I'd always been pretty much on the wild side. A feral boy, who'd enjoyed the freedoms of youth , and who never once imagined that life could turn out very differently to expectations. Indeed, I guess I'd assumed that I would remain master of my own fate wherever life took me - perhaps never once thinking that love might change my attitude, and (ultimately) transform my destiny.

Indeed, even when I first met Max it never occurred to me that things would be completely different from here on in. Which, when you consider who Max Brooks actually was, probably sounds quite crazy now! For the man wasn't just anybody. He was a world-famous singer, whose reputation with the female of the species was almost as well-known as his clean-cut, toothy image. Indeed, I have to say that I was somewhat taken aback when the fellow first propositioned me whilst I waited on him at a restaurant in Montreal. He was there with a couple of his agents and flash friends, having hired the location for a business meeting; whilst I was filling in on a temporary basis, before moving on to my next job (whatever that happened to be). Because, let's face it, that was what life was like for me at that time - a few months spent doing one thing before going off to do something else. Until, like I say, Max Brooks came along and quite unexpectedly swept me off my feet.

'So,' he drooled, leaving his colleagues to come and speak to me as I served out some drinks for them at the bar, 'what's a cute guy like you doing in a place like this?'

I glanced up at his handsome, manly frame. Noting that his dark brown eyes were even more gorgeous that his photos suggested. 'Just making out,' I coyly explained.

'Just making out ...'

'Yeah, something like that ...'

'You want me to take you away from all this?'

I couldn't help but smile at his teasing. 'Well, I can dream.'

'I'm not joking. If you like I can take you away with me.'

'I think I'd best continue with serving the drinks,' I sighed.

'I have a place. Up in Yukon -'


'I'd like you to fly up there with me - tonight ...'

'Mr. Brooks,' I smiled. 'I don't think -'

But he was insistent. 'You're gonna love it. The views are just spectacular; and you just wait until you see my king-size bed. Gees, the fun we could both have on that ...'

And that was pretty much it. Another glance into his chocolate eyes and what resistance I had just melted away! Which explains how I awoke the next morning some two-and-a-half thousand miles away, in a spacious wooden cabin in the fucking middle of nowhere. Just Max Brooks and me. Stretched out in that king-size bed he'd promised.

'I thought you were straight,' I remarked, as we lay there together.

'Looks can be deceptive.'

'But what about all these stories in the papers? The girls you're supposed to have affairs with, before you dump them for the next ...?'

He grinned. 'When you're as rich as me, you can get the papers to publish what you like. In fact,' he continued, 'when you're as rich as me, you soon discover that you can exactly what you like pretty much on a permanent basis ...'

And with that he leaned over and kissed me; before pulling back the duvet to reveal the throbbing piece of meat that was already straining in my groin.

'You often bring back guys to this place and do this sort of thing?' I questioned.

He shook his head. 'I have to be careful,' he replied. 'I have a reputation to consider, after all. In fact, I've taken a big risk bringing you up here ...'

I smiled - flattered, as I was, by the trust he was showing me.

'If the papers were to find out ...'

'Look!' I protested. 'I'm not gunna tell them if that's what you think!'

He grinned. 'I know you won't. Because if you do, I shall just deny it anyway. And then I shall have you killed.'

I couldn't help but look surprised at his bluntness, totally unsure as to whether he was joking or not.

'Hey!' he laughed. 'Anyone ever told you how cute you look when you're worried?'

I shook my head. 'No,' I stuttered.

'Anyway, you're not gonna spill the beans on our little secret - so why fret?'

I hesitated in my response. Perhaps, for the very first time, regretting my somewhat hasty decision to come out here with the guy. 'You'd really kill me - if I blabbed?' I asked.

'That's really bothered you, hasn't it?' he noted.

'Well, no. Well, yes ...' I stumbled.

'Hey, pretend I never said it,' he insisted. 'I know for a fact that you're never, ever gonna tell anyone about me, so it really ain't a problem.'

I couldn't help but ask. 'How can you be so sure ...?'

He gave another charming smile. 'Let's just say I'm a good judge of character.'

