In the previous chapter

Mike, and his new lover Larry, had guests at their Palm Springs home – Mark and his boy Jamie, and Jason with his boy Ben. As Mike had promised, “Should be an interesting weekend, to say the least – a cop and his blond surfer-boy, a fireman and his shy young gypsy.”

‘Interesting’ had been an understatement. Mark and Jason had gone out to a joint inter-agency training exercise at the nearby Marine Base and their boys Jamie and Ben waited impatiently with Mike and Larry for their return. They all knew that when the two men had previously attended a training like this, all the macho, alpha-male action involving uniformed firefighters, cops and military, pumped not only their muscles and male egos but also their libidos.

And when they did return, the spectators were not disappointed. The cop and the fireman, two handsome muscle-gods, still in their filthy sweat-soaked uniforms were hot and horny and could not keep their hands off each other. They stripped off their shirts locked eyes and challenged each other like two rival stallions pawing the ground before a fight for supremacy.

The ensuing spectacle was a prolonged, homoerotic test of strength and sexual domination. The police officer had gained the upper hand first and handcuffed the firefighter to a tree and savagely fucked his ass. Then it was payback time and Jason took his revenge. He forced the cop to his knees, pulled his head back by the hair and ferociously fucked his face.

“Now that,” Jason grinned salaciously, “is fucking pornographic, the hot blond cop getting his gorgeous face fucked by the fireman’s cock. Man, you’ve never looked hotter to me than you do now, and I’m gonna fill your mouth with the load of jizz I’ve been saving up all day. Here it comes, officer. Drink it and weep.”

He drove his rod in again, fiercer than ever, and Mark choked, as the cock exploded in his mouth forcing him to swallow the fireman’s semen pouring down his throat. Then Jason pulled out and blasted another stream of cum that splashed into the cop’s tortured face.

Jason stared down at the humbled cop, semen pouring down his face, running from the corners of his mouth over his chin and dripping on his bare chest. “Un-fucking-believable, man,” Jason growled. “Classic porn.”

Jason pulled Mark to his feet and they fell into an exhausted embrace. “I love you, man,” Jason said softly, licking the cum from Mark’s face, and they kissed passionately – two alpha males, a cop and a fireman, who had craved each other all day and had finally vented their lust in a raw display of rugged manhood.

It took everyone a while to recover, but half an hour later the three men and their boys were sitting round the table feeding their other appetites. Food and wine appeared, spirited conversation flowed and raucous laughter filled the air.

Mark and Jason answered eager questions from the boys about the maneuvers at the Marine Base and Mark mentioned, “Our buddy Hassan was one of the Marines in charge as he’s their senior trainer. He has been out there for almost a week getting ready for the training operation, but he was finishing up when we left so he should be here soon.”

The boys looked surprised and Mike said, “Yeah, a little secret I was keeping from you boys. When I heard Hassan was in charge of the show I invited the musclehunk Marine here for a little rest and relaxation.

“And there’s something else too, for you, Larry, that I haven’t told you yet. I want you to be independent living here, so in due time we’ll go shopping for a vehicle for you. But in the meantime Hassan’s boy Eddie hasn’t been using his old truck ever since Hassan bought him a new one. So,” Mike grinned, “even as we speak Eddie us driving it out here for you, Larry. He’s been missing Hassan a lot the last week so it should be quite a reunion.”

Larry leaned over and hugged Mike. “Thank you, sir. You know, like I said before, all I need is you … though a truck would be nice too,” he grinned.

“So kiddo, looks like we’ll be entertaining quite a crowd – a police officer, a firefighter, a Marine and their three lusty boys – a hell of a team. Should be quite an eye-opener for you, kiddo.”

Larry exchanged excited looks with Jamie and Ben. “Yeah,” Mike chuckled, “I can already see the wheels turning in those devious minds of yours. What d’ya say, men? Don’t you think they should be thinking up ways to keep their masters entertained?”

