It was one of those rare days. My last class was over, I wasn't scheduled to work at the resturant or the bar. I had no big art project to work on for school. As I walked home, going to my apartment held no appeal. I was feeling a little flush, from a recent sale. I draw a lot of male couples in the nude, and occassionally do commissions for guys who want a nude drawing or painting of themselves nude. I'm good enough that they seldom balk at the price I quote. That last painting net me enough to pay the rent for a month and leave me a bit of play money.

As I passed O'Malley's Pub, it seemed to draw me like a flame. I'd developed a taste for Guiness, and a quiet afternoon, putting myself outside of a couple glasses sounded perfect. As I passed through the door I paused to scope out the inside. Nearly empty, just as one would expect in early afternoon, before Happy Hour. I sauntered over to my favorite end of the bar, ideally placed to scope out the rest of the space and any newcomers through the door. Mac, the usual daytime tender, grinned and pointed to the Guiness tap, and at my nod began drawing a glass. Yep, just like Cheers, O'Malley's was a place where most people knew my name. They also know I'm gay, but it's not an issue. Hey, the bar was damn near in the middle of a gay ghetto, and there were quite a few gay folk who came for the quaint Irish ambience. O'Malley's was not about to refuse customers, just because they were gay, lesbian or somewhere in between. Most of the gay boys were a one visit thing. O'Malley's caters to a blue collar crowd, guys really rough around the edges, although they were not likely to cause trouble for any gays. O'Malley's had a pretty low tolerance for any of thier customers being hassled.

Once again I started to scan the patrons but was brought up short by the first guy I saw. Stranger, at least to me. Big muscular blonde. His clothes looked tight on him, kinda like he'd outgrown them. The sun streamed in from the upper part of the window, haloing him in a golden glow. It picked out every on of the copius blonde hairs it could reach, making it look like he had a golden aura around him. He was staring intently at the glass locked in both his hands, like it held all of the answers in the universe. His face square and rough with a golden stubble, was long and sad.

Quick as a wink my drawing pad and pens were out of the satchel and on the bar. Mac, bringing over my Guiness, snorted and rolled his eyes. My spontaneous habit of drawing in O'Malley's, was a well known habit. Acouple of my sketches even held pride of place on the walls. Mac was featured over the mirror behind the bar. I had gotten some of my best grades from sketches started in O'Malley's. I seldom had a better model before, most bar subjects have a habit of moving about. This guy was so lost in his thoughts, he barely seemed to breathe, excepting a rare huge body deep sigh. I sketched feverishly. I use colored pens and pencils, to capture the colors that get lost in black and white. Because I knew the bar so well, I could concentrate on the main subject, and fill in the background in my leisure. A couple of patrons got up to peer over my shoulder, but didn't interupt me. Like I said I was known for my impromptu scribbling.

Suddenly the blonde, let out another big sigh, gulped down his drink and signaled Mac for another. He looked around caught me staring and scribbling and a deep frown marred his features. He murmured something to Mac, jerking his head in my direction. Mac must have told him I was drawing him because the irratated frown was replaced by a look of curiosity. He got up, glass in hand and stalked over to my end of the bar. My heart jumped in my throat, because every now and then someone took exception to my unauthorized use of them as a model. I glanced at Mac, a slight nod letting me know he had my back. Mr. Big and Blonde, opened his mouth to say something, when he caught sight of my sketch. Whatever he meant to say died as he involuntarily moved to touch the sketch pad. I sketch fast and have a real abilty to capture faces. I almost never draw a face that can't be instantly recognized by anyone who knows the subject.

" Wow", was all he said at first. He studied the picture for a moment then turned to me with a hint of wonder. " That is so good!" He looked a bit longer," But I look so sad!" " Yeah, I guess that's what made me draw ya, that sad look and the way the sun lit ya up. Can I buy ya a drink to pay for using ya for a model?" " Okay." he agreed and slid his big muscle butt onto the stool next to me. As he did the sleeve of his polo shirt slid up to reveal enough of the tattoo I had noticed but not really see at a distance. USMC.

A piece of the stranger's puzzle slid into place. A marine. It explained the military haircut and possibly the muscles and stretched tight clothes. Clothes were probably from before enlistment and the Marine training had packed on more muscle. When our new drinks arrived he held out a bear mitt " Thanks, I'm Earl." " Rusty."

