Alvin and Brian were determined to bury their throbbing hard-ons into some tight innocent cunt or arse this evening, no matter what. 'I just have to empty my bollocks tonight,' said Alvin He was used to shooting his load every couple of day's minimum. With neither them having had a shag for over a week now, Alvin's bollocks felt they were fit to burst. This was the longest time he had been without a good shag since fleeing Kingston, Jamaica after that unfortunate business with the police officer's 18 year old daughter. That night had been so promising, Her ebony body shining in the moonlight, those tiny perfect tits pointing sky wards, His tongue circling those gorgeous nipples.

Why had that FUCKING Bitch tried to close her tiny arsehole from him the Stupid cow! It would be a long time before she tried that again!. It had been a simple matter to render her resistance futile. Once the rope had restrained her it was easy for his cock to rip open that hot little tunnel. While he managed time to finish the invasion of ramming his cock repeatedly into her tiny arse, and shooting huge gobs of spunk deep into her rectum. He realised her screams would have been heard by others ½ a mile away. Specially once he saw the advancing torch lights from the search parties fanning out into the Jungle. So necessitating his flight across the island then aboard a steamer to the UK.

Alvin and his crime companion Brian, had been wandering the woods now for over 2 hours without seeing a soul. 'We stand no chance here' growled Brian irritably; 'I told you we should have been along that main path, there's no one going to be here, it's much too isolated'. He had no sooner stated this than around a hundred yards or so ahead of them a figure appeared walking towards them and illuminated as it crossed a patch of brilliant moonlight. 'Quick lets have this one' he whispered. 'Get behind these bushes, we can grab them'. Crouching down the two watched as their unsuspecting victim slowly drew nearer. Their excitement mounted as their intended victim got closer, Alvin hoarsely whispered, 'it's a girl' As she got nearer they could see by the bright moonlight, she was very slim around 5 foot 6' with stockinged legs and a ridiculously short black and pleated skirt, fringing her creamy white upper thighs. A white blouse and cascading long blond hair draped across her shoulders completed the sexy vision.

The victim was opposite! Alvin and Brian rushed out of their cover. Brian gripping the girl round the waist, flung her to the ground as she screeched in terror. Alvin sat his 6.6 foot frame on the person's back, pinning her face down, meanwhile Brian had pulled a piece of rope from his backpack and quickly bound the person's wrists together behind her back. Yanking the head backward by her hair. Brian slapped a length of gaffer tape over the mouth, stifling the continuing cries of fear and terror from their victim. Then, dragging the body to its feet, the 2 stumbled with their prisoner through the dense undergrowth.

Finally, bursting through bushes they came to their familiar play area. A small clearing, some 60 feet in diameter surrounded by tightly packed trees and bushes. In its centre, a huge oak tree, which had been laid sideways by a great storm some years previously. The massive waist high tree trunk with its myriad of bare roots and a few thick branches pointing skyward. These formed the perfect altars on which the evil pair were able to secure their sacrificial sex victims.

Shoving the captive across its huge trunk. The victim's handbag fell amongst the undergrowth spilling out its contents of papers and make up.

Brian removed the rope tying the girls wrists together, then the pair dragged her arms viciously out to each side. One wrist was stretched horizontally and firmly strapped to vertical thick root on one side, the other they strapped against a branch on the opposite side. The girl struggled violently, but with her arms immobilised there was little effect. Quickly moving to their victim's rear The two attackers tied lengths of rope round each of their struggling victim's slim ankles. Then with two quick and vicious yanks, each leg was pulled sideways, spreading her limbs wide apart. One they fixed to another of the roots, while her right leg and knee, they roped against a massive branch. With all her limbs now stretched tight, and her arse high in the air, any hope of escape was impossible. Through, in her blind terror she continued to vainly wriggle, but this only succeeded in tightening the rope knots and caused her bum to wave enticingly at waist level, high in the warm night air.