And with that he pushed towards me and gave me another kiss. This time a very open, tongue-filled smooch that merely confirmed his desire to rut. Indeed, before I knew it he had straddled himself across me chest and had flopped his grand uncut eight-incher into my face. A more-than-generous offering that I was not about to decline.

'You like a nice hard cock?' he teased, pushing the crimson head towards my lips.

'Of course.'

At which point he thrust the rod into my open mouth.

Such dominant behaviour did little but turn me on even more, I have to confess. For Max knew exactly what he wanted, and exactly how he was gunna get it - and I'll be perfectly honest and admit that that aspect of his character was something I found strangely appealing. This surprised me, given that I had always enjoyed being so cocksure and confident of myself up 'til now. But there was something about this dashing singer that totally disarmed me and left me ready to be a passenger to his driver. Something that made me utterly vulnerable.

And I loved every minute of it.

I don't think I've ever gulped at a hard shaft quite so willingly and eagerly as I did that morning. Sucking it across my tongue like a lollypop, and allowing it to quickly push towards the back of my throat. Max himself grabbed hold of the headboard behind me and started to thrash his hips in my direction, forcing his uncompromising length down my throat in the process. An act that might have been expected to leave me literally gagging, but which in fact simply appeared to make me eager for more. Gees, by that point I was just a dirty white bitch, who couldn't get enough of the guy's nasty dick in my mouth. A veritable slut, who would do anything to satisfy Max's wanton cravings.

Which probably explains why I promptly opened my legs for the guy when he finally decided that it was man-cunt he wanted. Parting my two limbs into the splits he pushed his raging cock-head against my tight, inexperienced pucker. Not that my hole was destined to remain that way for much longer. For, as I quickly discovered, Max was one very hot and horny dude, who thought nothing of riding a guy for hours at a time. Indeed, that very first session was but a foretaste of things to come, as he buried himself up to the hilt and began to dip his sword back and forth with long, deliberate lunges.

'That feel good?' he quizzed, looking down on me with those heavy eyes of his.

'Yeah ...' I gasped, as his cock filled my guts and rubbed against my prostrate. 'Gees, yeah - it feels fantastic! Really - fantastic!'

'You just saying that to please me?'

'No, man! No, it feels so big. So good ...'

'You like a hard cock up your arse?'

'Yeah. I love it ...'

'You like my hard cock up your arse?'

'Gees, yeah!' I groaned, reaching up to take hold of the headboard. Fact is I'd never quite experienced anything like it before in my life, having always topped 'til now. But having him inside me like this seemed to underline just how much I'd been missing, and all I wanted was for him to fuck me even harder. To force himself even deeper into me. Which is pretty much exactly what he did!

'That feel good now?' he demanded, slapping his hairy balls against my ass.

'Fuck!' I yelped. 'Fuck, yeah!'

And with that he raised himself up even higher, burying his pole into my slit with such magnificent ease that I just couldn't believe this was the first time we'd ever done this together. It was so natural, so effortless - and all at once I realised that this was destiny. We were made for each other; and I, in particular, was made for him. So much so, in fact, that all I wanted was for this moment to last forever. For us to be together, like this, for the rest of our lives.

My cock was raging, straining for the attention of my clenched hand. I reached down and started to work my fingers along its hard, uncompromising length; whilst Max forced himself ever harder into me. Reaching parts of my guts that had never, ever been touched before.

He couldn't carry on like this for much longer, I was sure. The basic laws of nature were soon gonna take over, after all - a fact confirmed by his very next words.

'Oh fuck!' he heaved. 'Fuck, I'm gonna cum!'

And with that he closed his eyes and began to convulse. His whole frame gripped by the unadulterated pleasure of his orgasm, as he fired bolt after bolt of thick, creamy spunk into my crack; whilst I continued to work my own shaft to an equally enjoyable conclusion. Indeed, by the time that Max had concluded his offering, my cock was itself reaching a sticky salvation. Spurting great globs of cum right across my belly in the process.