It was about that time Ray sauntered in. Ray was the bar clown. I don't think he had a drop of Irish in him, nearly all Pole, but he faked a pretty good brogue. He worked road construction, was dark, hairy, burly about forty, and sometimes a big pain in the butt. He was about as redneck as they come, but my being gay never phased him. He did love to razz my ass though.

" Rusty, me little fairy, long time no see! Finally come out from under the hill for a visit?" Earl's eyebrows rose at the word fairy and he turned a questioning look my way. I shrugged, and planted a level glare at Ray. " Hey ya big redneck, haven't they kicked your fat sorry ass outta here yet?" I mock glared at Mac. He shrugged. " What can I say, He pays he stays, and he ain't bad enough to toss!" Ray shot Mac a haughty look. " Tis enough out of you Barkeep, do your job and pull me a pint!"

He looked over at Earl. " And who might you be? Rusty's new boy toy?" I groaned and looked anywhere but at Earl. " God Ray! Just kill me now and get it over with!" I spat out with a bright red face. Ray was a master at embarrassing people. Earl was giving me that perplexed look. I sighed and mentally prepared my self for a bad reaction when I admitted to being gay. Ray beat me to the punch. " Why, didn't you know Rusty here is our pet homosexual?"

I nearly strangled on a moan. Ray thumped me on the back nearly driving the air out of my lungs.

"I'm not your pet anyrhing ya ole reprobate?" Ray theatrically place arm to forhead and hand to heart. " I am shattered to the core! and here I thought someday ye'd fall fer me manly charms!" falling into his psuedo brogue.

I saw Earl edging away from me a bit, probably afaid I'd infect him. I was saved by anymore immediate travail as Ray turned his attention on Earl. Ray is also one of the biggest busy bodies I'd ever meet. But he was good. He soon had Earl revealing himself to us.

He was a Marine recently out of training. He was from Montana. He'd come to visit his girl, attending college in our fair city. And here was where the story explained his original sad and pensive demeanor.

Seems his girl had taken up with some upperclassman, and hadn't appreciated Earl's surprise visit. Short of it all, she sent him packing and he'd stopped in the first bar he came to to think and take some edge off his sorrows. By now he'd put himself outside of a few beers and began to share more than we needed to know. Seems, his girl, in her dress down had referred to him as a little dicked jarhead moron. I swear all four of us, himself included looked down at his crotch. I glanced up quick in time to catch both Ray and Mac look away faces red.

I grinned to myself only to have Earl look up from his own crotch and catch me. " Think that's funny Homo?" Both Ray and Mac tensed, ready to come to my rescue. I shrugged, " Nope, forgive me, but when you said that I looked and you seem to push out your jeans pretty well!" In for a penny in for a pound is often my motto.

Earl got a strange look on his face. " God, never had a guy check out my crotch before! Don't know if i like it!" I snorted, " Bet lots of guys checked you out on base. We're everywhere you know! And you are a big goodlooking peice of man!"

Ray chimed in looking sad and dejected. " Aw Rusty me boy, ye cut me to the quick! Ye never say anything like that to me!"

Mac and Earl both grinned. Somehow Ray's antics diffused the situation. " That's 'cause I'm scared to death yer wife'd beat me to a pulp!" I shot back. Ray drew himself up and glared haughtily down his nose at me. " Isn't all this worth a beating from Martha? Well, I'm just hurt, Mac draw me another so i can drown me sorrows!"

Chuckling, Mac went to draw a glass and Ray very adroitly managed to switch the subject. Earl would give me questioning glances now and again. But we kept the conversation away from gays and dicks. For a bit.

Earl got up and stumbled to the bathroom, weaving a bit. Ray looked after him pensively, then turned to Mac. " Think ye'd better cut that one off soon, lad can barely navigate."

Turns out he didn't have to. Earl'd come to the same conclusion. When he came back he asked about finding an inexpensive place to crash. He fumbled his wallet out of his tight packed jeans, drawing my attention to his big muscle butt again. Man! I just love big muscle butts!

Opening his wallet revealed Earl wasn't going to find anyplace nearby. We were too close to downtown, and room rates were out of his range. He might be able to get a room at the Y, but that was pretty far away and a cab would have eaten up too much of his money anyway.

