Pete was skinny and didn't like being kidded about it. I know. I tried joking with him about it once and he got pissed off. But the incident also opened some new doors.

We were both newly assigned from different units to a new outfit on an Army post in Texas. A few days after we met, I suggested we go swimming. He seemed hesitant to agree, but it was a great Spring day and I told him we'd enjoy ourselves, so he came along.

He took a locker on the back side of the row my locker was on, so I didn't see him changing, but when he came around to my side I saw how skinny he was. His brief swimsuit looked one size too large for his build and accentuated his slim figure. He had draped a towel around his neck as if to cover his thin upper body, but my discerning eye also saw that he was well put together, with sinewy muscles and an interesting basket. I liked the self-confident way in which he carried himself. He was skinny, all right, but he wasn't sunken-chested and nerd-like.

"Looks like you could use some meat on them bones." I said in a friendly tone when I saw him coming towards me.

"Oh, yeah?" he asked as his handsome features curled into an angry snarl. He grabbed his crotch lewdly, saying, "Well there's plenty of meat on this here bone, Fucker, and that's all the babes care about." Then he shook the handful at me defiantly.

Taking a big risk, and in one of those rare moments in my military career where I dropped my macho, straight-seeming, mask, I placed a hand on my waist, swished my hips, dropped my other hand in limp-wristed pretense, and minced suggestively, "Well, keep shaking that big thing at me, and maybe I'll care about it, too!"

His eyebrows shot up in surprise. The hand in his crotch went motionless but did not drop away. His mouth opened to say something, but nothing came out. He looked me up and down as if seeing me for the first time, letting his gaze linger provocatively on my own Speedo-covered crotch. His fist then began an instinctive massaging of the expanding tube hidden in his swimsuit.

I held the effeminate pose longer than I had intended. His reactions intrigued me. I had expected he might laugh, making light of my poor attempt at swishy effeminacy, but it was turning him on.

"Jesus, Jack!" he whispered, his voice filled with tension, "what if somebody came in here now?" We both knew we were alone in the locker room. "Don't fool around like this."

"I ain't fooling around," I admitted, with even greater risk.

His free hand went up to his mouth in surprise. His other hand continued toying with his hardening dick. "You mean you..." he stopped, not knowing how to continue. After a pause, and noticing that I calmly smiled at him, he said, "I've heard of men who..." Again he stopped.

"Who what?" I prompted. I looked down, boldly, at his expanding dick and noted with carnal pleasure that its outline was becoming substantial. It grew even larger as I stared. I looked back up into his eyes. He looked startled.

They..." he paused, "...they suck..." He stopped again.

"Sucking's nice," I whispered back, pleasantly.

"Do you suck?" he asked in hushed tones of both awe and arousal.

"I think I'd like to try," I replied coyly, stressing the word "try" as if I might not exactly know how to suck cock. It's always better to be discreet, I had learned, when attempting to seduce a young man. It does no good to boast about being the best cocksucker in town, even when it's the truth.

"Wow!" he said, softly.

"Wanna do it?" I asked, holding my breath.

"Where?" came his whispered, terse response. I felt triumphant! He had certainly not said "no."

"I don't know. A toilet booth?" I suggested.

"Let's go!" he agreed immediately, looking down at the growing reaction in my swimsuit as if to certify my interest. I followed him into the latrine. It was closed by a heavy, slow opening, and very squeaky, metal door. Six booths lined one wall and each had a partially opened, floor-to-ceiling door. Each door had a bolt lock. Privacy seemed assured by the design of the room.

It was my first time in one of these booths. Pete selected the end booth, furthest from the squeaky door. After I had followed him into it, had closed and was locking the door, I heard his voice catch as he asked, "What's that?"

I looked around and saw him pointing to a large hole. Above it was the classic sign SHOW HARD FOR BLOWJOB and a large, wide arrow curving down to the hole.

"Geez, it's a glory hole," I answered without thinking. I was surprised to find it here. After all, we were on an Army post. I squatted down and looked through to the next booth. I could see another glory hole on the opposite wall, and others down the line. The holes were exceptionally large, almost large enough to put my entire face through. I was delighted with the discovery.

"What's a glory hole, Jack?" From the tense, hesitant whisper, above me, I sensed he'd been able to figure that out for himself.

