It had been almost two full months since I had met Robert while visiting California and spending five days learning to be submissive. It had been a great trip and full of new experiences for me. But, I arrived back home and between Corporate life and my crazy schedule most of it was lost. I was back to being in a business suit six to seven days a week and in the boardroom in full control of a team covering three continents and over 50k team members.

I had talked to Robert on the phone a few times briefly and he was really looking forward to seeing me. I also always felt butterflies when we spoke and finally agreed to take a few days off and to meet. I was booking my travel to leave New York late on Thursday evening and to fly directly to the resort Robert booked in Upstate Washington. I would stay with him until Sunday and then leave Vancouver and fly to my next stop in Tokyo for a round of meetings. As I packed a few business casual items for the weekend I came across the sealed box labeled “Tammy” and smiled.

I opened the box and inside was lingerie, a few dresses and several pairs of shoes. I pulled out one of the pairs of panties and pulled them on and looked in the mirror laughing at how bad they looked on me. My legs, torso and pubes had grown a full thick new crop of dark black hair and I no longer could ever have been mistaken to be a lady regardless of what I wore.

After putting the box back in the closet and packing I lay in bed thinking about Robert. He still referred to me as Tammy. As I drifted off to sleep I decided once I got out of town and checked into my motel late Thursday before meeting Robert on Friday I was going to bring Tammy back out for him. Thursday morning before my car arrived I emptied the box of Tammy’s clothing into a carryon and stuck it in the trunk with my other luggage.

Thursday was a hectic day and I barely made it to LaGuardia to catch my flight. The flight was full and delayed so I didn’t get into Vancouver until late. I was ready for bed by the time I arrived but got a bottle of wine and decided to make sure Tammy was available when Robert arrived in the morning to pick me up. I laughed as I got ready and shaved thinking I must have lost my mind. But, after an hour and several razors I now stood in the mirror and outside of my head was completely hairless and smooth. I laid out a sexy pair of skimpy panties and a matching bra along with a pair of heels and a sexy short sun dress to wear in the morning and went to bed.

I woke up early due to being accustomed to Eastern time and still had several hours before Robert would arrive. I suddenly remembered makeup and nails and hurriedly dressed and took a taxi to a 24 hour CVS where I was able to get everything I needed to complete my transformation. Back near the hotel I even was able to pick up a blonde wig which would set my transformation off. After showering, putting on my makeup, painting my toes and nails and fixing my hair Robert had been waiting in the lobby for me for over 30 minutes. Looking in the mirror I could not believe it was me, the dress, the wig, the makeup had me looking fabulous as a lady. I was nervous and scared as I went down to the lobby to meet Robert finally.

Robert was sitting on a coach on his cell phone talking business when I walked up and  stood beside him. It took him a moment to look up but he recognized me and told his caller he had to run, he jumped up and hugged me deeply saying “Tammy, it is so great to see you again and you look absolutely amazing.” I gave him a kiss and we hugged again while he sent for my bags and we walked to his waiting car. We engaged in small talk about the passed time as we waited while the bellman placed my bags in the car and Robert instructed the driver to go. Robert asked what kind of clothes I had brought along and I told him I had actually packed very light with this dress and a few pairs of undergarments. He said he wanted to take me out to a very nice place and I needed a semi-formal dress for the occasion and instructed the driver to a shopping area.

At the shopping center there was a cluster of several very high end nice boutique stores and Robert took me inside one of the dress shops. He picked out several very nice dresses and had me try them each on and come out and model them each for him. The salespeople were very professional and nice but I wondered if any of them had any idea I was a man as they attended to me and my outfits. Robert selected two dresses he liked and had them ring them up. One was just above the knee and suitable for being out at a nice place. The other was a very slinky tight fitting dress that just barely covered my ass and was open on each side completely. I was not sure how I would work a bra or falsies and panties were definitely out with this design. From the dress shop Robert took me shopping for some very nice and super sexy panties and lingerie before we headed back to the car with Robert’s driver toting along an armful of bags filled with my new female clothing.

Back in the car Robert kissed me deeply and told me how incredibly sexy he thought I was. For the remainder of the 25 minute trip to the resort Robert and I made out as he fondled me. He had his hands up under my dress and had my panties pulled aside and was teasing my cock which was now rock hard. I was not sure what the driver could or could not see but I am sure he was getting a show in the rear view mirror of the SUV. With the action I wanted to unfasten Robert’s pants and go down on him but he stopped me each time I tried to unclasp his belt or pull his zipper down. Once we pulled into the resort I tried in vain to get my hard cock back into the very tiny and delicate panties and finally just pulled my dress back down and adjusted myself the best I could. Fortunately the dress was not tight fitting and it seemed to conceal my cock from sticking out drawing unwanted attention.