When informed of this his face got long again. He'd planned on shacking up with his now ex girl and hadn't brought much with him. The plane ride had eaten up most of his available cash, and in his sorrow he'd spent too much.

He decided he'd have to grab the bus out to the airport and wait for his plane the next day. Ray, Mac and I glanced at each other. I t seemed wrong to let our new comrade wait out the night at the airport. But what could we do. Mac had to work. Martha'd take a dim view to Ray bringing home a stray. I'd put myself outside of too much Guiness to drive him anywhere. I had a fleeting thought about inviting him to crash at my place, but figured he'd take it as a come on, so held my tongue.

I hadn't counted on the ever intrusive and impulsive Ray, though. " Well, we all hate to see you stuck at the airport, but Mac and Me can't do much 'bout your situation. Work and wife and all, you understand?" Earl sighed and nodded. " Wasn't hinting at nothin'" he mumbled.

Ray flicked a glance my way and Earl's followed. " Rusty here maybe could put you up for a night, he lives alone. That is if your not afraid of a scrawny ass fairy tryin' to get in your pants!"

Ray smirked at me. I could feel the heat rush to my face, as Earl, drunk as a skunk, continued to stare at me. I was not prepared for the the next words I heard. " So, can you help out a poor Marine, there Rusty? " " It wouldn't bother you to stay with me? Aren't you afraid I'll try something."

Earl looked me up and down. " I think maybe I could defend my virtue, Dude, besides don't think you'd try anything anyway. Right?" I sighed and nodded.

Ray grinned and waggled his eyebrows, always looking for trouble that one. " In that case if you're offering, I could really use a place to crash." Earl allowed.

I hesitated, then shrugged my shoulders. " Yeah, don't feel good about letting a serviceman sleep on an airport bench, so my futon is yours if you want."

Ray beamed at everyone and ordered one for the road. Earl, laughed and opined that he was more afraid of Ray getting him drunk and taking advantage of him than me. Once again Ray just waggled his eyebrows and smirked.

After that round, I suggested we head to my apartment about a block away. Earl was not too steady on his feet and wobbling quite a bit. He kept stumbling into me, banging me with his duffle and I struggled to keep us both on our feet.

Did I mention he was a big boy. Probably six two or three. Maybe close to two fifty pounds. I top out at five eleven and about one seventy. I'm wiry, my muscles are tight and well honed but I'm one of those guys who can't seem to bulk up, unlike my new charge.

I was seldom so relieved to be opening my own front door. He stumbled past me into my loft studio and spun around looking at my home. I steered him over to my futon/couch/guest bed, where he flopped hard. I pointed out the location of the bathroom, the loft where I slept, and the tour was over.

I decided we needed food and went to the kitchenette to see what I could come up with. Not expecting a guest the choices were limited. Hamburger and Mac and Cheese would have to do.

Earl, offered to buy order out, but I shook my head. I'd glimpsed the pitiful remains of his cash and knew ordering out would nearly break him. I'm not entirely sure this man of Montana realized how expensive things could be in our city.

As I was cooking I saw Earl lift and arm, sniff and grimace. He caught me watching, turned a little red, then shrugged. " Ain't had a shower since I left base and gettin' a bit gamey." He offered. " Supper'll be a bit, feel free to use the shower. Towels are in the bathroom in the cabinet, feel free to use the shampoo and body wash in the shower." He looked at me speculatively, must have decided I wouldn't burst in on him in the shower. " Thanks!" he simply said and began rumaging in his duffle for clean gear.

Just about the time I was going to call him to eat, he came out of the bathroom in a pair of grey sweats. They were well worn and clung to him enough to show off his powerful body. I could also see from his "Pantyline" that he wore briefs. When he turned away they outlined his big ass beautifully. I could feel blood swelling my dick and quickly devoted myself to spooning Hamburger Mac onto plates, to distract myself.

Not having a table that wasn't full of drawing supplies, we had to sit side by side on the futon, to eat. I flipped on the tv, mainly to avoid any awkwardness, but there was nothing on. Antsy I got up and raided the fridge for a beer, offering one to Earl. We sat watching tv and sipping beer, me feeling awkward in my own home.

I had just the thing to take the edge off, but didn't know what Earl's reaction would be. Finally I caved and asked Earl if he minded if I had a couple tokes. His eyes lit right up and he hoped I'd share.

