hi, im Cam. Im a senior in high school, and 100% gay. The only problem is, Im also 100% shy. Im 5' 11" with brown hair, brown eyes, and a smooth body with a faded six pack. I found out that I was gay around my freshman year when I met Beau, one of my closest friends and is super hot. He is around my height at 5' 10", and leaner than I am. he has short brown hair, blue eyes and a smooth body.

So one day, me, Beau and his girlfiend melissa were over my house to celebrate my 18th birthday. I am gay but if I wasnt, i would fuck melissa in a heartbeat. Beau is super lucky to have her but a few weeks ago, they had a talk and it lead to the unraveling of their relationship, but well get to that later. So, when my grandparents had left, and my parents went to bed, melissa said to me " Beau has something important to tell you" as she gave a hateful stare at him, melissas family Members and parents are devoted mormons, but I dont understand why she was friends with me, but whatever. To each their own as my father would say.

Anyways, Beau sat there with those blue eyes which I loved so much his look on his face screamed " I need your help!" " what is it Beau?" I asked in a worried voice, " are you going to tell him or am I?" Beau looked at her with the same look he gave me, he got up, and left the room. I followed. " Beau, are you alright" he started to cry. I could only go over and give him a "bro hug" because I havent told him that I was gay yet. He looked at me and said" dont hate me like melissas parents do ok?" " why would I hate YOU?" " the real reason that her parents hate me is... I... Im... Gay." He said in a soft voice.

I looked at him in shock and I stood there as my deepest desires could be fulfilled tonight, because he is spending the night in my renovated basment room with me. He looked at me, still I had the shocked look on my face. He looked awy in shame and discomfort. " I have some news for you too beau" he looked at me with his amazing eyes, I could of came right then."what" he said in a low voice"im gay too! And I always had a huge crush in you ever cince freshman year. I love you Beau." He tried to take it all in at one time. He collapsed on the couch in the living room. "howcome you never told me?"

He asked me in a better as the front door slammed shut. "damn im guessing she was a bitch anyways?" No. she was actually really sweet and stuff until I made the mistake of coming out to mormons." We both laughed. Later on, we were sitting on the couch down in the basement watching the red sox game against the phillies. We sat there and I noticed that he was slowly inching his arm around my shoulder out of the corner of my eye. I let him. As his hand touched my left shoulder, a feeling that I have never felt before with any of my past relationships. It was the feeling of love. As the baseball game on t.v.

Went to commercial between the 5th & 6th inning he leaned in further and kissed me on my cheek. All of a sudden we were kissing passionatly until the game came on. We never stopped kissimg eachother. I soon found myself in complete lust for Beau. He looked at me and got on his hands and knees on the floor "uh.. Beau? Wha... What are you doing?" "let me taste it" as he looked at the pants tent I had. I looked at him and he knew in my eyes that I wanted him to. He unbuttoned my shorts and revealed my red boxers with my 7.5 inch dick standing as tall as it can. He took in my dick, slowly licking it inside of his mouth.

God did he give a good blow job. He started to suck it faster and deeper. The feeling was like ecstacy, "beau... Im gunna ..... Cuuummm!" He never stopped sucking. I shot my load, he swallowed every bit. "uugh... Its your turn beau!" I got on the ground, stripped him down and immediatly took his nine inches of cock inro my mouth. " oh my... God!" He started to moan with pleasure and lust. It drove me crazy. I started to suck him harder and faster. Soon after, he couldnt take the pleasure anymore, he started to tense. I knew he would cum soon. I kept sucking him off. "cam... Im gunna... Cum! Uuugh..." His dick squirt 7 huge dumps into my mouth. I swallowed

It all. "fuck me cam... Please! I need your dick in my ass" I turned and got my lotion off of the shelf, I put some on my dick and rolled him onto his stomach I parted his tight hole and thrusted slowly into him. I didnt want to hurt him, he was just too sexy. "oh god..." He said under his breath I started to fuck him a little faster, his breathing was heavy and deep, I started to temse up but I didnt want to cum yet, after 30 mins of fuckimg my best friends ass, I came in him, a couple of seconds later he blew his load all over my couch. We shared a kiss and fell asleep in eachothers arms, totally nude. 

[part 2]

I wake up. I could feel Beaus slow, deep breathing. He was laying on top of me with his head on my chest. The T.V. still on from last night showing the re-run of last nights game. It lit up the whole room, I felt around for the remote. Found it and turned off the T.V. I loved the sound of quiet in the early morning. All I could hear is beaus steady breathing. He seems finally at peace, after the long night before. I couldnt help but feel bad for him, unknowing what lies in store for him later at school. I went through times when I thought that hell was a better place than at my school. " Beau" I said, trying to get him up. " we gotta get up for school man." He was so hot laying there naked. I shook him a little, " what?" He said in a tired voice, "we gotta get up man" he lifted his head, got up and grabbed his clothes out of his back pack, " im gunna go get changed" he said quietly " I will too" I got up and headed into my closet, picked up my old U2 t shirt, my blue shorts and boxers and got changed.

