Young cowboy Hank and his friend Jon had been friends for as long as anyone could remember. Everyone in their small town always saw one with the oter. Hank was the rugged lookin'. He was bout6'1' 235 lbs. and all man and muscle. Jon on the other hand was more lanky and was 5'8' and 205 lbs. and always seemed awkward even where he wasn't. Jon was the more negative one, and always worried that Hank would leave him for another guy, thought Hank insisted that he'd be with him foever. Only in the last six or seven months they were getting more into each other. They lived together, showered together, and on rare occasion finih each others sentences. They met at high school Sophmore year.

One muggy humid summer afternoon, Hank found Jon at the old lumberyard. He snuck up behind him and started nibbing on his earlobe. It took Jon a few seconds to recongize him.

'Howdy.' Jon said.

'Howdy.' Hank said back, smiling. Jon didn't smile. Hank found it odd that Jon rarely, almost never smiled, since his folks and his kid sister died in a robbery at the store they worked at four years earlier. Jon never could shake that memory, Some nights he cried all night, mainly vecause he missed his sister. Even though she was bout thee years younger than he was, she was the first to know Jon was gay and it didn't faze her. She understood him more than anyone else in the family. Jon and Cynthia never argued, never had any problems, They were the kind of brother and sister that'd do anything for the other. That's how close they were.

'You busy?' Hank asked.

'Not hardly' Jon replied, inhaling Hank's manliness and masculinity. Jon forever loved Hank's smell, It was almost like his tademak.

'Come with me' Hank growled and whn he growled you listened. Jon eagerly followed Hank to their spot behind trees and trucks that were either broken or truckers parking the truck and takin' a break. Hank and Jon got behind a parked truck and Hank took off his flannel hirt.

'Now it'll get dusty' Jon complained, leaning on the truck.

'So? I son't care' Hank replied and kissed Jon passionately. Jon held onto him. Both guys were so into each other, they didn't hear the sound of a car just from the other side of the truck.

'Who's that?'Jon asked.

'Don't worry bout it.' Hank told him, his face in Jon's chest. Jon was about to take his shirt off when the gruff voice hollered. 'Freeze! Up against the truck NOW!'

Hank and Jon were up against the truck as the man patted their pockets. Jon flinched as he had never had anyone rob him in his life.

'Don't turn your heads, and no one gets hurt.' The gruff voice snarled.

'What.... wh.. what are you goin do to us?' Jon croaked. Hank started to turn his head, but the rifle in his back made him face the truck again.

'Now hands behind your back, we're goin' for a little ride':

Jon didn't like the sound of it, but since the man had a rifle, he ;placed his hands behind him. A moment later, he heard metalic lciks. Jonbegan to panic. Sweat ran down his face as he tried to calm down. Hank tried to face the man again, 'Face the fuckin' truck!' The man hollered and Hank not wanting to get shot, turned to the truck again. A few more clicks and Hank was now handcuffed. Jon started to cry as the meory of his dead folks flashed into his mind. His sister especially. few mintues later he herd a thud like sound he turned to see Hank unconscious, not long after everything for Jon went black.

Hank and Jon came to hours later. Both were in chairs back to back, both blindflded and handcuffed. Jon began to panic again. Only word from Hank calmed him down.

'Shh, calm down little buddy. We'll get out of this I promise. Just keep it together, we'll gibe the guy whatever the hell he wants and we'll be outa here.'

'He's gonna kill us' Jon whimpered.

'No he won't Jon. If he wanted us dead, he could have done it long ago, so obviously Murder isn't on his mind.'

Jon tried to get it together. It was hard, but he managed. A few mintues footsteps came to the door and there stood the Outlaw that robbed them, cuffed them and made them unconcious. Even though the Outlaw was rough, he was in real life inexprienced with big heists so he practied on unsuspecting public.

'Please' Jon whimpered 'What do you want?'

'What's wrong? Don't you like to play games with the kinkiest outlaw in the west?'

'No' Jon croaked 'Cuz you're gonna kill us'

'No' The Outlaw replied. 'Me? I don't kill. I want to give you guys some pleasure.'

Both Hank and Jon let out a confused 'Huh?'

'I'm givin' you guys a special I don't give any people I capture. But I like you cowboys, so I make a deal with you.'

'I don't mke deals with Oulaws.' Jon said angrily.

Hank tried to elbow Jon.