I packed my pipe full and after a couple tokes, my tension drained away. Earl was more relaxed too.

. I did suffer a moment of panic when he suddenly stood and began looking through my dvds. There were several gay and bisexual films in there, but if Earl was offfended, well he was a guest and was free to leave. I watched him page through the cases then come to an abrupt halt.

He pulled one out and stared at the cover a good long while, then slowly flip to the back to look at the pictures. I swear that man's eyebrows tried to creep to his military hairline. I squinted trying to see which dvd he had in hand. I mentally groaned.

I had in my collection a couple of strapon dvds. It is a strange fetish of mine to see women shove dildos up men's holes. I can't explain it, it's not as if I want some chick fucking me with her plastic dick! It's more like I like to see big macho guys being dominated by smaller weaker people. An awful lot of my gay dvds had big macho looking dudes taking it up the ass from smaller slighter guys.

He came to sit on the futon, still eying the dvd, then turned a questioning look at me. " Um, I don't think I've ever seen something like this. Are these girls really fucking those guys in the ass?" I shrugged then nodded yes. I mean what could I say, the pictures were pretty graphic.

He bit his lips, and stared at the small but lurid pictures. Somehow I knew what was going through his mind. I took the dvd from his fingers, which tightened on it for a moment, then released. I popped it in the player, hit play and returned to the futon.

As the opening credits, came on I packed, lit and took a long toke from my pipe and passed it to Earl. Not taking his eyes off the screen for a moment he took in a big long draw of my magic weed and held it in, only for it to woosh out at the first scene.

The girl was little, blonde and dressed like a teenage cheerleader. She was facing down her male coach, a big muscular daddy. Earl actually gasped when she lifted her skirt to reveal a moderate sized purple dong. I glanced over at his crotch to see a bump pushing the fabric. I squirmed a little his excitment, exciting me.

Another toke and another gasp when the big ole burly coach went to his knees and began to lick and suck her purple dong, following the filthy directions of the little cheerleader.

Then in walks another guy, this one younger, probably supposed to be one of the jocks. She ordered the big burly coach to suck the younger guys dick.

Then she lubed up her silicone dick and laid it at the entrance to the coach's ass.

I was watching my new high and drunk freind from the corner of my eye. His eyes were a little glassy, his breath coming fast, and he was absently rubbing his dick through his sweats.

When she popped the head into the coach, Earl winced, then licked his lips. His eyes flicked to meet mine, then at his busy hand. He flushed red, then jerked his hand away, mumbling an apology, saying he'd gone without for a long time, and had been looking to banging his girl. But even as he was talking, his eyes strayed back to the tube.

This little chick wasn't being coy or gentle. She was long stroking the coach hard. Earl's hand snuck back to his hard dick, then jerked away.

I sighed. I quickly stood up, unzipped, dropped jeans and underwear to my ankles, and plopped backdown, my seven incher hard and standing up from my lap. I gestured at him. " Go ahead, feel free. I promise I won't touch, but I won't promise not to watch!" His eyes strayed back to the screen, drawn from the obscene language the little blonde put out, then seem to come to a decision.

He stood, pulled down his pants, bending over to give me a view of his big white clad butt, then with a deep breath dropped the briefs too, giving me a quick glimpse of a very furry ass crack, before he plopped back down on the futon.

He studiously ignored me as he sat there his hard dick straining upward. Okay, not straining too high. I'd guess somewhere around four inches hard. It was his big round ball sac that had given the crotch of his pants that full look.

I closed my eyes, packed and lit the pipe again, and offered it to Earl. He grabbed it like a lifeline, still avoiding looking at me directly, although I did catch him looking at my straining dick.

Shortly after a couple of hard tokes, he was once again riveted to the screen, his big paw all but making his dick disappear in his hand. His other hand was fondling those fat balls.

His hands stilled when the girl ordered the young man to come fuck the coach in the ass. His eyes glazed over again, and I watched one hand leave his balls to edge lower. I think at that point he was so high he forgot I was even in the room.

Involuntarily his thighs drew apart, he leaned against the back of the futon, as his fingers found and began to massage his hole. I'd stopped stroking to watch this action play out.

Earl was completely lost in the feelings his hands were giving, his mind solely attuned to the screen. When the girl strapped on a much larger black toy, Earl gasped and put his feet up on the table, his fingers busy in his crevice.

