It was hard watching Shawn go. Especially after our little escapade that happened. It left me confused, did that mean Shawn was like me and interested in guys or was he just too drunk?

Since he was gone all there was to do was not dwell on it and go on with life until he came back for winter break? Little did I know that life was planning on sending me two of the hottest guys I have seen since Shawn, but before we get into that, let me tell you how I met these two.

I had been attending my college classes for several weeks now. For the most part the days consisted of me going to class, listening to a lecture and then going on to the next class. For the most part I ignored the on goings around the campus and just went from class to class. But it was about the third week into classes when I noticed two guys. I instantly found myself lusting for them, from what I heard around campus the two were named Ian and Michael. They were best friends and insuperable.

Each of the guys were tall and slender, but had a very nice build. Ian was the taller of the two. His hair was short brown and slicked back, so it looked like it was stylized. He wasn't really all that tan, but he wasn't pale either. He was the perfect shade of in between. He had brilliant green eyes and a shining smile. Just looking at him could make you melt. Michael on the other hand was latino. His skin was darker, but not too dark. His sports longish black hair. He has chocolate brown eyes, that just pierce into by just looking at you. These two were they hottest things I had seen since Shawn left.

AS I walked past the two I noticed Ian look up and follow me with his gaze, it seemed as if he was studying me. I felt myself blush, I quickly picked up my pace and hurried to class, but before entering the building I took a moment to look over my shoulder and noticed that now each of them were staring at me. I felt myself turn instantly red. This same process continued for the remainder of the week and each time I looked back they were staring at me.

At the start of the next week, I was walking to class, when Michael stepped in front of me.

"Hi there, my name is Michael."

I stood there baffled for a moment and smiled. I couldn't find the words to say to him.

"I have noticed you around before and you never are with anyone. Would you like to come and hang out with my best friend Ian and I?"

I still continued to stare at this gorgeous guy in front of me and slowly nodded my head yes.

Michael then gestured me with his hands to follow.

I followed him over to the stop in which Ian watched Michael and I talk. Ian held out his hand to greet me.

"We were thinking about not going to class today care to join us?" Ian asks politely

"You know I would like that" I smiled in reply. I thought to myself why would these two suddenly approach me the way that they did? AS I thought this I followed the two to Michael's Car.

As we drove we made small talk and got to know one another. As it turns out Michael and Ian had been best friends since they were little kids.I found myself thinking of Shawn when they told me this. It also turned out that they had recently moved out of their parent's homes and into a two bedroom apartment together.

After our talk the air about us seemed more comfortable, it seemed as everyone relaxed. Michael pulled up to the apartment and gestured us up the stairs. I followed them up and entered the place. It was very comfortable, it seemed very much like a couple of college student's apartment. Each of them told me to feel free to make myself at home. I flopped down on the couch. As did they each one on either side of me.

I felt my heart flutter a bit. I was surrounded on each side by two gorgeous guys. We talked a bit more and as we did Michael placed his hand on my thigh. I felt my heart flutter and I felt my friend down below respond in my pants. He slowly began to run circles with his fingers on my inner thigh. And with each circle my friend was getting harder and harder. Ian then stood up walked over to the tv turned it on and placed a disc in the dvd player. The scene came to life in a moment and what was before us was an orgy of men exploring one another. Ian then took his place on my other side and placed his hand on my inner thigh and began to run his fingers in circles too. I watched the screen intently. Miachel and Ian's hand began to work their way towards my crotch and they each rubbed it together. Michael's hand then found the button for my jeans and I felt a sudden pop and the tightness of my jeans lossened. The two then each reached into my pants and took turn stroking my cock through my underwear. They could tell that I was enjoying this, because each had a smile that could dazzle on their faces.

I then took the chance and place my hand in between each of their legs and rubbed their crotches while they rubbed mine. They each let out a moan of approval. Michael then stood up and positioned himself between my legs and lifted them above my head and gave my jeans a tug. They slid off with ease. Michael then unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. I stared in disbelief the outline that was in his underwear was even bigger than Shawn's. It was then Ian's turn to stand up and drop his pant's to the floor, the outline wasn't as big as Michael's, but it was definitely on the plus size. I stared at the two that stood before me I definitely couldn't wait to see what the two looked like with their underwear off. They must have know what I was thinking because they then peeled their shirts off and dropped their underwear.

Michael's cock was unbelievable, it was uncut like mine and very long I would have to say very close to ten inches. It was dark like his skin. I wanted to put my lips around it. Ian's was nice and cut. He had a large head that oozed a lot of pre-cum. Like Shawn's it had a large vein running down the middle of it.

I placed my hand on each of their cock's and slowly stroked them. They each gasped with pleasure. Micheal then grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards his cock. I placed my lips on the head and slowly parted them. He slowly inserted his cock and began to thrust slowly. While Michael did this I stroked Ian's cock. Each were in ecstasy because their moans were getting louder. I then decided to give Ian's cock a little more attention and began to suck him while I stroked Michael. I switched off between the two for several minutes, before Ian stood me up and pulled my underwear down while Michael took my shirt off. There we stood all three naked and in heaven.

Ian then turned me around and bent me over the arm of his couch. He placed himself behind me and began to explore my hole with his finger. Michael positioned himself in front of me and asked me keep sucking his cock. It felt amazing to have two guys on each end of me. Ian then began to explore my hole with his tongue. I couldn't believe how good he was at rimming. I moaned loudly, it was nearly inaudible with Michael's cock in my mouth. Ian positioned himself behind me and began to dry hump me for a bit. After he was done with that he placed the head of his cock on my hole and began o push. I felt myself splitting open for him. It felt amazing the head was so big and the shaft just slid in. He began to thrust slowly. I felt every inch go in and out. I looked up and Michael was smiling, he then began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth.

I though to myself I can't believe I being spit roasted by two gorgeous guys with two amazing cocks.

The two fucked my holes for several minutes before they decided it was time to switch off. Michael positioned the head of his cock against my hole and push. It went in with ease since Ian had already loosened my hole up. But Michael's cock reached a whole new depth. He hit places that sent shivers down my spine. It felt so amazing that I just moaned continuously with Ian's cock in my mouth.

The two fucked me and switched off with one another for what seemed like hours. It was amazing, I had never felt anything like two cocks going in and out of each of my holes. I could tell that the two were getting close, because each time they switched off their balls got tighter and tighter. Ian was grunting behind me and I could tell the big moment was coming, because he was slamming me so hard that our skin smacked against one another with loud cracks. With one last loud grunt I felt Ian's hot juices line the inside of my ass. He pulled out and smiled he then gestured for Michael to quit using my mouth and finish off in my ass. Michael did just this. He thrust and thrust. With each thrust I felt some of Ian's hot cum squirting out of my hole and covering the couch. Michael picked up more speed and I knew the moment was coming so I grabbed my own cock and began to stroke it. The two of us moaned in unison while Ian watched me get fucked to high heaven. Michael then let out one last loud moan. I felt several thick hot stuck ropes of cum line my insides. Michael kept to pump me until I felt my own load shoot all over the side arm of the coach. I moaned several more times while the orgasm set throughout my body.

Michael pulled out and I felt a load of cum pour out with it. The two then began to get dressed again.

Each said "Thanks for the good time" in unison.

I smiled and began to dress myself as well.

"Yeah that was amazing I have never had a threesome before."

They both smiled and offered to drive me back to the school for my car.



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