I was out with a couple who I had been good friends with the female half for many years. Beth had recently divorced her spouse and had a new boyfriend that she talked about all the time. Her ex-husband was a super nice guy but always very quiet and not outgoing at all. He was also twenty years older than Beth. Her new boyfriend Paul was just the opposite of Charles.

I arrived at the restaurant around 8 PM and everyone was meeting in the bar area. Beth had about eight other people there and was making the rounds. As soon as I walked in she hugged me and introduced me to Paul. I was surprised as Paul was in his late twenties, tall and thin with longer shoulder length hair that looked like he had not combed along with several days of facial hair growth. Unlike Charles who always wore business casual clothing Paul was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of flip flops. He was a nice guy but he was such a polar opposite of Charles it was hard to imagine Paul and Beth having much in common. Beth was 46 and always looked like a school teacher. After Beth walked away I spoke with Paul for a few minutes and was baffled when he grabbed my ass and remarked that he thought I had a very tight hot little ass. He laughed and walked away afterward but I was left wondering the rest of the night even after I had gone home.

Although Beth and I had been friends for many years we were never close. We had both worked together about fifteen years ago and remained in casual contact over the years. Realistically we probably spoke three times a year on average. I was confused after the party as Beth called just to chat three times during the week. On our last call she told me that Paul did not have anything in common with her group of friends and asked if I would try being friends with him. I told her I would but really had no idea how to make it happen. The next evening I got a call from Paul and we talked about general things for about an hour. It was really an awkward call but I figured I would put in the effort. I wanted to ask him about grabbing my ass at the bar but decided it was probably just a thing and did not bring it up.

That weekend I ran into Paul and Beth at a Home Depot, we again talked and Beth asked if I would like to go camping with Paul two weekends from then. She said Charles had left the motorhome they owned and she really had no desire to camp but that Paul was really wanting to go. Beth said she knew I camped and thought it would give Paul and I an opportunity to get to know each other better. In the moment I agreed and we set the date and where Paul would pick me up from.

Over the next two weeks Paul called me a few times but I was trying to figure a way to back out of going without upsetting Beth. I really had no desire to go on this trip and the longer I thought about it the more I thought this was going to just be weird and awkward. I thought I would have probably had more fun with Charles and had more in common with him than I did Paul and that was very little.

Friday finally arrived and I reluctantly got ready to go and drove to a ride share lot where Paul was designated to pick me up. He was running about 30 minutes behind when he finally arrived and I asked if he wanted to reschedule but he was in a good mood and said no, he was ready to go. I got in and sat in the passenger seat as we made the five-hour drive to a lake side campground that was in a remote area. It was well after 8 pm when we finally got into a site surrounded by woods and got settled in. I grabbed a beer and sat outside near a fire pit looking at the night sky thinking ok, three days of this and then it will be over. I heard Paul ask from inside if I was ready for another cold one before he came out and I replied with a “sure.”

I almost spit my swig of beer I had just taken as Paul came out the door completely naked carrying two fresh beers. I could not help but notice his body, he was thin but he also had real definition, it was apparent that he worked out. His body was clean shaven below his neckline and he had a very nice cock that was probably 5” soft and rested against his large set of balls. Paul handed me the beer and asked if I was ok, I replied that I was but had swallowed down the wrong way. Paul sat down and looked directly at me and asked how I could be comfortable wearing clothes, he said he loved being naked out in nature and did not plan on putting any clothes on until it was time to pull out. I smiled and thought with the scenery it might not be as long a weekend as I had thought.

It was after midnight when we went back inside and both of us were feeling the effects of the beer. I actually had started to enjoy Paul’s company as we talked outside and had warmed up to the weekend. Inside Paul asked if I wanted the large queen bed in the back. I said yes and I stripped down and climbed into the bed naked like I always sleep. Paul was out moving stuff around and I had dozed off a little when I felt him climb into the bed on the opposite side I was on. I was not sure what to do, I had expected him to use one of the other beds in the motorhome. I was lying on my right side facing the wall that had a mirror covering a closet door. In the moonlight coming through the window I could see Paul lying on his right side about a foot in back of me and I could feel his warm breath on my upper back. Without speaking I felt Paul’s left hand rub my bare hip and cheek. Paul broke the silence “Your naked, awesome.” I felt Paul move closer to me until his body was pressed up against mine, his cock was not rock hard but it was semi hard and pressed between my cheeks as Paul put his arm over me. I was not sure what to do and lay there with a hard-on as I listened to Paul fall off to sleep. It seemed like I lay awake thinking for several hours.

I didn’t get up until a little after 9i am the next morning and when I walked out Paul was standing in the living area. He was still naked and smiled at me saying “Nice. Morning wood?” I looked down and my cock was rock hard and sticking straight out. I walked into the bathroom and used the toilet and when I came back out Paul was fixing breakfast. I decided to stay naked and asked if he had any coffee.