I thought he was totally oblivious to me, when to my shock, he left off stroking his own dick and wrapped that huge paw around mine. His hand was so big it almost made my seven inches disappear.

He studiously avoided looking at me as he stroked my dick, while playing with his own asslips. He bit his lips, when she forced the head of the monster dildo between the coach's lips, stretching his mouth wide.

He continued chewing his lips, a bit, closed his eyes, sighed, swung his body around, so his feet were up on the futon, facing me. He dropped his knees wide, so I could see right into his pink pink hole in it's nest of blonde hair.

He never once took his eyes off the screen, although I was so focused on him massaging his ass lips.

He stilled, when the girl pulled out of the coach's mouth and crawled around behind him. Still not looking at me, he fumbled for, found and pulled my hand until my finger tips, rested against that pink puckered hole. He flicked a quick glance my way, turned red, then turned back to the screen.

He bit his lip harder, and turned redder, as I gently massaged his hole, spreading it apart with my fingers. I took them away for a moment, he shot me an aggrieved look, saw me wetting my fingers with spit, bit his lip again, then turned back to the tube.

All this time the girl had been teasing the coach by sliding the dildo up and down his ass crack. She began coating the big monster with grease, then went to grease up his hole. I'd been smearing spit on Earl's flexing ass lips. I too was watching the video closely knowing what came next.

In tandem with the cheerleader, as she slipped her finger slowly up the coach's shitter, I eased my finger into Earl's.

He tensed up, grimacing, just as the girl ordered the coach to relax, Earl followed her instructions too and my wet finger slid into him. I don't quite know what i was expecting, but it wasn't Earl closing his eyes and shoving his ass down hard until my whole finger was as deep as it could go.

He stilled , eyes closed, ass ring pulsing around my finger. He pressed a little harder, trying to get more finger inside him.

I slid closer, and used my other hand to massage the slightly stretched edges of the hole clasping my fingers.

Earl's knees went wider, lifting his ass off the futon, trying to get more finger inside him. As the girl in the video positioned the monster dildo against the coach's asshole, I spit a hefty gob of spit onto Earl's hole and my fingers.

I drew my finger almost out of Earl and as she slid the monster cock into the coach, slid not one more but two more fingers into Earl.

As the three fingers drove into his tight wet tunnel, Earl, laid back his head, gave a soft scream and shot string after string of cum high in the air. The first shot hit him in the forehead, the second beside his open mouth, the third his chin and neck, the fourth on his tee shirt. It kept pumping out leaving a white trail down his body to string off his still pulsing cock and puddle in his pubes.

Knowing many guys can't handle things in their ass after they cum, I began to ease out of Earl.

Lightning fast he grabbed my hand and held it in place. "No, don't, feels good!" he groaned.

Still holding my fingers in him, he scooted down until he could reach my cock.

Ass still spasming around my fingers, it only took a few tugs, before I was shooting cum onto his still twitching dick, his fat hairy balls and what part of my hand wasn't buried in his ass.

Only then, did he release my hand letting my fingers slip out. He laid there totally spent, eyes closed, covered in cum, legs still wide open, a gob of my cum inching across his taint to slide across his still slightly open hole.

I was mesmerized by that twitching hole. Still hard, I wanted so much to just bury my dick inside it.

Instead I got up , pulled my jeans the rest of the way off and padded into the bathroom for a wet cloth and came back to clean the mingled cum from my guest. Earl's eyes were closed, his mouth and body slack, his breathing even. Thought he was asleep. I wrestled off his shoes, then his sweatpants and briefs.

He groaned and turned his body to face the back of the futon, his big ass almost hanging off the edge.

I hadn't got a chance to clean up that gob of my cum that had found it's way to pool in his pink slit. I slid my finger across that pink hole, scooping up my cum and sucked it off my finger.

Earl moved twitched and moaned.

Meanwhile the girl in the video was finally finished ramming the coach. She came, he came the boy came. I grinned, silently thanked her and was about to turn off the video, when I paused.

Smirking, I left it on. It was one of those four hour compilations!

Let Earl have sweet dreams of pretty girls with bossy attitudes, order him to suck, ride their huge dicks.

I hoped he woke up for the one where the base nurse fucked the big Marine Seargent.

