A Milestone

When I turned 18 I had a party at my friend Joe's house. At first his family and some of our friends was there, but after the party broke up and our friends left, Joe’s family went to Orlando for the weekend and left Joe and I were at his house alone with all the beer.

Joe and I had drunk a little during the party but after everyone left, he drank an entire six-pack of bud lite and passed out within a half hour. I’d only drank 2, so instead of passing out I went outside and enjoyed my buzz.

While I was enjoying a smoke the next-door neighbor, a man in his 50s saw me and came over to ask for a light. While I was bullshitting with him, I told him that it was my 18th birthday. When he found out that Joe had passed out, so I wouldn’t be alone on my birthday, Mr. G invited me over to his place. Since I was finally catching a good buzz, I though, why not?

While we talked we drank a couple of more beers, had some chips and pretzels and started watching some TV in his back room. Mr. G kept flipping channels and eventually some porn came on. We both started laughing because it was gay. Mr. G told me that a lot of people were into the older guy/younger guy stuff and that's why they play it on the paid channel.

He also pointed out that the younger guy seemed to be enjoying giving the older man a blowjob. As we watched the movie, Mr. G kept hinting that he'd like me to suck him off. I eventually asked, "Are you gonna show me your cock or do I have to pull it out."

I still remember seeing Mr. G’s huge, soft dick for the first time. When he unzipped his jeans there was a huge bulge straining against his BVD's. As I watched, he pulled them down and his cock sprang free and bobbed in my face.  It was so big and powerful, even soft it was much larger than mine.

I had never done this before so I was suddenly scared to death. Closing my eyes, I prepared to taste my first cock. As the musky smell of Mr. G’s balls drew me in, I reached out and with a shaking hand grasped his thick cock and started kissing, licking sucking its purple head. I marveled at the warmth that was radiating off his cock. As I slowly stroked it up and down Mr. G groaned,it gave me the nerve to get down on my knees in front of him. I stopped for a minute when I realized that I’d just licked my first cock.  

Leaning forward, I stuck out my tongue and licked the head as I sucked it into my mouth. After I had as much of its length into my mouth as I could Istarted sucking. As my mouth moved up and down his shaft, I kept thinking,"This ain’t so bad." As I quickened the pace of my mouth I felt Mr.G’s pubic hair rub against my nose and lips. As his huge shaft rammed in and out of my mouth, I felt the older man's cock grow but didn’t realize that his orgasm was approaching. When he went off, Mr. G cummed prettyhard and I wasn't expecting it. I felt the first blast of cum hit my tongue and I liked the salty flavor… before I could react the second blast of cum filled my mouth so full that I gagged and swallowed it.

After he’d cummed I wanted to bring Mr. G to another orgasm, so I teased the tip of his flaccid cock with my tongue. He began to grow excited all over again. When I leaned over and took his spongy head in my mouth he grew even more aroused. Then all at once I took the length of it into my mouth and felt the tip of Mr. G's hardening cock against the back of my throat. Mr. G groaned his approval as I increased the suction. "Gawd damn, you can really suck cock!” croaked Mr. G, “I'm gonna cum in a second." I didn't answer; I was too busy bringing him to another orgasm. I took Mr. G’s cock out of my mouth and circled the tip with my tongue, and then when I once again took the length of it down my throat, Mr. G began to shake. His thighs moved back and forth in an uncontrollable fucking motion. "I'm gonna cum, here it comes!” he wailed. Mr. G’s cock jerked and he moaned, “Oh gawd that's good!" as his hot cum shot out into my waiting mouth. As cum filled my mouth some escaped onto my lips and down my chin. Even though I’d kinda liked the taste, I still wasn’t comfortable swallowing cum so the second time I waited until Mr. G was done and then I spit his cum out in the sink and got a drink.

When I went back over to Joe’s house, he’d awakened and was sitting on the couch watching TV. I joined him and we started watching Conspiracy Theory.As we laughed and joked I thought about how much fun it had been sucking Mr. G’s cock, so I grabbed Joe’s crotch. When he didn’t push my hand away, then I went into sex slut mode and kissed my way down Joe’s neck, across his chest, pausing long enough to suck on his nipples, and then follow his silken-fine chest hair to my navel. I teased ‘thingy’ with my tongue, looking up at him and smiling when he tensed in response. Turning back to my task, I undid the buttons of Joe’s Levi's, one by one, exposing his cock. It was bigger than I expected the kind of uncut cock where the shaft is as thick as the head. I rubbed it lightly with my fingers as I folded his fly open.

I slide off the couch down to my knees and started kissing the head, causing Joe to start moving his hips. At my urging he lifted his ass off the couch and I pulled his jeans down to his knees. Lifting his legs, I pulled them off.

I put my hand around his cock and used my tongue to flick the head a few times. Then I slid my tongue down the shaft and started suck and lick his balls. Stunned by what was happening, Joe leaned forward and watched my lips slide over his cock head and down the shaft. I started sucking him, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. His cock was going in so deep that his pubic hair was tickling my nose and the head was bumping the back of my throat. After about another 30 seconds or so, I felt his cock start to pulsate and the salty sensation of his hot cum hitting the back of my throat. I kept stroking and sucking as he moaned and shot 4 or 5 hot streams of cum into the back of my throat. Joe was my friend so I was afraid of offending him by spitting, so I hungrily swallowed.

