At a certain point in your life you realize that you are no longer the boy you once were. When exactly does it happen? Who can say. It's certainly not an overnight revelation. But one day in the shower, you notice a gray hair. First here, then there. On your legs the hair in thinner. Your balls seems less compact. The smooth pink of your cock has gone darker. You can no longer walk the beach in your speedo and attract a man in just minutes. When you shower at the gym, no one watches. Somewhere at that time, your work becomes your goal. In your work you express who you are.

But then, last week, I was finishing my daily workout. I was sitting at a weight machine, finishing my set.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a young man, perhaps in his early thirties passing in front of me. I looked again with full attention. He was some six feet tall. His hair was sandy colored and cropped very short. His head mounted on a glistening column of a neck, was well boned and clearly defined. Small pink ears seemed to glow from some unknown exertion. His shoulders rounded beneath his tank top and flowed in arches to descend on fully dense arms highlighted by silken yellow hair. His pecs thrust forward and announced themselves with the clearly defined points of upright nipples. Although his top was not tucked into his shorts, the way the fabric draped so loosely from his chest, clearly suggested the most narrow waist. The silky shorts draping from his slender waist, hid nothing either before or behind. The curve of his cock and the rounded crown of his dick head were as openly defined at the deep crevice between the large melons of his ass cheeks. Well boned knees capped distinctly muscled calves that tapered to the most delicate ankles. I wanted to fix my eyes on him permanently, but I dared not even attempt it. I looked away. Then, suddenly, he turned and passed just in front of me again. With his back to me, I now continued to watch. I could feel the heat rising between my legs and inside my ass I trembled for what I wanted. Then he moved off to the other side of the space to the section for free weights.

The section for free weights was just across from where I was stationed. The wall in front of the series of benches was entirely of mirror. In that mirror, how many men delighted in the image of their own bodies. How many times had I watched them admiring the muscles of their arms and legs and chest. How often, I wondered, did they do they same once they were alone at home, only then, with one hand pounding on a stiffened cock.

My young man selected two hand weights and positioned himself on a bench. He began his routine. How beautifully, how rhythmically his arms and torso moved. Even though I had finished my routine, I remained in place and went through the motions of the press at a light weight, just so I might stay where I was to watch him not only from behind, but to see him from the front as reflected in the great mirror. He paused. He looked deeply into the glass where I too, on the other side of the room, was reflected. It seemed to me that his eyes shifted slightly to the side. Slightly to where he was looking no longer at himself but at me. Quickly I cast my glance aside and reinvigorated my exercise. My boy resumed his workout and I resumed my gazing. Again he stopped. Again he seemed to look at my reflection. Could he really be looking at me for specific reasons? Was he looking at me, as I was looking at him? How could I know? How could I ask? Then, with some kind of ridiculous abandon of reason, I pointed two fingers and slowly sunk them into my mouth. He watched. Slowly I moved my fingers in and out, but only very briefly. Did he understand? I was terrified. What had I done? Then it happened. My young man reached down to the leg of his shorts. Prying inside them, he carefully pulled out his cock and balls but still covered them by his hand but in such a way that I could see his offering in the mirror. This was my answer. I was so taken that every fiber within me began to shiver and my cock and balls shriveled against me. What to do now?

Slowly I resumed my exercise. I needed to recompose myself. My young man seemed to do the same. Then, slowly he stood, returned the weights to their place and began to meander indifferently to the changing room. I didn't dare move. I thought it best to wait. Then, after thinking that I had given him some time, I too went to the changing room. As I turned the past the entry door, there he was, completely naked and slightly bent over the dressing bench. He saw me and straightened shifting his weight to one leg and letting the other gracefully bend. His cock propped pertly upon his balls and emerging from the neat triangle of dark golden hair. I thought my heart would burst from my chest. His blue eyes cut straight through me. His body. ivory white, glistened like the marble statue of a Greek god. I wanted to fall to my knees before him, to plunge my face against the sweet flesh and golden fur of his crotch, to cup my hands around the arching grace of his full, firm ass.

His hand reached out as though he knew, as though to stop me. 'Not here,' he whispered. 'Follow me.' Quickly he dressed as did I. I trembled as I watched him cover his godly nakedness. I fumbled at my clothes. Gym bag in hand he strode nobly out and into the street. I followed a few feet behind. We walked for just a few blocks along the streets of red brick row houses. Then he turned up the steps of one with a dark burgundy door. He turned the key and opened. Stepping to the side, he nodded to me.

