A few years back I did a 3 year contract in central Africa doing surveys in the bush. Mostly I had to camp away from base for long periods and the only company I had were my staff.

It was on one of my visits to the capital city. I was relaxing having a cold beer in a garden bar of a nice hotel when I first met Chris. He was doing the same sort of work as myself but in a more civilised part of the country. We had both come to town for a technical meeting and we were swapping stories about our experiences.

Chris like myself was in his mid twenties and the sort of guy I would imagine almost anyone would find nice looking. He was also really good fun and radiated vitality. The weather was permanently hot and in the evenings became oppressive. We were both wearing short sleeved colonial style shirts and shorts. I don't know if he realized then just how much I was looking at his thighs but I could see a lot of them as his shorts were brief. The subject got round to what there was to do in our spare time. It seemed Chris enjoyed a much fuller social life than I did. There were wild parties and a very active Rugby club. We were both keen on fitness so the discussion got round to jogging games and gyms etc. He talked about lotions he used for loosening up his leg muscles and I had an almost irresistible urge to feel his legs and slip a hand up his shorts. Quite often he would stroke an arm or his.

I remarked that he looked really nice and fit with emphasis on the word 'nice'. He blushed a bit and thanked me and said with a chuckle 'So are you!'

The way he said it seemed he thought he was saying something very obvious. There were also a lot of bar girls going around in miniskirts who hoped to earn a bit from wealthy sex starved guests.

'I'm sure I'll never compete with that lot' I said jokingly.

'You most certainly do' he replied seriously.

There was an awkward silence then I asked him where he was staying. He said that he had asked the office to make a reservation but someone had forgotten so he had sent his driver off to search for a room.

'He's been gone several hours now and I don't know if he will find me here. I left a message to ...' I interrupted him by putting my hand on his thigh. 'Would you like to stay with me?'

He turned to me very quickly and while he saying ' Are you sure?' he knocked my glass of beer over.

'Yes sure I am, I wouldn't ask you otherwise. Don't worry about the beer there wasn't much left and I was just about to order more.' 'It's getting a bit noisy here isn't it'. He said looking around disapprovingly.

I realized he wanted to go to the room right away. I suggested we might take his things up but he said his case was with the driver so he had nothing to wear. I said I didn't think that would be a problem at all and he gave me a smile.

'Come on, let's go up and take a shower. How about it?'

As I closed the room door behind us I realized I had not told him it was a single room. I said I was sorry it was small, but he said something like: 'No this is really great so long as it's OK with you. Look I hope you don't mind me saying this, I know we have only been together for about an hour but I really like being with you'

I felt excited by the privacy of the hotel bedroom and the prospect of at least getting a glimpse of him in the nude was making me feel extremely horny.

'There's an en suite bathroom through here and I am going to take a shower'. I paused a bit and smiled into his beautiful blue eyes.

'Come and join me!' I suggested.

Chris said nothing but came into the bathroom with me. I undressed immediately because I had a massive erection and I wanted him to see it.

'Wow you are beautiful' he said, looking straight at my genitals.

'May I undress you?' I asked and he nodded with a self conscious smile.

I removed his shirt first and admired his smooth brown chest and shoulder muscles which flexed his soft smooth skin with every move he made. I gently caressed his arms and back working my hands down his spine. He began feeling my cock and I had to restrain him a bit because I was very near having an orgasm and I wanted to save that till later.

His shorts were elastic so it was easy to slip my hands down over his buttocks. I was now getting massively excited and knew if I didn't progress things quickly I would get out of control. I turned on the shower and then ripped his pants off . His lily-white bum and cleft were everything I could have dreamt of. His cock well up and stiff as a flag pole. I took his nude body as if to dance with him so guiding him under the shower and began soaping his back and his bottom. He did the same to me and as we soaped each other in front we felt each other's bodies against our penises. We did a sort of a dance rubbing our soapy naked bodies together. I felt the thrill of his nude thighs and buttocks from the tip of my penis up into my groin. I drew him against me and began working a finger into his asshole as we slid our cocks up and down side by side just below our belly buttons.

This is where I lost control completely. I don't know if it was the feel of his anus and the thought of penetrating him or the sight of his beautiful face gazing at me as our naked soapy flesh made frenzied contact. He had slipped his finger up my anus while I was ejaculating and I looked down to see both our cocks pumping out copious quantities of cum all over each another.

I was gently squeezing the tip of his prick as his pink knob spurted rich thick cum 'Ahh! Ooohh Thank you! Thank you Aaaaah!!'

I didn't want him to get any bad feelings afterwards so I helped him rinse down led him to the bed and laid his beautiful nude body down under the sheet while I went down and ordered a couple of beers as it was only about 9pm.

We lay together on the bed naked and talked about nearly everything. As time went on, say 20 minutes to be exact, the subject veered round to sex. We questioned one another about sexual encounters and discussed masturbation in some detail. We discovered we were both interested in anal dildos and experimented with prostate stimulation. We didn't have any condoms and so decided to refrain from full anal sex with each other in the sure knowledge that we would be doing so as soon as possible.

Our cocks were soon stiff again and we started off by feeling one another around our genitals and exploring our anuses. We were lying in a '69' position and discovering the joys of mutual genital kissing. Soon we had each other penises in our mouths and, because we had both recently jacked off we cock sucked each other for well over an hour.

