John had been trying to talk me into joining the gym with him for ages. I was always very slim and healthy but he wanted me to try bulking up. 

After having enough of his nagging, I decided to talk to him about it. I told him that I would feel uncomfortable in front of all the muscle bound guys that use the gym. John suggested that we use the latest night gym as it was always quiet. 

I gave in and agreed that I would try it at least once. 

My brother has always been able to get me to do what he wanted. I fell for it even more after falling in love with him. It was starting to feel like a real relationship. We were fucking, cuddling and and all the other things that couples do. 

So the night came and we were getting ready for the gym. We were getting changed in the bedroom, into some work out clothes. I pulled on some sweatpants, thinking that I'd stay as covered as I could. 

"There is no way I'm letting you wear them." John said with a slight giggle. 

"What's wrong with them?" I asked, throwing him a scowl. 

"Wear shorts instead baby." He ordered. 

"I don't have any shorts." I said, knowing that I had some hiding in the drawers. 

"Here, wear these then." He said as he threw a pair of his shorts at me. 

I pulled my sweatpants back down and put them on the bed. I was about to put the shorts on when I heard him sigh from behind me. With my back to him, I rolled my eyes. 

"Now what!" I snapped at him. 

"Take those boxers off." He said, with a cocky tone. 

I had given in by now, knowing that I would never get my way. I pulled down my tight white boxers and put them on top of my sweats. 

"You happy now?" I asked as I turned to face him. 

On turning round I saw that he was also naked and was about to put his shorts on. Seeing his toned ass and amazing body gave me a semi. Which of course he had to notice. He looked me up and down and just smiled. 

I turned back away from him, knowing that if I looked at him any more, I'd get fully hard. I pulled the shorts on and put a vest on that I used for running. When I turned back to face John, he was just putting his tank top on. It clung to his torso, showing off his big chest and his amazing six pack. 

Once we were ready, we went out to the car. John drove and I sat in the passenger seat with my hand holding his naked thigh. We were in the car for about half of an hour before we got to the gym. John pulled into a parking space near the entrance and shut off the engine. 

My sight was fixed on the huge building in front of us. I jumped a little when I felt John's hand gently connect with my cheek. He turned my head to face him, leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my lips. 

"You ready baby?" He asked with a loving tone. 

"I think so." I answered, a little worried about people seeing me. 

I must admit, I thought I was a good-looking guy but my skinny legs were on show, something I've always hated.

John must of known what I was thinking. He looked me in the eye and smiled. 

"You are beautiful baby." He said. 

I don't know why but that instantly put me at ease. The fact that he knew what to say just showed how far we had come. We were far beyond just brothers now, we were lovers too. 

"Come on then." John said opening the door and stepping down out of the car. 

I glance over the car park as I got out of the car. There was only three other cars there, which was a good sign. I followed John up some steps and into the entrance. 

Inside the building, I continued to follow John down a corridor. I watched his butt as he walked up some more steps I was so horny that my cock began to grow again. I looked away from him the rest of the way, making my cock behave. 

After a couple more flights of stairs we met the door to the gym. John pushed the door open and held it open for me to walk in. 

"Wait here for a second baby." John whispered. 

I waited near the door and glanced around the room. The gym was huge, it seemed to just keep going. Down one side, there was treadmills, exercise bikes and other cardio equipment the other side of the room had all the weight machines most of which looked like torture racks. 

I looked back toward John to see him walking back toward me. He had a big smile on his face and was holding two blue towels. Back in front of me, he passed me one of the towels. 

"Follow me bro." He said. 

He obviously thought that calling me bro would hide the relationship that we have.

I followed behind him as he lead me over to the treadmills. 

"Get on then bro." He said 

I stepped onto the machine and placed my towel over the bar at the front. John started pressing buttons the treadmill started. 

"I'm going to start you slow so you can warm up properly." He said. 

"Ok." I said, 

He had only ser me at a brisk walking pace. I run every day so I knew this was going to be easy. 

I smiled as John got onto the treadmill next to mine. His machine started at the same speed as he had set mine. 

I could see the whole gym from where I was. There was only one other person working out. He was on the weight machine in the corner. I couldn't help but watch as he flexed. He looked a lot bigger then John but too big for my taste. There was also a couple of staff at a desk at the back of the room. 

"Speed it up a little." John ordered. 

I knew that John was stronger then me, so he would show me up on the weights. I was a much better runner then him.  The treadmill was my only chance of coming out on top. I increased the speed on the machine to a running pace. 

"You challenging me bro?" John asked.

"Only if you are up to it old man." I said with a sly grin. 