Now lets see what's in this bitches bag' growled Alvin picking up the fallen papers from her handbag to read them by the full moons bright light. 'Well, well' he exclaimed, 'this slut's a boy!

'Snapped Brian 'that don't matter. I don't care. Just one less hole' I know you don't either' he snarled, ' A mouth and arse is all we need' Their victim, who lay with his slim frame stretched tautly across the huge trunk and utterly exposed, struggled violently hearing their intentions. The ropes grazed his wrists and ankles painfully. But the frantic efforts of Chelsie achieved nothing. It was useless. He had been on his way to a 'Rocky Horror' party organised by school friends for his fourteenth birthday. He had dressed his legs in gleaming black stockings which reflected in the bright moonlight also shone off his smooth white thighs, Short pleated skirt, a blouse and pair of his sisters tiny white knickers, while a lacy black suspender belt completed her outfit.

'Oh! Boy this is going to be one fantastic shagging. I just love it when the bitches struggle. The more they resist and thrash around the more interesting things get' he laughed. Their victim renewed the violent struggling, and a mumbling of terror escaped from his blocked mouth. Brian pulled out a knife and with a quick slice, cut off the knickers, then slit the skirt from hem to waist band, also ripped off her blouse, to leave Chelsie completely exposed! Her bodies only covering, a flimsy suspender belt and a pair of stockings. 'Now that looks better' he exclaimed, 'All ready for Use! This maybe a boy, BUT it's one hell of a bitch. Look at those nice tight little bum cheeks. And its a long time since I saw an arsehole that small. I'll bet its as tight as a drum.

You recon its a virgin? I'll bet it is, hairless body, arse cheeks to die for, a tiny cock? This whore can't be much more than 18, or 19.

'She is tall for her age said Alvin reminds me of that pigs kid back in Jamaica. Now that was maybe the best fuck I ever had. Boy did she scream when I introduced her to my hot length.

You told us about that youngster before, complained Brian. Come on lets get cracking with this bitch we have here and now. Warm her pretty little arse up and get the slut to know who owns her. Then we can stretch her hot little holes.

Your right of course Brian, said Alvin and immediately raised one black hand above his shoulder, and brought his huge palm violently down onto Chelsie's arse cheek with a loud crack! A pink hand-print instantly appeared across the skin. A muffled yelp came from behind the gag. Then again and again the hand descended, snap, Snap came the sounds. The speed of sounds doubled.

As Brian joining in, beat the other buttock, bringing his palm down repeatedly till both were gleaming a bright pink, and desperate sobs emanated from the young boy.

Eventually both tormentors were gasping for breath and paused from their exertions. Chelsie's face wet with streams of tears and racking sobs were the only sound now. Alvin unbuttoned and removed his shirt, then unzipping his fly, pulled off the belt and dropped his jeans, stepping out stark naked except for his trainers, his long thick black cock with its purple head pointing before him. Looking like some monstrous truncheon, its head pulsing and showing pearls of clear thick fluid oozing from its little mouth. Brian quickly followed suit; they both stood with their throbbing hard ons and stark naked behind their victim.

Wrapping the buckle end of the leather belts in clenched fists. Brian flailed his across the boys bare arse, leaving a broad red pulsing stripe of pain.

A muffled shriek issued from their victim. Alvin on the opposite side, also raised his arm, and bringing his belt down smartly, produced a new band of stinging pain to mingle with the first. Two, four, six, eight belt stripes rained down on the defenceless bum. On and on the blows continued. Bright red weal's now crisis-crossed Chelsea's arse, her back, in fact her whole body screamed out with pain and felt as if it was on fire, While the tiny arse ring throbbed and pulsed with the pain. Behind the gaffer tape her screams, tears and total terror deluged the victim's mind.

500 yards deeper in the woods Abdul, stirred in his sleep. Sheltering beneath the sheets of rusty corrugated iron with his two companions, What was the sound, which had wakened him? He nudged Terry and Gaz, 'Wake up, somutes appning' he hissed. 'Wats up' grumbled Gaz. 'Listen' said Abdul. Then it came again, a faint but muffled cracking noise; puzzled them both as they strained their ears. Abdul racked his brains at what was a vaguely familiar sound.

