It was about 6.30pm as the polished black Toyota Cedric turned down the hill and stopped at a high gate set in a tall bamboo fence screening the interior from the road. The gate opened and we pulled in to a small parking area that gave on to a tasteful Japanese garden. To our left was the ryokan, a Japanese-style inn. I knew this was the most exclusive ryokan in Atami, accessible only to those with money and influence, and prepared to cater to their clients' wishes. Our driver came around to my side, opened the door so I could get out, and bowed slightly as I did so. Shutting the door behind me, he moved to the other side of the car to open the door for his boss, Mr. Hashimoto, the chairman of Hashimoto Corporation, a moderately-sized trading company, and my employer. Well, he was really more than my employer...

I had come to Tokyo two months ago to study Japanese literature and culture, but had found it difficult to live on my scholarship alone, and had decided to supplement my savings with a part-time job. A friend had introduced me to a language school that offered group classes to corporate staff, and I had been assigned evening English classes at Hashimoto Corporation. I had been working there for two weeks when, after my last night class ended at 9pm, I was approached by what looked like a member of the management team. Oh, God, what have I done wrong? I thought, imagining my job disappearing in smoke. 'Mr. Richard, if you have time, Mr. Hashimoto would like to speak with you', he said in English.

I knew Mr. Hashimoto was the chairman of the company, and I could hardly believe that he would ask to see me, a 24-year-old English teacher. How would he even know I existed? Well, he did, and that was that. I could hardly refuse. 'Certainly', I replied. 'Is now convenient?', the manager asked, and I told him of course it was. 'Please follow', he said, and we moved from my classroom and took the elevator to the executive floor. Across the plush carpet and timber-lined walls to the chairman's rooms, and into the secretary's office. 'Mr. Richard', my guide said to the perfectly groomed young woman behind the desk. She picked up the phone, announced my arrival to the chairman, and I was ushered in.

As I went through the door, a soft voice said 'Please close it behind you', and I did. Standing looking out the window into the bright Tokyo night was a shortish man, slightly plump, probably in his late 50s I guessed, and losing some hair. He turned, and I saw a roundish face with a small mustache and extremely sensual lips. They parted slightly, he walked toward me smiling, extended his hand, and welcomed me. 'I expect you are surprised by my summons', he said smiling in perfect English. I replied that indeed I was. 'I have seen you several times in my building, and I understand you are a student of Japanese culture', he continued. 'Yes', I answered, as he kept hold of my hand. 'I also am a student of Japanese culture, but of a particular type that I hope will interest you', he went on. He moved to a large cabinet beside the wall, opened it, took out a large book, and placed it on his desk. 'Please, come and look', he smiled.

I approached the desk and looked at the illustrations. They were beautifully done in black ink with suggestions of color, and as I looked more closely I saw that they portrayed samurai warriors in various states of undress indulging their taste in naked young Japanese youths. I took a slight breath, and looked more closely. Their huge erections were excitingly realistic, and I could feel a hard-on coming. 'I see you share my interest', Mr. Hashimoto grinned as he observed my trousers. 'They are lovely', I whispered. How had he known? Had he had me followed? Had he had one of his minions observe me waiting for older men in parks, taking them to secluded areas and performing fellatio on them? No matter, here I was. 'They are indeed', he said, moving closer, 'and I would like you to share my interest, as my young lover.

I have been alone for a few months now, and I would be happy if you would allow me the companionship of your body.' I thought of my difficult finances, of my penchant for mature gentlemen, and of the lifestyle I was being offered, even for a short time. 'I would be delighted', I replied smiling. 'Good. But first I must ask you to indulge me for a moment', he went on. 'Please remove your clothes', he asked charmingly, 'I would like you to follow certain, shall we say, practices for me'.

I complied, and was soon naked before him, my erection on display. 'Good, good,' he muttered, as he walked around me, 'you have ample buttocks, and your penis will do nicely. But I would like you to shave you body entirely, so that no hair is left, anywhere. This is very important to me. And I would like you to maintain your anus in a clean state at all times. I would also ask that you wear clear nail polish on both sets of nails. I will also provide some casual clothing for you, which I would like you to wear when we are together privately. Also, please dye your hair blond by tomorrow.'