“Damn right,” Mark winked at Jamie. “What are boys for?”

“Well, sir,” Jamie said, “Ben and me think there’s one thing we can do for our men right now. I mean, you and Jason are still smothered in dry jizz and you could use a shower Maybe we could help you with that.”

“No doubt in my mind,” Jason laughed. “Hey, Mike, do those showers of yours fit four?”

“Sure they do,” Mike laughed, “they were built that way. Go ahead, guys, knock yourselves out.”

*******************   CHAPTER 352    ********************

After watching their men Mark and Jason fuck in an erotic cop-versus-fireman sex fantasy their boys Jamie and Ben were still supercharged as they followed the men into one of the guestrooms in Mike’s house.

The men were still stripped to the waist, their bare torsos still muscle-pumped after their sexual marathon and covered in streaks of dry semen. Jason was wearing heavy firefighter boots and his bulky yellow fire-resistant pants with red suspenders hanging down from the waist. Mark was in his black uniform pants with a silver stripe down the side, tucked into high shiny motorcycle boots, a wide black regulation belt cinching his narrow waist.

They sat side by side on the edge of the bed and leaned back on their elbows looking up at their boys standing obediently before them. “So what d’you think, Jason, you wanna shower together?” Mark asked.

“And watch you butt naked lathering up under a head of stem, water streaming down that hot body of yours? Damn right I do, buddy. But how about these two?” nodding at the boys. “Think they should be in there with their men?”

“Hmm,” Mark said, “dunno about that, dude. Maybe four’s a crowd. All depends. At least we could take a look. OK, boys, get naked … let’s see what you got.”

Jamie and Ben loved it when their men teased them like this. They knew where it would end up, but they were happy to play along. Jamie flashed a protective smile at Ben to make sure he too was getting off on this, and his sparkling eyes gave the answer. They slowly pulled their T-shirts off over their heads and kicked off their sneakers. Then they paused, standing before their masters shirtless and shoeless – Mark’s handsome blond surfer flexing his muscles proudly, and Jason’s slightly less confident dark-haired gypsy boy.

“Fucking great bodies, don’t ya think, buddy?” Jason grinned.

“Yeah, their gym workouts are paying off. But I’m more interested in what they got under those shorts. OK, guys, show us.”

Ben followed Jamie’s lead as the two boys continued with their striptease. The boys undid their shorts slowly, one button at a time, until they dropped round their ankles. They stooped, picked them up, twirled them above their heads and flung them on the bed beside the salivating men. The boys stood still again, both wearing boxer briefs bulging at the crotch.

“Holy shit,” Jason said, “will you look at those boners under their shorts.” They smiled and yelled raunchily, “Take it off … take it all off.” The boys complied, pushing down the briefs and enjoying the gasps from their men as their hard dicks sprang out.

“Oh yeah,” Mark grinned, “can’t let those woodies go to waste. Let’s get the fuck in the shower. You know what to do, boys.”

They sure did, they had done it countless times before when their men came home from work. First came the boots – Mark’s high motorcycle boots and Jason’s heavy rubber fireman’s boots. Working in tandem the boys turned their backs to the men, picked up one foot and held it between their legs. The men pushed their other boot against their bare butts and pushed hard until the boot came off and the boys lurched forward.

After doing the same with the other boot the men stood up, barefoot and shirtless, arms folded across their chests. The boys sank to their knees, reached up and unzipped the men’s pants. They pulled them down and the two stiff cocks sprang out and almost hit them the face. They reflexively poked out their tongues and licked the long shafts from the head to the balls and buried their faces in the sweaty tangle of pubic hair.

“Shit, the fuckers are gonna make me cum,” Jason groaned. “Save it for the shower, guys.” The men pulled away, the boys stood up and in ten seconds they were all in the guestroom’s spacious shower – as Mike had said, “Fits four – built that way.”

