Brad was at home for Christmas Break. He had been at his parents' house in the suburbs of Chicago for a couple of days and he was going out of his mind. He has just recently come out to himself but not to his family or friends. The only sex he had had was either at glory hole in the Education Building's third floor bathroom or out in the woods by the soccer fields. He had no idea where he could go around his house to get or give some head or to be fucked. He thought about trying to get into a gay bar but not only was he 19, it looked like all the gay bars were on the North Side, not in southern suburbs where he lived. He couldn't ask to use his parents' car to go looking for some place because they would want to know everywhere he went.

He had some more Christmas gifts to buy so he took the Metro to Downtown Chicago. He went to Macy's and then walked along the Magnificent Mile enjoying the lights and the hustle and bustle. While he made his way back to the train station he decided he wanted to get something to read on the ride so he stopped in a small newsstand close to the train station. While he looked around he came across a section of gay porn. While he had seen stuff on-line he hadn't ever seen books and magazines. There was a newspaper just about the gay scene in Chicago. He flipped through it and came across an ad for the Bijou Theater. A man who was standing next to Brad said, "You should go check it out sometime, you'd be a big hit." Then the man walked away. Brad wondered what he meant about being a "big hit". He didn't realize that the man was referring to the fact that Brad was a good looking kid. Just over 6', he weighed about 170 and had maintained his swimmer's body from when he swam in high school. He had close cropped light brown hair and brown eyes.

He hadn't given his parents an exact time that he would be home so he decided to check the Bijou out. The ad said it was around 1300 North Wells so he either had to figure out what bus to take or take the El to the closest stop. Luckily it wasn't too cold for this time of year, so he wouldn't mind walking.

When he found the Bijou it was a pretty unimpressive building. It didn't look like a theater at all even though it had a bright neon sign. There wasn't a ticket booth like you'd find at other theaters. He went through the door and saw a man sitting behind a partition. Brad glanced around looking at some of the posters before stepping up to the man. Brad asked how much it was for a ticket. The man told him $22 and asked to see ID. Brad started to walk out and the man told him it was ok just buy a ticket. Brad thought that was a lot of money but he paid it any way just out of curiosity. There was a bowl of condoms and a bowl of little packs of lube. Brad didn't understand why they were there but what 19 year old gay male wouldn't take some of each for future use.

When Brad walked through the door into the theater it felt like he was walking into a dark hole, he couldn't see anything. There was a porno of two men fucking on the screen but the rest of the space was so dark he didn't know what to do. He leaned against the wall and waited for his eyes to adjust. When he did he saw some rows of theater seats, like in an old theater, not the stadium style he had become used to at the movies.

He noticed that there were some men scattered around the theater. Some were sitting alone and others were sitting next to another man. There were even some men sitting in the front row. Brad had always hated sitting in the front row because it caused a kink in his neck. Brad went to one of the middle rows and went a few seats in and sat down. The movie was like all the ones he had watched on-line. No real story line just a lot of sex, nothing wrong with that though. Brad started getting a hard on watching the film and started to rub his cock through his jeans.

A guy in the row in front of him looked back at Brad's face then down to his crotch and then back to his face. He reached his hand back and placed it on Brad's crotch. That freaked Brad out a bit and he got up and moved further down the row. Not long after someone entered the row and instead of taking a seat a couple down from Brad he took the seat right next to him. The man proceeded to take his cock out and started to stroke it. He grabbed Brad's hand and tried to bring it to his cock. Brad jumped up and went around the man and got to the side of the theater. He decided to go down a couple of rows. The next couple of rows had men in each of the end seats. Some of them were stroking their cocks while others were stroking the cocks of the guys next to them. The only option for Brad now was to go back to the back of the theater or go into the front row. As he did he saw a couple of guys on their knees blowing men that were sitting in the row. Brad moved away and leaned against the wall again. The movie had changed but it was the same story just different guys. While he stood against the wall he noticed that several men were coming and going from a door directly to the right of the screen.

Brad decided to go check it out. When he went through the door he found a small ante room with a vending machine and a bench. If you went to the right there was a door that led out into a small garden where a couple of men were smoking. For some reason there were a couple of half walls dividing up the garden.

As you came back in there was a bathroom to the right. All it had was a toilet without a door and a sink. There was a big glory hole on the stall wall between the toilet and the sink. There was ton of graffiti all over the walls. It smelled like pee and cum.

As you came out of the bathroom and turned to the left there was a spiral staircase leading up to another level. He watched as a couple of men went up or came down. He was noticing that there were all different kind of men in the Bijou. The theater seemed to have an older crowd but in this space it was different. Out in the garden area were two guys not much older than him sharing a cigarette, there was also three middle aged guys talking. On the staircase he had seen a really buff black guy, a couple of Latino guys and a few older men. He decided to check out the upstairs. As he went up the stairs a couple guys were trying to come down. They obviously were checking Brad out and turned to follow him back up the stairs.

