A Walk in the Woods

"This is so nice..."

"It's so nice out"

"It's like the sky knew about us today"

Chris was a friend from community college. He and I had both gone to community college for four years to get associate degrees. After we both graduated, we went our separate ways. I stayed in our hometown and went to work at a temp agency. Chris went off to university. But now, Chris was home on vacation and we were hiking our favorite trail through the woods. The sun was shining with scattered clouds. The forest was cool and green. It was a beautiful day.

However, there was something more beautiful in my view. Chris was walking ahead of me. He was in running shorts, tank top, and a bandana on his forehead. Everything he was wearing was brightly colored and he looked like the hippie he was. I was in similarly bright clothes; board short style swim trunks and a shark tooth necklace. I had taken my shirt off and shoved it into the waistband of my shorts. If anyone saw us they would assume we were a hippie couple.

But we were not a couple.

Chris was gay but had a boyfriend from university. A doctor. Which was a shame for me. I was single, and Chris was hot. I'd seen him change once and a while in community college but that was years ago. But my memory was as clear as a picture.

Chris's ass was huge. It strained his shorts and I could see the fabric riding up his crack and the material stretched fully. And, as my memory recalled, he was hung. When we changed back in community college, whether it be at the gym or pool or whatnot, he wasn't shy. He loved to be naked and his cock loved it too. Whenever I saw it, it seemed to be bigger each time. Last time I saw it, 4 years before, it must've been 5 inches soft. It was jaw dropping.

"Aidan?" My attention was pulled back to the hike. Chris had stopped and was looking at me. He was smirking. "Did you hear me?"

"S-Sorry. I was zoned out. What's up?" I asked, knowing I was blushing.

"I said: Look at that" He pointed into the woods. I turned my head and my eyes widened. Before us was a huge waterfall by a lake. It was a beautiful sight I hadn't seen before.

"Woah.." I muttered. Chris smirked and started to walk towards it. I followed.

"Let's take a break here for a bit" He said. "This water looks refreshing" I followed and we sat down on large rocks by the waterfall, hiding in the shadow of a small cave no deeper than two yards. We both put our back packs into the cave and leaned against the cool rocks. Chris's eyes were locked on the lake, the sun and clouds reflected on it. "I would love to go swim in that lake."

"So why don't you?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't have a swim suit." I thought for a second, but he interrupted my thoughts. "Can I borrow yours?" He pointed at my crotch. I blushed.

"I don't have anything to change into"

"Can't you just wear your boxers? No one is gonna be around for miles." My blush grew. He chuckled. "Ah. So you're doin' what I am doin'?"

"What would that be?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"You decided to hike without any boxers....or briefs....or anything" He winked and laughed. I smirked.

"Can't say I am wearing anything like that" I winked. He thought for a second.

"Well, can I borrow it?"

"I told you, I've got nothin'"

"I don't care..." He muttered. "As I said: no one around for miles." I licked my lips, suddenly very dry in the mouth. He noticed. "So?"

"Fuck it!" I threw my hands up. "You can wear the suit and I'll just sit here naked"

He grinned from ear to ear. "Sweet! Thanks man!" He jumped up, stepping onto the rocks next to our cave. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it into the cave. His body was amazing. I licked my lips. But suddenly, his shorts were gone and my mouth went dry as a desert. "Come on man"

I shook my head and tried to not look at the swinging cock that was covering a set of huge nuts. I turned to the side and tossed my shirt into the cave. I pushed off my shorts, shivering as a badly timed breeze hit my now exposed, semi-hard cock. I tossed the shorts to Chris and sat back in the cave, taking his shorts and setting them on my lap to cover my genitals.

"Thanks hunk" He winked as he pulled on my board shorts. It looked too small to fit his ass, but he just turned around and jumped right into the lake, his body disappearing. I sighed and leaned against the rocks. I closed my eyes for a second them opened them and looked at the sky. There were more clouds now.

"Aidan!" I heard.

"What?" I looked over, seeing Chris was under the waterfall, the water pouring onto his head and shoulders. He was smirking.

"You've got a big ol' tent there!" he shouted. I blushed. I looked down and my cock was hard. It wasn't just hard, it was throbbing. Chris's shorts were tented and there was no hiding this. As I watched, and thought about Chris watching, a spot of wetness started to form at the tip. I exhaled slowly. I heard Chris laugh.

"Shut up!" I shouted. "Or I'll cum on your shorts!" I threated, but as I said it, it sounded less impressive.

"Oh, you're gonna cum just from touching my sweaty shorts?" He teased.

"Shut the fuck up!" I shouted. Just as I shouted, the perfect dramatic moment happened. A flash of lightning and clap of thunder hit us. My heart jumped and I watched Chris's eyes widen. In a heartbeat, he was climbing out of the water and running over, just as the rain started. He both climbed into the cave, just as the rain started to pour right outside.

"Fuck me..." Chris muttered, looking at the rain.

"That was sudden" I muttered, glancing at him.

"Well, I guess we are here for now." He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. I glanced at him up and down, and suddenly saw a tent in my board shorts he was wearing. I looked at my own and held the shorts on my shaft.



"You got a big ol' tent." Chris opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Hmm?" I pointed to his bulge. He looked and his eyes widened. "I...Uh..."

I laughed. Chris blushed.

"What of it?! You are too!" He shouted, embarrassed.

"Oh come on man. Wanna jerk off?" I asked, slowly stroking into his shorts. His eyes shot open.

"Don't get cum all over my shorts" He started shouting, but each word got softer and softer.

"You can cum in mine..." I muttered, starting to stroke faster.

He said nothing, but his hand slid into the waistband of the shorts. The shorts were too tight to get any deeper than a fingertip. He looked at my eyes and we stared. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw him push the shorts off, but didn't dare break the eye contact. After the lower body movement stopped, he looked down at my bulge, and I looked at his.

The tent be was not covering with my board shorts, was huge. The short fabric was nice and wet from the lake, but as I watched a pearl of thick precum oozed through the material. I glanced at my own bulge, with was almost identical. As I looked back at Chris's, he started to jerk. I followed his lead. We both jerked out hard cocks slowly, leaning against the cold rocks as the only sounds were of rain and fabric rubbing on skin.

"Your cock is so thick..." Chris murred, his free hand finding my thigh and rubbing it. His cold fingers made me shiver, but I copied his motion, touching his thigh and rubbing near his bulge.

"Thanks. Yours is long" We sat there, stroking, shivering, rubbing, and precumming.

"I'm gonna fill these shorts with cum" He panted, his body tensing slightly.

"Your shorts are gonna be soaked through" I moaned.

"Is...this gonna... be a contest?" He moaned.

"Not much of a contest." I winked, moaning.

"Whatever... it is, it's... happening soon..." He panted, his bulge throbbing.

"I'm cumming!" I suddenly shouted, my hips bucking and my shooting so hard, the first shot alone turned the shorts a dark shade. I shook as I came, hips bucking and the shorts getting wetter and wetter. I panted and relaxed, the cold rocks making me shiver. I looked at Chris.

Chris was panting and lying back. My shorts were soaked through and the tent was pulsing long and hard. "Goddamn..." He moaned. I laughed breathlessly.

"Is it a tie?" I asked, holding up the soaked shorts. Chris did the same. We both laughed. "We might want to put these out in the rain to get cleaned" Chris nodded with a smile and placed my shorts on a rock outside. I did the same before lying back, panting.

"You look good naked" Chris winked.

"You look better" I laughed.

We both chuckled and lied on the ground, relaxing. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

[To Be Continued]


Gay Aidan


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