He moved to another cupboard and took out what appeared to be five sets of clothing: polo shirts, in pink, pale green and light blue, emblazoned with a logo, check thin-leg trousers, thin leather belts, and white mesh see-through underpants. 'They should fit perfectly', he said. 'Please try.' I donned one of the outfits, and he nodded in satisfaction. I would learn later that these garments identified me as his current fuck-boy to those familiar with his tastes. I started to remove the clothes, but he asked me to leave them on. 'You may leave now. I will have your other clothes taken care of. My driver will pick you up tomorrow at 2.30pm. We shall stay in Atami tomorrow night.'

I had had plans for tomorrow night, but was quite happy to cancel them for this unexpected godsend. 'Thankyou, and goodnight,' I said, and closed his office door behind me. His secretary had left, but a young woman about my age was sitting in the foyer, dressed in a smart business suit and high heels. She looked up casually when she heard footsteps, then smiled as she noticed my clothes. She leaned forward, beckoned me closer, and whispered in English suggestive of time at a quality private British school: 'So you're daddy's new boy. I hope he enjoys you!' She ran her hand lightly across my crotch as she stood, and laughed softly as she went into her father's office.

So there I was. It was tomorrow and I stood outside the ryokan in my outfit, nails painted and hair blond. (I had just caught my hairdresser closing, and persuaded him to do it for me in return for a long blowjob.) We were ushered in, greeted by the mistress of the establishment and bowing staff, and shown to our room, with the luggage following. When we were alone, Masa (he had instructed me to address him as 'danna', or husband, but I will call him Masa) opened a small bag and withdrew a package. 'Please wear this,' he said, indicating I should change in the adjoining room.

When I came back, I was wearing an extremely short and tight pale yellow robe with a matching sash, and a pair of matching panties, offering a pouch for my cock and balls covered with a square of material and backed with a shorter square that showed off nearly all my buttocks. 'Good', he said, proceeded to undress, sat in a chair in the verandah area in front of a large window overlooking a small Japanese garden, and motioned me in front of him. I could see his fat little cock starting to harden as he stood, he removed my sash, slipped the robe off my shoulders and beckoned me to start pleasuring him.

I knelt and gently took him in my mouth, feeling him harden even more. 'I do not wish to climax yet', he said softly, 'You will pleasure me slowly.' I eased the pressure of my lips on his penis and alternated gentle sucking with holding him firm. He seemed to like it. As I was getting to know the contours of his penis in my mouth, a voice at the entrance to our rooms called 'Excuse me!', and I heard the door slide open. I moved to disengage, but Masa made it very clear that I was to continue. I heard socked feet on the matting, a tray being placed on the table, and a young girl's voice excusing herself.

She would have had a clear view of the young blond foreigner working her guest's penis in his mouth, but Masa didn't bat an eyelid. 'Go, and get your mistress', he commanded gruffly, and was obeyed. In less than a minute the mistress of the establishment entered, seated herself on the chair beside Masa, and began talking in a tone that suggested a very old friendship. 'Hmm, as you said, a nice body. May I?' Masa assented, and a felt the woman walk behind me, place her hands on my panties, pull the drawstrings on the side, and remove them between my legs. 'Yes, lovely buttocks indeed'.

I continued to service Masa with my mouth. After he came, he said: 'Richard, please go and clean yourself. Mr. Kinoshita will be arriving soon.' My God, I thought, how many people were going to fuck me tonight? I disengaged carefully, went to the bathroom, showered and cleaned myself, donned the panties and robe, and returned to the main room. Masa had put on a yukata-style robe, and was waiting. 'Mr Kinoshita has arrived. We will meet him in the bathhouse. Please leave your robe here.' I was expected to walk through the inn and garden and down the long winding stairs to the bathhouse in my panties? 'Don't worry. We are the only guests tonight.', Masa said, as if reading my concern.