The Outlaw obviously insulted, riased his rifle. 'Don't make me do this, Please boy, don't make me do this. I nver kill anyone beforee but do you want to be first? You want this rifle shoved up your ass boy cuz I got no problem with it'

Hank cried out 'No ok what do you want?'

'I ant you guys to watch a live show where me and my friends put on for you.'

'To see if we get aroused?' Jon asked sarcastivally even though despite his fear, this was turnin' him on.

The Outlaw waved his rifle dangerously.

'He meant nothing by that.' Hank told him.

The Outlaw growled. 'Ok I'm goin' to get my friends, I'll be back. Don't try to escape. I got sonic ears.' And with that out the door he went. Jon tried to struggle but Hank managed to grip his hand tight. 'Calm down buddy, It's all right. I'll be here with you.'

'Not like you have a choice' Jon cracked.

Hank sighed. 'Even if I had a choice, I still wouldn't abandon you'

Before Jon could answer, The Outlaw and two of his friends returned. Jon gulped. The other two were just as menacin as the first one. All were dressed similarly, Black ski masks, Brown leather bomber jackets and Black jeans with a bras belt buckle.

'These are good friens of mine.' The Outlaw said. 'This is Clint' he pointed to the left. 'And this is Dan. I'm Robert but that's our little secret, right?'

'Right' Hank and Jon said in unison.

'Let's make our cowboys more comfortable' Dan said as he removed Hank's and Jon's boots. Since Jon didn't wear socks that particular day, Dan let out a whiste. 'For a cowboy, you sure got some smooth feet.' He gave Jon a foot messge he'd never forget. Still with his leather gloves on, he messaged Jon's feet like an expert massuse. Jon for a half moment wondered if Dan was a massuse before he was an Outlaw. Robert and Clint grinning as they undressed each other, Hank whistled at them. Hank had a bit of fetish for men in underwear and seeing those two made his dick hard like steel. Dan began teasing Jon's feet with his tongue and Jon's bulge became more obvious. After 10 countles of tormenting and tasing Jon, Dan backed off and stripped like his two friends, except instead of briefs or boxer brief like his buddies, he sported a leather jockstrap. Han and Jon couldn't believe their eyes as they stared at the three sexy masked Outlaws.Clint and Robert took off their underwear and both had hard cocks. Robert's was longer, but Clint's was thicker. 'Dan get them ready, I'll get the stuff' Robert instructed as he went in the back room for something. Hank and Jon both had uncertain looks.

'Ready for... Mmmmmmmmmmpppphhh!' Hank grunted as Fan stuffed Robert's black briefs into Hank's mouth and then stuffed Jon's mouth with Clint's red boxer briefs. Even though Hank was uncertain o what was goin to happen, he couldn't help but admit to himself he was enjoying it all. Even Jon got into the mood as Robert returned with his bag of dildos, vibrators, ballgags and lube. 'You boys won't be disappointed' he said.

Disappointed they were not, the three Outlaws sucked and fucked in front of their bound audience. Jon laughed behind his red boxer brief gag. Hank savored the smell of the breifs he was gagged with. Afteralmost two hours of viewing, Robert removed their gags and asked. 'What you think?'

'I'm horny now' Jon moaned.

'How bout a four way?' Hank asked.

Robert smiled. 'K then. But we keep this our secret.'

'You got a deal.' Jon replied.

After Hank and Jon were untied ad streched out, Hank Jon, Robert and Clint went to the bedroom and had a four way suckfest. Robert blew Clint, as Clint, blew Hank and Hank of course blew Jon. Jon moaned and was the first to blow and then down the line they blw their respective loads.

About two hours later, Robert drove Hank and Jon to their spot, he asked could they meet up just the three of them. Hank and Jon said sure and he drove off leaving a small duffel bag in their poession.

'What is it?' asked Jon as soon as they were home.

'Hm...' Hank opened the bag. 'It's those guys' underwear! A;ll right!' Hank grinned. Jon sighed. 'What a day.'

Hank dropped the duffel bg containing the used underwear on the wood floor and pulled Jon into a bearhug. 'Just because they came and fucked us and gave us their underwear, it's you I want Jon. Remember that' he kissed him.

Jon smiled for the first time in years. 'I feel like ridin a cowboy before i go to sleep, can you make it happen?'

Hank laughed and to the bedroom. 'Yeah, I can make it happen.'



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