Paul and I sat outside eating and drinking a pot of coffee. I did not bring up the night but wanted to ask him about it. Finally, Paul raised the issue. “You have an amazing body, dude.” I smiled as Paul continued “I was really happy when I asked if you wanted to use the main bed last night, I don’t think there is anything hotter than two men in full naked contact with each other.”

I paused looking for the words to reply, “Yeah, it was great but honestly I was surprised. I mean I don’t want to do anything to upset Beth or ruin our friendship. I really think you have an amazing hot body and I loved feeling you next to me but I just don’t want….”

Paul interrupted me as I searched for the right way to say what was running through my mind. “No, she knows I thought you were hot and that is why she set this up. She and I really like each other and get along great, we have a great time together but I am into men and she is all cool with that.”

I laughed nervously, “Shit, that is a huge relief on my mind. Now I can relax a little and not be afraid of doing the wrong thing.”

After a little more small talk Paul and I decided to walk down to the lakeside and check out the trails. The place we were at is very remote and isolated and you can literally go for miles without seeing another person. So, we decided to stay naked and enjoy the outdoors. We ended up swimming and hiking for most the day and got back to the motorhome around 6 pm that evening. We both showered and Paul grilled some burgers while I cleaned up. It was a little after 10 when we went inside and I lay down as Paul moved around the motorhome. I was feeling good about our friendship and also very relaxed from the beer and bourbon we had been drinking outside.

I had been lying in the bed for about fifteen minutes when Paul came in and lay down. I could see his body fully in the full moonlight through the open windows and skylight. He sat up on his side and began rubbing my chest and stomach. I was enjoying the touch and feel of his large hands and sat up as he lay back onto his back. I moved down and took his limp cock into my hand and bent down and kissed his massive bulbous head. I heard him moan and stuck out my tongue and licked his tip before pulling his hardening cock up and licking the underside of his shaft from his balls to the foreskin. He was obviously enjoying the action as he moaned and his cock grew to a full erection as I took him into my mouth fully. As I sucked his cock I could feel Paul’s hand massaging my balls and his hand occasionally letting his forefinger circle my tight hole as I spread my knees wide on the bed to give him full access.

Paul was moaning loudly as he had worked his finger inside me to about the first knuckle joint and I continued sucking his cock and taking him as deep into my mouth and throat as I could. Suddenly I felt Paul’s finger push fully inside my ass and he pulled his cock out of my mouth as he began shooting jet after jet of hot thick cum up hitting my face and neck in torrent after torrent. Once he stopped cumming he apologized “I am so fucking sorry, I didn’t mean to finish and I didn’t mean to get cum on you.”

I licked his cock as I felt him jerk from being sensitive and told him “It’s fine, I wanted you to get off. I’m not afraid of cum, you didn’t have to pull out.” Paul raised up without saying a word and kissed my cum covered face as our mouths met.

“That’s so fucking hot, I have never had sex without using a condom or had cum on me except for jacking off.”

I was amazed as Paul still had a finger inside me. “Seriously, you even used condoms for blowjobs?” I asked.

“Yeah, I know it probably sounds crazy but, I have only had two guys I have hooked up with and we never had any contact without using a condom. I guess it was my first guy who was scared to death of cum and insisted on condoms and no kissing. It just sort of stuck with me I guess.”

I was still hard and wanting more as Paul and I lay on the bed talking for the next twenty minutes. Paul did not have much sexual experience at all which surprised me. He was 27 years old and had only ever been intimate with two different men outside of some mutual masturbation when he was younger. As Paul’s cum dried on my face I climbed and straddled him and leaned in kissing him deeply. He responded kissing me back and I felt his cock grow underneath me back to its full hardness. I finally broke out kiss and asked “Your finger felt great inside me, would you like to fuck me?”

Paul looked and almost replied “Oh, god, I want to so bad but I have never done that before. I was afraid to ask.” Apparently the first guy Paul was with was a dominant top and while Paul had been fucked he said he never enjoyed it.

Paul did not have any lube so I told him he needed to get me lubricated before trying to enter me. I told him the best way was to rim my ass and without pausing Paul had my legs spread as I knelt on the bed in front of him and he began giving me an amazing rim job. I told him to work his fingers in and get me relaxed and before long he had two fingers inside me. I told Paul he could try getting inside me and he asked if I wanted him to put on a condom. I told him since he had never had sex with anyone unprotected not to worry and he began pushing against me as I felt his large cock start to push past my sphincter muscle. I felt the head of Paul’s cock push inside me and told him to stop and move slowly so that I could adjust to his size. He pulled out and asked if he was hurting me and I told him no, it just takes a bit to allow me to accommodate his full size but to try again and go slow. He pushed back in as I bit the blankets beneath me. Slowly I felt Paul enter me fully inch by inch until I felt his body press up against me.

