I was born in the Czech Republic in 1990. When I came to the United States, I was around 14, and I felt all alone. English was not my strong suit, so I had to carry my smartphone around so It can translate some hard words for me to learn, and what they meant in the Czech language. Im a good-looking Czech, im tanned, I stand at about six feet, 175 lbs, I have brown hair which I keep spiked in the front, and green eyes. Most of the people I know say that my eyes are my dominant recognizable feature. I've been in the U.S. For eight years now and currently I am living in New Hampshire. In my younger days, I was bullied in high school because of my name, where I'm from, my knowledge of the English language, pretty much everything. I will never understand the American children's obsessions with hurting other people. But, let me elaborate about myself. My name is Ondrej Sedlacek, My last name means "small land owner" in Czech. And Ondrej means "Andrew." I got the name from my ancestors long ago. They owned lots of small amounts of land in the countryside and were very wealthy. I'm heading back to Prague for a weeks holiday, and I can't wait to go back. I'm leaving tonight and I'm meeting up with an old friend when I get there. I packed my bags and went to the airport. I checked in, went through security, and waited for my flight. I noticed a good-looking boy, probably around 19, kept staring at me. Almost checking me out. Our eyes met and he looked towards the bathroom. My eyes followed suit and I looked back at him. He flashed a seductive smile and he got up and entered the bathroom. I was compelled to follow and I did. I walked in and he was shirtless, rubbing his toned chest. We lunged flares eachother and ravaged eachothers mouths with our tongues. I felt his hands slide up my abs and broad chest. I never broke the kiss. He leaned up against the wall and wanted me to fuck him raw. We didn't waste any time. I unbuttoned my pants and he pulled down his jeans just enough to expose his beautiful ass. I spat in my hand and rubbed my big Czech cock. I inserted it hard and he grunted out of complete pleasure. I grabbed his hips and thrusted long and hard. The young boy was moaning and begging for more. I thrusted faster, sweat was dripping down my forehead. He had his fist in his mouth to muffle the screams of pleasure.

"je to tak dobrý ... Miluju svůj sladký zadek." I whispered. 

"oh give me your Czech dick!!" he screamed. 

"how did you... Know I was Czech?" I asked as I thrusted his plump ass. "your language." I did a study in college... Oh!!! About... Central Europe." he said gasping. I was getting close. "oh god... I'm going to cum." I whispered. "give it to me Czech boy!" he said. And with that, I had the best orgasm I've ever had. We rested there until I heard my flight being called. "well, Its been real dude. Gotta go." i said. "wait! What's your name?" he asked as I turned around. "Ondrej." I said smiling. I left the bathroom, boarded the plane and sat down. 

We soon took off and I finally fell asleep. 

9 hours later

I wake up feeling a thud as the 747 landed in Prague. I rubbed my eyes and cracked my back. The flight attendant said over the intercom. "ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying united airlines. The temperature in Prague right now is 68 degrees. Please remain seated until the plane reaches the gate. Thank you." she repeated it in Czech. Before long, we exited the plane and I walked towards the security. I walked through the metal detector and picked up my carry-on bags. I walked through the doors to be greeted by the mild air. And there stood Pavel. 

"hi Ondrej jeho hezké tě zase vidím!" (hi Andrew! I've missed you a lot!)

"hey pavel. Stýskalo se mi spoustu!" (hey pavel! I've missed you!) we embrace and I finally felt home again.

"objímá Ameriky?" (how's America?) he asked.

" dobrý. Bydlím ve státě New Hampshire. Miluju to tam, ale jsem vynechal domů." (good, I live in the state of new Hampshire. I love it there, but I missed home.) I replied. We embraced and left the airport together.

tak, jak je vaše přítelkyně? 

(so, hows your girlfriend?) i asked.

"dobrý. Ona a já se stále vzdálená, a já potřebuju změnu. tak jsem ... v prdeli asi s někým."

(good, but she and i are becoming distant, and i needed a change. So.... I fucked around with someone.) he said with a sly smile.

"kdo?" (who?) I asked.

"Nepoužívejte vyšilovat nebo tak něco, ale ... to bylo ... chlap." (don't freak out or anything... But it was a...guy.) 

"Myslíte si, že je homosexuál?"

(do you think your gay?) I asked

"Nevím, možná." (I dont know, maybe.) 

"dobře, známe přicházejí do styku na dlouhou dobu, takže im nebude soudit Pavel." (well, we've known eachother for a long time, so I'm not going to judge you pavel.) I replied. He embraced me so tightly, I thought he was going to crush me. It felt good to be home.




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