The men luxuriated under the water that poured from jets on both sides of the shower while their boys lathered them up, running their soapy hands lovingly over their masters’ sinewy bodies. Mark and Jason grinned at each other through the steam and stroked each other’s face.

The boys worked slowly down their men’s bodies and when they reached their waists Jamie smiled at Ben. “Let’s do it, dude,” he said and they sank to their knees. The men were facing each other, the boys kneeling between them shoulder to shoulder facing in opposite directions staring at their master’s cocks. They reached round behind the men and rubbed their soapy hands over the mounds of their asses, feeling them flex under their touch.

Then they washed their pubic hair and gently soaped their balls and their rock-hard cocks, stroking them and squeezing their balls. After they rinsed them off they opened their mouths and swallowed the thick shafts down their throats.

“Holy fuck, that feels good,” Jason groaned. He gazed at Mark’s chiseled features, water streaming from his hair down his face, neck and chest. “Damn, you’re a gorgeous man, officer. Come here.” He hooked his hand behind Mark’s neck, pulled his face toward him and their mouths closed in a grinding kiss while their boys worked on their dicks.

Both boys were Eddie-trained and expertly brought their men to the brink of orgasm again and again, then pulled off just in time. They were driving the men wild with pleasure and frustration, and the cop and the fireman continued to kiss passionately, probing with their tongues, their mouths clamped together so they breathed each other’s breath.

It was a classic homoerotic shower scene, as steam swirled round them and water poured over the naked muscle-gods while the blond surfer and swarthy young gypsy serviced them.

At their feet Jamie and Ben glanced sideways at each other, their mouths full, and there was a glint of mischief in their eyes. The men were so engrossed in each other that they were barely aware of their cocks being released from the boys’ mouths. The boys got to their feet and Jamie whispered, “You wanna do it, kid? Give them a surprise?”

“You bet,” Ben said with wide-eyed excitement. They stood behind their men and suddenly grabbed their hips and plunged their wet cocks in their asses. The shock made the men yank their faces apart and Mark yelled, “What the fuck? Back off … back off,” reacting as a cop would to an attack on his ass.

But Jason was mellower and said, “Hey, cool it, officer … feels great to me. Just go with the flow, man.” He grabbed Mark’s neck again and pulled him into the same passionate embrace as before while he felt Ben’s cock pounding his ass.

It was the ultimate role reversal – two macho alpha males, a cop and a fireman, getting their asses ploughed by their boys. In a cloud of steam with hot water pouring over them, the men made love to each other’s mouths while the boys pounded them from behind.

The heat, the steam, the raw passion, could lead to only one conclusion. And it came quickly. Mark pulled back off Jason’s mouth and yelled, “Yeah, fuck me boy … fuck your master’s ass. Cum inside me, boy.”

Jamie looked over the men’s shoulders and grinned at the beaming Ben. “You ready, kiddo? You ready to give it to them?”

“Yeah dude … let’s go!”

In a mass of writhing limbs churning against each other, four orgasms were almost simultaneous as the cop and the fireman sprayed jizz onto each other and their boys blasted their loads inside their masters. Their echoing shouts of ecstasy eventually gave way to howls of laughter as the men embraced their boys and water poured over them, washing away all traces of their explosive group climax.

The shouts of passion, followed by bellowing laughter, had bounced off the walls and reached all the way to Mike and Larry sitting out in the garden. “See, Larry,” Mike chuckled, “that’s one of the secrets of hospitality. You give horny guys like that enough freedom, a shower that fits four… and you just sit back and let them take care of themselves. Judging by all the yelling, they just did.”


The men and their boys, wearing only swim shorts, soon came swaggering out of the house very pleased with themselves, to polite applause from Mike and Larry. Mike smiled and asked casually, “Enjoy your shower, guys? Amazing how a hot shower can get the juices flowing.”

“Depends what juices you’re talking about, Mike,” Mark chuckled. “It sure got ours flowing. We’re pretty much juiced out.”

“For now, anyway,” Jason laughed. “I could murder a beer.”