"It's for getting your cock sucked," I whispered into the hole, then I turned my head to look at him. His crotch was inches from my face. His hand was still fondling his now almost completely erect cock, which had so fully engorged that the swimsuit now appeared too tight. This was going to be a king-sized cock.

"You mean guys put their cocks through the hole?" he asked, naively. I found his attitude very exciting. My own cock was already pushing up above the waistband of my Speedos.

"Yeah, you sure do," I answered, "and if the guy on the other side's any good, you get a great blowjob."

"Geez!" he sighed softly. "Who'd be on the other side?"

"I don't know, man, but one of these days it's gonna be me!"

"Wow" he repeated excitedly. He was ready. I could hear it. I reached up and slid my hand onto his inner thigh, a few inches beneath his balls. His reaction was to draw in his breath sharply and release his hold on his cock, while spreading his feet slightly further apart to secure his sexy stance. His flesh felt wonderful. Hot and firm and smooth. I reached out and untied the drawstring tucked inside his swimsuit just below his hairless navel. As I tugged the suit towards me, his erection stiffened and straightened up. The shaft appeared to be more than two inches wide. That's a big cock. The large cap of the glans continued to swell even larger now that it was unconfined. The flange at the base of the "Vee" I was staring at was better than a quarter of an inch wide on each side of the shaft, adding at least another half inch to the width. The tip of the cock reached his navel. That's a very big cock.

"Man, what a great looking cock," I whispered, looking up at him.

He smiled down at me with pride. "I told you I had meat on the bone!" he whispered, obviously pleased with my reaction.

"Meat!" I sighed as I pulled down his swimsuit. He wanted this, I realized, feeling a flash of earthy excitement surge throughout my whole being. And I wanted this, too. I wanted to suck this giant cock. It pulsated before my eyes. But I wanted to take my time, do it right, and enjoy every single moment of it.

I studied his naked frame, running my hands up onto his chest, rubbing his hardened nipples. He was skinny, it's true, but wiry and well muscled, with firm tones and responsive tissues. His flesh danced under my touch and, instinctively, he thrust out his groin at me. He wanted in. The awesome cock was highlighted by a patch of soft, light brown cockhair, and was set off by a hairless sac of two very fine looking balls. A real fistful! As I leaned towards the towering cock, it tensed and a droplet of clear liquid oozed out of the slit at the top and gleamed in the soft light of the toilet booth. When I slid a hand onto his scrotum and wrapped my fist around those big balls, the droplet doubled in size and began to slide towards me. My tongue stretched out as if magnetized by it. Contact! The heat of his cockhead was exquisite; the taste of the clear liquid sheer ambrosia. I sucked at the slit as though kissing it and drew a large quantity of fluid into my mouth. I was in heaven!

My lips parted and the fat cockhead slipped into me, filling my mouth and stretching my lips. Its large size delighted me. My tongue lapped at the "Vee" while the roof of my mouth felt sensual pressure from the firm but pliant fleshy cockknob.

He grunted, tugged back a bit, then humped forward. It felt good to both of us so he did it again. And again! And again! He wanted that big cock planted deep in me, so I relaxed and worked with him to help him shove it down my overjoyed throat. We worked together well, tugging and jabbing, bobbing and sucking, as that big tool plowed a deep downward path towards my stomach.

He began panting. "Oh, God! Jack! Look!" he sighed between jabs. "It's goin' in all the way! Oh, shit! Look at that! You're goin' down on it. Man, you've got it down to the bone!"

And I did. My forehead was flattened against his tight abdominal muscles and my nose was firmly pressed against pubic bone, scratched by the soft patch of hair. My lips were stretched to their absolute maximum around the fantastically huge base of that wonderful cock. Watching my decent on that weapon, as my mouth neared his balls, was an extreme pleasure for both of us.

Then I did what I do best. I gave him an astoundingly good, deep-throating blowjob the likes of which he had not known was possible. He'd say things like, "Oh, God, that feels good," or "Fuck! Look at you go down on my dick," or "Man, you're sucking so good," and raise the level of our mutual pleasure. I never wanted it to end. But, all too soon, Pete clasped his hands together behind my neck and began really humping that big dick into me, a guttural grunt escaping from his lips from moment to moment, and I felt the meaty dick turning to genuine steel.

