A buddy

Carl, a buddy, that I blow everyweek or so gave me a call Sunday morning telling me to get over there and blow him... and that he might have a buddy for me towork on. Then I was a little disappointed because before I even left the house he called that he hadto cancel. But he’scool so I knew it wasn't intentional. He said Monday nightwould work though and that he'd giveme a call and let me know if his buddy could make it.

So Monday I finished up atwork and headed downtown for my karate lesson, on the way Carl gaveme a call to confirm that we were still on. Karate went fine then I rushed back out of town tomy buddy Carl's place, cursing about highway department and it's penchant for doing road workat the worst fucking times.

Anyway, I got to Carl’s place and run up thefour flights of stairs and knocked on the door. He answered in his standard t-shirt and underwear. He invitedme in and then ushered me into the living room and over to the couch where hisbud Paul was waiting.

Paul was fuckinghandsome, tanned and muscular. With a thick 8-incher that was already niceand hard from them watching some good porn whilethey waited.

I didn't waste anytime at all, pulling off my glasses and dropping down to my knees to worship that beautiful dick. Paul was rock hard the entire time I blew him. By bring him to the edge and then backing off, I wasable to blow him for over an hour.

Paul seemed to really like my deep throating him, becausehe'd start slowly pushing it into mythroat whenever I pushed deep onto him. My buddy Carljust sat back on the floor, watchingthe porn and us as the stud Paul lay back on the couch and enjoyed my mouth.

Plus Paul liked to put both his handson my head while he slowly pumped his thick cock inand out of my mouth.

I was pissed at myself at first,since I was a little out of breath from running up the stairs and had to keeptaking short breaks to catch my breath. But I finally caught my breath and wastaking it down as much as far as he wanted.  Though I definitely want to take himfor a minute or more... I had a little trouble so I knewI definitely had to work on my breath control a littlemore.

He was also completelyclean, so I obliged him with a good ass slurping too. Grabbing him behind the knees, I raised his legs up to where his knees werenear his ears, ass kinda up in the air. Face lowered, my tonguedarted down to his taint…that acutely sensitive skin between his balls and his ass. Then slidingmy tongue all the way down, I circled his puckered ass in excruciatingly slow, teasing circles.

Paulhad fucked several girls besides his wife and had evengotten blowjobsfrom a couple, but never had he felt such bliss. My supple tongue danced around his tight star making him moan, “Mmmmmmmmm,” and squirm with pleasure. Laughing, I stiffened my tongue and poked it rightpast his puckered sphincter. Then Istarted pumping it in and out, the same way that Paul wanted to fuck my mouth.

And boy did Paul like that. He actually mentioned thathe'd like someone munching his asswhile someone else sucked his cock. But Carl didn'ttake him up on it...at least this time.

Well, I was having a great time and Paul’s continuing erection told me that he thought Iwas doing a greatjob too.

FinallyPaul decidedto let me have his load, which started with me working his cock with some great slurping and very gently touching hisballs and the base of his dick with my fingers... and worked up to him fuckingmy mouth withhis hands on my head and me moaning as he finally grunted, “I’m cumming...Oh, God, I'm cummmmmming,” and pumped a nice tasty load into my mouth.

God damn I felt it all the way down as Paul kept pumping my throat until I gulped down every single drop of his cum.

Then Paul justlaidback and we all talked a little bit about other buds and making sure he got together with me again.

After he left my bud Carl and I talked for a little bit more, then I almost scared him when without any kind of warning I dove in, soto speak and yanked down and off his jockeys. Before he could react I ran my tongue downthe full length of his shaft and to his balls. My supple tongueflicked rapidly on his balls licking them all over and then I sucked theminto my mouth. Catching on moaned, “Oh yea lick them balls,” as he arched his back up towards me as I continued to worked his balls.

Then I worked my way back uphis shaft and ran my tongue over the head of his cock. Carl groaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” as I ran my tongue in his pee-hole to get a small drop of his pre-cum that was beadingup there. 

Then I slowly engulfed his cock into my mouth. And there I was, happily gobbling his hardcock. I was moaning, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” softlyand making wet slurping sounds as Ipumped mymouth up and down on his thick hard shaft. My handsdanced sensuously up his legs until theywere cradled his balls again. I wasn't just suck his cock. Because I wanted to give him a very extra special blowjob, I wasmaking a serious production of it. Iwas making these sexy little murmurs, like akid does when eating ice cream. As Istared up at Carl’s face, I chewed the head of hiscock with my lips. Most guys had only seen blowjobs like this in really good porno.

I started sucking slow and methodical, workingcocksohe would get themaximum of pleasure out of it and last as long as possible. He leaned againstthe backof the couch and scootedhis butt forward so I could keep his cock in my mouth. My awesome sloworal talent lasted another 5-minutes but now I sensed that Carl was getting anxious.

The room was filled with slurpingsounds as I picked up the pace, my head bobbing up and down faster andfaster.

"Oh god, here it comes, oh god I'm going to cum," Carl moaned almost painfullyas he reached down with one hand to hold my head in place.

“Ugh,ugh, uuuugh,” he wailed as he shot load after load of his thick salty cum down my throat.

When he let go of my head I continued tolick and suck his cock up and down.

I’d made sure he cummed hard enough to see somestars as thanks forintroducing me to a cock like Paul’s. Not that his dick wasn't sweet too.

It was a great Monday. I ended up with two hotloads of cum instead of the one I expected and now I was driving homewith a cum sucker's high.

Damnit's good to have buddies that appreciate you.

The end...



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