"Cheeky fucker." He snapped with a beautiful smile. 

He turned up the speed, to match my pace. I ran at the same pace for a couple of minutes before increasing the speed further. I was now running at full speed. John watched as I ran with the purpose of beating him. John matched me once again but was clearly struggling. After just five minutes at the top speed he hit the stop button. 

"You win, you fucker." He said while stepping off the treadmill. 

I was still running comfortably but guessed that as I'd won, I should do something else. 

"What now?" I asked as I stopped the machine. 

"We'll do weights so I can show you up" he said with a joking tone. 

I sat on a chair facing the weights, watching John lift them. He was laid on the bench with his legs open, lifting the bar and lowering it to his chest. 

From my seat I had an amazing view. His shorts gathered around his crotch, showing off his big cock. He was still coated in sweat from the run. The moisture had face and arms glistening. My cock started to twitch watching his big arms flex and relax. 

I snapped out of my daydream when John slammed the weight bar back into its stand. 

"Your turn baby." He said. Clearly a slip up because he looked around to see if anyone had heard him. 

"I can't lift that." I said with panic. 

John went back to the machine and took some of the weights off the ends of the bar. I laid on the bench and lifted the bar. It felt very heavy but I continued to lower and lift the bar. I knew that John had left it that heavy to prove a point. After a few reps, John tapped my thigh. 

"Stop for a minute." He said. 

I looked at him wondering what he was doing. He had a wonderful smile on his face. I thought that I had impressed him but that's not why he stopped me. He leaned toward. 

"Baby, you are really showing off that boner." He said.

I was so fixed on lifting the weights that I hadn't noticed that I was still hard from watching John. John was looking around to see if anyone else had noticed, it didn't seem that they had. 

"Come into the locker room with me." John whispered. 

I grabbed my towel and held it, covering my rod. We walked through the length of the room and through a door leading to a changing room. 

Once in the room, John took me by the hand and lead me to the benches in the middle of the room. 

"Sit there baby." He ordered. 

John had a quick look around the room, making sure that we were alone. He came back over to me and knelt in front of me. Placing one hand on each side of my face he leaned in and started to kiss me gently. I began to kiss him back, our tongues meeting in the middle. 

After a long passionate kiss, his hand slid down my body and under the bottom of my vest. I raised my arms as he pulled the top up and over my head. I leaned back as he started to kiss down my chest. 

His hand found my cock through my shorts. I was solid and so turned on by the thought of being caught. He rubbed my cock, gripping it tight. I felt myself oozing pre into the shorts. 

John tugged at the waistband. I lifted my ass, allowing him to pull them down. He totally removed my shorts, dropping them on the floor. He continued to stroke my meat while teasing my balls with his other hand. I couldn't help but think how glad I was, that I'd had a wax the day before. I knew that John likes me totally hairless down there. 

I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of his warm hand gripping my cock. I gasped as I felt his breath connect with my helmet. His tongue lashed at my tip, lapping up my pre. 

"Oh fuck, that feels so good." I gasped. 

His lips wrapped around my helmet and he began to suck on it hard. I moaned loudly as he squeezed my balls. His mouth slid down my shaft, right down to the base. 

John released my cock, stood up and pulled his tank top off. In a flash his shorts were down and kicked across the room. 

"I want you inside me." He announced while straddling my lap. 

He spat onto his fingers and began lubricating his hole with it. He took hold of my throbbing cock and pressed it against his wet ass. I pushed myself up, forcing my way inside him. As my helmet slid inside him, he pushed down on my cock. Once I was all the way inside him, he started to ride me slowly. 

"Fuck bro, you are so hard." He said. 

His ass clenched around my cock as he picked up his speed, grinding on my cock hard. 

"Oh baby, your ass feels amazing." I gasped. 

We kissed passionately while he worked his hole on my cock. 

"Stop for a minute baby." I ordered. 

I pushed John up and pulled my cock from his tight ass. 

"Get on all fours on the bench." I said as I pushed him off me. 

He did as I wanted, he climbed onto the bench and pushed his ass into the air. I slapped his butt before lining my cock up with his hole. I teased his hole with my wet helmet, causing him to moan. His moans were so loud that they caused an echo through the room. 

I pushed my cock back inside of him and began to fuck him slowly. Reaching round, I gripped his huge cock and started stroking it. His meat was throbbing in my hand. He started to pre so much that it was oozing out and landing on the bench. 

Just as I picked up the pace and started to fuck John harder, I heard a noise. I stopped and looked over my shoulder. The door was open and the other guy that was using the weights was now stood there looking at us. 

With my cock still deep inside my brother I looked the guy right in the eye. 