Later on, we headed to school. We walked in, holding hands and not giving a fuck of anyone saw us. Until someone threw something at Beau, it was a small book. Somebody screamed, " fucking homo" I blew a head gasket " what the fuck is your problem asshole?" "you, and your faggot friend" he replied "what are you gunna do?" I said in my heavy boston accent. Before I could speak he came with a huge right hook and caught me in the jaw. I fell to the ground and blacked out for a few mins. I woke up with a firefighter standing over me. Beau was right next to me and a huge black cop taking the kid out in cuffs.

" what the unholy fuck happened?" The firefighter said " you were punched out cold for 20 mins but you should be fine, your dad is coming to bring you home" I drifted back into subconsciousness...

[part 3]

I woke up, after being put to sleep by the doctors at mass general hospital. It wasnt the first time I've been in a hospital bed. "your awake!" Beau screams from the chair next to the bed. I look around and my dad, Beau and like three nurses are in the room at the same time. Beau grabs my hand and holds it. "how long have I been out?" I asked my dad. "about 5 1/2 hours." He replied.

A cop walks in. "camron do you wish press charges against this man for assault?" The cop asks, standing next to the kid that put me in the bed to begin with. "i dont think that's necessary officer on my end of the whole incident." I replied trying to sound sophisticated. The cop says back, "the police department is going to file charges against him, but you are not required to testify." "ok" I said. The cop leaves.

A couple hours pass, and I'm on my way out the door of the hospital. "hows your head feel?" Beau asks me as we get into my dads brand new caddie escalade. "its alright for a mild concussion." I replied with a smile on my face. "so, I have something to ask you" Beau said "do you wanna go back to my place for a while? My folks are away on some arabian cruise." "sure i'll come by" I said knowingly what was going on.

Dad dropped the two of us off at Beaus place and me and him proceeded inside. We closed the front door and let out a passionate kiss. He kissed my neck and cheek, I stood there with my hands on his hips and I saw a twinkle of lust in his eyes. He looked at me with those amazing blue eyes and we headed upstairs to his bedroom.

He flung the bedroom door open and backed me in, still kissing me. We fell onto his qween sized bed. I lifted his shirt off revealing his smooth body. He did the same. I kissed him on the cheek as he slowly untied my belt. Before I know it he's reached my hard beef he took every eight inches of cock into his mouth. I tried to hold my head up but the pleasure was unbeatable.

My head fell back, my arms still holding my shoulders up were beginning to weaken and I could feel them give way to the immense pleasure I could not tolerate any longer. He sucked me for another ten mins before I was going to spew hot cum everywhere. "beau, I'm gunna cum!" My dick was ready to burst. I couldn't take it anymore. I dumped six loads of cum into his mouth. 

We sucked eachother until we passed out. That's the last time I would see Beau for 3 months. I joined the marines to train for a sniper role and I got the gig.

[part 4]

So there I was, hiding in a tree stalking the terrorist leader through the lens of my scoped barrett .50 cal sniper rifle. I wait until he is in the perfect position to split his head open with one shot between the eyes. My heart rate slowed, my breathing got deeper, thus controlling my fear. I let in a large breath and slowly release. My spotter signals the all clear. I take the shot.

His head immediately explodes, my position becomes a war zone. "time to go" I said to my partner Rob McCarthur. "i don't know, i kinda like it here" he said sarcastically. We started running towards our extraction point. Five minutes of heart stopping running, I see the clearing up ahead , I hear men shouting in arabic coming from behind us. Our helo drops in, mowing down anything that moves. I hear rob scream in pain.

I look behind me to see my buddy get shot four times in the chest by the arab terrorists the helo forgot about. Not thinking about my own safety, I run after him. He was lying on his back. I lift his head. He grabs my coller and says to me in a soft voice, "cam, tell michelle I love her." "your gunna tell her yourself, your gunna be ok. You'll be able to-" "forget it cam. I'm done, dead. leave me here, get yourself out, go home to beau." He says as I watch my friend die in my arms, Unable to help or do anything. One of the helicopters crew comes out and pulls me on to the chopper. I started to cry. I couldn't control my emotions.

Four days later, my commanding officer tells me that I'm going home. I get my discharge papers later that day. Before I know it I'm on a plane bound for logan international airport in boston massachusetts. I couldn't believe it. I was finally going to see him after four long months of fighting. 9 hours pass and we are at the airport. I get off the plane to find Beau waiting for me. "oh thank god your alright" he gives me the longest kiss I've ever had in my life. I was so happy to finally be back in his arms. We hear people cheering and clapping. I was so happy to be out of afghanistan and back home in massachusetts.

I never knew how much I would miss rotaries and potholes. The military did a lot to me physically. It made me leaner, stronger, -and in Beaus mind- sexier. My six pack is more noticeable, I have bigger arms and a little larger chest. Beau was going bananas over me. He brought me back to his place, we burst through the door kissing wildly and romantically. 