"I'm gonna blast off, man," he whispered excitedly. "Can you take it?" he asked, though, at such a fevered pitch, I doubt he'd have been able to pay any attention to an objection. I hummed onto the big tube, vibrating my agreement to him erotically.

"Oh, man, then take it! Here! Here... It... Comes!" And he stiffened from head to toe, gave a final thrust, and came in me. Deep, deep in me!

At the second blast, just as I was trying to rise up the cock shaft simply to catch some cum in my mouth, we heard that squeaky door open. I believe Pete though I was trying to desert him in mid-orgasm so he held on even tighter. I fucking loved it!

I heard the door of the booth next to ours close. Someone had entered it very quietly. The guy was probably bare-footed, like we were. I didn't hear him moving, but I did hear him gasp as he saw me giving head to a naked man. "Oh! Man!" he whispered huskily through the glory hole, "What a sexy fuckin' sight!"

Pete just kept cumming. And cumming! And cumming! He told me later that it was the best orgasm of his life. Jacking off simply had never been that good for him. And, then, too, knowing another man was watching had added to his excitement.

Finally, I was able to pull up to the cockhead. Some oozing remnants of the orgasm were still available to my taste buds. Pete's cum was delicious. I kept sucking the dry tube till Pete tugged back and whispered, "Enough. Enough!" I knew what he meant. It had been awesome!

As I backed away from Pete slightly, releasing his cock, he gave a small gasp. I glanced up at him to see that he was looking to my right. I turned slightly and there, right next to me, was a stiff erection standing tall through the glory hole. It pulsed, waiting for attention, looking great.

"You wanna try?" I asked Pete softly. His eyes widened with interest, but he shook his head slightly, declining the sexy invitation. He sat down on the commode, leaning forwards, towards me, to study the cock. It was better than average-sized, cut, clean, colorful and vibrant.

"Com'on, suck it!" came the quiet plea from the next booth.

"Be a shame to let it go to waste, don't you think?" I asked Pete. He nodded, than grinned at me. "Do it, man," he encouraged, "I'd really like to watch you suck that big thing."

I wanted the encouragement, but I didn't need it to know I was going to suck this second cock. I slipped my mouth over the cockhead and drew it in. Sucking cock in front of Pete, like this, put our relationship into an interesting perspective. He would realize I enjoyed sucking cock but that it put no constraint on him to reciprocate, feel obliged, or think that an emotional tie had been forged between us. He'd had a blowjob, and a good one at that, but it was no big deal. Later, Pete told me that's close to what he felt when he saw this big cock sliding into my mouth until I was pressed against the wooden partition. He also told me that watching the cock disappear, like this, was the most erotic thing he'd ever witnessed.

This second cock was easy to handle. Semen from Pete's orgasm made everything nice and slippery for us, and deep-throating the only slightly smaller cock was a breeze. Quickly, we fell into a rhythm of thrusts and parries, grunts and groans, slurps and sucking sounds that made me vibrate with passion. The fucker on the other side of the wall sure knew how to pump cock into a hot mouth for maximum mutual pleasure, and was verbal about his enjoyment, saying things like, "Yeah, suck my fuckin' dick, man!" and "Ooh, what a fuckin' cocksucker!"

Pete's nose was an inch from mine as he watched the action up close. Real close! The depth of penetration fascinated him. As a further thrill for him, when my partner began noisily to spray cum into me, I backed off completely holding the cock with two fingers and let a couple spurts of jism fly into my mouth so Pete could watch. Then I sucked the big boner back in and worked on it till the guy begged for release.

"Wow!" Pete whispered excitedly.

"Man, that was fuckin' terrific!" the guy said. He had crouched down and was looking at us through the glory hole.

"Yeah, fuckin' A," I agreed, using a term I felt he'd appreciate.

"Either of you two need some head?" he asked casually.

I glanced at Pete. He looked startled. I grinned. "I do," I said to Pete. His eyes popped open wide!

I stood up and shucked my Speedos. My cock had been hard so long it ached, leaking sticky fluid like a faucet. Pete was still sitting, leaning forward, so my cock was inches from his eyes. It was also inches from the glory hole.

"Shove it through, man," came the demand from the other side.

I looked down at Pete. He was studying my big cock with great interest. It was a match for his own. "What should I do?" I asked quietly.

