Well to start the story lets take a look at the place i grew up. A beautiful region in north-east india, Ukhrul in Manipur. Known for its rich cultural heritage and the place where the first battle between the British and Indian national army too place in the soil of India. Well I'm sounding a bit historian which I'm not particularly found of. Anyway, this is how it all began. I'm just a regular guy..ordinary.. I don't play much except soccer but that which i dropped due to knee injury. I went to a these high school famed for producing 100% pass percentage. Anyway thats it. Its was the start of session in February. I am in 10th standard i.e.junior. I had a lot of friend who are apart of my life. We spent 50% of our life together. Now among those friends i happen to like this one whom I'll all sem. At first i tried to divert my thought from him. My fiends would kill me if they found out I'm gay or bi. They're homophobic and i acted that way. Life is not fair i thought. I wish i had been born a girl. I would have dated him then. Anyway, life completly changed for me that year. Sem and i were extra close that year. Maybe it was because we share the bench in class together or went to tution together or that we practise soccer together.. Whatever be the reason i was happy. During classes we used to play with our hands under the desk. Then one day at the tution something happened. As usual we arrived earlier than others. We were taking a nap as usual since it was a hot day. Then he suddenly he started talking strangely. He ran his fingers, the best finger I've ever seen, long and thin with the perfect nails(every girl in our class were jealous of it), on my face. We do that but that day was different. There was something magical in the air. Then he lay his face on mine and say that unthinkable thing that he'll kiss me. I pretend i haven't heard him. But my heart was thumping madly. Was he doing it i thought. I kept still. I could feel his breath on my lips. I could feel him nearer. I wish that day never end. He came nearer and his lips touch my cheeks and he moved away. I was surprised but worried cause he just pushed himself away from me. Then i realise the problem. People from other school had poured in. That day had been the most happiest moment of my life.



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