"You can either go back out or come in, either way, close the door." I said to him, too horny to stop what I was doing. 

To my surprise he walked into the room, closing the door behind him. He sat on a bench near the wall. He said nothing at all, he just sat there looking at us. 

John looked at the stranger for a couple of seconds before looking over his shoulder at me. He had a smile on his face that told me that he was fine with being watched. 

I went back to fucking Johns ass. I slid my cock almost all the way out and slammed it back inside him. I started to pound him hard and fast, making him moan loud. 

I looked over at the guy on the bench. He now had his hand in his shorts, clearly stroking a big cock. 

I slowly pulled my cock out of John and moved round to his head. Taking hold of my cock, I pointed it toward his face. Without hesitation, he wrapped his mouth around it. He worked my shaft, cleaning it of my pre and tasting his own ass. 

"Oh fuck." I heard from the bench. 

The stranger must of liked me going from ass to mouth. He had pulled his shorts down, freeing his cock. I couldn't help but admire his equipment. He was huge, even bigger then John. I'd guess that he was about twelve inches long. I couldn't tell how thick he was but he couldn't even get his own hand all the way round it. 

John mouth was still working on my cock. I took hold of his head and held it in place. I started to fuck his mouth hard and fast. I was so tuned on by being in the locker room and being watched, that I didn't care that John was choking on my meat. 

John gagged as I shoved my cock down his throat. I fucked his face hard and fast, causing myself to get very close to shooting. I pulled my cock out of Johns mouth and started to stroke my cock. I felt it build up inside me.

"I'm gonna cum baby." I said, struggling for breath. 

With that I started to shoot a huge load over Johns face. He opened his mouth just in time to catch a shot on his tounge. Once I'd finished, I bent down and gave John a kiss. I tasted my own cum on his lips, it was sweet tasting. 

With his face coated with my cum, John reached down and started to stroke his cock. 

"No, I want your load inside me." I said. 

It was rare that I was so horny that I wanted to be fucked after I'd cum. I was so turned on this night that I didn't care what happened to me. 

John let go of his cock and climbed off the bench. He walked round behind me and pushed me forward, causing me to bend over the bench. As his wet cock forced its way into my hole, I moaned loudly.

"I'm not going to last long bro." John announced. 

"I don't care, just fuck me hard." I demanded. 

I stared at the stranger while John fucked my hole. He was stroking his cock hard then stopping for a couple of seconds then beating it again. His edging clearly had him close, his huge helmet was covered in his pre. 

John was pounding me hard and fast, making us both almost scream at the pleasure. I felt my ass being filled with his pre, I knew he couldn't hold it back. 

"Oh yeah, fill me up baby." I ordered. 

I was so into what was happening, I hadn't noticed the guy come and stand beside me. He was watching Johns cock slide in and out of my hole, while stroking his meat. 

"I'm cumming baby!" John moaned loudly. 

Just as he said that, he slammed his cock deeper inside me, causing his load to shoot deep inside me. 

As I felt John cum inside me, the stranger began to moan and gasp. I turned to him, just in time to see him shoot a big load over my back. With the warm juices on my back and deep within my ass, I began to get aroused again. 

I reached round and pushed on Johns butt, making sure he stayed inside me. I then grabbed my growing cock and started to wank myself. Within no time at all, I shot a much smaller load onto the bench beneath me. 

The stranger still said nothing to us. He smiled, turned away and started to pick up his clothes. 

John pulled his softening cock out of my hole and allowed me to stand. I turned to face him and watch as he licked at the cum that had dribbled onto his lips. 

"That was so hot." I said. 

"Tell me about it, my brother is a good fuck." John said proudly. 

A husky voice came from near the door. It was the guy that just shot his load over me. 

"You two are brothers?" He asked us. 

"Yeah." I answered quickly. 

"Wow, that's hot." He said with a smile. 

"We know." John said with a cheeky smile. 

"I will definitely see you both again" the guy said as he opened the door and walked out. 

John and I just looked at each other, smiled and walked round the corner toward the showers. John turned one of the showers on and washed my cum off his face. He pulled me under the same shower, poured shower gel down my back and washed the strangers juices off my back. 

We finished showing, dried each other off and got dressed. Just before walking out of the locker room. John pushed me up against the door and gave me a lingering kiss. He looked deep into my eyes. 

"I love you baby." He said in a caring tone. 

"I'm in love with you." I replied. 

He smiled and moved me to the side so he could open the door. 

We walked back through the building hand in hand, not caring who saw us. 

Once back in the car, we made out for a couple of minutes before heading home.

While we were on our way home, I decided that the gym was definitely the place for me. 



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