I gave his sweet hairy ass a final caress and trundled up to my bed in the loft.


I groggily woke to the sound of the tv still going.

Blearily I glanced at the clock. My eyes popped open.

That video should have ended already.

A sharp scent of smoke drifted past my nose. I quietly rolled from the bed and went to peer over the railing.

Earl laying on his stomach had just finished a long toke. Wow, the boy sure made himself at home. His eyes had that glassy look from more than a couple of tokes.

As I heard a voice order someone to lick it's cock, I recognized the scene with the Nurse and the Sargent.

I'd beat off to that scene many a time. And watched as Earl began licking the ends of his fingers, following the Nurse's instructions, eyes glued to the scene as he slowly began humping the mattress beneath him.

I think my guest had discovered a new fetish.

I watched for a few moments, then came to an abrupt decision, when he paused the film and took another drag of my weed.

I reached under my bed and pulled out a duffle. By the time I crept down the stairs, the Video was back on and Earl was humping the mattress again.

I stood at the foot of the futon, admiring his large hairy ass cheeks opening and closing as he drove his dick into the mattress.

When he paused the film again and reached for my pipe, I dropped the bag I was holding.

At the thud, Earl's head whipped around. His startled eyes took me in stark naked, arms crossed and hard seven inches aimed at his furry ass.

Red faced he put down the pipe and went to draw a blanket over himself.

Moving quick I yanked away the blanket. I half expected him to jump to his feet, but he just laid there, eying me nervously.

I ran my eyes down his body, then back up to his face.

He licked his lips and then surprised me by edging his legs apart until one was draped off the edge of the futon.

I picked up the bag and he eyed it warily, but didn't move. I fumbled in the side pocket until I found the little brown bottle.

A new unopened one.

I took the remote away and skipped back to the beginning of the scene and paused.

Then I settled on the floor with the bag, just below his draped leg, and reached for the pipe. I took a long toke, then unzipped the bag, taking care to keep the contents from showing.

Once the weed hit my system and I assumed his, I pulled out my own brown bottle and took a nice long draw. He looked at me questioningly, when pointed to the one in his hand.

" Try it Dude! You like my weed well enough, this is pretty good too. "

He tried to copy me, took a long inhale and tried to hand the bottle back. I waved it off.

" Just use it when you feel the need, Dude!"

I was curious, I am probably wrong, but it always seems to me that when a top uses poppers all the feelings go to his dick, a bottom, straight to his ass. Must be a mental thing, a guy must concentrate on what they like the most, surely poppers can't choose.

Buzzing myself, I watched as the poppers hit Earl. I smiled when he groaned .

Aha! and started flexing his ass. Perhaps a bottom boy is about to be born.

I hit play and the beginnning of the scene began.

When the nurse pulled out her small pink graduated toy, I reached into the bag and pulled out a similair toy in lime green.

Earl's eyes widened but he stayed silent.

I held up my bottle indicating he should hit his.

I think it hit him just as the nurse put her toy to the Sarge's lips, I put mine to Earl's.

He eyed it uncertainly, but when the Nurse demanded he lick it, Earl's tongue came out to touch the tip.

A whip crack order from the video and Earl started licking in earnest.

This whole sex by video trip was getting damn hot!

When the Nurse demanded he suck it bump by bump, Earl, eyes closed followed her orders.

Now came a real hot scene in the video.

The Nurse said she had to get the Sargent's hole ready.

I stood up, hit my bottle, Earl hit his too.

His eyes were glued to the tv as the Nurse spread apart Sarge's cheeks.

By now I was in almost the same position, so I follwed suit.

Earl quivered a little, then took a hasty hit off his bottle.

I too watched the video, touching my tongue to Earl's pink rose, as the Nurse licked the Sarge.

I think Earl was glued to the video, because he was trying to imagine Nurse at his backdoor not a hairy man.

Didn't matter to me, I was enjoying myself!

Soon Earl and Sarge were moaning in unison, as the Nurse and I slurped ass to our heart's content.

I just wallowed between those big hair covered cheeks.

I could have happily continued but the Nurse was moving on, so I did too.

As she lubed up the graduated toy, I reached into my bag and followed suit. I held up my bottle, and after Earl took a deep inhale nestled the tip of my toy to his quivering hole.