He was so quick to get my shirt off, he wrestled me to the bed, my dick was harder than stainless steel. He unzipped my pants and started to sick my cock off. My dick was already going to explode, but I didn't want it to. I wanted it to last. I moaned as my cock was getting the treatment it needed. Beau, still sucking me. Was hard at work, like a kid with a lolly pop. "Beau, your so good... " I said ready to burst my throat down his throat. Within seconds my, load shoots out like water from a garden hose. It was the biggest load I ever expelled. Before I had time to relax, Beau had already lubed up his asshole and was riding my hardened beef.

He continued to ride me until my dick hurt. His ass was soo tight. 5 mins pass when I shoot seven loads up his chute. "welcome home cam" Beau said sounding exhausted. "i love you so much Beau" I said. " I love you more than you know" beau replied.

[part 5]

I head home after a long day of doing random shit with beau. I walk in and see my parents in the doorway. " what's the matter?" I ask my parents. " we need a serious talk right now" my dad says in a low voice. We head into the living room and sit down on the couch. "whats wrong dad?" I ask. "cam, there is no way to ask this lightly so I'm gunna be very direct, are you gay?" He asks very seriously "ummm, wow, I didn't expect that. Yeah I am, is there something wrong with that?" "no absolutely not. I just wish you would tell us sooner than now." "I'm sorry dad" I said staring at the floor. I didn't know that my older brother was standing in the doorway listening in on our conversation.

I headed up to my room to be ambushed by my brother. He grabs my shirt coller. "brandon I'm not in the fucking mood" I said angrily. "you'll tell Beau your gay but not me?" I was always a little scared of him but for once, I wasn't. "let go of me." I said. "shut up!" He demanded. He picked up his left fist and threw a punch. For once, military training would come in handy. I blocked the punch, grabbed his left arm and twisted it behind his back. I hear three snaps. "Aaaaah! You little bitch!" He screamed in agony. Still holding his arm, I kicked the back of his knee, taking him down instantly.

My parents run up the stairs to find me standing over brandon. "what the hell did you do?" My mother screams. "he ambushed me in the hallway and tried to punch me. So I defended myself." I said. I later find out after brandon gets back from the hospital that I broke his arm in three places. "your gunna regret this!" Brandon said clutching his arm in pain. Later that day, I felt kinda guilty about the whole incident. I went into his room to say that I was sorry. I walked over to his bed, "brandon, I just wanted to say that I'm sor-" he grabbed my throat and squeezed. I couldn't breathe. He got up and threw me into the ground.

He immediately started to choke me. I started to black out. "Brandon... Please" I said trying to conserve the last of my breath. He released me. I gasped for air. I lay there as my dad breaks the door open and rushed over to me. My mother calls 911. "brandon what the fuck did you do to your younger brother???" "nothing!" He answered innocently. The doctors at the hospital told my dad that brandon tried to kill me. I lay there in the hospital bed. My eyes flicker open. Beau wasn't there. I wasnt surprised, this was a family incident and not a school one. I get out of the hospital later on and headed home. Around 21:00 hours or 9pm.

My phone rings, it was beau. "hello?" I answered "hi babe! How are you?" "not so good, my parents find out I am gay, my brother almost kills me, and I feel like my whole life is going to shit." I answered "how are you?" I asked " that's not important. I'm heading over there to see you." " You don't have to" I answered "i am." He insisted. We end our conversation and within ten mins Beau was at my house. "are you ok?" He asks me as he kisses my cheek " yeah." I said. We head to my room to talk. 45 minutes later, my brother barges in holding my military issue M9 barretta sidearm. "holy shit!" Beau screams "brandon, put away the gun.

Think about what your doing." I said as I stare down the barrel of my weapon. "you think I'm gunna stand by and watch my brother ruin his life?" He screams at me. "what are you talking about?" I said. "this is what I'm talking about!" He raises the gun and shoots Beau in the chest, he falls back grabbing his chest, with one quick motion, I grab my 2nd sidearm under my bed and shoot brandon 4 times in the chest. Killing my brother. I had no choice but to open fire on him. I rush to beaus side, my parents run up the stairs to see brandon dead on the floor and me holding beau trying to keep him alive for as long as possible. "cam, am I gunna... die?" Beau says to me struggling to stay conscious.

I knew that the wound was lethal, but I couldn't tell him that. I say nothing. My parents stare at me. Watching me try to keep beau calm. My mother calls 911 again and the police and ambulance crew arrive in seconds. I later find out the next morning that beau died in the hospital. I sit on my bed too upset to cry. Thoughts race through my mind about beau and the good times I had with him. I look at the gun that killed my brother. "why?" I asked myself. My father walks in and sits down next to me. I start to cry uncontrollably. "you did all you could." Dad said in a sorrow filled voice. "i know." I said. "but it wasnt enough."




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