I entered and he followed. 'This way,' he said with absolute calm. He mounted the narrow stairs with me behind. Even fully clothed the musculature of his ass and the elegance of his broad back took my breath away. I was dizzy and trembling to the point of fainting as he directed me to his bedroom. His assured serenity troubled me. He seemed all to collected. Suddenly it struck me. Could he be a hustler? One of those violent thieves who beat and robbed easy victims, older men seeking only the satisfaction of their own lust? Should I run? Could I make it down the stairs and back safely into the street?

Then, he turned and looked at me. His eyes penetrated mine. Slowly, he approached. His hands touched my hair and then caressed my face. He was against me. His mouth near mine. His hands clutched my head. I felt his fingers in my hair. His lips met mine, mouths parted, his tongue explored mine with sensuous violence. I felt his hips pressing against me. I felt his dick hard on my still frightened and flaccid member. His tongue withdrew. His lips moved to my ear. He whispered lightly, 'I've seen you for some time now. Every time you come to the gym. You're a very elegant man. I can see that. Well read, educated. I can see that. I can tell. And you care for yourself. I'd like to know you better.'

What was I hearing? At my age? At his? Could this be possible?

'Do you want to see?' he asked.

Some form of 'yes' made its way from my choked throat.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he began to unbutton the blue flannel shirt he wore. Beneath, a white t-shirt outlined the curves of his shoulders and the downward running lines of his stomach. Fully rounded spheres emerged naked from the short sleeves and tapered into delicately haired forearms. Then crossing his arms in front of him he clutched the base of the t-shirt and slowly raised it over his head. Slowly he revealed the multiple cuts of his waist, the bands of his chest and the exquisite v that divided neck from shoulders.

His hands moved to his pecs. His fingers rubbed his small pink and outpointed nipples. His head and eyes rolled backward in a small moment of pleasure.

Then, sliding his hands down his sides, the found their way to his belt buckle. As he undid the clasp, the strap of the belt thrust itself forward. A lick of leather springing outward that suggested what was to come. The snap of his pants opened. The zipper slid down. The jeans fell to his ankles and he kicked them away. My eyes were captivated by the tight white briefs. The band accentuated his narrow waist. But even more, his hard and upraised cock pushed the band out from his stomach and hinted at its virile power. His hand cupped his dick and balls as he turned. Now, I beheld that magnificent back, those broad and rounded shoulders, the elegant neck and head. Below, the arch of his ass cheeks demanded my touch. But this was not yet to be.

With the tips of his fingers, he turned down the waist band of his briefs. Then, little by little, he lowered them to reveal the pink-white beauty of his magnificent ass. Bending, he pulled the briefs down to his feet cast them off.

Then - then - he turned. He turned to reveal the most magnificent manhood cock I had ever seen. It was not exceptionally long. But it was full and dense. Rich in its depth and completely erect and hard straight up against his stomach. I could resist no longer. Stumbling before him I fell to my knees and pressed my face against that upright cock. My face swam in the soft fluff that surrounded it. My cheeks delighted in the soft suppleness of his ball sack. Then his hands clutched the back of my head and pushed me closer against his manliness. My tongue emerged and began to savor with licks and kisses all that was before it. My hands in some kind of mania reached to grasp the swells of his ass. Pushing with my hands from behind, delving with my mouth in front, I don't know how they did not converge over the beauty of this young man.

HIs one hand touched my chin and moved me slightly back. Then his other bent down that upright cock and set it before me. My lips and mouth fell immediately to their place. How sweet, how delicate that full and rounded member came into me. The wet of my tongue filled around the soft pink of his dick head. Then he thrust fully. The heat of his cock radiated inside my mouth. I felt its head against my throat. My mouth watered and drooled as it plunged back and forth against that rod. Then, suddenly he grabbed my head and held it still. Thrusting and ramming he pounded my mouth. My hands still clasping his ass, followed closely against him. It was as though I was driving his ass to pound his dick into my mouth. 'Take it! Take it!' he began to scream. 'Oh, your mouth, your mouth is so hot! Your tongue, your tongue is whipping me wild!' ''Oh FUCK!!'

And with that, repeated shots of his sweet and salty cum filled my mouth. I held his ass even tighter. I pushed his dick even deeper. Then with effort he pulled out and pressed his cock against my face. With a final scream he pressed even harder against me as the final burst of cum shot across my eyes and forehead. Suddenly, without realization, my own hard cock exploded with its own pulsing stream. Spent and almost faint, I crumpled to the floor. I felt my young man crumble on top of me. The naked heat of his body filled my nose and sent me deeper into an almost unconscious state. He lay on top of me. How long? I do not know.

