One of the young guys at work always seemed to take an interest in myself and my sex life. Of course being old enough to be his Dad I kind of took a fatherly aspect towards him and tried to answer his questions without being too obvious. I mean this guy was a sports nut at school and living on a farm meant he was well muscle shaped with sparking sapphire blue eyes and a tuft of unruly dark brown hair.

I used to observe him at work when I knew I wasn't looking and was always amazed at the way he moved with grace and his ass always looked amazing in his uniform pants. It used to amaze me the way he would squat down to collect something and just the act of it was sexual in nature, I could imagine him squatting over my hard cock slowly sliding down until I was buried to the hilt. Of course I always held myself at check.

Unbeknownst to me he had seen my cell phone number on the staff list and had saved it, when I received an interesting text one evening. "I want to teach myself to take things in my ass which is better a cucumber or a carrot?" "Who is this?" I texted back.

A minute passed and got a response "Which one?" amused I thought I would play along I suggested a carrot as you could start small and work the thicker part in later.

A few days passed and I had completely forgotten about the text, when my phone beeped, looking I saw a picture text from the same number as before. Opening the picture I was surprised to see a nice pair of balls clenched tightly under a heavy set thick hard cock and below the balls was a good sized carrot buried in a nearly hairless tight ass ring. "Who is this?" I texted back still no answer.

Later that week as I was sitting down for lunch young Brad approached and sat down next to me at the empty table. He asked the usual small chat and seemed somewhat distracted. As I ate my lunch he looked down at his lap and was fidgeting then put his hands on the table. My phone beeped with an incoming text message. I looked at my phone and saw it was from the same number as before. "Your right carrot was great any other things can use?" I looked across at Brad he seemed a little red faced but wouldn't give me eye contact, I kept my phone at an angle so he couldn't see the message as the picture was evident at the top of the message screen. I responded "How about a dildo or a butt plug?" and put my phone face down. A couple of seconds later Brad's phone beeped. I looked up across at him and he was again with his hands in his lap. He flushed a bright red then looked up nervously at me. I stared at him starting to blush myself. "You sent me the text?" he nodded his head.

"Umm okay well we cannot talk about this here someone might overhear." he said in a low tone glancing around other staff members where around but seemed uninterested in our conversation. He shook his head in agreement and after I finished my lunch stated I was going for a walk he could join me if he wanted to.

Brad quickly came into step with me and started talking once we where clear of the building. He started rambling and talking quickly about how he and the son of a neighboring farm had been good friends for years and there was an attraction between them he had seen stuff on the internet but wanted to know more and wanted to learn more about preparing himself to do stuff. I asked him what they had done so far he said some mutual jacking off but he was scared on asking his friend to do more. So I suggested there where some videos I could give him including a couple of toys that might help. He asked what king of video's I told him I have some I have downloaded, he then asked if I had any of myself to which I confirmed he asked if I was getting fucked or fucking I told him they where of me fucking. He asked if he could have a couple of copies to which I replied sure and also would give him a couple of toys to help him get ready for his friend.

A couple of days later I had a small bag for him with a vibrating butt plug and dildo including some lube and poppers that I thought might help also a memory stick of some of my fuck vids. Later that evening as I was watching TV my phone beeped a text, it was Brad thanking my for the care package. It was shortly followed by a video clip of him using the dildo on his ass as he brought the cell phone up I was able to see his cock twitch as it spewed forth a healthy amount of young man cum. I have to be honest it sure gave me a hard on as I played the short clip repeatedly. I welcomed him and told him I was glad to help.

A few days later Brad texted me again and asked if he and his friend could use my place to meet for the first full on session, I told them wouldn't be a problem and would make myself scarce, Brad asked me as well if I would video the session. I was surprised and said I could sure.