My exhibitionist streak taking over, I shed the robe, adjusted the drawstrings on my panties, and took leave to check in a mirror that that rear cloth was high enough to show off my now-clean buttocks. 'You will follow behind me,' he called, exiting the room for the corridor. 'Your shoes are there for you.' And they were, but not what I was expecting. I saw a pair of high-heeled Western boots matching the color of my panties, so I pulled them on, felt the heels pushing up my buttocks, and set off after my patron. As I moved through the corridor, the excitement of my appearance pushed my cock forward in my panties, leaving a clear bulge in the middle of the front flap of material. Warming to the situation, I started to sway my hips slightly, and turned to the stairway entrance to follow Masa down to the bath.

The long stairway led to a bathhouse perched on a point of land, with the actual bath opening onto the sea through huge glass windows. (I had seen a picture when we first arrived.) When I reached the bottom, Masa was in conversation with another man, also in a yukata. 'This is Mr. Kinoshita. He will share our bath', Masa said. 'Please remove your panties, leave your boots on, and help him disrobe.' I obeyed, slipped open the drawstrings, steeped out of the panties as they fell to the floor, and stood in front of Mr. Kinoshita as I started to undo the knot of his cloth belt.

He was taller than Masa, perhaps mid-60s, and tanned, and I was wondering about his manhood as I positioned myself behind him and removed his robe. He had a strong back and solid buttocks for his age, and as he turned to thank me I noticed one of the thickest cocks I had ever seen start to harden. It wasn't long, but I shuddered at the thought of what it would do to my butt. 'We need to talk some business first, but business is more enjoyable when mixed with pleasure,' he said, and motioned to a bench. The two men sat down, and Masa motioned that I position myself before Mr. Kinoshita and service him with my mouth.

God, I wasn't even sure if I could get it in! But I did, and I gave myself over to exploring this monster with my tongue as the two men chatted. Again, I sensed I shouldn't make him climax, so I lolled him from side to side and moved my lips very slowly from his tip down his shaft. I felt him rising to the occasion, so I slowed. The talk concluded, Mr. Kinoshita took my head and eased me off his erection. He did not smile, he didn't look at me. 'We will wash quickly now', Masa said, and 'then bathe together.' He and Mr. Kinoshita went through the door into the washing area in front of the huge Japanese-style bath, and started to soap and wash themselves. What about me? 'Richard, please sit here. We will watch you masturbate.' And I did. And they did.

I put on a real show, working my shaft and grabbing my balls, arching my hips forward, stroking and stroking until I came on my stomach. The show over, Masa entered the bath and sat on the top of a set of wide steps at one corner, his legs spread wide. He beckoned me with his hand, and I started to remove my boots. 'No, they stay on.' He said firmly. So I clicked over the hard bathhouse floor, stepped over the small ledge and started to descend the broad steps into the bath. 'Stop, turn round, and kneel on the second step,' Masa commanded. I did, and my boots started filling with water, making them heavy and difficult to move in. 'Now you will climax me, please', he half commanded, and I moved over his erection to continue where I had left off earlier. Once I had started work, I felt a ripple and saw Mr. Kinoshita entering the water, his member rock hard.

He went down two steps further, roughly grabbed my hips and pulled them up until my arse was jutting in the air like a bullseye waiting for the shaft. And then it came. He pulled my checks apart, lubed me roughly with a wet finger, and then drove his cock in deep. Christ, it hurt but it felt good! He was like a piston, in and out, in and out, slowly, then quickly, half in, then right in. His variations made me wriggle in pleasure as I thrust my arse backwards to get more. My retreating arse met his oncoming cock gain and again, while I started using my best techniques on Masa's thinner but equally tasty cock. As he hardened toward climax, he grabbed my hair roughly, held my head and started to assault my mouth with large powerful thrusts, fucking harder and harder each time. I was getting pummeled so hard at both ends that I thought their cocks would burst through and meet in my middle.

Then they both came, unbelievably at the same time. I felt my mouth fill with Masa's cum just as Mr. Kinoshita squirted his generous load into my bum. I almost shouted with pleasure, but gasped on Masa's creamy offering instead. The two men continued to thrust their members into me as they started to soften, then withdrew, leaving me battered but happy in my boots. Saying nothing, they climbed out of the bath and walked toward the changing-room door. 'We will take dinner in 30 minutes', Masa called. Christ, haven't I just had it, I thought, as I digested the last of his cum and felt Mr. Kinoshita's wetness inside me. As it turned out I hadn't even had the first course. But that is another story.




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