We collapsed almost simultaneously, in a heap of breathless, sweaty satisfaction. With his sperm slowly trickling from my butt-hole, turning my on all the more. This was just as well because Max was soon demanding sloppy seconds. His cock fired up again by the sight of my well-worn crack, now oozing the remains of our initial encounter. As a result, it seemed but a brief spell before he was shafting me once again - this time his previous deposit acting as the ultimate lubricant to our lovemaking.

Fuck knows how much time we spent that day copulating like wild animals. All I can say for sure is that it was the best sex that I had ever known in my life, and that I awoke the next morning wishing that the two of us could repeat the whole exercise again. Unfortunately, however, that just wasn't gunna be possible. For Max had to get back to Toronto for a meeting with one of his agents, and was then due in New York for a concert the following evening. I had little choice but to return to Montreal to find out whether I still had a job, given that I had left the restaurant in the lurch to jet off to the Yukon with the singer in the first place.

Little did I realise that Max had very different ideas ...

'Well,' he sighed, 'I guess I shall never see you again ...'

'Depends,' I replied.


'On whether you want to see me.'

He grinned. 'I'd love to. But -' he hesitated.


'But it's not possible. As you pointed out, I have an image - and I can't afford to take the risk of the press discovering the truth.'

'One night stands are safer I guess.'

'That's what I've found. Though I'd love to have a relationship. You know, a real, proper relationship with someone ...'

I glanced up to see him looking straight at me, and sensed at once that this was the only opportunity I was gonna get to stake my claim on him. 'Well,' I remarked, 'I'm prepared to take the risk. If you are, that is ...'

He shook his head. 'I couldn't ask it of you.'

'What's there to ask? I like you a lot. You like me. It's as simple as that!'

Max laughed. 'Oh, if only it was. Fuck, I'd have settled with someone years ago.'

'I don't understand ...'

'Being with me - it wouldn't be a normal relationship.'

'In what way?'

'You'd always have to remain a secret.'

'I can live with that.'

'Away from everyone? Stuck here in the middle of nowhere?'

My young face betrayed my bewilderment. 'I don't think -' I began to reply.

'There'd be no other option,' he continued. 'If you stayed in the city then the papers would soon find out. No, this is the only place you could possibly stay.'

'Well how often would I see you?'

'I'd try to get back as much as I could. And when I was here, I'd more than make up for my absence - I can assure you!'

'I guess I'd be a sort of kept man ...'

Max grinned. 'Guess you would.'

I thought for a moment. Thought of the life that I would be leaving behind. It was pretty much going nowhere anyway! Thought of the life that I would have to live here, alone in the wilderness. Waiting for my lover to return. Away from the humdrum of the city, with only the backdrop of natural peace for company.

Would I be bored? I wasn't sure. Would I enjoy the times when Max came back to me? You fuckin' bet I would! Which in the end pretty much decided the whole matter for me.

'Okay,' I smiled, 'I'll try it ...'

'You will?' he asked. 'Just for me?'

'Just for you,' I assured him. But I'd hardly got the words out of my mouth before he'd rushed over to me and given me a great big, sloppy smooch.

'Gees, I think I love you already,' he laughed.

And so it was that my life began to change completely. Remaining in the Yukon, to do little but observe the magnificent scenery outside, whilst Max jetted off here and there to perform at concerts, give interviews, make guest appearances at functions ... and to do all the various kind of things that famous people do. Not that I was there very long before he returned, it must be said - though I can't begin to describe the excitement that swamped me when he stepped in through the door and told me to get ready for another real good fucking. Gees, I had my clothes off in no time; and was down on my knees, slurping on his manhood, before he so much as had time to kick away his boots. Feeding off that gorgeous shaft with my tongue; caressing it with my eager mouth and working it towards its ultimate frenzy. Not that the singer allowed me to bring him to the boil there and then. No, he was clearly determined to sink that cock of his into my butt just as soon as he possible could; and carrying me into the bedroom, laid me down on the bunk and started to work himself down into my tight, hungry hole.

'Fuck, I need your cock inside me!' I groaned, as he pressed his swollen head against my quaking chasm.

'You missed me?' he quizzed.