Robert checked us in and we were followed upstairs by a bellman. Once in the room he unpacked my bags of new items and Robert told him to leave the old bags packed. I breathed a sigh of relief as most of the items were men’s suit clothes and undergarments. I could tell the bellman was eyeing me and wondered if he was attracted to me or if he knew something. My cock had gone down so I checked to ensure I was not showing anything. Robert tipped him when he was finished and he told Robert he was a very lucky man and that his girlfriend was the hottest lady here. I blushed and Robert smacked my ass in affirmation as he let the bellman out and closed the door behind him.

Robert walked over and slipped the shoulders of my dress down and let my dress fall to the floor as he stood in front of me. I was left in the stuffed bra and the tiny lace panties which were no longer covering my cock and resting beside my balls and cock. I had on the heels still and Robert nodded his approval at me. He mentioned that he had not seen or touched my cock before as I was locked inside my chastity cage on our original meeting. He asked if I liked the freedom and I told him I did, the denial was very hot and erotic and lead to an earth shattering orgasm post release but I also greatly enjoyed being free as well. He smiled and said he liked it as well as he ran his hands over my body commenting on how soft my skin felt. He asked if I was always this smooth and shaved and I laughed and told him no, that I had prepared for him and fumbled with my phone from my purse and showed him a pic I snapped in the mirror before shaving the night before. He smiled and told me he was very glad I had gone to the trouble and he really liked what I did for him. Robert took my hands and placed them on his belt buckle and I took the queue to finally unfasten his pants and then slid his pants and boxers down his thighs as his hard cock popped free. I went to my knees in front of Robert taking in his deep musky aroma from his excitement and ran my tongue over the tip of his cock tasting his salty precum as he tilted his head back and moaned in satisfaction. I slowly worked my mouth over his shaft as I cupped his large balls and began sucking him trying to take in as much of his hard 7” as I could manage. Robert was moaning in full enjoyment saying “oh god yes that feels amazing” and “don’t stop” as he began to hold pressure on my head forcing more of himself into my hungry mouth and he moaned incoherently between “ahhh” and “Yesss” I continued for about ten minutes until I could feel his balls begin to contract and I could hear his moans begin to change and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I pushed myself as deeply onto his cock and could feel him in the back of my throat as his pubic hair tickled my nose as I felt his first jet of hot cum hit the back of my mouth. As he pumped shot after shot of cum into my mouth and I struggled to swallow as much as I could his legs were shaking and he was hollering in pleasure. Once he stopped cumming he held my head firmly with his cock fully inserted in my mouth and I could feel cum on my face and dripping down my chest. Robert was thanking me and finally pulled out and released my head. I fell back onto the floor onto my ass not able to balance on the heels and Robert laughed at me saying I definitely looked like a cum slut now in my bunched up panties and covered in cum. He teased that he should call the bellman and let him get a glimpse of my hard cock and cum covered face as I caught my breath.

Robert pulled his pants back up poured us both a glass of wine and sat on the sofa inside the living area of our suite. I walked over and sat next to him and took the glass from his hand. The wine was a red and tasted exquisite. Robert said there was a very important wine tasting and evening Gala event he had to attend and the reason for his visit to the area. He said the people there were all very important and he had to keep up an impression. He said it was an outdoor event and the semi-formal he had brought the dress for. I asked if he was sure he wanted me to go and he said absolutely. He said the people there were all very full of themselves and he had always brought a very attractive lady who he termed “eye and arm candy” and that most likely I would get hit on but our little secret as he termed it must remain a secret. As we sipped our wine Robert asked if I had always dressed as a woman, I told him no that when he had met me in California that had been the first time I had ever worn anything like this or shaved my entire body and then today was the only other time. He seemed very shocked and said he could not imagine me in anything else. I showed him some pictures of myself in my business attire and he could not believe I was the same person. He made me feel great saying I was a very attractive masculine man but I was also a knockout as a woman. He said he never imagined that there was a chance of me showing up in anything other than what I did.

