The knock was not a regular banging on the door. This was a special knock. The men all looked at one another. Then the original man walked up shoved the butt plug into my ass again. I moaned but he ignored this. The others began to dress. The original knocked back on the door and someone once again knocked with a special knock. It sounded like some kind of conversation between whoever was outside and the men inside. Then the men walked over to the original and began handing him cash.

"Thank you gentlemen, I hope this was enjoyable. Please spread the word." he told the others.

"Spread the WORD!!!" I thought. How many more people were coming? Before I really could dwell on these thoughts the door opened.

Then the men opened the door and filed out leaving me alone again with the man who put me in this situation to begin with. Then four men came in. They were giddy. Three men held black leather bags and the fourth seemed nervous but excited. He was clearly younger than the other men though the others couldn't have been more than 33 or 34, at least in looks. The fourth, by my guess, was probably about 28 or so. I was weary, I was worried, and I was already tired. The men looked on with new and hungry eyes.

"He has been punished for his past. He is no longer a bully. He is now a prisoner." the original said. "Make him an example of how things work here!"

The men all agreed and made understanding grunts. Then the orginal turn the table so I was once again flat and even. Then one man wearing a black leather vest, came to my front. He held a metal bar or something. Then the two other men with bags approached my hands. The one of the right who wore no shirt but had pierced nipples grabbed my right hand. The man who grabbed my left hand had blond hair. They each took my hand out of their bondage. Then they placed my tired wrists and neck into what I can safely call, a pair of metal stocks. This secured my hands in a raised position and had them attached to my neck. It wasn't super comfortable but it allowed me to streach a bit all while keeping me from having total mobility. Then the two men who had handled each hand did the same to my feet. They were placed in shackles that bound my feet together but made it so I could infact walk.

I was finally stood up and this ability to move about was so nice. The men all got together and viewed me completely for the first time. I stood, naked, with cum dried in my hair, face, and ass from other men, while even my own cum had dried trailing from my cock to my neck from the fucking I had just received by a 9 ½ inch cock. I also had strapped to my cock, a chastity device with prongs to keep me from ever getting hard while this this remains on my cock. Then a blindfold is put securely on me. Then I feel the tape torn from my face and my underwear pulled from my mouth. Then a gag I am all to familiar with is placed back in. It keeps my teeth guarded by rubber and opens my mouth so I am helpless to liquids that may enter my open mouth. I am then forced to turn around. I hear the door open and I am forced to walk where they guild me.

I am pulled forward but I can hear the other guys in the club. I begin to try and communicate with the others so someone will free me. I am promptly slapped hard in the ass. I nearly fell to my knees because of the pain. In my moment of pain I could also hear the other guys groan as they empathised with this hard lashing. As I am walked I hear the others cat calling. I am humilated. Then my feet feel cold tile. The temperature feels a little different in this space as well. I am then forced down on my knees. I was so humiliated. I had come to this club to be merely a spectator. Someone that nobody would even notice, and now I was the star on his knees.

The guys all began to cheer and applaud. It was only a matter of seconds till I understood why. Suddenly a warm stream hit me in the head and began to run down my face. Then there was another and another till streams were pouring all over me. Then a moment later some of the warm liquid hit the open space in my gag. Piss! IT was PISS flowing all over me! I was horrified. I tried to dodge the streams but my bondage kept me poised to receive every drop they had to offer or I would fall straight on my face. So, out of fear of falling, I bucked up and held strong. I tried to be calm and sputter as much piss out of my mouth but no matter of demtermination would solve that. That piss was everywhere and because of the gag I had no choice but to do the one thing I dreaded more than anything, I swallowed the bit that wouldn't come out.

I was disgusted by myself. I tasted piss in my mouth, I was naked and being mocked by a room full of other men, I am naked and restrained in all manners of bondage. Yet I was so turned on.

Then immediately my cock felt the true purpose of the guard placed on my cock and balls before I was taken out of the room. I groaned and moaned all while trying to calm my cock from self torture. The more I struggled the harder it was to fight. This whole experience was almost euphoric. Then as the thoughts of giving into what would surely be a painful attempt at an orgasm, the coldest water I have ever felt was poured on me. I tried to scream but the air was sucked into my toes at the same time I tried to cry out. It was agony. The warm piss was instantly turned to an icy prison. But I did manage to avoid the hard on that surely would have destroyed my cock.

I was shaking I was so cold. My cock was still strapped into the chastity device but at least I wasn't getting a hard on. I sat down on the cold ground, my mouth still held open by the gag, and the darkness of my blindfold still keeping me from truly knowing what was happening around me, and worst of all I was still in the stocks so my hands and head were kept immobile. This was hell and I couldn't escape no matter how hard I tried.

It was at that moment that the men grabbed me up and pulled me to my feet. They then dragged me back to another room. I let my feet drag as they took me. Still nobody came to my aid. They put me in the room and hooked the stocks to what sounded like chains. I tried to sit on the floor but I was restrained so that I was only able to stand. The wooden stocks must have been attached at every corner of the board because I was able to turn only slightly but then I would swing back to my position. I was again trapped. I was so tired, but at the same time, so alert to every sensation and breath of air. I could feel my helpless cock strain against the cage it was forced in.

As I stood there, I heard the door open. I began to moan in my gag because I wasn't sure how much more I could take. My body and every sense I had was buzzing at every sound and every thought of a touch. I heard someone walk up to my helpless body. I jerked the moment a hand began to rub my stomach touching each of my abs. The hands grabbed and spread my ass, groped my balls which only cause my cock more agony, and then slapped my ass hard. I whimpered into the gag. Then I heard something get dragged over to where I was tied. Then I heard someone stand on what sounded like block and then then get really close to my ear to whisper.

"You look great all tied up there. I take it you have been fucked, spanked, cum roasted, and pissed on." said the voice. I groaned an agreeing sound through the gag. "Yeah I know. I had been looking forward to this day for weeks. But now that I know what they are planning for you out there I just can't tell them they have the wrong guy. Sorry dude, you are in for a long night...."

And with that I yelled into my gag pleading for someone to free me. I heard the block get dragged back. Then my ass was spread apart and I felt lube being forced in. I yelled and yelled as a plug was forced into my helpless ass. Then SLAP SLAP SLAP! My ass was spanked hard. Then the guy in the room said, "Well that was their cue. Sorry about this. Hope you at least have fun." And with that he walked right out of the room and shut the door.

Just what was being planned outside?



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