'Gees, yeah. Like crazy!'

'Good.' He slipped ever deeper into me.

Indeed I had missed him; though it was perhaps only now, as we became one being once again, that I finally realised just how much. For Max was already the best lover I had ever had in my life, and I was slowly beginning to think that the enforced separation was a price worth paying for the untold pleasure that I experienced when we were together. For believe me, sex between us was almost unbelievably hot; with Max boasting the kind of insatiable organ between his legs that most men would willing die for.

We did absolutely nothing for the next forty-eight hours except indulge in quite mindless fornication - my lily-fresh butt-hole stretched in every direction by this unrelenting animal of a man. Indeed, such was the amount of time that I actually spent with my legs parted in the air, that by the time the singer came to leave I was almost finding it difficult to walk straight. A predicament made all the worse by the constant flow of goo that was trickling from my rectum. Not that Max seemed too bothered - in fact, he appeared to find my situation somewhat amusing. To the point that he suggested that it was just as well that he was zooming off to California so that my ass could get some rest. Indeed, I had to half-agree that, as this rate at least, the guy was in acute danger of wearing me out!

Which in my mind explained why he didn't return quite so quickly the next time; though by the time he did I was so fuckin' frustrated that I jumped at him like a bitch on heat, almost knocking him to the floor in the process. An act that didn't appear to amuse the star too greatly. Truth is he actually appeared to be in something of a bad mood altogether, and I endured several sullen hours before the guy finally withdrew from his sulk. Apparently, things hadn't gone well in respect of a negotiation for a new deal with his record label, and my advances had probably come at exactly the wrong time. Nevertheless, as I explained to him, weeks of isolation had to be relieved somehow; and my incorrigibility was but a reflection of the great love that I had for the fellow. As such, Max soon forgave me; though it was probably about then that I began to have my first sense of doubt and regret about the present arrangement. For what if the singer wasn't quite the genuine individual that I had always previously assumed him to be? What if his proclamations of love and affection were just some sort of act? What if I was now trapped in the Yukon, solely reliant on the mercy of a man who was simply out to use and abuse me?

'I'm sorry I was so short with you earlier...' he sighed, interrupting my thoughts. An apology that pretty much immediately swept aside my uncertainties there and then.

'That's okay,' I grinned. 'You can make it up to me later ...'

He replied with his winsome smile. 'Why wait 'til later?'

And with that he scooped me up once again and carried me to the bedroom. Placing me down on the bed and whisking away my pants, so as to expose my hard, aching cock.

Before I knew it, Max had his head buried between my thighs, working his mouth up and down my now rampant rod and slurping me into ecstasy in the process. Needless to say, it felt fucking great; and reaching down, I ran my fingers sensually through his hair as a way of saying thank you for such wanton attention.

Not that the star would be satisfied himself until he was poking his own shaft between my tight butt-cheeks; so it was little wonder that he should soon be working his way down past my balls, to the tender button beyond. Using his tongue and fingers to open up my flower in anticipation of the buffering to come. As I grabbed hold of the headboard once again and relished the sweet sense of penetration. Yearning for my lover's hard cock, which I knew would help stretch me into wanton ecstasy.

Not that I expected to wait long. Nor indeed was I disappointed. For before I had chance to think too deeply, Max had pushed my butt into the air and was slowly feeding his angry rod into my crack. He eased himself down onto me with an almost mischievous grin on his undeniably gorgeous face.

'That feel good ...?' he asked again, as he pushed himself towards me.

'Fuck, yeah!'

'You missed my hard cock up your cunt?'

'Of course!'

Max bore deeper and deeper into my hungry guts.

'You get frustrated up here on your own, waiting for me to come and fuck you?'

'Yeah! Yeah, of course I do!'