After talking and several glasses of wine he said we needed to begin to get ready for the evening. I had my own private bathroom suite and went in to prepare. I was standing in my bra and panties in the mirror washing my face and brushing my teeth when I heard a male voice in the room. I could see in the mirror it was a bellman again and was brining clothes for Robert. Each time he passed the bathroom I noticed him slow down and smile at me in the mirror. My cock was once again hidden in my panties so he must not have noticed it.

It took me a little over an hour to shower and reapply my makeup and to dress. I had shaved to ensure I was completely smooth and rubbed my entire body down with lotion again so my skin would be silky smooth. I had on a pair of panty hose that made my legs look tan and the dress looked great on me. It took me some time to get the wig situated and styled after our session earlier in the afternoon but it all seemed to come together. I had tried to adjust my cock to ensure I did not get any surprise bulges during the night but could not figure out how to do much. The panty hose were tight and conforming so I hoped they would keep things under control. By the time I came out of the bathroom our driver was waiting for us and Robert looked super handsome and very sophisticated. He took my arm and we walked down the hall and to the lobby.

The function was at a huge mansion and we were greeted with a red carpet when we arrived. There were a lot of people and I thought I had to be the oldest and homeliest woman at the event with so many young in shape ladies arm and arm with their man. As we walked around Robert introduced me as Tammy to each of the other guests. While I was very self-conscious of my looks I was attracting many compliments from the male guests. Other men referred to me as stunning and ravishing and several asked Robert if he had my parents’ permission to have me out. I was glad when the sit down dinner was announced as the wine was free flowing and I was already feeling pretty tipsy and did not want to embarrass Robert.

Waiting to enter the dining area and to be seated Robert excused himself to talk to a group of other men leaving me alone in the garden. I was focusing on walking in my heels as gracefully as possible with my wine consumption when I felt a hand on my ass. I turned to find one of the guys I had been introduced to earlier with a huge smile on his face. He kept his hand on me and asked how long I had known Robert. I was doing my best to keep up the façade and he began asking if I had ever asked Robert if I could add another man and have a threesome. He was very forward and I was getting more and more uncomfortable not wanting to blow my cover. As he talked his hand began to roam a little more free but he kept his attention to my backside and my legs. My nerves kept my cock from having any response so I had a little relief. Finally, the Maître D’ approached and announced he had my table prepared and would escort me to be seated and to wait for Robert. I extended my arm and walked away with a breath of relief. Robert joined me a short time later and remarked that he heard I had been approached. He said he should have warned me about Gerald but had forgot.

Dinner was fantastic and there was music and dancing afterward. Robert was an excellent dancer and I did my best to allow him to lead. He kept his hands on my ass while on the dance floor and stayed very close and we even exchanged a few light kisses. By the time the event was over I could feel my cock stressing against my panties and the nylon hose and was getting very turned on and aroused.

I was very tipsy and giddy as we got into the car and pulled away. Robert kissed my neck and fondled me all the way back to the hotel and by the time we got into the lobby I was on fire. Robert waved at a small group of men at the bar and pulled my arm saying he wanted to have a quick drink before we went up to our room and I tried to tell him I would go and wait on him but he insisted and pulled me over to the bar. My cock was now raging hard and feeling the tight confine of the panty hose. I wondered how long it would be before I ripped through them. Sitting at the bar this was a different group of men and I think Robert was showing off having me with him. He was very physical and kept kissing my neck and rubbing me. He was driving me wild and he knew it and was enjoying himself as he did the man talk thing bragging about how he was going to take me tonight in case anyone heard any noise. By the time we finally walked away between being stimulated and turned on and my over full bladder thought I was going to explode. The additional drinks had me stumbling in my heels as Robert helped me to our room with lots of offers to assist from his group at the bar.

When we walked into the room Robert pulled me to himself and began to kiss me deeply and try to pull my dress off. He was very turned on and I tried to stop him telling him I had been afraid of using the restroom very much all night and needed to go. He told me to go and then get redressed and come right back out to him. It took me forever to get my cock soft enough to go but I finally managed and pulled the hose back on and went back in to join Robert. He had a fire in the fireplace and soft music playing with the lights very low and the room filled with ambient light from the large windows. Robert grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me away from himself pulling me into him from behind. He began kissing the back of my neck and nibbling on my ears driving me wild and raising goose bumps on my body. I felt my dress unzip from behind and Robert’s hands explore my bare skin as he continued licking and kissing my neck and he unclasped the bra letting it and the padding fall forward. His right hand reached around and clasped my left nipple as he pinched sending volts of energy through my body.