Instead of hurting our friendship Joe and I feel like even better friends now because on top of being good friends he's cumming in my mouth about once or twice a week now. It totally helped our relationship.

So my 18th birthday party turned into me sucking my first cock and having 2- different guys cum in my mouth a couple times.

I continued to regularly suck Joe’s cock anytime we could find the privacy. Once when Joe and I were looking for a safe place, Mr. G invited us over and I blew them both. Mr. G managed to get me back to his house a couple of more times before the summer ended and I went off college. College was a time for exploring and testing boundaries, so I was able to pursue my new love cock with a few of my more discrete fellow students and often with professors.

I'm 28 now and no one has ever found out about all the times that I’ve sucked guy’s cocks. To hide from prying eyes, I get a room, go to their place,or have them at my place. I lay them down on the bed, pull off their pants, and suck their cock until they cummed. When the guy starts moaning and moving his hips, that lets me know that he's close. And then when their shaft gets real hard and I can taste a little pre cum, I know they’re gonna blow. So I clamp my lips down and hold on because he's cumming. Now that I’m use to the slimy raw oyster feel, I usually just keep sucking and swallow until the guy is spent.It's a thrill for me, and usually I can take any load.

That first guy, Mr. G was like 55 or something and I liked it, so I since then when possible I’ve always blown older guys.

I think I’m getting too well known. About 3-months ago a guy called and wanted his cock sucked. He was a trucker and said that he’d gotten my name off a restroom wall at a truck stop out on the interstate. I met him out side of town at a rest stop for truckers and I blew him in his camper. When I climbed up into the cab, we moved back into the camper. As he sat on the edge of his bed, I got down on my knees, open his pants and pulled out his hard cock. I reached out and gently touched his hard,throbbing cock. Taking it in my hand, I caressed it gently, rubbing the shaft as I moved down and caressed his balls. I could tell that he was enjoying my touch because he arched his back, pushing himself against me. When I felt his erection growing in my hand, I pushed him onto his back and pulled off his pants.

As he lay there, I planted a kiss as I started running my tongue allover the head of his hard throbbing cock. Then I slowly move down his shaft and gently kissed his balls. After licking and running my face over them, I sucked them one at a time every so gently into my mouth. He moaned as he ran his fingers through my hair. I ran my face over his entire cock before taking the head into my mouth. Sliding my lips on down his shaft, I began to softly suck him. I found the smoothness of his skin to be sensual and powerful at the same time. I could taste the saltiness of it. My right hand encircled his shaft, and I began to rhythmically stroke him in time to the action of my mouth.

As my mouth moved slowly up and down his shaft his cell phone rings. He has to answer it because it may be business. With his fingers twisted in my hair to keep my mouth on his cock, he answered. Instead of his dispatcher, it’s a buddy that just pulled into the park. Moving my mouth up and down his shaft with his hand, he tells his buddy that he’s in the middle of getting a blowjob.I can’t tell what his buddy is saying but I can tell that he’s excited. The guy, who cock I was sucking said, “I hope you don’t mind but he’s going to join us.”

With in minutes a truck pulls in beside us and the friend is scrambling up into the cab and back in the camper with us.

As his friend watched, I ran my tongue all around the guy’s cock head. I started caressing his balls as I took him in my mouth and started gently moving my mouth up and down his shaft. I could feel his excitement grow, as I took more of him into my mouth. I tightened my lips and started moving my mouth up and down, sucking and taking all of him on the deep stroke. Rhythmically, I stroke and suck, stroke and suck, faster and faster, until finally with a powerful moan, I felt him tense up as he balls released their hot load. His cock pulsed as the first blast spewed into my mouth and slid down my throat like a salty raw oyster. Despite wave after wave of cum flood my mouth, I swallowed his entire load.

When I look over at his buddy to tell him to come to me, he already had his pants off and was sitting down on the edge of the bed. I lay down on the floor in front of him; he put his hand on the back of my head and brought my face closer to his crotch. Taking his cock, I began stroking it, slowly at first then increasing my speed. With my other hand I was gently squeezing his balls.And then with his hand on the back of my head guiding me, I lowered my head and engulfed his stiff cock.

Soon my mouth was bobbing up and down his thick shaft. Just before he was about to shoot his load, in his excitement, he slapped my hand away from his cock. Then he grabbed the back of my head and almost violently shoved his cock down my throat. His cock was so far down my throat that my nose was pressed into his kinky pubic hair and his balls were flopping against my chin. As he tensed up and held himself immobile, I could actually feel the cum boiling up in his balls. Finally, he erupted and it felt like a dam had busted. I almost chocked when what felt like a quart of cum pulsed into my mouth. He went totally silent,surprised at the amount of cum he poured into my mouth, as I continued sucking and swallowing his cum. As I milked all the cum out of his cock, I coughed and his syrupy, white cum dripped down my chin. Eagerly I sucked every last dropout of him and then cleaned his cock with my tongue

After that, they must have posted my phone number on the restroom wall in every truck stop for 200-miles. I soon became a regular at the rest stops on both sides of town, often servicing as many as 4 or 5-truckers a visit.

The end…



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