He glanced up at me furtively. "Wanna try it yourself?" I asked. I could see him debating with himself, but he shook his head and said, "Naw, not this time. Let him have some fun." He nodded towards the hole. But I also saw that his cock was re-inflating to an angry red, conspicuous stage and he began massaging it. He was enjoying himself as he watched the action.

I slid a hand into my crotch and pressed down on the base of my cock, aiming it at Pete and almost hitting him on the nose with it. For a moment, it was pointed at him, motionless. Then, I slowly shifted my hips and aimed the cockhead into the glory hole. Before the glans was completely through the hole, I felt the hot tongue and wet lips of my horny counterpart engulf the swollen organ. The contact was perfect. The guy knew what he was doing. Slowly, more and more cock was fed through to him and he took it all without a whimper. Pete kept making strange guttural sounds as he watched it disappearing into the hole.

Finally, I leaned back so we could both see that my entire cock and my balls, too, were completely through the hole. I didn't need to tug back, because the guy had begun truly heroic suction, but I did tug back for Pete's sake, so he could see as much of the action as possible. The incredible suction, coupled with the strength of my own arousal after having sucked two great cocks, brought me, quickly enough, to that incredible level of sexual fervor I recognized as the blast off point.

"Oh, fuck!" I grunted, "I'm gonna come, now!" I soared into ecstasy as my partner continued sucking for all he was worth. He started swallowing my heavy spurts of jism as quickly as I hosed them into him. He was good. As I was coming, I realized that Pete had slid a hand onto my ass and was massaging the hard cheeks affectionately, feeling them clutch and tense with each cum-shot. It was a heady moment for me. At the height of orgasm, I sensed Pete was letting me know we'd be making out together, often, like the horny eighteen-year-olds we both were.

"That was fuckin' terrific!" the sexy sucker confirmed enthusiastically when I was done, looking at us through the glory hole. "Geez, you guys are both terrific," he said with a seductive smile. "I hope to see you both here again real soon."

"Is it safe?" Pete asked quietly.

"Safer than most other places around," our new friend informed us with a happy grin, "and I've been 'coming' here for over a year."

"That's great!" I said enthusiastically.

"Well, yeah," he agreed rather half-heartedly, "it's just that there's never really much action in here. Usually, I just come here to jack off alone because it's so private, to tell you the truth. You're the best cocksucker I've ever encountered. There just don't seem to be too many of us willing to risk it."

"Well, we'll be around for a few months, anyway," Pete suddenly volunteered, surprising me.

"Great!" the guy said enthusiastically, and he thrust his hand in through the glory hole. "George," he said. He was introducing himself to us. I grinned, grabbed his hand firmly, and shook it saying, "Jack." As soon as I let go, Pete shook it and said, "I'm Pete." Maybe he wasn't ready to suck cock, yet, but he didn't want to be left out.

"See you guys around," George said with a grin, and he got up and left the booth, wrapping a towel around his naked frame as he moved. We heard the squeaky door as he went out.

"Wow!" Pete said with a giggle. "This has been fucking fantastic. I never knew this kind of thing happened so casually."

I gave him a look as if to say, So what else is new? Then I said, "I guess it doesn't happen so casually, really. If George is right, and this place is usually quiet, we've been lucky today." I was kneeling between his outstretched thighs, looking up at him towering over me. I was rubbing his outer thighs affectionately. He started to say, "I guess you're right..." when we heard the noisy door screech open, again. Pete looked astonished. I put an index finger to my lips, silencing us both.

To my delight, the new man moved directly into the booth next to ours. Think about it. With six booths in a row to choose from and with only our door closed, it is highly unlikely the guy selected the next booth just to be neighborly. No. He knew the score, I was certain of it. He wanted some action, too.

As he closed and bolted the door, I saw he was a large, naked, athletic-looking man with a meaty, muscular ass. He slowly turned towards our glory hole and I saw he already had a developing erection. It was another beauty, with big balls in a tight sac! This guy was here with a purpose. He didn't sit down on the commode to scout the territory, nor even lean down to look through the glory hole to see who was there. He fisted his cock, which grew rapidly to complete rigidity. He was ready.