Robert was taking full control and he pushed me into the bedroom and then almost threw me to the bed facing forward. I felt the dress come off and could hear and feel the panty hose being pulled and torn from my body as he kissed his way down my spine. I did not know how long I could hold out but Robert did not slow down and all I could do was moan in ecstasy. I felt the panty hose and panties pulled from my legs and he placed my heels back onto my feet leaving me clad in them alone. His head approached the back of my head and he told me to lift my ass and get on my knees as he kept my head pressed down into the pillow and he kissed, bit and licked the back of my neck and again worked his way down my spine until I felt him spreading my cheeks and felt a draft on my exposed anus. I felt his warm breath and he began rimming my ass and darting his tongue into my hole as his hands massaged my cheeks.

Robert reached under me and flipped me onto my back and pulled me briskly to the edge of the mattress as he stood naked in front of me. He lifted my legs at the ankle and guided his full rock hard 7” toward my ass and I cried out for him to fuck me and to get inside me. Robert’s cock entered me fully in one push and filled me full. He paused for a second and I began to adjust to the size and hardness of his cock invading me and he began fucking me with abandon. The room was filled with the sounds of our mixed moans and pleasure and the echo of our bodies slapping together with contact. Robert kept his hands on my ankles and I could see the heels as I rubbed his hairy chest that was soaked with sweat. Robert leaned in and kissed my neck as he continued to pound my ass and I felt my own orgasm rise before I blew a huge load all over my own face. I was crying out “fuck me fuck me” as Robert groaned and said he was going to fill my ass with his cum and pushed deep inside me and held himself there. Robert must have cum for five minutes before he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty mess. His body was limp as he lay still inside me and kissed my cum filled face.

Robert lay on me for another ten minutes or more and they finally moved and pulled his cock from my ass with a loud pop. He rolled to the side and then stood pulling me up onto the bed and lying next to me with our two sweat covered naked bodies in full contact as he pulled the sheet over us and I drifted into sleep with his arm over me.

I woke up to sun coming in the large windows and felt for Robert who was not there. I adjusted my eyes and noticed my leg sticking out of the covers still wearing my forgotten heels. I brushed the hair of the wig from my face and could feel the stickiness and crust of cum covering my face as Robert walked in wearing a hotel robe and accompanied by our bellman who was pushing a room service tray into the room. When he looked at me lying in the bed he smiled and said “Oh, it looks like you had to fun last night sleepy head. Good morning.”  As he poured me a cup of coffee before turning to Robert and asking if there was anything else and leaving. At least my cock was covered by the blanket but as I sat up my ripped panty hose were strewn on the floor and a few feet away were my ripped lace panties. My dress was over the end table and I thought the room had to look a sight. Robert came back to the bed and leaned in and kissed me as he said “Good morning Tammy, thank you for an amazing night.” He kissed me again and sat down.

I ate and had two cups of coffee before taking the heels off and waling into the bathroom and looking into the mirror. The hair of the wig was a mess going in every direction and I had cum in my wig and all over my face. I also had a large bright hickey on my neck which was my first ever. As I stood in the mirror I had cum running down both my inner thighs. I told Robert I was going to shower and shut the door. I don’t know how much he filled me with but I could not get all the cum out of me even with a bottled enema. After showering I applied lotion and walked out into the room naked with the wig in my hand. Robert looked quizzically at me still in his robe and said he had never seen me without the long hair and wig and it was just so weird seeing me as a man with no makeup or accessories. I asked if he was disappointed and he said no, it was just so strange. I spent an hour on the wig having washed it and styled it and when I got up left another puddle of leaked cum on the bed. I went in and washed again and put on my makeup, lotion and perfume and got into a pair of the panties Robert had bought me.

Robert was dressed and waiting for me when I exited and asked if I wanted to have a mimosa with him on the veranda. I said yes and we walked out onto the private area outside our room door. Robert asked me if I enjoyed being Tammy or if I preferred being myself. I told him that Tammy was brand new to me and while I could not imagine being Tammy in 99% of the situations I am in that I loved being Tammy for him. He smiled big and said he was glad but if I wanted to be myself today he was fine with it and would tell people Tammy got called away and he was joined by a friend. I asked what he wanted and he said he really liked Tammy. I told him that was fine and that Tammy would be there with him the rest of my visit. Our conversation turned to sex and Robert said he was so turned on last night and it was an amazing night for him. He shared that with his schedule and life that he had not had sex or cum since seeing me in California. I laughed and told him that I had also not been intimate or had an orgasm since that weekend as well.

