The neat Bjorn C in a recent comment on one of my stories said that he especially loved my stories to warm him up for the cold winter months. Well, Bjorn, this story is especially written to keep you warm in the cold north land.

During spring semester of our senior year in college, three of my 22-year-old buddies and me drove to New York City for a weekend of drinking and wild partying as we looked for some hot man pussy. We booked a hotel room for the weekend before going out for the Friday night adventures. At about 11 PM after bar hoping, we went to a gay nightclub to watch the hot male Go-Go dancers. The master-of-ceremonies introduced four hot guys on stage ranging in age from 20 to 24. Each dancer was given 15 minutes to perform very naughty dances. They were clad only in bright red and pink silk tight dancing shorts. Man they were steamy hot. The club was packed with an audience of really horny gay guys. The smell of male hormones was so arousing.

The dancers were young gorgeous athletic types with gym smooth bodies carrying big packages between their thighs. One dancer was a dark handsome Italian (show name of "Rocky"), a second hot dancer was a redheaded Irishman (show name of "Lucky"), a third stud was a Frenchman with dark brown hair (show name of "Happy") and the fourth dude and my favorite was a hot blond blue-eyed Swede (show name of "Cocky").

We were lucky to get front row seats by paying a little extra fee. The show began with "Rocky", the Italian, taking the stage and he was built like a brick house. He moved across the stage with lightening speed but with grace. Next "Lucky", the Irishman, took over and he danced with the grace of a swan. When he had finished, the audience had cocks hard as rocks. It was "Happy", the Frenchman, who took over. He bucked like an angry bull showing off his huge manhood (looked like a horse cock in those shorts). Finally, my favorite studs the blond "Cocky", the Swede, took charge and he danced and moved across the stage as if he were gliding through the clouds. I just about shot a load in my pants.

Each dancer flirted with the horny guys in the audience often putting their crotches just inches from the guy's faces in the audience. Many audience members stuffed five, ten or twenty dollar bills in the dancers shorts. Me and my buddies spent several dollars rewarding the dancers by stuffing their shorts as well. The audience yelled, hooted and whistled at the sexy dancers dreaming of getting into those hotties' shorts.

The room was filled with with the smell of testosterone hormonal odors. Many fans began rubbing their own crotches and gradually unzipped their pants, pulled their stone hard cocks out of their pants and began jacking off. Several guys grabbed their buddies cock as they masturbated each other. This was the hottest place I'd ever been.

I confess that my buddies and I joined in the fun. We unzipped our pants, pulled out our big rock hard cocks and took turns masturbating each other. Man this was turning into a great evening. I felt the seminal fluid from the pre-cum of my pals cocks.

During the final dance by "Cocky, the blond hunk with the smooth silk hairless skin, began concentrating on me as he pushed his well-endowed crotch actually onto my lips. I lost control as I took my tongue and dove into his crotch that smelt like cum and sweat. His shorts were wet. I felt his cock growing and bobbing in those shorts. I was in violation of the club rules. At that point, hell, I didn't give a shit about the rules. I was in lust. "Cocky" gave me the most seductive smile. I was sure he wanted to either fuck me or have me fuck him. Man I was ready. I placed a $50 bill in his shorts along with a sexy note with my name and cell phone number. He gave me one more hard thrust with his crotch. I could have married him at that moment.

When the show ended around 1:00 AM, we went back to our hotel carrying huge bulges in our pants. We needed to get our rocks off.

In about five-minutes after getting back to our hotel, my cell phone rang. I answered: "Hello, this is Eric."

"Hi Eric, this is Cocky from the nightclub. I got your note and I'm as horny as hell. You turn me on like no one before. Man you are hot. Thanks for that tongue in m y crotch tonight and the $50 bill. You're a real stud. I bet you are an athlete. I love that slim body, the big muscles, the sky blue piercing eyes, dirty blond/strawberry hair and wow you have a big package in those pants. I was wondering if my three buddies and I could come over for some hot sex? You all are very hot studs. I bet you all are on a college team. Where are you staying?"