I winked at Pete as I put a beckoning finger to the hole. The response was instantaneous. The guy slapped his hot cock against my finger almost as soon as it arrived at the rim of the hole, and then pushed the whole cock through. I let it stand there, quivering with lust, allowing Pete to get a good look at.

I opened both hands, palms up, one behind the other, pantomiming my offer of the cock to Pete. This time he licked his lips, considering it, but he shook his head nervously.

"Suck it!" a voice demanded huskily. I couldn't refuse. I didn't want to refuse. With Pete's nose once again right up next to mine, I went down on another tasty morsel of big man-meat. I was well aware of the excitement sucking this cock produced for the three of us, and Pete's close observation motivated me to make the best possible job of it.

This time, I bobbed up and down on the big dick, as it stayed pressed firmly through the glory hole. Pete was even better able to study my method of deep-throating cocksucking. I made it look effortless and enjoyable, because that's exactly what it was. And I was good at it.

Before too long, the guy in the next booth was tugging and jabbing energetically, making grunting sounds we could both hear. But, then, we also heard that squeaky door. Someone else was entering the big latrine. I wondered, momentarily, if my partner would withdraw his cock, but he just kept on pumping it into me. He was too near climax to stop now.

"Christ!" Pete whispered in my ear as he watched the big tube expand and anticipated another orgasm. He also seemed to be commenting on the new visitor to the toilet. I figured the guy had taken the next booth in line. If he had, he was now able to watch the clutching ass of the muscular fucker who was pounding cock down my throat. I heard a catch of breath from over there, but the guy did not call out to protest what he saw going on. That alone is a good sign.

"Take it!" my partner said, rather loudly, as if he realized, too, that he was being watched from behind and was giving the onlooker something extra to think about. And with that, he came. Overwhelmingly! One of those loads that must have been building for days. He just came and came and came.

Mid-way through the lengthy orgasm, Pete sighed, "Geez!" I kept sucking and swallowing. The cock kept spewing its tasty load. Finally, though, the guy was done. Unceremoniously, he tugged his cock free and left while my lips were still planted in the glory hole. I clearly heard a gasp from that third booth but saw only a blur as the guy moved away towards the door.

After the squeaky door had sung its melody, I heard one booth door open and then saw the door to the one next to ours open, close and lock. I watched a slim, young, naked body move to stand in front of the glory hole. A meaty tube was pointed at the floor, but was already well into those initial stages of erection which make cocks look so good. So inviting. So suckable! I quickly glanced at Pete, our noses almost rubbing as I turned. "Look's like another great chance, man," I whispered.

Suddenly, I heard a whisper at my ear. "Fuck, dere's two a youse!" the new boy sputtered with an accent that pegged him as a fellow New Yorker. I turned to look at him. He was really cute. The kind of guy you'd strike up a conversation with if you met him in any bar.

"We're takin' turns," I said with a grin, by way of explanation.

"Wow!" he said excitedly, "Gettin' much action?"

"It's almost more than one guy can handle," I replied, stressing "almost" so Pete wouldn't feel I was trying to pressure him.

"Hope youse can handle dis," and with that he stood and thrust a stiff erection through the glory hole and let it stand there throbbing as both Pete and I looked at it in surprise. It was another breath-taker. Much larger than I had expected from the brief glimpse I'd gotten of it before it fully engorged. It struck me as a typical, horny, teen-aged, military cock: hot, hard, cut, clean, ready, willing and waiting. There was no conscience behind this cock, I realized, just the desire to blast off, with no reciprocation. That was fine with me.

I wanted to suck this cock, but I gave Pete one last chance. When he hesitatingly said, "I... I... I can't," and looked forlorn, I knew it was just a matter of time, but I was not going to push him into it, nor waste further valuable time. I turned and slid my mouth down over the big cockhead.

"Yeah! Dat's it!" the boy-soldier hissed with pleasure. "Suck my big dick!" Pete sucked in his breath and sighed, "Wow!" for the umpteenth time.

There was something of an animal magnetism about this new cock. Its young virtuoso seemed delightfully open and playful about getting a blowjob. He jabbed, pulled back, shifted his hips, slowed down, sped up, and, in general, demonstrated a keen appreciation for good cocksucking. He wasn't hurrying to shoot his wad, so I figured he was like me, keeping everything in fine tune with frequent masturbation, but fully able to enjoy energetic sexual trysts, like this one, to absolutely blissful levels.