The day arrived and Brad pulled up in his new truck in my drive way, I was nervous all morning and went out to greet him I asked where is friend Alex was, he told me he would be along shortly and as if he had heard his name there was Alex pulling up behind Brad's truck. His was a beat up old farm truck and out jumped a swarthy blond lad. He appeared to be a year or two older then Brad and carried a bit of arrogance about him.

As he came in I could see him looking me up and down and nodding at me. So I turned to Brad and asked "Are you certain you want to do this?" Brad gave me a nervous smile "As ready as I can ever be." I asked them if they wanted a coffee or something to drink both refused and said they where ready so I took them through to my bedroom to let them get set up. I had previously given Brad a fleet before today and I asked him if he was all prepared he shook his head in the positive. I looked into his blue eyes it was a combination of fear anticipation and excitement.

I told the boys to go ahead get comfortable and to call me when they where ready. In preparation I had previously set up me tablet and computer to record and unbeknownst to them it was already recording. I opened my cell phone and connected to my computer to see how they where going. Brad was already naked and squatting on the floor his muscular cheeks spread showing his winking rosebud as he slowly slid his lips up and down Alex's cock which although impressive didn't seem to be responding although fluffed it was not to full erection. It would appear that Alex was more nervous then we thought. Finally it came to a complete erection and he slowly began to thrust his cock back and forth into Brad's eager mouth. Alex called out to me that they where ready, I closed the connection to my phone and picked up my camera and proceeded into the room.

Alex had moved to the bed and was spread eagle allowing Brad clearer accesses to his cock and balls to which Brad was taking full advantage of. He was working his mouth around the head of Alex engorged head and with the other hand stroking his balls. Starting to film I watched Alex look at the camera the look on his face was one of shear discomfort however Brad certainly was enjoying himself I squatted down to get a clear view of his asshole and underneath I could see his hard cock bouncing around with a clear stream of precum stringing and pooling on the floor.

As I moved around to get better angles Alex could not take his eye off of me or the camera. Moving into get a better angle of Brad's ministrations on his Alex's cock I noticed it had wilted a bit. I said to Alex "Just relax pretend I am not here." he looked down at me shorts "Kind of hard dude!" I looked down and sure enough I was sporting one hell of a hard on with an expanding wet patch where my cock head made contact. Brad never letting go of his mouthful glanced across and stared at my cock trapped shorts. Lifting his head off he looked at me and said "Maybe Alex would feel more comfortable if you where naked as well."

I put the camera down and took my clothes off, my cock was straining hard and my foreskin was back slightly with my cock poking through it was wet and glistening, and certainly showed my excitement of the scene before me. Alex leaned back and on his arms allowing him to still watch Brad but also kept keeping an eye on me as well. I moved in for close up of Brads cock attention Alex's cock was covered in his spit and was starting to harden a little more. I felt a shudder and realized my cock head was rubbing over Brad's shoulder leaving a snail trail of precum. Stepping back I apologized and Alex's cock seemed to deflate a little more. It would appear Alex was not really getting into this. So I looked up and suggested Alex gets a little more involved in the action. Alex looked up shocked, "I don't think I can dude!" "Well you could try a 69 action." Alex was still looking very uncomfortable, that was when Brad took his mouth off of Alex's cock and looked at me, "Maybe you can demonstrate? On me that is?" Shocked at his request I stared a bit but apparently my cock had different ideas it was twitching at the thought of actually having Brad's hot thick young cock in my mouth and his muscular body in my hands.

Alex stood up off the bed "Yeah dude that is a great idea!" "Ok I guess," as I made my way over to the bed. Alex stepped back and I lay down Brad got up and stood over me with his cock straining and drooling over my face I stuck my tongue out and run it across his head in response Brad sighed and leaned forward and slowly slid his cock into my eager mouth, as it speared deeper into my mouth he swung his leg up over my head and I felt the bed give a little as his weight pressed down then I felt his lips envelope my cock the soft warm depths of his mouth where beyond anything I could describe for a newbie he sure knew the right amount of suction and pressure to apply, how Alex could not get into this was beyond me.