By now he was thrusting into me like a piston. Riding my ass like a biker works his motorcycle, savouring every ecstatic twist and turn in our lovemaking. Whilst I'd grabbed hold of my shaft and was riding my hand up and down my own shaft, indulging in the thought of being used and abused by this handsome stud. Because let's face it, I subconsciously knew by this point that that was exactly what the singer was doing. Taking advantage of me every step of the way. Making a fool of me in some strange, perverse way. And yet I loved it. Yeah, believe it or not, I actually loved him even more for it. I was, quite simply, besotted with a bastard - and yet I thought more of him than if he'd been the kindest, gentlest guy I'd ever encountered. For I was his rough, his trash - and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

We were both reaching the crest of our emotions now, and as such it was fitting that we should achieve our goal almost simultaneously. Him rupturing his balls deep inside my guys, just as I bolted across my belly and the adjacent bedclothes. Sweat poured from every inch of our bodies; whilst our dry throats groaned and spluttered our wanton excitement. It was, quite simply, the best sex I had ever experienced in my life, and (in my young mind at least) gave total sense and reason to everything that I now somehow suspected about Max.

Suspicions that were very soon to be confirmed.

'Actually,' he began to explain later, 'I've got some bad news ...'

My mind whizzed through a whole list of possibilities, all of which pretty much involved him telling me that our relationship was over.

'What sort of bad news?'

'We think one of the magazines in the States may have found out about you.'


'My agents in New York.'

'I see.'

'We don't think there's any pictures yet though.'

'Good,' I smiled, clearly relieved.

'But we're gonna have to take steps to make sure that that's the way things stay.'

I couldn't help but look puzzled. 'How?'

'These windows are gonna have to be shuttered up,' he explained.

'But that'll mean I won't be able to see out. It'll be like a fuckin' prison!'

He reached out to touch my hand. 'I can't think of any other way.'

I sat in silence; but glancing up at him I knew I was already too much in love with him to protest too strongly.

'Of course,' he continued, 'we could always finish ...'

'Hey, no!'

Max leaned towards me, and we fell together once again in an open smooch. 'I knew you'd agree to it for me ...' he whispered.

'I'd do anything for you, Max. You know I would.'

'Good,' he smiled. Then fucked me like an animal once again.

Of course, I knew I was on the slippery slope to total humiliation. To becoming a kept man in every sense of the phrase. But I was strangely happy about it, which surprised me enormously. I mean, I'd always been so proud, so cocksure - and yet here I was now, slowly becoming a prisoner for the love of another man, but deeply content about it all the same. For the pain and hurt made me peculiarly fulfilled - a fact that was only confirmed the next time that the singer arrived, some five extremely long weeks after he'd left me.

Needless to say, I'd literally counted away the hours until the guy stepped back in through the door, so you can probably imagined just how horny I was when I first saw him again. Rushing up to him like a faithful hound, and almost slobbering his face off in excitement. At which point, I guess I sort of expected Max to just pick me up and carry me off to the bedroom - after all, that's what he always did!

But on this occasion he surprised me somewhat by informing me that he'd bought me a present, and that I would have to close my eyes and keep my arms at my side whilst he gave it me. An instruction that puzzled me immensely, but which I immediately obeyed.

I had no idea what it was, of course, and was admittedly very tempted to look when I heard what sounded like heavy chain being dragged into the cabin, but I didn't dare to court my lover's annoyance by ignoring his instruction. Nor did I even flinch when I felt him spring a thick leather collar around my neck; and indeed only dared to see my gift when the singer told me I could do so. At which point I realised that all my fears (and hopes) had been realised. That I was indeed finally a kept man, chained to the cabin with enough slack to allow me to function alone, but not enough for me to reach the door. Yes, like it or not, this little house in the wilds of the Yukon had become my jail. Me, its only prisoner, serving as Max's sexual captive for the rest of my days.

'I don't understand ...' I stuttered at last.

'Hey man, you've gotta understand I don't want anyone stealing you,' he explained. 'You're far too precious. And besides, I've invested a lot of time and energy in you. I don't want you bolting off when I tell you what I've been up to since I last saw you!'

I looked puzzled, but barely had time to think before I was being taken into the bedroom. Tossed onto the bed, before the star literally jumped across me. Straddling me with his muscular frame, and kissing me with those hungry lips of his.