I got an instant growing stiff dick as I replied: 'Hell yea, Cocky. We're at the Blue Diamond Hotel, room 650. How soon can you get here? My buddies and I are burning with lust for you hot dancers. No beating around the bush, we want to fuck."

"Fuck Eric, I just got stone hard. I want you as my fuck buddy when we get there. The other guys can select their fuck buddy. We can be there in about 15 minutes. Get ready to fuck man."

I told my buddies and they all gave a big yell out: "Fuck yea, lets have a night of man pussy and dicks."

In about 15 minutes the door bell rang and I answered. There stood the four hot dudes. I invited them in. We introduced ever one and moved into the living room of the big suite. We spent some time sharing information about our backgrounds as we drank some beer. The big question was how we would pair off for steamy sex? It was not long before it became clear that Cocky was my fuck buddy for the night. Butch, a 190 pound wrestler at our college, who was seated next to Rocky, the handsome Italian, had already begun engaging in sloppy kissing would team up. Chad, a cute Native American and football jock at our college, had struck up a physical fondling of the Irishman Lucky. And that left Hank, a handsome Hispanic catcher on our baseball team would team up with the Frenchman Happy.

The dancers were dressed in blue polo shirts, black dress pants and dress shoes. Man they looked so hot. They had actually taking showers before leaving the club.

By the way, I was the goalie on our college soccer team, We were four athletic studs ready for man sex.

We all got out of our clothes and headed into the huge master bedroom, Cocky and I climbed onto the king-sized bed with blue silk sheets after we took off the covers; Butch and Rocky settled down in a large sofa; Chad and Lucky got down on a big throw rug that consisted of soft fur from a wild animal; and Hank and Happy hopped up on the smaller bed in the room.

Each couple began a long hot series of wet and sloppy kisses. The room was filled with hard breathing, moaning, sighing and sounds of pleasure. Soon I lost all interest in the other couples as I wanted to devour this blond hunk. He had me dizzy with lust. I wanted us to suck cock, rim ass and fuck ass.

As Cocky laid his 5' 10" and 150 pound body down on the bed on his back, I got on top of his hot body and I began to lick his blond underarm hair. He smelt so good from the fresh cherry deodorant and smooth silk like skin that made me wild licking both his underarms while playing with his hard nipples. My 10-inch boner twitched and pulsated from the feel of this gorgeous stud's leaking 9-inch cock rubbing up against my blood filled tool, as well as the sexy odors emanating from the cutest guy I'd ever seen. We were humping as I gave much attention to his underarms and nipples.

I sucked and licked his underarms as we engaged in wild humping of our crotches. Our feet were entangled with our toes touching each other.

After about ten minutes, our bodies had produced streams of sweat. I moved my butt up onto Cocky's chest, placed my legs on each side of his arms, used my aching cock to part his lips and drove my twitching dick deep into the back of his soft and wet throat. I began fucking his mouth with my big snake for the longest time. As Cocky sucked the pre-cum from my cock head, his toes curled from all the pleasure of my cock down his throat. It was a terrific blowjob by this blond stud.

"Take all that cock down your hot throat, you bitch. Suck it bitch!! You are a fucking little whore. I bet you get a different fucking hot cock ever night."

After several minutes, Cocky threw me off his chest and onto my back, he put his butt on my chest, placed his legs next to my shoulders, parted my big pink lips with his pulsating and leaking cock and drove his huge cock to the very back of my hot throat. He began thrusting his huge hot cock in and out of my mouth as I devoured his sweet pre-cum. It was a remarkable hot and erotic blowjob with gobs of my spit flowing from my mouth onto my chin, his slick cock and my chest. He fucked my mouth for at least five-minutes until he was near coming. I loved the honey taste of his pre-cum liquid.

