So, Dean is really busy at his new job, working as the personal assistant of the head of a local company, Mr. Glass. One day, when he is packing up from work, he gets a call from some person who called himself Jake, who wanted to talk to Mr. glass. Dean put him through, but being curious, Dean listened in on their convo. All he heard was a lot of shouting and anger, and when the call was over, Dean saw Mr. Glass storm out of the office, looking angry. Not wanting to bother him, Dean said nothing, and left immediately after him. The next day, when Mr. glass came into the office, he still looked angry, but didn't seem to take it out on Dean. Later this day, when everyone was gone, all that was left was Dean and Mr. glass. Dean took a bathroom break, and when he came back, Dean heard shouting in the office. Not knowing what was going on, Dean just didn't do anything. However, the shouting died down really quickly at one point, and Dean really started getting curious. Remembering Mr. glass telling him about some security cameras he has in his office, Dean decided to take a look at what was going on, and he was shocked.

Dean saw Mr. Glass shoving his cock down another mans throat. The whole time, Mr. Glass was moaning, oh jake, you're so good, oh fuck, fuck me. So this was the mystery man that Mr. glass was yelling at on the phone. As Mr. Glass was deep fucking this mans throat, Dean realized how hot Mr. glass was. Mr. glass was sweating, causing his succulent pecs to glisten in the dim light, and his abs to ripple as he pumped his cock in and out of Jakes mouth. It looked as if Jake was enjoying the musky taste and smell of Mr. glass' cock, moaning with pleasure. Mr. Glass was completely naked except for a tie he had on his neck, all ruffled from the passion taking place in the room. mr glass was still moaning, calling jake a good boy and one of the best cocksuckers he's ever had. Jake meanwhile looked like he was going to explode in pleasure. Jake still had all of his clothes on, but Dean saw one of the biggest bulges he had ever seen protruding from his jeans he had on. Mr, Glass now was rubbing jake all over, making jake shiver in pleasure. Dean was still shocked as Mr. glass finally pulls out of jakes mouth, and that's when his jaw drops. Mr glass had such a huge cock!!!!!! It looked at least 8 inches Long, with tons of pubes and balls the size of pool balls. Alex, your cock always tastes so good, it's my favourite type of man meat, said Jake, now rubbing mr glass body all over, and making out with him. Dean was still in shock, as he sees Mr. glass push jake onto his desk, and than sit on his face, his asshole ready to be probed.

Mr. Glass than ripped off Jakes shirt, and was shocked. Mr glass had such a great fuck boy. Jake had a smooth chest with huge pecs that were shivering at the touch of Alex that was rubbing his ripped abs and licking Jakes chest all over. Than, Mr glass undid jakes belt and slid jakes pants to the floor. Jakes cock was fucking huge!!! It had a huge banana curve, and it was veiny and shaved. Alex started jerking off, saying that the cock always looked so good, but than he started to moan. Jake, that the whole time too busy moaning over mr glass touching and picking him all over, had started to lick mr glass ass, sticking his tongue deep into his hole, causing Alex to squeal with delight. Jake was moaning in delight too as Alex sucked his cock masterfully, licking his balls and eating jakes man meat with so much desire. Than, mr glass put a finger in jakes ass, and jake shouted with delight. Put more in, said jake, causing mr glass cock to glisten with precum knowing what was going to happen next. Soon, mr glass was moaning too, as jake put fingers in his ass, still licking it all over. Alex was still sucking jakes cock, but now something that caused Deans ass to ache had just happened as well. Mr glass had his FIST in jakes ass, with jake begging for more and shouting with a mix of pleasure and pain. Than mr glass got up, took jake in his arms, and inserted his cock into jakes ass.

Jake moaned and squealed as Alexs cock was buried to the hilt in jakes ass. Jake started moving around with it in his ass, wanting to feel it all over. Alex looked like a pro having sex, driving his cock in and out of jake almost furiously, looking like he wanted to make jake feel his wrath. You want more u little slut, you need my big fucking cock in your tight little ass you bitch, Alex said, jake only replying with oh fuck yes, and oh my god, and this is so fucking good. Than, strangely, Mr glass stopped, his cock throbbing with pleasure, than he jumped on jakes cock like an animal, furiously bouncing up and down on his cock, causing jake to moan with pleasure. This is how you fuck a big cock, this is how u take a big cock in your ass, said Alex, with jake slapping Alex's ass and pumping his cock in and out of Alex's ass. After almost another hour of this passionate flip flop fucking, jake pulled his cock out of Alex's ass, and stuck it into his mouth, moaning as his cum exploded in Alex's mouth. Than, a couple of minutes later, as jake blew Alex's cock, Alex arched his back upwards and started to twitch. Jake pulled off of his cock, and before Alex could get jakes mouth back on, his cum exploded. The jizz flew up, and it went onto the ceiling!!! The cum still flew everywhere, while Alex just sat back, loving every pump of jizz flying everywhere. And than, as if he knew Dean was watching, he winked at the camera, and said. Good job, I want my hot assistant to see how good his boss is at his job, Alex said, as jake and him got dressed, and jake left his office. The next day, the cum had dried, but Dean could still see it all over mr. Glass' ceiling.




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