“Coming right up, sir,” Larry said. He ran into the kitchen, loaded more beer and snacks on a tray and carried it out to the guests who were lying on chaises all in a line, Mark next to Jamie and Jason pressed against Ben his fingers buried in the boy’s unruly black hair. Peace reigned at last and soon eyelids drooped and they dozed under the afternoon sun.

But it wasn’t long before the peace was shattered by a car screeching to a halt outside, a door slammed, the gate burst open and voice said. “Hi, guys – I’m here!”

They all stirred, looked in the direction of the gate and shielded their eyes. It was Eddie, larger than life and twice as handsome, running toward them with his arms stretched out sideways … and, of course, talking nonstop. “Wow, what a sight … you guys look so hot … hot like in sexy not hot from the sun, though that too, I guess.”

He ran up to Ben and hugged him. “Dude, what’s been going on here? Lots of action, I bet … you gotta tell me … like Darius says, ‘spill the beans’.” Mike gave a cough and Eddie looked up and blushed, remembering his manners. “Oh, sorry Uncle Mike. He shook his hand and Mike pulled him into a hug and said, “So how’s my former bar-back doing? Looking great, kiddo.”

Eddie next shook hands with Mark and Jason and said politely, “Hello, sirs.” Then, “Hi, Jamie,” smiling respectfully at the senior boy.

He brightened as he turned his attention to Larry. “Hey, dude, so what d’ya think of your new home? Cool house, eh? You’re the host now so I guess I should’ve said hi to you first, but I never was much good at that equi … equitette stuff … is that the word? Oh by the way, I got your truck outside. It’s going great – just ask Ben ‘cos him and Pablo did a tune-up on it. Went like gangbusters on the way here.”

Eddie looked around him and said to Mike, “Is he here? Is Hassan here, sir? He said he was coming here.”

Mike detected a note of urgency, even a hint of concern in his voice. “Not here yet, kid,” he said. “He’s still de-briefing after the training at the base. Should be here soon. In the meantime, why don’t you take care of the truck deal? You got the pink slip?”

“In the truck, sir.” Eddie ran out and came back with the ownership slip. “Hassan put it in my name so I’d own it. He says all I have to do is sign this over to you, Larry, and it’s a done deal.”

“Dude,” Larry said, “this is so awesome of you. Mike’s giving me your old bar-back job at the bar and as soon as I start earning money I’ll be sending you payments every month.”

Eddie laughed, “That’s crazy, dude, I don’t want no money. Hassan gave it to me, so I’m giving it to you. I’m not using it anyway. Hassan bought me a new truck after we had that … after he kinda got mad that time and threw me out … but he didn’t mean it, he really didn’t, and everything’s hunky-dory now, all in the past.”

Again Mike sensed a little uneasiness in Eddie’s voice so he quickly interjected, “OK, so all you do is sign here – that’s it – and the truck’s Larry’s. We’ll take care of registering it with the DMV.”

“Here’s the keys, dude,” Eddie grinned. “It’s all yours. You wanna take a look? Ben can tell you what he did with the tune-up.” The three of them went outside to inspect the truck, and came back sooner than Mike had expected. “Thought you boys would take it out for a spin.”

Eddie said, “We will later, sir, but I gotta be here when Hassan comes in.” Mike glanced at Mark who was frowning slightly, sensing Mike’s thoughts.

Mike let things settle down, but couldn’t rid his mind of the painful episode some months back when Hassan had been stressed out at work and fallen into a depression. The tough Marine captain had always been the quiet, introverted man of the tribe, the strong, silent type. He kept to himself a lot, one reason he lived in a small guesthouse up in the hills on Steve’s property.

He was something of an outsider at the Marine base too. It was not only his rugged beauty that set him apart, with his exotic square-cut features and flawlessly muscular physique, but more especially the ethnic, olive-skinned look of his Arab/Asian descent. His men respected him for his soldering skills and rank of Captain but some resented him as a former member of an Arab army who had migrated to the U.S. and joined the Marines. He had even heard ethnic slurs behind his back at the base.

