Derek is assigned to tutor big hot football defensive back Jerry, a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in physical education and a sexy hunk who is struggling to stay academically eligible to continue on the football team for the remainder of the season.

The second athlete is 21-year-old Bo, a 177 pound member of the university wrestling team. He is a very intelligent student in his junior year majoring in psychology having trouble with the zoology class. He is built like a Greek god with movie star qualities.

The third student is 22-year-old Ryan majoring in theater arts and is a team member of the tennis team in his senior year. He is tall, lanky, slim, not a great stylish dresser, somewhat plain facial features and yet has an aroma of sexual heat.

The fourth athlete is 19-year-old Donnie, a sophomore majoring in business and a starting guard on the university basketball team. He is a hell of a good-looking average sized perfect athlete.

Finally, the fifth student is 20-year-old Tommy, a sophomore majoring in political science and a  handsome 5' 6" outstanding member of the soccer team.

During this five-part series, Derek will share with the GD readers his tutoring sessions with each jocck starting with instructions from the textbook but then watch for some hands on demonstartions as to the guys' sexual organs and how to produce volcanic orgasms.

My name is Derek and here is my story as a paid tutor to five hot jocks at the university.

As I prepared for my first tutoring lesson with Jerry, the hot football player, I promised myself that I would control my lust as a campus slut and be totally professional as a paid tutor even though my favorite fuck buddies were muscled jocks. Man did they know how to use their athletic builds and cocks to bang ass.

During my four years as an undergraduate and now in my first year as a 23-year-old graduate student at this large university, I'd been the bitch for at least 200 hot straight, gay and bi-sexual studs (I'd lost count so maybe more than 200 studs) including several straight married upperclassmen. As a true bottom, I'd been banged by ever type and shape of cocks from a 5-incher up to a big 11-inch horse cock, long thick girths to slim slick cock shafts. I had learned from my fucking buddies that it was not the size of the cock but rather did the dude know how to use his cock to explore ever inch of my ass and a pro at using his tool to drive me wild massaging my sensitive big prostate, as well as if he was a great kisser and cock sucker.

I contacted Jerry and made my first appointment to meet him for a session in his dorm room.

I arrived around 6:30 PM after dinner. When Jerry opened his dorm door, shit I felt my cock stiffen. Jerry stood 6-feet and 2-inches tall, weighed some 210 rock hard pounds, light brown well-trimmed hair stretching down to the collar of his dress shirt, deep brown sexy eyes, huge biceps and an incredible bulge in his tight fitting black slacks.

"Hi I'm Derek and I've been hired by the athletic department to tutor you in your zoology class. I understand that this week you are studying the male sexual reproductive functions and system. May I come in?"

"Hi Derek, I'm Jerry and yea thanks for helping me try to understand the male sexual functions and organs. Lets sat at my desk and you take me through that chapter in the textbook."

"Well Jerry,  this chapter is discussing hormonal regulations of males including hormones, or androgens, that are secreted primarily by the interstitial cells of the testes. Usually between ages of 13 and 15 a guy's genitals and penis reach full proportions, semen production becomes full blown and the capacity for strong erections and ejaculations is complete."

This must have completed turned on Jerry as he took a hand and grabbed my over heating crotch and yea my now full erect cock that I had managed to hide from him until this moment. As he began to rub my stone hard cock through my pants, he said: "Is this what you are talking about Derek and getting a full erection and producing lots of male semen? Man this lesson has me fucking horny. I know about your reputation as the campus slut. You've been fucked by several of my football teammates. They tell me you have the most hard round bubble ass, the deepest ass channel for a big cock like mine to drive all the way in and you are an expert of how to use your ass muscles to squeeze a cock to empty a guys nuts of all that warm cum. And look how handsome you are standing 5-feet and 11-inches, weighing about 160 hard body pounds from your daily work outs at the gym, gorgeous dark brown eyes and coal black curly hair down to your shoulder blades. Fuck your cock is so hard and I hear it is about 8-inches long with a beer can sized girth and that you know how to face fuck a guy with that snake. Come on lets suck cock and let me fuck that man pussy with my big hard huge dick."

"Hey Jerry, I'm a fucking slut that loves cock up my ass but we need to remain professional and stick to our lesson plan. I badly need the pay from being a tutor. I don't want to loose my job. I admit you are hot as hell and I'm so turned on by your big handsome body, that huge cock and your sexy face."

"Shit Derek, this will be our secret. Don't you know that I need your instructions to pass this fucking course and stay eligible for the team. I love playing football. It is my life. We can have our cake and eat it too. Speaking of eating, let me suck that sexy cock of yours before I fuck the hell out of that pussy of yours."

Before I could answer Jerry, he grabbed the back of my neck, pulled my mouth and lips up tight against his juicy red lips and pushed his hot tongue down my throat. He began to use his tongue to play with my tongue as he French kissed me with his rough tongue penetration deep in my throat as we produced gobs of sloppy spit. He took his other hand and I felt him began to unzip my pants. He found my pulsating cock, pulled it out of my shorts and began to masturbate my leaking cock while giving me the roughest kisses I'd ever experienced. He was like some wild beast devouring his prey.  Hell, I'd just become his bitch and I surrendered to what was happening. I knew than I had to have his big 10-inch cock with a barrel sized girth up my worn ass.