Next we got into a 69 and began using our tongues to give each other a tongue washing of our fresh and clean assholes. We plunged our tongues as deep as possible into the ass rings of our new fuck buddy. The tingling feel of our tongues exploring our new found man pussy made us buck and desire a cock up our ass.

After several minutes, we stopped and engaged in wild sloppy kisses to enjoy the taste of our rosebuds. Our mouths and chins overflowed with saliva. The exchange of our juices and hot breaths had us ready for a wild fuck.

I placed Cocky on his stomach, placed a pillow under his crotch and cock, spread his handsome smooth hairless legs far apart, lubed his ass, lubed my big cock and began inch by inch driving my cock deep into his guts. I sped up as I fucked him with one rough thrust after thrust with the use of my soccer athletic body. He bucked up and down with his ass cheeks to meet my cock. My pre-cum became an additional lubricate as my cock slid in and out of his slick pink ass as if his ass was a well-oiled machine for my piston. The hard thrust of my dick across his prostate (pleasure spot) drove him wild as he lifted his ass cheeks and butt while lying on his stomach. I fucked him harder and harder as I built up toward a monstrous climax.

Soon the hot stud spoke up while I fucked his man pussy: "Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh yea, that is it, that is the spot. Fuck me harder, fuck me harder. Give it to me. Oh yea, that feels so good. Don't stop. Give me all that big cock. Give me your seed. Aaaaaa, Aaaaaa, Oh fuck yea."

That put me over the edge as my cock head swelled, my cock piss slit opened wide, my balls tightened and I felt a rush of thick semen shoot from my cock deep into Cocky's ass. I pulled out, put my mouth on his asshole and sucked my semen into my mouth. I took a huge load into my mouth, turned Cocky over and spit the load into his sweet mouth. He swallowed every drop and then kissed me.

It was now my turn to take his gorgeous tool into my pussy. Cocky had me get off the bed, stand by the side of the bed, lean my crotch forward up against the side of the bed, lower my chest and face onto the bed, he lubed my ass, lubed his now stone hard dick, stood behind me and drove his throbbing cock all the way into my experienced exposed ass with one plunge. He fucked me as if he was doing his Go-Go dance moves. He used his hips and legs as a dancer to drill my ass like no one had ever done before. The fuck was ecstasy. He manged to use his cock to explore ever inch of my ass. It was beyond lustful.

I was so turned on that I begged him: "Oh Hell, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, oh heavens, I love your cock in me. Fuck me, do not stop. I want your cock in me forever. Give me your seed."

As Cocky was near coming, he pulled out, had me turn around, get down on my knees, he started jerking his cock on my face and when he was ready to come, he plunged his big cock deep into my throat and flooded me with a huge thick milky load. I swallowed as much of the warm cum as I could and the rest of the sweet cum ran out the sides of my mouth and onto my chin. When spent, he pulled his big cock out and began to lick my chin until he had cleaned me. We kissed and shared the last drops of the protein.

In the meantime, our buddies had kissed, given each other blowjobs, rimmed ass and flip-flopped in fucking each other. All the guys had big cocks and over sized balls.

Everyone was still horny and unlike Cocky and me our buddies had not come yet. They all jumped up on the bed where we were. All six studs got the idea to get on each side of us as we two laid close together with three on my side of the bed and three on Cocky's side and they began masturbating on our faces. One by one, they began to ejaculate huge thick warm loads of semen on our faces, in our mouths and on our hair. When they were finished, Cocky and I were washed in a sea of cum that we partially ate. The six guys then licked our faces until we were clean. Everyone had a taste of cum and lots of protein.

We showered together and played with each other in the shower. We ordered room service for breakfast. We agreed that Butch, Hank, Chad and I would return to the nightclub for the next night's performance. We also agreed that following the performance, we would return to the hotel for another hot night of sex and change fuck buddies.

NOTE: Remember to always have safe sex and use condoms.


Naughty Eric


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