Hassan had even begun to question whether he really fitted in with the other men of the tribe. After one especially rough day at work he had sat with the tribe at a big noisy gathering where he kept a reserved silence amid the din of voices, the loudest being his boy Eddie’s who, as usual, rattled on excitedly.

Hassan’s relationship with Eddie had been the most unlikely master/boy relationship in the tribe. They were complete opposites – the tough, taciturn, Marine captain at the peak of his manhood and career, and the garrulous young urchin, barely nineteen, who had gone from working in Mike’s bar to the relatively lowly position of assistant houseboy for the tribe.

And that day at the tribe’s gathering had been a perfect storm of all these elements where Eddie’s drunken non-stop chatter had made the Marine snap and behave irrationally. He had taken out his stress on Eddie and told him to leave, for good. The distraught boy had driven himself out to his old boss Mike in the desert, asking for his job back. Mike still recalled Eddie’s tearful repetition of Hassan’s savage words. “I don’t need a boy” … “this master/boy thing’s not working for me” ... “we’re done, finished” … “get out” … “and don’t come back.”

With the intervention of the other men – Randy, Bob and Mark – and finally Mike’s phone call to Hassan describing Eddie’s cock-sucking duties in the back-room of the bar, Hassan had been jolted back to his senses, realizing how much he loved the boy, and had come out to rescue him and take him home.

Although the painful incident had ended well Mike suspected it had left its scars and that many of these same memories still troubled Eddie, which accounted now for his many anxious glances at the gate. Mike decided to broach the subject. “So, how is that gorgeous hunk of a soldier of yours, kiddo? Everything going well there?”

“Oh, totally awesome, sir.” Mike was skilled at leaving an empty silence, knowing that a boy like Eddie would leap in to fill the vacuum – which, after several seconds, he did.

“Well, sometimes I … ya know … like I … well, like, Hassan left home a week ago to come out here and set up the training for all these guys. I hated to see him go and I guess I talked a lot like I always do when I’m nervous … even when I’m not nervous,” he shrugged. “But it was kinda like he zoned out, wasn’t listening and I shut my mouth because the last time I … I mean … he got mad and …” Eddie teared up. “You don’t think that could happen again, sir, do you?”

“No I do not, Eddie. Of course, every relationship has its ups and downs as I’ve been telling Larry here, but kiddo, that man loves you like crazy, that’s as clear as day. But he’s the kind of man who gets really wrapped up in his work. Setting up this training with the military, police and fire departments was a big responsibility. His mind was already on that before he left which is why he may not have given you the attention he usually does.”

Eddie sighed, “I guess you’re right, sir. But since he left a week ago and I’ve been alone I missed him so much and started to think … like, I started to wonder what he sees in me. I mean he’s a gorgeous hunk of man, great looks, built like a brick shithouse, everyone’s hot for him … he could have anyone he wants. And he chose me? … just a 19-year old kid with no skills and not much education, so all I am is the junior houseboy to the tribe.”

Eddie looked at Mike plaintively. “I mean, sir, don’t you think when he sees me doing my rounds, cleaning the guys’ rooms he must think he could have done better? What can I give a guy like him – apart from the best blow-job in town, that is,” and he managed a weak smile.

“Eddie,” Mike said, “where is all this insecurity coming from? I tell you where. It’s coming from that time when you both fell out and you thought he wanted to live alone. Oh, I know that’s what he said, but you know now that he didn’t mean it, of course he didn’t. He loves you, always has.

“And I don’t wanna hear any more of this ‘just a houseboy’ bullshit. Every job is worthwhile, if it’s done well, and we know how hard you work, Nate says so. Hassan admires you not so much for what you do as the way you do it. You’re not just an anything, kid. Don’t sell yourself short. Any man would be proud to have you as his boy. All you have to do with Hassan is show him how much you love him every day.”