'I can't believe how lucky I am to have you,' he explained - a strange comment, given that he had rewarded me with my incarceration. 'Just to be sure that you're here waiting for me, whenever I need you. Gees, that means a lot in the crazy world I mix in, believe me. But you have to understand, man, that this part of the planet's not too easy to get to. You know, when I'm performing in Melbourne or London or some other part of the globe. And I still get hot and horny, just like you. I still need relief somehow - you get my drift?'

'I think so ...' I replied meekly.

'What I guess I'm trying to tell you is that you can't expect me to be totally faithful to you - you know, under the circumstances. If I was here all the time then yeah, there'd be no problem. But like it is, it's just impossible. Which explains the other night,' he sighed dreamily. 'Fuck, you should've been there ...'

'Why?' I dared to ask - actually turned on by his brutal honesty, and supporting quite a magnificent hard-on to prove it.

'You sure you want me to tell you?' he asked mischievously, wrapping his hand round my cock and slowly working the solid flesh back and forth.

'Fuck, yeah!' I exclaimed, already hanging on his every word.

And with that he began to explain how he'd taken a couple of groupies after one of his concerts. A pair of young twinks, who'd only gone to the show to accompany a relative, but who ended up providing him with very intimate entertainment in his hotel room afterwards. 'Hung like fuckin' donkeys!' he exclaimed, noting that my own cock was drooling at the tale, and fingering my piss-hole simply to encourage me. 'And with a pair of the tightest butt-holes this side of China!'

'You fucked them then?' I gasped.

'Of course I did.' He let go of my cock and raised my body up to expose my own tender flower. 'What else would you expect me to do?'

And with that he promptly pulled out his swollen shaft and buried it deep into my youthful flesh. Filling my bowels with such rampant hardness that I almost came on the spot.

'You like being my sex slave?' Max now arrogantly demanded of me.

'Fuck, yeah!' Of course I do!'

'You like the fact that you're stuck out here while I'm having fun elsewhere?'

'Yeah ...'

'You like the fact that I fuck other guys, while you're out here on your own, just waiting for me to return?'pollllllllllllllllllllllllllllln

'Gees, yeah!' I gasped again, working my rod with a firm hand.

He laughed, as he thrust into me even more vigorously. 'God, you're a worthless shit!' he stormed. 'But hey, I just love you for it! Ya know that?'

'Of course I do!'

But by now there was simply no stopping either of us. Before we really knew what had happened, both our cocks were once again brimming with ball-nectar; and it was a combined grunt of relief that the pair of us spewed our respective loads in the path of the other. Splattering our almost desperate desires in what seemed like all directions, before ultimately collapsing in each other's arms.

It was at that point, I suppose, that I should've struggled to remove my collar. To have kicked and screamed and bitten and done pretty much anything in a bid to regain my freedom. But in reality I just didn't feel like that at all. For despite everything, I loved Max more than I had ever loved anyone else in my life. More than I would ever love anyone, for that matter. For the man had given me a security that I had never enjoyed before, and (in my opinion) had only acted out of love and respect for me. Protecting me from a world outside that would never understand our commitment and desire for each other. What's more, his transgressions - which I knew would only continue unabated in his travels - merely added to my conviction that I had chosen wisely. For if he could fuck guys all over the planet and still eventually come home to me, then ours must be a relationship worth fighting for. After all, I was his constant in a creation of flux, and that meant more to me than anything my so-called 'freedom' could have provided me with.

Others will not understand - what's more I do not expect them to. All I know is that I have discovered strange contentment in a relationship that others deem unconventional. For I have gained a degree of happiness that I would previously have considered unobtainable - my life spent being fucked, when Max is visiting, or waiting patiently to be used whilst he's away. What's more, the very fact that I am enslaved merely serves to encourage me. Making me even hornier for my lover's arrival when it finally transpires. Which is perhaps why I'm treated like this - imprisoned in a lonely jail, lusting for the attention that only he can give. Longing for the moment when he will step back through that door and carry me once again to the bedroom, where he will fill me up with his thick, hard cock as only he can.

For as I have discovered, being a free man isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes, as in my case here, being a kept man can be much, much more fun ...


Marc Oranje

[email protected]


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