Today at 3:00 p.m. an old friend of mine calls me and tells me he just finished his massage training course and wanted to give me a free massage.

So at 3:30 p.m. I was getting a really good deep massage. During the massage, around a half hour later, my friend removed my towel and started to massage my ass. I did not say anything because I wanted to see where this wasy going. After massaging my ass for 10 minutes he started to spread my ass cheeks and rubbing his lubed fingers from the massage oil around my anal hole. It felt great. He did it three times and on the third time I let out a moan of pleasure. He took that as a sign that I was enjoying it and that I wanted more ...

The next thing I new he tongue was licking my man hole. Wow, he was doing a real good job. He was enjoying it as much as I was because everytime I let out a soft moan his face would burry into my ass crack deeper. Then his tougue was fucking my man hole and I was enjoying every second of it. As we were both enjoying it my thick fat cock was getting harder and harder. I had to push my ass up into his face for a few minutes so I could give my fat cock some room to breathe. I was so turned on by his rim job my cock was rock hard.

As I keep pushing my ass in his face I felt his hand grabbing my fat thick cock and he started jerking on it. I grabbed a hold of his head and push it firmly into my ass and I started to moan a little loader. This was the best rim job I have ever received.

After about 45 minutes of rimming me he ask me to roll over on my back. When I did he took notice again of my huge thick fat cock and he said "Damn, that is a big fucking monster you have there. Delicious and I must suck it for you". He started sucking on my cock and I have to say it felt amazing.

After about 35 minutes of him sucking my cock I got up off the massage table and I pushed him face down on the massage table then pulled his shorts down. He was wearing a black colored jock strap with a dark blue tank top and a red baseball cap. Looking at that beautifull bubble butt with a nice peach fuzz hair. I totally took control of this massage boy and showed him who was boss. I wanted him to be my bottom bitch.

Just the thought of spit and shove gets my dick going. So I spreaded his ass cheeks and spit on his fuck hole three times to make it good and wet. Then before he could say give it to me now, I shoved my thick fat cock deep into his fuck hole balls deep and I fucked him real good. As I was fucking him I held his head forcely on the massage table. He keep saying, "Yeah Daddy, give it to me do not stop". Some how I felt empowered when he called me Daddy and I just ran with it.

After a good solid 45 minute fucking I decided to give him a treat. So I said to him "You are daddy's bith right and whatever daddy wants you are going to let him have it right." He said, "Yes Daddy, I want you to breed me. I want to become your breeding boy". No sooner than he utter those words out of his mouth I felt myself blasting a load deep inside him. I feel my fat cock pulsating for a few minutes inside him. My cock was just blasting cum deep inside him. When I felt my cock was finished pumping my load in him, I slowly pulled my cock from his ass. That was amazing too. My cock feel warm and it was full of my cum. As soon as my cock was out of his fuck hole he turned around and started sucking it clean for me. I said boy do a good job and clean daddy's cock. Man he did a good job and he cleaned it so good my cock was still rock hard.

As he stood up and put his shorts back on. He fuck hole opened up and release the load that I just blasted inside him. You could see clearly the wet spot in the crack of his bubblebutt sweet ass. He said he had to change his shorts. So when he pulled his shorts down, he bent over and his fuck hole was well lubed up. I could not help myself and I shoved my fat cock back inside that sweet fuck hole of his and fuck him some more.

It was a great day for a massage.




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