He pumped and thumped against the wooden partition and put on a great show of sexual vigor. Inevitably, though, it got too much for him. His thrusting cock got harder and stiffer, while his jabs became shorter and more urgent, and even Pete knew he was about to come. But he didn't come without letting us know beforehand. Carried away, and probably deafened by orgasmic elation overtaking his senses, he damn near shouted, "I'm gonna blast, youse guys! Suck dat cock! Drink down my juice."

I liked the sexy utterances, and wondered what Pete thought of them. I was only slightly concerned that his shouting would attract unwanted attention. I had not heard even a hint of noise from outside the room or from outside the building, so I had another good feeling that this place was really secure and felt confident no one would overhear his outcries.

Drinking down his cum was fantastic. I held the cockhead in my mouth and he energetically spurted jet after jet into me, forcing me to swallow often. It was a hearty load. When he leaned down, after tugging back his spent cock, he smiled pleasantly and said, "See youse at da pool." And he left.

"Man, that was really arousing!" Pete whispered huskily. He was still playing with himself. I wanted to sink down and suck him off again, but I thought I detected an unusual time-frame for the squeaky door to open and close, as if it were being held open politely to allow someone else to pass through. Again, I put a finger to my lips and motioned for silence.

Sure enough, the door to the next booth opened and quickly closed and was locked. Without fanfare, another erection was thrust through the glory hole at us. I glanced at Pete. He looked bewildered. The rapid succession of horny young men must surely have astonished him. Shit, it was a surprise for me, too! I was even losing count. I had chanced upon a few glory holes before, mostly while traveling by bus, but had at best given a blowjob or two and been sucked off myself, if I hadn't jacked off first, before I got scared or sated and took off. This, though, had become something completely different. It was turning into some kind of marathon of sex. We all knew it was dangerous. That's for sure. The Army doesn't sanction this kind of thing. But danger is an aphrodisiac, stimulating young men to quick climax, so these individual trysts took little time, and, to be honest, little effort on my part. I was hoping it could continue all afternoon.

Politely, though, I asked Pete if he'd like to try this one, but he grinned and refused, again encouraging me to go for it. Further delay was pointless. I plunged down onto the nice thick cock throbbing before me and began sucking with wild abandon. The guy groaned with pleasure, jabbing his hips at me, hitting my chin with his balls. I loved it! Low-hanging balls thudding softly against my chin always give me tremendous pleasure. Usually they imply, however, that a quick orgasm is not in the cards, signaling recent, or fairly recent, ejaculation. But I was unconcerned. I was doing what I love doing and wasn't worried about how long it might take to bring the guy off.

He was another great face-fucker enjoying himself. He varied the speed, tried different angles, teased me by pulling way back, and delighted me by forcing his entire groin into the hole, always jarring himself against the wooden wall and thudding me with those nice balls. I found myself getting re-aroused, really hot, by these sexy antics. My arousal re-ignited an enthusiasm that translated to such skilled sucking that my partner couldn't ignore it. He was getting hotter and hotter, and suddenly, with no warning, he started blasting off in my mouth. I almost choked (but I never waste cum.)

Pete knew what was happening. When I had a chance to glance over at his crotch, I saw that he continued to jack off slowly as he watched the action. It gradually dawned on me that Pete was a potent sex-machine himself.

Upon coming, this playful lad lost all interest, grabbed his towel and left without a word. I wondered if it was the last time that I'd be hearing that squeaky door music today.

I stood up and stretched, getting circulation back into my legs, preening for Pete with my big erection waving around in front of his face. He seemed to be fascinated by it as he jacked off. I spread my feet and shifted my hips forward, offering myself to him silently. He licked his lips. I knew what he was thinking. He was inches from my crotch, now, still leaning towards the glory hole but staring at my body, at my cock.

"I think I'd like to try it, Jack," he whispered huskily. "I didn't want to suck strangers, or in front of strangers. I do want to suck your cock. But, I don't want you to get all excited and choke me, and I don't think I want you to come in my mouth."

"Play with it," I said quietly, soothingly. He reached up and encircled my cock with his strong hand. He seemed to enjoy touching it. I felt him tug it down and pump it experimentally.