Robert said he wanted to take me out for the day to tour the area and hit a few tourist attractions and then the to attend a party this evening where my slutty black dress would fit in perfectly. I told him that sounded wonderful and we would need to figure out something about the boobs and keeping my cock down as tight and revealing as the dress was and he agreed.

I wore a blouse and a skirt and we left the hotel. I tried my best to cover the hickey with makeup but it was still noticeable and I felt like it was getting attention. We had a great lunch and spent the day shopping. We picked up some accessories for the night and were back at the hotel at sunset. Robert asked if I wanted to order dinner and enjoy it in private out on our Veranda and I told him that sounded perfect. Despite the fact that both our lives dictated we were not in a position to be involved in a long term relationship we both enjoyed the time together and the intimacy.

Robert told me that I had the poor bellman going crazy with lust, he said he knew the guy and he always was helpful but had taken on extra roles this weekend to get a chance to see me. He laughed and said that this morning seeing me like he did when he brought breakfast was absolutely priceless. As Robert ordered dinner I went in and figured I may as well put on a good show for the guy and changed into a slinky negligee that Robert had bought for me today. It was revealing but still allowed me to maintain our little secret.

The bellman brought up our dinner and I thought his eyes would pop out of his head as he looked at me sitting out on the Veranda. I asked him if he would stay and serve us and he almost could not speak saying he would have to ask permission. Robert spoke up and said he would call the manager and make sure it was not an issue. He served us and poured our wine and then stood to the side never taking his eyes off me. Each time I would make eye contact with him he would smile big and blush as I smiled back at him.

As he placed our desert on the table I looked at Robert and said in as feminine and sexy a voice as I could manage that while he enjoyed his desert I had a special desert for him I wanted to give for taking me away for the weekend and being such a great lover. I could see Robert blush for the first time since I met him and look with no idea where I was going with this. I got down on my knees and then crawled under the glass table as I started to unfasten Robert’s pants. He resisted at first but then let me take his pants loose and pull his cock out which was already semi rigid. I worshipped his cock telling him how magnificent it was and how much I loved it and how great it made me feel before taking him into my mouth and giving him a blowjob while the bellman stood speechless looking on. Robert got into it and had his head leaned back as he moaned in enjoyment and my own cock was rock hard. I did not move in fear of it being revealed as I ontinued working on Robert’s cock keeping my legs pressed tightly together. After about ten minutes the bellman excused himself and ran out of our room and Robert began laughing uncontrollably. He said that the poor guy had an instant bulge in his pants and tried to inconspicuously adjust it the whole time and then had a large growing wet spot in the front of this pants before he left. Robert said he was looking at my ass and unknowingly rubbing himself. I could not help but laugh and got up with my own cock poking out clearly from beneath the silky light material of my negligee. It was a good thing I had not moved because I could not have hidden or concealed the tent I was sporting. This caused Robert to laugh even harder and he told me I deserved a good spanking for what I had just done.

Robert got up from the chair and pulled me from under the table and basically ripped the light negligee from my body before pushing me over the edge of the table in front of him. I was now lying face down in the whipped cream, syrup and fruit of our untouched deserts still on the table. I felt a brisk slap on my upturned bare ass cheek that stung with a burn and sent bolts of excitement up my body as I hollered out an “ow” that I am sure was heard beyond our veranda. This turned Robert on even further and he followed that with another sharp slap on the opposite cheek. I felt about ten additional firm slaps before I felt Robert push the head of his steel hard cock up between my cheeks finding my puckered ass. He rested there for a moment and used his fingers to rub some of the desert icing into me before pushing his cock deep inside me causing a loud “augh” to leave my lips as I felt him fill me completely. Robert did not waste any effort and with me bent over the table out on our veranda he forcibly fucked my ass hard and fast. I am sure others around us could hear every sound as it carried from our hidden from view outdoor veranda. I could hear Robert getting close and he grabbed me tight from behind and fell on top of me on the table as I felt his cock explode still buried deep inside me and he was grunting each time he ejaculated into me.

We lay over the table for a long time with my cock pressed against the hard glass still rock hard and begging for release of its own. Robert leaned up and pulled his cock out of me and then picked me up and carried me still covered in desert with cum leaking from me and put me onto a settee on the veranda. As I lay before him my cock was pulsating and moving on its own and Robert told me he wanted to watch me get myself off.