Climbing out of their little hovel, the trio brushed the grass and leaves from their raged clothes and hair. Standing, Abdul tried to judge the direction of the noises. But why were these sounds familiar? And why did they make his blood race and his massive Asian cock thicken and expand! Then the luscious memory came flooding back. The hot tight wetness circling his beautiful cock, her lips and tongue tasting him, the creamy white buttocks bouncing and jiggling under his blows, the muffled shrieks of pain as his leather snake whip circled her waist and cracked against her gorgeous arse. That tiny throbbing chocolate starfish of an arse. It had drawn his manhood so very deep within her. OH! FANTASTIC! He almost shouted, 'That vicious pair have got themselves another prize! Oh! Fucking Marvellous' he hissed 'It's our birthday mates' he declared. 'I know what's going on. 3 or 4 months ago it must be now, I heard these self same noises. These fellas, three of them, one a massive nigger built like a brick shit house he was, They had grabbed a right sexy looking white girl I recon she could not have been more than 18 or 19. They had ripped every stich off the slut, she was totally stark naked when I got there. They had her tied up and were beating and using a long leather whip on the whore. I hid behind the bushes and watched them at her.

After an age of this nigger whipping her, this black guy who had the biggest cock I have ever seen, it must have been 10 inches or even more, stopped and lay down on the grass. His massive cock was sticking straight up in the air, he said sumate to the other two, who picked the girl up between them, spread her arse cheeks, positioned her over it, then just dropped her onto that huge pole of his. Jamming that massive weapon straight up into her arse. She let out the most almighty scream. Then one knelt between her legs rammed his into her cunt, while the third squatted over her face and shoved his into her mouth.

Imagine that! There were over 2 foot of rampent throbbing cock slamming into that bitch. Any rate, I stayed watching them, then they tied her up again, and went off in search of some drinks. So as soon as they were well out of sight. I was randy as hell of course by this time, I nipped over lifted the bitch onto her hands and knees. I could see masses of spunk dripping out of her arsehole. I just hung on to her little tities and rammed my whole length straight up her nicely lubed arse. She squealed like a stuck pig again, even though I had stuffed her knickers in the mouth' 'You jammy bastard' both of Abdul's mates gasped. Any one would yell if they had that monster of yours shoved up them! And you think it's the same thing again? COME ON THEN QUICK! lets get over there'. 'Hang on' Abdul ordered 'gently, gently catchee monkey'. 'Ay? What the fuck you on about' snarled Terry. 'Think' replied Abdul, we creep over there good and quiet, suss out the situation first. Then wait for our opportunity'. With any luck, we can all get our ends away too 'Yer well, that makes sense' the pair agreed. Remember, I've watched these bastard at work and if we get nothing else it's a sight not to be missed. said Abdul. In any case I'm the boss here. so you two do as I say and NO argument, agreed? OK' they both signalled, 'Right come on then, and be real real! quiet mind'

Terry asked ' You said they had this girl all tied up, is that right? They did too' Abdul replied. 'You know I would just love to beat a girls arse with that cane I have, could I?' 'If we get the chance, I don't see why not' We may need? to PERSUADE! the slut, laughed Abdul. I'll bring me whip, we can share the work in getting some heat into the slag. Before we all ram the sluts holes.

'Come on' moaned Gaz 'never mind all this chat', lets get over there before I blow mine in me pants' Terry picked up his 4 foot length of thick rattan cane. Abdul grabed the plated leather coils of Mr Snake (as he called his whip) The excited group moved off stealthily towards the woodland sounds.