When he reached the top of the stairs there was a long hallway that led to the back of the building. There were probably ten men all of different ethnicities, age, weight and height leaning against the wall. They looked at Brad as he entered the hallway. He enjoyed the feeling of having them look at him. He took off his jacket and carried it so they could see his body better. He walked past the gauntlet of men and noticed how they followed him with their eyes. There were a couple of rooms at the back. One was showing gay videos and the other had slings, a cross and a cage. There was a man in the sling getting fucked and several man standing around stroking their cocks.

Brad turned around and walked back by the gauntlet of men again. As he moved forward he entered a very short hallway that had a partially blacked out window and a couple of doors. There were two guys in the hallway kissing. He turned back around again and saw a hallway to his left. Both sides of the hallway had doors. As he moved down the hall men would catch his eye and go through one of the doors. Then a few seconds later would come out and see that he had passed by.

Brad walked by down the hallway. Several men grabbed his crotch and grabbed his ass. While he didn't stop he took it as a compliment.

At the end of the hallway he turned left, passed some of the men who were in the gauntlet and turned left into another hallway with doors on the left. As he went by the men in the gauntlet several of them said "hi", "want a blow job", and other things. He opened one of the doors and saw that there were glory holes on both walls and the back. As soon as he opened the door a man entered the booth next to it while giving him a look. The guy looked like a business man since he was in a suit. He looked like he had a good body under the suit. Brad closed the door to his booth and he saw the man's face at the glory hole. "Give me your cock, kid." That statement made Brad get even harder in his jeans but he left the booth not quite knowing what he should do. The business man exited his booth right behind Brad. He went back toward the gauntlet of men. A big black guy grabbed, really grabbed, his ass as he turned down the hallway. "I know what you want" the man said "and I can give it to you." Brad looked him in the face and smiled but kept walking. If he turned to the left it looked like he was entering a maze made up of angled hallways, doors, a booth that was made up of fencing material and one booth that had a wall of Plexiglas so anyone in the hallway could see what was going on in the booth. He noticed that the black guy and the business man were following me.

As he made the turn back into the main hallway he saw a guy about his own age. He looked like he was Middle Eastern. He had that rich skin tone, dark hair with a couple days of stubble with dark eyes. He looked to be about 6'2" and about 190 pounds. His clothes were tight enough that Brad could tell he had a tight body under them.

They caught each other's eyes then he walked toward the hallway with the partially blacked out window. The Middle Eastern guy checked to see if Brad was following him, which he was, and then he went into one of the booths but didn't shut the door. Brad followed him in and closed the door behind himself. The Middle Eastern man put one hand on Brad's chest while the other caressed his ass. He leaned down just a bit and kissed Brad. Brad thought he tasted of clove cigarettes and smelled like some exotic oil. He took one of Brad's hands and put it against the bulge in his jeans. His cock was running down the right leg of jeans and felt like it had a lot of heft. Brad started unbuttoning the guy's 501s until he could reach far enough in with his fingers to pull the guy's cock out of his boxers. All the while the Middle Eastern guy was rubbing the bulge in Brad's jeans. Brad was so horny he already was leaking precum. He popped open the button on the top of Brad's jeans and pushed his jeans and boxer briefs down to free Brad's cock. The Middle Eastern guy then squatted down and took Brad's cock into his mouth. Brad moaned, it had been several weeks since anyone other than he had touched his cock. Brad started moving his hips to get more of his cock into the Middle Eastern guy's mouth. The Middle Eastern guy's tongue kept moving from Brad's shaft to his head as his lips caressed it from the outside. The Middle Eastern guy pulled Brad closer to him until Brad's cock was all the way in. Brad tried to pull out before he came but the other guy wouldn't let him. Brad let loose with a huge load of cream, it had been so long.

The Middle Eastern guy stood up licking his lips, then kissed Brad again. Brad could taste his own cum. Brad looked down at the other guy's cock and saw it was hard as steel. Brad grabbed it and started to stroke it but the Middle Eastern guy had other ideas, he pushed Brad down until Brad's lips were even with his cock. Brad opened his mouth and sucked in the Middle Eastern guy's cock. It was almost too big for Brad to get his lips around. It stretched Brad's jaw until it hurt. Brad started to gag so the other guy pulled his cock back a bit but only until Brad stopped gagging and then he shoved it back in, hitting the back of Brad's throat. Brad grabbed the shaft of the cock and stroked in time with his mouth movements. This went on for a while and then the Middle Eastern guy filled Brad's mouth with his load of sperm. It was so much that Brad couldn't swallow it all so some dripped out of the right corner of his mouth. The Middle Eastern guy pulled Brad up and licked his cum off of Brad's face. His kissed Brad again, pulled up his underwear and jeans and left Brad in the booth.

As soon as the Middle Eastern guy had left the booth a middle aged man tried to come in but Brad pulled up his jeans and left the booth. He needed some time to come down from his high of both sucking a cock and getting sucked off.