I saw Alex's shadow move around the room as he took in every angle of our hot mutual suck session. After awhile I forgot he was even there as I slobbered on Brad's hot steel pole siding in and out of my mouth I could see his full balls swinging back and forth not being able to resist I let his hard cock pop out of my mouth and moved slightly to allow his balls to be closer to my mouth I mouthed and licked each one in return. From the moans coming from Brads cock filled mouth I could tell he really was appreciating my attentions. I reached up with my hands and grasped his muscular glutes in my hands spreading them and kneading the full mounds, digging my fingertips in and teasing his bright rosebud. I was surprised to find lube there and realized he had prelubricated his ass. Taking advantage of it I started to tease that tight hole with a finger tip. Brad instinctively moved forward sliding his drooling cock head across my hairy chest.

I pulled his cheeks further apart and in a swift movement he lowered his love hole to my mouth, with no hesitation I spat a little wad onto the hole and followed it with my tongue. His moans deepened and my tongue moved back and forth stopping once and a while to jab the tip at his hole. Reaching in with my fingers I prised his hole open and looked into the pink tunnel and with no hesitation I drove my tongue into the hot cavernous part of him that made him lift his head off of my throbbing cock and moan appreciatively, working my tongue deeper and deeper into him I could feel his ass opening more receptively to my tongue action.

Brad went back to slobbering up and down my cock, I could feel the dampness as his spittle ran down my cock and collected in the pubic hairs on my balls. I continued digging deeper with my tongue into his ass until finally he pulled away and lifted up, in a movement that was swift and deft he spun around grabbed my cock and pushed his slick ass hole onto the head. I looked up at his heaving smooth muscular pecs and then up to face eyes closed with a small smile on his face as his ass stretched and enveloped my cock as he slid down the length, finally he hit balls deep and stopped allowing himself to get accustomed to the thickness and length of my cock buried in his bowels.

Finally he opened his eyes and he looked into my eyes, I was startled by the look it was deep and meaningful and he rose up slightly and started to slide up and down allowing the length of my cock to tease his hot vibrating ass.

I reached up and pinched his nipples as he picked up speed riding my cock the murmurings and mewling coming out of his mouth where deep and sensual as he picked up speed and rode my cock hard and fast. Although I love being ridden I find it not as fulfilling as when I am top. I reached up and grabbed his chest on just below his armpits and lifted myself up without leaving his hot ass I flipped on to his back and thrust hard.

Brad lifted his legs and wrapped them tight around my waist and I thrust deeply into him his eyes never leaving mine. A pleading look as deep dicked him his cock was pulsating and throbbing between our stomachs and his precum was in strings connecting us together not only with cock to ass but there as well.

Brad reached up and threw his arms around my neck and drew me into a deep kiss his tongue invading my mouth like his penis had done before. As he kissed me deeply and I returned the favor my thrusts quickened and I could feel his ass canal spasming around my hard cock. By this time I was taking short and fast jabs along his ass hitting his prostrate gland. His moaning was increasing in tempo and pace and then I felt his ass clamp tight and in one thrust his cock spewed a copious amount of cum along our stomachs unable to hold back I thrust in deep and shoot long and hard, breeding him deeply, our combined moans where deafening as we both relieved ourselves.

Finally our thrusts against each other slowed, I lifted my mouth from his and looked into his eyes he was glowing and his eyes seemed bluer then before, he smiled and thanked me for taking his cherry.

Lifting my hips up I slowly removed my cock his ass clamping down trying to stop my removal. As I stood up and looked down at the young stud I noticed Alex was not in the room. "Where is Alex?" Brad looked at me sheepishly "He was helping me out."

"What do you mean?" "Well he isn't gay but he knew I really wanted you so this is how he helped me to get you to consider having sex with me."

I laughed and leaned down and kissed him.



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