"Suck on it a bit, if you feel like it," I whispered, encouragingly. "I'd like that. I won't push it at you. You can stop anytime you like. I promise I'll warn you if I'm getting close to shooting off. You'll have plenty of time to take it out of your mouth. You can trust me..."

Before I had finished, his tongue came out and he lapped at the head of my cock. His tongue was rather dry from nervousness and seemed scratchier and more ticklish than most tongues I'd felt on my cockhead. It caused a marvelous reaction in my gut and pre-cum began oozing. He saw it and lapped it up. Its taste and lubrication seemed to relax him and he opened his mouth and slid it over the entire glans. He held it in his mouth for a moment.

It can't express how overwhelmingly sensational watching him take my cockhead into his virginal mouth made me feel. I knew - I could feel - that it was the first time he'd done this. He was doing it because he wanted to, not because of pressure from me. I always leak volumes of pre-cum when excited, and this time was no exception. I know he felt the seepage into his dry mouth because he suddenly swallowed, causing terrific suction on my cockhead.

I groaned with pleasure, instinctively wanting to shove cock into him. But I kept my word and simply stood there looking down on him as he made love to a cock for the first time. His tongue took tentative swipes at the glans as his hand continued to work the skin up and down the shaft of my increasingly super-stiff erection. I was getting surprisingly hot. Hotter than I ever expected after already having had an orgasm. But another element had come along to add to my arousal - I felt I was falling in love with Pete. "OH!" I groaned aloud as that thought struck me.

Pete looked up at me, my cockhead still in his mouth. He looked so innocent and boyish, and yet so lascivious and manly, all at the same time. As he looked up, his other hand wrapped itself around my balls and he tugged lightly. My eyes closed with passion.

"Am I doing it right, Jack?" he asked in a whisper.

I opened my eyes. What a sight! My big, wet cockhead was right next to his cheek as he looked up at me with a trusting, loving expression. His hands were fondling me and I could see his own throbbing erection below testifying to his enjoyment of this sexual experience.

"Perfect!" I sighed. "It feels so great, I'm afraid I may reach climax very quickly. I can't remember feeling so excited by anyone, before."

"Good," he said, quietly. "I've changed my mind, I want you to come in my mouth. I want your load. I want to swallow your cum, just like you swallowed mine." He smiled up at me lovingly while inserting my cockhead back into his mouth.

Emotions exploded throughout my whole being. Something much more than just sex was happening to me. The focus I'd had on technique and experience evaporated. The wild urge to fuck his face vanished, replaced by the desire to remain still and let him find his own level of pleasure with my body. Those thoughts so stimulated me, and the overwhelming desire to give him pleasure so electrified me, that I discovered I was almost at orgasm.

"Look out," I warned, softly.

Still pumping my cock and fondling my balls, he looked up into my eyes with my cockhead still in his mouth. The sight was too much. His expression told me he wanted me to come. Every muscle in my body seemed to spasm and to go stiff, yet without moving I unloaded a tremendous volume of cum into him. Shot after shot spurted out of me uncontrollably as we looked deeply into each other's eyes. He knew enough about men from his own masturbation to stop pumping my cock. He swallowed, without being told, when he felt his mouth fill and refill and fill again and again and again. Watching his expression of complete pleasure as I ejaculated into his mouth was awesome.

When it was over, when the feelings in my cockhead became too sensitive to bear the pressures of his light sucking any longer, I pulled back and leaned heavily against the booth door.

"Did I do okay, Jack," he wanted to know.

"Yes." I answered honestly. "You did great! Did you like it?"

"It made be very excited, again, see?" His cock was so wet with lubricant I thought he might have come.

"Want me to take care of it, again, for you?" I asked gently.

"Yeah, I want you to suck it."

"Stand up. Let me sit down this time." We quickly exchanged places, touching each other erotically was we moved. I took hold of his erection in the process and didn't let go.

"Feed it to me," I said grinning up at him.

"That's it, take my cock," he responded lightheartedly. "You know, I'm glad no one came in while I was doing that, Jack," he whispered seriously as he watched his cock disappear once again into my mouth.

"Ummm." I hummed on the cock, letting him know I understood.