Brad started walking around again. As he went by the gauntlet, the men were more vocal and touched Brad more knowing that he had just come out of a booth. Now that Brad had tasted cock again he wanted more. He went down the hallway of doors and picked one. He went in and shut the door. He could hear the doors to the booths on either side of him open and close. Brad didn't think he could be sucked again so he didn't respond when someone signaled or asked him to let them suck his cock. He heard both of the men leave the adjacent booths. He didn't know if when that happens it sends a message to the guys milling around but within seconds two cocks came through the holes in the walls. Brad squatted down and wrapped his fingers around the cock to his left. He did the same with the cock to his right. Both were pretty good sized but the one to his left was bigger with a bigger head. Brad wanted to become a good cocksucker so he took the head of the one on his left into his mouth. Again, just like with the Middle Eastern guy, it was difficult to take it in but he worked at it. Little my little he was able to take more in. When he started to gag he did his best to control it, when he was successful he felt the head of the cock hit the back of his throat. All this time he was stroking the cock to his right. Without any sort of warning the cock to Brad's left filled him with sperm. This time Brad was able to take it all. When he had finished swallowing that load he turned to the cock on his right and took the head of the cock into his mouth just as it flooded his mouth with yet another load of cum. Both cocks slowly retreated from their holes. Even though two more cocks appeared Brad straightened up and left the booth.

Brad could tell by the looks on the men's' faces that they knew he was a cocksucker. Brad decided to walk through the maze again. Almost immediately the business man and the Black man were following him. When he passed the booth that was made of chain link fence the Black guy grabbed his arm and pulled him in. The Black man repeated "I know what you want and I'm going to give it to you now!" He grabbed Brad and spun him around so he was against one of the walls with chain link. The Black man kicked Brad's legs apart and then pulled his jeans down below his ass. He could feel the heat of the man's cock against his ass. Brad pulled out one of the condoms and one of the packets of lube from his shirt pocket and handed them back to the Black man. "Please" was all Brad said. He could hear the wrapper being opened and felt some lube get fingered into his ass and then again he felt the heat of a cock against his ass. A group of men had gathered in the hallway on the other side of the chain link and were watching with their cocks out.

Brad felt the Black cock enter his eager hole. Brad had only been fucked twice before but he loved it. He had never been fucked by a cock this big but he really wanted to feel it up his ass. He wanted to feel full and wanted to feel used, not by another college kid but by a real man. The Black guy slide his cock in slowly "I want you to feel it all White boy" and Brad did. It felt incredible, better than anything he had ever experienced, he wanted to scream in pleasure and pain. Instead of screaming he just moaned and that really got the audience going. Brad could hear the beating of their cocks even though his head was spinning with the feeling of the big, Black cock in his ass starting to slide in an out so slowly and sensually. The Black guy leaned in and said "I knew you wanted this and I knew you would like it."

The Black guy took a step or two back and Brad pushed his ass back with him. As a result he moved away from the chain link. The Black man pushed his back so that his face was lowered along the chain link. The businessman, who's cock was already out, moved closer and stuck his cock through the chain link. The Black guy said "eat it boy". Brad took the cock into his mouth. He really couldn't move so the business man grabbed hold of the chain link and started moving his hips back and forth driving his cock into Brad's mouth. Brad couldn't move so he couldn't do anything to stop it. The Black cock kept sliding it and out of Brad's ass. The Black man would pull it just far enough back so that only his head was in Brad's ass then he would ever so slowly slide it back in. The business man shot his load into Brad's waiting mouth. Brad drank it down like it was mother's milk. The business man pulled his cock back through the chain link and another one appeared. It was one of the Latino guys that Brad had seen earlier. The Black man said "eat that cock too Whity." Once again Brad took a cock between his lips and worked his lips and tongue the best he could with the Black man moving his body back and forth. After the Latino popped his nut the Black man made him eat four more cocks. After he had finished them all off the Black man pulled Brad up and had him hold onto the chain link again. This time he yelled at one of the men in the hallway, "Suck his dick mother fucker." Brad felt someone's fingers pull his painfully hard cock through the chain link and then felt the warmth of a mouth engulfing his cock. The Black man started picking up his pace which caused Brad's cock to pick up speed in the mouth of whatever guy was sucking his cock.

Brad could feel the Black guy's cock stop moving and then could feel that his cock was filling up the rubber. As that happened he filled the mouth of the guy sucking his cock. Brad had never felt anything like this before in his life.

The Black man pulled his cock out of Brad's ass with sensual slowness. Brad wanted to scream to push it back in, he wanted to feel that full again but unfortunately the cock popped out of his ass. Brad turned around to see the Black man slowly pull the condom off his cock. He did it so carefully not a drop of cum fell from the rubber. "Tip your head back White boy." Brad did what he was told. The Black man brought the condom up to Brad's mouth and squeezed the cum into Brad's waiting mouth. The Black man said "I told you that you wanted it. Now you've had my cock up your white pussy and my black cum down your throat." He slapped Brad on the ass and left the booth of chain link.

Brad licked his lips and pulled up his boxer briefs and jeans and left the booth. Several men started following him but Brad was satiated and decided to leave. As Brad was leaving the guy behind the partition said "I hope you had a good time."

Brad responded with "Yes, and I'll be back."




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