I heard Paul ask if I was ok and I grunted “yes, now please take me and fuck me.” Paul wasted no time and began pulling out and pushing back inside me building up his speed and intensity as his body slammed into mine pushing me forward on the bed with each of this thrusts. I was getting closer to the edge and the floor with each thrusts but it felt so good I did not want him to stop. After a few more deep thrusts my body was hanging off the edge of the bed as I extended my arms to the floor beneath me to stop from being pushed off the mattress completely. My hips were at the edge and Paul was grunting and I could tell he was ready to cum again. As I held myself as still on the bed as possible Paul began to spank my ass cheeks as his thrusts became deeper and more intense until I felt him gasp my hips and hold me tight onto his cock that was filling me completely and I could feel him cum hard.

It took Paul several minutes before his orgasm subsided and he was breathing deeply still holding my hips filling me full. He asked between breaths if I wanted to fuck him and I told him no. He asked what I wanted him to do and I told him to pull me back up onto the bed and to stay inside me as he played with my cock and I came. In almost one motion Paul used his muscular body to pull me up onto the bed as he lay back onto his back pulling me up on top of him with my back to his front. He was still buried inside me and reached around and began playing with my engorged cock and balls using both his large hands. The feeling was amazing as my ass was filled and my cock was being played with. I felt myself on the edge and I lay back telling Paul “Don’t stop, please don’t stop” as I felt myself begin to shoot hot streams of cum up onto my chest and face.

We both lay gasping trying to catch our breath as I moved to the side allowing Paul’s cock to pull out of me. I immediately felt a large rush of his cum leak from me as I pressed up against him allowing him to spoon me as I dozed off to sleep.

I woke up feeling my cock being sucked and coming back to life. I looked up to see I had only slept for about an hour and looked down to see Paul back fully rigid and sucking me as my cock came back to a full erection. Paul had a finger inside me as he sucked until I managed to fill his mouth with cum which he swallowed every drop. He then moved up and kissed me deeply and told me he had never tasted cum before. I was exhausted and rolled over onto my side and told Paul to fuck me. I felt him push his cock back inside me and begin to thrusts in and out of me wildly. It felt good and I tried my best to milk his cock with my anal muscles and move my hips to meet his thrusts. It took him about 40 minutes before he began to groan and tell me he was going to cum again, this time he pushed inside and once again filled my already full ass with yet another large load. I lay in the bed with Paul spooning me as his cock got soft and fell out of me. My stomach was cramped from the huge load of cum I had up my bowel as I drifted off to sleep seeing the sun come up in the open window.

I opened my eyes to the bright sunlight streaming through the open bedroom window. I could hear Paul snoring lightly behind me as I slowly woke up feeling his hard cock pressed against me. The clock on the dresser across the room showed it was already 11:25 am on Sunday morning. I slowly and gently reached between my legs feeling the wet and stickiness of cum. I gently pushed Paul’s hard cock against my  ass and he slipped in easily as I pushed my hips back against him. I heard a moan of pleasure from Paul as he continued snoring lightly.  As his breathing became lighter Paul’s hips began a rhythmic grinding and thrust into me. As Paul began to wake up fully his thrusting became much more intense and he was kissing my back saying what an amazing way to be woke up. My ass was sore but it felt so good having Paul inside me and I was rock hard and enjoying every moment of the pounding I was receiving. After a few moments Paul stopped and pulled out, he rolled me onto my back and then climbed on top of me face down kissing me deeply as our cocks were pressed between our bellies. Paul’s movement had me getting ready to climax and I felt Paul shoot a load of cum between us and I immediately orgasmed and shot my own load into the mix that was between us. By the time we both stopped orgasming we had cum covering us from below our waist up to our faces. Paul kissed me and said he had to pee and got up. My own cock was still hard as my bladder felt like it was going to bust. \

We showered together and spent most the day talking and hanging out around the lake. I spent a lot of time in the water as the cool water made my ass feel so much better. I also seemed to have an endless stream of cum leaking from me. We went to bed around midnight Sunday night and Paul was still ready to go. I ended up giving him a blowjob until he filled my mouth with cum and then just told him to snuggle up next to me and to hold me tightly as we feel off to sleep together. I woke up around 6:30 the next morning and neither of us had moved at all.

Once we got up we had to get everything taken down and ready to go to make the trip home. What I thought was going to be a slow three days turned out to go by way to quickly. We decided to stay naked as we pulled out of the camp spot until we hit the main highway about an hour up the road. We ended up not getting dressed until we stopped at a truck stop off the highway about an hour from home. We ate a meal and made the rest of the trip home. We did manage to schedule another trip two weeks later and this time will make it a long weekend with leaving late Thursday night and not returning until Monday morning.



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