto my stomach. The second boy rubbed the sperm from the first boy onto my semi-hard prick, while I cleared my face a bit. Then he lay back down onto me, and it was very difficult not to fuck him, as the reception boy kept trying to push it into him every time the boy moved up and my cock was exposed. But the sliding and the feel of my cock at the end of his arsehole brought him to a climax. He sat up, wanked himself a couple of strokes and then shot quite a big load onto my stomach and chin. He kept cumming and cumming and then flopped down on top of me, panting and panting.

My prick was standing up behind his little bottom, and the reception boy took hold of it and went down on it. It took him a little bit of time to get it all in, but then he started to suck me off. The lying down boy moved up to kiss me, and the other boy who I had sucked also came down and kissed me and massaged my nipples. This was all far too much for me and I told the reception boy I was going to cum. He stayed there and I let go another load, but I could tell this was not a big load this time. He sucked me dry, said it was very sweet sperm, spoke to the Thai boys and then said goodbye.

We all just lay there in the semi-dark and very slowly recovered. Then we went downstairs for another shower and I told the boys I must go. They came with me to the changing room. When they saw my pretty thong, they both started to feel me inside it. I told them he was asleep. I slipped into me tee-shirt and shorts, kissed them both and then left. They asked me to come again tomorrow!! But I told them I was a foreigner and not a Thai boy. Thai boys seem to be able to cum many times a day - but for me, I was totally shattered, very sensitive and sure that I would sleep very well.



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