I wanted to feel his touch but was not in a mood to argue the point and immediately took my hand and began to work my cock while massaging my swollen balls with my other. It felt amazing and I could tell I was not going to last long. I reached under myself between my legs and dipped my first two fingers easily into my cum filled used ass trying verbally to entice Robert to touch me but he just stood watching and denying me his touch. I was feeling my balls tighten and leaned my head back as I pushed my forefinger deep inside myself and used Robert’s cum to rub my swollen sore cock and felt my first jet of orgasm as a large pool of cum sprayed and hit my face. At this point I lost control and was deep in my own orgasm as I pumped my cock knowing I was being watched made it even more intense.

Once I was done I was covered in a mix of cum and the deserts but could barely move as I halfway laid back in the settee outside. Robert picked me up and carried me into the bed lying me down and pulling a cover over me. I felt his cock had returned to full hardness as he carried me and he turned the lights out and then crawled into bed beside me holding me tightly against himself. It did not take me long to fall into a sound sleep with an overwhelming feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

I woke up opening one eye to see the bedside clock read 1:47 AM and knew I had a 9:33 AM flight to Tokyo. I could feel a sharp poking into my ass cheeks as I lay on my right side with Robert up facing me and holding me tightly from behind. I could hear his light snoring and feel his breath on my neck. I was amazed he was still so hard and I could also feel my own cock was semi hard. I lay quiet for a few minutes until I saw the clock hit 2:00 and I began to move my hips to allow Robert’s cock to rub between my cheeks. I could hear his breathing deepen and his breath slow on my neck as he moaned lightly from the sensation.

After about five minutes I stopped moving my hips and felt Robert begin to thrust his hips to continue the motion. I could tell from his breathing he was slowly waking from a deep sleep. I reached between my legs and positioned Robert’s cock aiming at my still well cum lubricated ass and it did not take two or three more of his movements before his cock head pressed at my anus and I pushed my hips back to impale myself on his rock hard cock. Still not fully awake his moans and breathing changed and his cock advanced inside me filling me fully with a squishing sound echoing in the silent room. Robert’s movements were slow and delayed as I was not sure if he was awake yet or still in a slumber. He would pull out and then slowly push back inside me pausing between strokes. His breathing was still deep and slow and the heat of his breath on the back of my neck sent goose bumps onto my body. For the next twenty minutes Robert’s pace never changed as he continued to pump me slow and deep. His left arm had reached over me and his hand was masturbating my cock slowly until I felt my body tense and my cock explode as Robert continued pumping my cock with his hand and my ass with his cock.

I was dozing in and out of sleep as I felt Robert begin to moan deeply and begin to orgasm as I looked at the clock and saw it was now 3:18 am. I pushed my hips back into him and he kissed my neck and said thanks you and what an amazing way to we waken up during the middle of the night. I again lay falling off to sleep as his hand cupped my now sensitive cock  and the sheets were wet covered with cum.

The next time I woke up it was 5:15 am and the alarm was going off. Robert and I both got out of bed and showered together. I stood in front of the mirror naked and Robert commented about how different my ass looked without any clothing. I dressed in my suit complete with dress shirt and tie for my trip. I had a long flight and would be picked up in Tokyo and needed to return to my real life. Robert told me he barely recognized me dressed this way and I teased him saying I had a surprise for him to remember me by before we left. I pulled my pants down and raised my shirt to let him see I was wearing a fuchsia lace thong he had bought me. He patted my ass and I adjusted my shirt and fastened my pants.

Our Bellman arrived at the room to gather our bags and he asked where Tammy was. Robert replied she had to leave early. He looked at me with a puzzled look in his face as he told Robert he had come back up last night to apologize for leaving last night but saw that Robert was busy with Tammy on the table and left. I could tell he was trying to look at my barely visible hickey that my collar covered mostly. I knew his mind was racing and trying to put the puzzle pieces together. He carried out bags down and Robert tipped him very nicely and we departed for the airport.

Once at the terminal Robert leaned over and kissed me deeply. He told me thanks for the greatest weekend of his life and asked if we could do it again before too much time passed. I told him I would enjoy that and we should try to put a date on the calendar. As I got out of the car at my terminal Robert suggested maybe our next meeting we should consider meeting in my business attire. My mind raced as I grabbed my bags and walked through the airport door and the car pulled away from the curb.



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