Yesterday we had a lot of snow falling. On my terrace it was about two feet high and I thought that might be a good opportunity to give myself a very special treatment.

I got my diving suit out of my wardrobe and took my cloths off. I forced my naked body into the diving suit and I had some trouble to get my hard and big grown penis in. Finally I managed and saw my penis bulging my dress while I put the hood of my suit over my head covering all my hair.

With a full bottle of shampoo and the clipper I went out on the terrace and let myself sink backwards into the snow. With both hands I pulled the hood from my head and rubbed two full hands of snow into my hair until it was completely wet. Then I put a lot of shampoo on my hair and massaged my head with the shampoo. My penis got so hard now and wanted to get out of the suit. I grabbed the zip and pulled it from my throat down to my best part and still shampooing my hair with one hand I masturbated my penis with the other until my sperm shot out and splashed on my naked chest.

With more snow I rinsed my hair until all shampoo was gone and with a towel I had taken outside as well I dried my hair a bit now keeling in the snow. Then I took the clipper and guiding it from the back of my head upwards to the top I shaved my hair off from my head. Seeing my black hair falling down into the white snow made my penis thick and hard again and I served both my head with the clipper and my penis with the free hand until all hair had left my head.

I looked down my body and thought that something was still wrong with my. I shaved my chest with the clipper first still wanking my dick and then I shaved all my pubic hair off as well. All my curly pubic hair was now down in the snow and I took my arms out of the diving suit to be able to reach my armpits better. Soon they were shaved clean as well and I got up and went into the bathroom.

I took my diving suit off and watched my shaved head and body. Still I felt not perfect and I took the clipper again and shaved also my arms and legs. Filling the bath tub with hot water gave me time to take care of my next orgasm with both hands now. This time I caught my sperm with my hands and rubbed it on the stubble field on my head.

I then went into the bath tub and put my head under water. I put shaving cream on my head and started shaving with the razor. After a few minutes my head was shaved smooth all over and I made sure that the rest of my body got shaved clean as well. After all parts were shaved clean I was lying on my back in the hot water and putting my head backwards under water I touched and caressed it with one hand and masturbated my penis again.

After that came the final treatment. Naked I went out on my terrace again and I was lying down in the snow again this time completely naked. I turned round and rolled my naked body in the snow and after that I went in and into my bed to get warm again. As my body got warm again my penis got hot and under the warm sheets I had another orgasm before I fell asleep.



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