"Yeah," he continued, "I wanted to suck your cock the minute I saw you, the first time we met. I knew I wanted yours to be my first cock. I didn't think I'd be able to get you to suck mine, though. Funny, isn't it? I'm glad it worked out so well."

I was dumbstruck. Here I was, sucking anything handy, and he had been daydreaming about how we could get it on together. Life is so full of surprises! Another surprise was the intense pleasure I was now experiencing sucking his cock. Although it was the second time, it really was like a first time - I was making love to it, to him, rubbing his balls, rolling his nipples between my fingers, playing with his ass, doing all the little loving things I never found much use for before. It was a new experience for me. It was wonderful! His pleasure was all I cared about, now.

He sensed the change and began working with me, telling me what he liked and how he wanted me to tug this or rub that. It raised the encounter to real lovemaking. I did what he asked, and more, playing him like a musical instrument till he was vibrating from tip to toe. I knew what to do to raise him up and hold him there for an incredibly long time. When he finally came, he sobbed with excitement and release, filling me with his love juice. It was exceptionally moving for me and is among my most vividly memorable cocksucking experiences.

When it was over, I stood and we embraced, hugging one another for the longest time as we caught our breath and wound down from such lofty heights of passion. The spell was finally broken with the whining of that squeaky door. We broke apart as someone entered the next booth and squatted down at the glory hole. It was George!

"You two fuckers still at it?" he asked with a laugh. "Look, the cold pool water and the hot shower got me all worked up, again. Feel like takin' care of this for me, now?" With that, he slowly rose. As his chest passed the hole, I saw that his nipples were hard and pointed, dripping water. His body was wet and the cock and balls he presented through the hole were dripping with clear water and looking delicious.

"Geez, I don't know," I whispered to Pete as I sat back down on the commode. "It's a terrific cock, a real mouth-filler, but I think I need to rest for a while." That wasn't exactly true. Gorge's sexy invitation and my clear memory of his great cock were enough to rev my engines back up to full purr, but I wanted to give Pete a reason for helping out, if he dared.

"Let me try, Jack," he offered. Without waiting for a reply, he knelt down at my feet, facing the glory hole and the rising cock, and glanced at me for approval.

"Yeah, do it," I said encouragingly, fully understanding the improbability of a monogamous relationship in our military situation, and so I watched, with an honest feeling of loss for the emotions of a few moments ago, as Pete carefully eased George's cockhead into his mouth.

But as I watched, Pete worked to improve his inexperienced actions, obviously trying to put into practice some of the things he'd spent time watching me do. George was generous in his compliments, as if he understood what was really happening here, and worked with Pete to improve their pleasure. George was in no hurry to come and seemed to enjoy getting Pete to exert more effort; Pete seemed to feel this was a great time to work on improvement.

I tried to relax while watching them, but, damn, it was so exciting that it got to me. I saw George's cock get super-engorged, and Pete was jacking himself off as he sucked cock. They were both having a wonderful time. I looked down to find my own cock in my hand, and I was jacking off right along with Pete. It was amazingly stimulating. Bit by bit, millimeter by millimeter, Pete was deep-throating George without choking. He was bobbing on the long shaft, and George was rocking back and forth helping the effort, and towards the end the effect was electrifying.

"Man, that looks so sexy," I said hoarsely, overcome with emotion. "Sucking his cock. Pumping away on your own. Me, pumping on mine, too. This is great!"

"Yeah, man, this is exciting," George agreed quietly, "and I'm about to blast off. Can you handle it?"

I wondered what Pete would do, but he just kept up the hard work, getting better by the minute. Suddenly, I knew George was cumming. Pete was swallowing with some effort, but then I saw his own jism shoot out and splatter against the partition. It put me over the top. I joined the shoot out and began spraying jism all over Pete's side. He groaned with pleasure as he felt the contact and realized what it was.

George crouched back down after finishing and looked in. He started to chuckle. "You boys look zonked! Let's take a shower and go have a swim. We'll all feel better afterwards."

The three of us left that wonderful latrine together. It had been one hell of a session! Yet I was surprised to see by the clock that it was still early afternoon. Believe me, I've learned that it takes less time to perform sex acts than to read about them. I figured we'd be back in those booths once more before the day was over. For one thing, George had come only twice and looked like he was capable of a whole lot more.

As for Pete, well, I never thought of him as skinny again.


Jack Sofelot


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