Back in the clearing Brian rested after his exertions 'OK I recon that will do, at lest for the moment! it must be warm enough by now' laughed Brian. My dick needs those lovely lips tight round it laughed Alvin. Right 'Brian give us yer knife, you get a real tight grip on this fucking whore's head and keep it dead still while I fuck it'. Gripping the end of the gaffer tape, Alvin ripped it off, placed the knife against his victims throat and with a deep snarl ordered, 'Open yer fucking mouth BITCH! Bite it and I'll slit yer fucking throat' Alvin's throbbing penis was shoved against the boys soft lips, It pushed them apart then surged on into the warm wet mouth, Oh! This is so good he mouthed. Pulling the member out he thumped the bell end against the victim's cheeks before plunging the saliva covered steaming cock back, deep into his victims mouth, then deeper, till the prick head thumped into the back of the throat. Oh! Come on mate, keep the whores head STILL, demanded Alvin, The boy's head was desperately being wrenched away from the violating intrusions. Brian's grip tightened and he painfuly twisted the ears keeping the face in position. Now the massive cock was repeatedly rammed into her face. His bollocks thumping against the chin at each injection. The pace of Alvin's fucking increased! Plunging in and out faster and faster till suddenly Chelsie felt the prick starting to swell and jets of spunk spurted into her throat, Once, Twice, Third and Forth time the thick liquid filling her mouth. It oozed out of the corners of her lips. Pinching her nose he shouted 'FUCKING BITCH! Swallow it' the thick salty liquid slid down her gullet. Then easing his shrinking cock from between the lips, Alvin slapped the gaffer tape back into position.

Alvin gasped 'My, that was good he exclaimed. Ok the Bitch is all yours Brian. Thanks mate' he replied 'but I'll wait a bit, I think the slut needs more warming up, Its has cooled! off some by now. I love to see those arses jiggle around' and retrieving his belt, started to lash his victim's buttocks and back, again and again. Alvin watched fascinated as the band of leather struck each cheek, making it jiggle and vibrate under the constant impacts. More and more bright red stripes began appearing across their sacrifice's buttocks. The blows were now raining down thick and fast, the only sound being a steady, whack, Whack, THWACK of leather on skin. A rising and constant moan of pain coming from their victim. As Abdul watched the erotic scene he absent-mindedly slowly started to stroke his cock, which began to grow thicken and stiffen.

Soon drops of thick clear liquid formed on its head. 'I'm going to fuck this bastards hot little tunnel' he snarled. 'Right you pull the bitches arse cheeks apart and I'll get my weapon into the whore. Once I'm well in her, you ram yours into her mouth, then we pull the slag backwards and forwards between us. Oh! A nice idea' laughed Brian' who digging his finger into the arse crack. He dragged the boy's bum cheeks apart exposing the tiny arsehole. Alvin slapped a big dollop of lube on the hole with even more onto his throbbing weapon and putting it's bulbous and pulsing head against the tiny entrance, pushed forward.

The hole slipped open to engulf its violator. The boy gave out a long muffled scream of pain as the huge cock was driven into his rectum He tried desperately to wriggle away, But Alvin dug his fingers into the victims hips and dragged the body slowly onto his pulsating and throbbing weapon, driving it ever deeper into the body, till with a mighty shove his upper thighs banged against its sore and bruised buttocks. Alvin then started a slow and steady in out movement, every now and again pulling his weapon completely out of the hole, only to violently ram it once more back in again to the hilt, causing more squeals of pain at the rapid intrusion. Brian meanwhile had ripped off the gaffer tape and gripping the boy's head by its hair or now and again by the ears, plunged his cock into the wet mouth till it finaly banged against the back of the throat.

The two of them started a rhythmic rocking of the body. First Alvin grasping the hips, with his nails digging into the skin, would ram the arse onto his cock forcing it as deep as he could. Then Brian would pull the body back again, forcing the boys lips along the full length of his prick till they were jammed against it's base, almost choking him.

Backward then Forward, the body was pulled. The 2 cocks ramming piston like, first into the tight little arse then the hot wet mouth.

Behind the plug of Brian's massive cock, their victims soundless screams of pain and horror, ceased only as his nostrils sucked in the life giving air.

To be continued.




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