Luckily I had some cream with me and we applied it to our asses then we ventured inside each other first with our fingers. I was far from being a virgin but Chris's cherry was large and juicy for such a young guy. His sphincter was really fleshy and sexy. There were these folds of shiny pink skin which came together at his asshole. As I gently caressed it with my finger tips he began to open up. At that moment Chris had my cock in his mouth with tongue teasing my knob while his fingers were exploring my bum slit. I just wanted to jump up and ram my raging dick straight up him but we had agreed to refrain so I found a long tablet container and a thin spray canister which I had with me and creamed them both up ready to insert into his inviting bum hole.

The container had a smooth rounded end so I began by pushing it into that sexy place where all those pink folds met. I had no need to worry if he could take it! I hardly had to push at all. It was if if his sexy bum was literally sucking it in. The whole length of it had soon disappeared up inside him. The sight was so sexy it was only because we had orgasms quite recently that I wasn't jacking off all over the place especially as I felt him pushing a large object up my bottom just as he was sucking me harder than ever.

Then I wanted to try the canister up him and first I withdrew the whole length of this now slimy container from his asshole. As I did so it seemed to draw out the skin around the rim of his cherry as if he was trying to cling to it for as long as possible.

But when I tried the much bigger object it was more of a challenge for his bottom. Despite his anus resisting at first Chris was insistent that I kept trying. That same rim of skin that had clung to the container was now being forced right into his bum hole by my efforts. The smooth skin of his buttocks was almost being stretched as well when suddenly it yielded and first the end went in and while he let out a great groan he seemed to admit the whole object quite suddenly. There was this smooth white bum with this large canister thing sinking further and further up inside him.

I suppose this was too much for him to take as well as fucking me so by now he was just throwing his head from side top side. His smooth chest was heaving as I teased his gland from inside.

Soon though Chris managed to resume his attentions to both my cock and ass. We were working these things in and out of each other as we licked and sucked the tips of each other's dicks. We were kind of playfully competing for control as we teased and probed each other's glands.

What happened after that neither of us could remember properly. I experienced an orgasm far more intense than anything I had ever had before. My whole rectum seemed to go into spasm together with my balls and cock. It seemed it happened to both of us and we must have almost lost consciousness.

We both went back into the shower, soaped and sprayed each other's bums then played cool water onto our balls so we could soon get hard again. When we got back in bed we must have spent about an hour in 69s licking each other's assholes and I got so horny I felt I just had to fuck him, his slit was so smooth and sexy I felt that all he deserved was a real good hard fucking.

I didn't take me long to procure a packet of condoms from one of the girls down in the bar and when I came back to the room Chris was lying passively face down with his lovely bare white buttocks just as I had left him.

He looked lovingly at me as I fitted a condom on my raging cock. I was in a state of excitement when I felt it necessary to ask him in a husky voice.

'Hey Chris, have you ever been done before?' I was thinking of his big juicy cherry but perhaps that was just the because he did a lot of anal masturbation.

But he laughed 'Is that what you call it? So..' he hesitated 'Once I'm 'done' is that it? I mean a guy's either 'been done' or 'not been done' and when he is what does that make him?' he giggled.

'No silly! it just means you know what's going to happen. I mean it's like there's a first time for everything and getting a another guys cock up your ass is a new experience. Look' I said more quietly and intimately 'when I penetrate you I just want to know if it's the first time for you so I can understand better how you're feeling, that's all'.

'But we've already pushed lots of things up each other, isn't that just the same?' Chris was blinking with an attractively innocent face as he said it.

'Turn over on your back and pull your legs right back so your knees are on the pillow. That's it! Now Chris, you sweet young lad, you're about to discover the difference'

I grabbed his ankles firmly and placed my cock gently on his gaping anus. He was almost wide open and wanting me so much it was tempting to tease him but I had started to feel quite responsible for Chris because, although he hadn't said so, I was now sure this was his first time. I wanted above all for it to be good for him. I started kissing him all around his neck and ears then on his lips and inside his mouth. I didn't consciously decide to penetrate him but I must have done so by instinct as I good feel his ass gripping my cock and sending thrills right through me.

I just had to fuck him now! How could I control myself and hold back any longer. This beautiful young guy needed it so much but I wanted it to be really intimate for him.

'Why do we have to use condoms? Oh I know it's for safety but are either of us unsafe?' he asked suddenly with an urgent look on his face.

'Chris, I thought it would be sort of presumptive if I didn't' I replied

'What do you mean? Hey man I just want you cum! Oh man I want it like hell!! Please! Please!! Fuck me now!!!' Chris' face looked wild. I took off the condom and went into him raw.

Oh wow the feeling just took over! I hadn't realized how exciting it would be when my naked knob made raw contact with that tight ring of skin around his sphincter! He felt so hot and tight around me!! And so juicy! ah! in less than half a minute, perhaps just a few seconds, I had lost all control. I was pounding his ass and really making love to him now. Then as I was kissing his smooth skin under the locks of his hair on his neck, I suddenly had to let fly with such an orgasm it was useless to think of where my cock was in his ass. Had I got in contact with his gland? was I in a position to constrict his ejaculations and give him multiple orgasms? Forget it! I was pumping my spunk up him without any control. All I could feel was the rhythmic squirts of semen shooting through my cock straight up his boy bum and fertilizing his firm sexy body.

He was shouting in ecstasy now and so loudly I was worried we might alert the hotel staff. But presently we just collapsed exhausted in each other's arms and fell asleep.

The next thing I remember was waking up next to Chris's nude body the next morning with a strong sun behind the curtains. We had slept late, but what did it matter!



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