After some ten minutes of the hottest kissing and having my cock jerked off, we got up and Jerry rushed to remove all my clothes followed by his removing of all his clothes while I became dizzy with lust and as horny as I'd ever been. Now just in our birthday suits, he stood before me with his awesome cock standing straight out looking at me with drips of warm pre-cum that had landed on his cock head. His body was laced with ribbed muscles, he had very light fuzzy thin light brown body hair from his chest to his crotch with light brown well-trimmed pubic hair and light brown fuzz on his sexy legs. He was not a bear but just enough light hair to make him a real man.

It became clear to me that he was now in charge and I'd become his obedient bitch. He got down on his knees, put his big hot hands on my butt cheeks, pushed my crotch forward into his face and started placing his sexy lips on the tip of my cock. Holy shit, Jerry began to clamp down hard with his lips tight on my cock head and he started sucking my cock as if he was a baby sucking his mother's breasts for milk. Soon he had me leaking a growing amount of warm pre-cum that he swallowed as I groaned while I put my hands on the back of his head and drove his mouth further down my red purple blood filled cock. I felt his warm tongue massaging my cock as he took his hands and began to play and squeeze my red-hot balls and then he used a big finger to fuck my ass as he drove first one then two and then three fingers up my ass and spread my pussy wide open.

"OH BABY, suck my cock, finger my ass, yea that is it. Oh don't stop you horny big stud. Make me come. Milk me dry. Oh I love those fucking fingers spreading my ass. Yea I want your cock inside me. Oh Baby, you smell so great. Give it to me as if I was on the other football team and you had to block and down me. Have no mercy, you hunk of a beast."

As I got close to coming, Jerry felt my cock began to throb and my ass puckering on his fingers so he stopped and got up. Shit I wanted him to keep sucking my aching cock so I could shoot a big load down his sexy warm throat but he had other plans for us.

"No my little fucking horny slut, not yet. I'll let you know when it is time for you to shoot that big load. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you will blast a huge load while my cock is still up that hot ass of yours and I'm drilling that pussy of yours. Your experienced ass has sucked the milk cream out of many hard cocks inside your ass. When you began to milk the cum out of my rock hard cock inside that hot pussy of yours then you can shoot a big load too. Got it slut?"

This did it for me. I'd never wanted any man to fuck me more than this hunk of a football player. Whether he was straight, gay or bi-sexual did not matter. He was going to give me a rough fucking that I craved.

He lifted me up in his big hard arms, placed me on his bed on my back, he spread my legs far apart exposing my ass for him, he took a bottle of lube, soaked my pulsating ass, drove the lube inside my ass with his hot finger, lubed his blood filled red purple cock and put the tip of his hot cock at the entrance to my ass. He reached down and began to give me the hottest sloppy kisses, licked my ear lobes, licked my neck and sucked hard on my neck leaving those red sex spots and I felt his cock began to part my ass walls and go inch by inch down my ass chute.

I felt his huge stone hard cock drive all the way down my ass channel until his balls rubbed against my ass. He began thrusting his cock harder and harder into my pussy using his huge hard hips to drive that tool home. He moved his cock all around my ass, the walls of  my ass and yea he spent lots of time driving his really hot hard cock across my prostate. He must have fucked lots of guys' asses as he was a pro at how to use that penis to satisfy my ass while he took his hard chest and drove it down on top of my chest. He fucked my ass, humped my body with great force, used his tongue to fuck my mouth while pounding my ass with his pet cock. This was the roughest, hottest and sweatiest fuck I'd ever had.

I moaned, grunted and tried to talk with his big tongue deep in my throat. My whole body was reeling with an on coming orgasm that had me fileld with chills, shivers and pure lust. Man, this was the greatest sex.

After some twenty minutes of literally two hot bodies melted together, I felt Jerry's cock actually swell even more inside my ass, his balls tightened up against my butt, his face drew, his breathing became rapid and he began to bang my ass with that cock in almost painful thrusts. I knew he was about to explode inside me. The feel of his sweaty body, the swexy body odors and his swelled cock inside me caused my cock to swell even more. I felt my warm thick cum gather in my balls and the cum began to rush up my cock shaft. As I blasted a huge load between our tight bodies, I felt Jerry unleash a monstrous load of semen deep inside my pussy. May ass was filled to the brim with his thick warm cum and my white thick cum had covered our entangled bodies.

Finally, Jerry pulled his still erect cock out of my ass and he laid down beside me. He began to lick the cum off our bodies and kissed me with his cum covered lips. Then he got down between my sweaty legs and ate my ass, as he rimmed my ass, he gathered up his leaking cum out of my ass and spit the salty sweet cum in my mouth. We kissed some more to share the cum meal.

We showered and as we got back to the studies in the textbook and his lesson, he said: "I bet you would like to know if I'm gay or not?"

"Yea Jerry, are you gay?"

"Hell yea, I'm gay but have only got to fuck five guys before you. I'll never be able to break your remarkable record of that many cocks. Lets continue to let me fuck that awesome ass of yours each time you come over for a tutoring lesson. I promise not to tell anyone."

"Hell yea Jerry, yea lets do that. You are the best fuck I've ever had. Man, you know how to use that horse cock in a guy's ass. I want more of that cock, man it is awesome. But if you tell anyone, I'll not be able to help you pass this fucking zoology course. I have four other fuckign athletes that I'm going to tutor but I must control my libido with them. You fucking my ass can help me resist their hot cocks lf those four dudes, maybe?"

In part 2, I will be tutoring the hot wrestler, BO.


Naughty Eric


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