Eyes on the screen, I followed the Nurse as she slowly popped in just the first round ball. Earl stiffened but relaxed when the Nurse ordered Sarge to.

Slowly round ball by ball Nurse and I slipped our toys past the pink rings under our hands.

After a while the last and biggest balls popped inside Sarge and Earl's ass rings.

Earl was breathing heavy, and actually cried out when I began easing out the toy in tandem with Nurse.

Pretty soon I was slowly popping the rounds in and out of Earl.

When the Nurse paused to find another toy, I reached in my bag and pulled out a similair one. I followed her lead as she pulled out one toy and inserted the head of a realistic looking dong.

Once the heads popped through the stretched pink rings, Nurse and I slowly buried our dongs to the hilt.

Earl's ass tilted to meet his invader, trying to get it in deep. It surprised me that this so called ass virgin, was taking this all so well.

Oh well I do buy damn good smoke when I can afford it!

Nurse and I gently fucked our partners with our silicone toys.

Earl was squirming and moaning much more than Sarge, his ass humping up to meet his invader each time it tunneled in.

It was the next part of the video I was waiting for. I actually had a strapon harness.

Now the dong that let my dick fit inside it , was much to big for Earl, so I didn't put it on the harness. Instead I slipped a condom on over my own dick and put it through the harness hole where the dong usually fit.

When Nurse put her dong to the Sargeant's lips demanding he suck, I put my dick to Earl's.

He hesitated, but another angry order from Nurse had him opening his mouth and taking me in, eyes tightly closed.

Yeah, he was having trouble with the whole sucking a dude's dick, but what did I really care if he pretended I was the nurse. I had my hard dick inside a hot wet man mouth.

As Nurse leaned over to play with and finger Sarge's hot lubed up hole, I did Earl"s. Earl was humping against my fingers, groaning around my dick, breathing hard. I was afraid he'd come before the next part of the scene, one I was dearly hoping to get away with.

When Nurse pulled out of Sarge's mouth, I pulled out of Earl's too. I trailed my fingers down Earl's back in tandem with Nurse. Like Nurse, I spread Earl's legs further apart.

As Nurse knelt behind Sarge, putting her dong against his hole, I nestled my own real cock against Earl's.

Earl, eyes tightly shut, took another huge whiff of poppers.

I was almost giddy as I realized I was about to sink my dick into his big round Marine ass, and he wasn't going to fight it! Either this man wasn't so straight or the combination of pot and poppers had his inhibitions down so far he'd do anything.

Personally I wanted to believe it was this Hunky Marine's first ass fuck!

As Nurse slowly sank her dong into Sarge I slowly sank into Earl. He was well opened from the toys, so my big fat seven inches met little resistance at first.

The big diffrence between my dick and Nurse's was at about halfway. Unlike her dildo, my dick flares out it's widest about halfway down, so it's almost like having my fat head stretch the ass ring all over again.

. I saw Earl's fist bunch and his white teeth biting his lips.

I paused, letting him adjust, didn't want to tear anything.

Nurse was still feeding dong into Sarge but her toy was way bigger than my dick!

When I started sinking into Earl again, I caught up with her and our respective full lengths were buried to the balls in our partners. I was kind of expecting protests from Earl at the next part, but he made no move to push me off, when Nurse began a brutal and hard pounding of the Sargeant's ass!

Soon Nurse and I were fucking ass hard.

Sarge and Earl's whole bodies were lurching on impact.

Another hit of poppers and Earl's ass was rising to meet every down thrust, and expletives were pouring out of his mouth.

I know I was ramming his dick into the mattress with every inward thrust and was not surprised when his hole started spasming around my dick.

.When Earl groaned, out he going to cum, I was close !

One hard final deep thrust and I was filling my condom deep inside him.

His back arched as he drove his hips into the mattress. I could feel the waves as he spurted into the mattress.

When he was done, he just lay there panting, my dick still partway in his ass.

I looked down between us looking at my hairy red pubes tangled with his blonde ass hair.

As I eased out, Earl kept his eyes closed.

I guess he still was pretending it was Nurse and not me who had just fucked big bad Marine Ass!

Then I heard a loud snort and saw Earl seemed to be sound asleep.

Took it as my cue to head back to my bed.

I did, but not without a certain proud smug feeling. I'd just fucked a big musclular blonde hairy Marine!

Life wasn't too shabby!




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