Then, I felt his lips, his lips on mine. Then on my chin, on my cheeks on my neck. His hand reached behind my head and moved through my hair. His mouth at my ear, 'I've wanted you,' he whispered, 'I've wanted you.'

'You?' I muttered. 'You're too young, too beautiful for me.'

'No,' he answered. 'No. Let me love you.'

His face moved back. He looked me in the eye. Softly, he whispered, 'I know who you are. I know your work. You're what I've always wanted to know, what I've wanted to be. '

His mouth pushed against mine. Our lips opened. Our tongues thrust violently to penetrate our souls.

He pulled away. His fingers pulled at the buttons on my shirt. Nuzzling against my chest he moved the shirt from my torso. His nose then plunged to my navel. Below my eyes the soft gold hair and round surface of his head. His hands moved against my belt, against my pants. My cock, hardened in desire, awaited release.

His hands groped upward, fingertips exploring my nipples, my shoulders, my arms. Then in a sweeping turn his hands pulled down my pants, drew them from my legs and my liberated cock sprung upright, free and tall before my eyes. In a second my now freed rod was now captured entirely within the delicate pink of his lips and bathed in the heat of his tongue. Fiercely then slowly then fiercely again he fired my manhood. Then from behind, his hands clutched my ass. Pressing my cheeks and pushing my hips so that my cock plunged deeper inside his throat. As I reeled in ecstasy, my head swimming in dreams of pleasure, he struck with his finger deep and wildly deep into the hole of my ass. My head fell backward. My cock dived deeper. I bent back almost in total collapse. Then his mouth released my cock and swept below to devour my balls, turning them, sucking them, flicking them from side to side. All the while his finger thrust and turned within me and the soft hair of his head caressed my skin. As though he sensed it, he pulled back just before I was ready to explode into his mouth and onto his face. Panting and wavering I could barely move.

Somehow, with a quick and graceful grasp he flung me down, seized me by the waist and hoisted my ass up to his head. Spreading my legs he buried his face in the split of my ass. Again his tongue whipped against me. His nose nuzzled against me. I felt his fully within me. Pressing and lunging and licking he moved from me ass to the base of my balls around again to the width of my thighs. My hands impulsively grabbed my own cock and violently stroked and rubbed myself to full orgasm. But again, he sensed it all. He stopped and leaned forward upon my chest. His hands cradled my head. He pressed hard against me. His nipples met mine. His belly warmed mine. His hot cock pressed close against mine. Then he whispered, 'I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you so hard and so deep. Fuck you so hard and so deep that all of me is going to be inside you. All of me,' he whispered. The heat of his breath burned my ear. The whisper of his words inflamed my being. My arms grasped him, clutched him to me, struggled to press us together. Then, still bonded in our embrace, he raised his hips upward. The stiff hard spear of his youthful manhood moved back and then in a single thrust found its mark in my willingly parted ass. In one great heave his youth penetrated me fully. I felt the heat of that manly rod plunge deeply to the base of my gut. A scream of absolute ecstasy and exquisite agony rose from my arched back throat. His mouth met mine. His tongue seized mine. Pressed together, locked at hip and head, we were one.

'Fuck me, fuck me,' I screamed.

Slowly, slowly and rhythmically he began. 'Harder,' I pleaded. 'Faster, harder.' And so he continued faster and faster, harder and harder. The insides of my ass burned in fullest pleasure. I felt his length. I felt his thickness. I felt his balls pounding again and again against the insides of my legs. The soft hair of his crotch teased my thighs. 'Now, now!' I pleaded, 'Do it now!'

Suddenly, his head and chest rose up. His shoulders and chest and neck and arms filled to their greatest beauty. The white marble of his flesh shimmered with the hot pink glow of his lust. The sweet wet salt of his sweat covered him completely and let him glow in the lamp light .

Crying aloud he made a final thrust, long and hard. His cock seemed to penetrate to the depths of my throat. My insides exploded. In a final orgasm of completion, he cried out in fullest pleasure. I felt the heat of his cum inside me.

Then, slowly, languidly, the beauty of his body folded against me. The sweat from his face and hair trickled on my face. His soft, limp and spent lips, slowly moved across mine. 'I've loved you from afar for a long time,' he whispered. 'Can you love me again?'



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