There was a crunch of tires outside the gate and Mike grinned. “And it seems like you can do that right now. Go for it kiddo.”


Eddie jumped to his feet, excited and nervous. He had not seen Hassan for a week and wondered if he would still be as distant with him as he had been in the hours before he left home to come out to the Marine base.

There were gasps all round as Hassan appeared. The Marine captain was still in the combat gear he had worn at the training to simulate as closely as possible real emergency conditions – combat boots, camouflage fatigue pants, and a padded combat vest open over a khaki tank-top that showed the contours of his muscular chest. There were even with black camouflage stripes still on his cheeks.

Eddie’s knees went weak, again feeling inadequate for this beautiful, rugged soldier. The words ‘Why choose me?” again flashed through his mind and he hesitated, frozen to the spot. But then Hassan’s handsome features broke into a dazzling smile and he opened his arms wide.

With a joyous whoop Eddie ran forward and flung himself into the strong arms of his master who held him tight and swung him around, his legs flailing out behind him as Mike and Mark exchanged quick, satisfied smiles of relief.

“Boy, are you a sight for tired eyes!” Hassan said in his boy’s ear. “Did you miss me?”

“Like crazy, sir.”

“Me too, kid, all week. At night I kept waking up and reaching out for you, but you weren’t there. But you’ll be there tonight, won’t you?”

“You betcha, sir, even if you have to tie me to the bed … especially if you tie me to the bed.”

“And that’s a real possibility, kiddo. Talking of bed, all this macho Marine stuff this week has left me horny as hell. I haven’t spilled my load all week – been saving it up. My dick’s as hard as granite in my pants. Anything you can do about that?”

“Hmm … that’s a real possibility too, sir,” Eddie grinned impishly. “In fact I can do it right here.”

“Why not? I don’t think I’d make it to a bedroom anyway before creaming my shorts. Get to work, kid. My balls are about fit to burst.” He threw off the padded vest and his muscles rippled under the tight khaki tank.

Eddie was in heaven. His man was home, he loved him and needed his boy’s help in the thing he did best. He dropped to his knees, held onto Hassan’s hips, leaned forward and brushed his cheek against the bulge in his fatigues, hearing the low groan of pleasure above him.

Eddie was as good at blow-job foreplay as he was at the act itself. He clamped his mouth over the shape of the solder’s cock and breathed hot air on it, feeling it stir under the rough fabric as Hassan’s ecstatic groans grew louder. Then the boy grabbed the tag of the pants’ zipper in his teeth and slowly yanked it down. When the fly was open he buried his face in it and again clamped his mouth over the huge cock through his shorts.

The spectators watched with growing amazement. “Damn the kid’s good,” said Jason. “Almost as good as you, Ben.”

“Oh, no-one can touch Eddie sir. He’s brilliant … taught us all.”

Eddie was now working his tongue inside the fly of Hassan’s shorts, curled it round his cock and pulled on it until it sprang out, hard as a rock, heavily veined and oozing pre-cum. Eddie gazed at it and said, “I love you, sir,” as much to the cock as to the man. Taking his time he gazed at his master’s manhood and salivated. Hassan grabbed the boy’s tousled hair and pulled his head back so he was gazing up at him, drool running down his chin.

“God, I love you, kid. You gonna make me feel good? You gonna work it and work it until I bust my load?”

“Leave it to me, sir,” Eddie said. “All in good time.”

Eddie worked with the finesse of an expert. He stared at the massive cock as if to decide what flank to attack first. He flicked out his tongue and licked one side, then the other. Then he touched the tip of his tongue to the head and tasted the musky pre-cum dripping from it. He reached one hand up, gently pulled the balls out of the shorts and licked them slowly.

He gauged his efforts by the soldier’s deep groans, sensing when to work and when to pull back. He knew that the secret was to make love to the cock and balls, to focus on them with such intensity that they became his whole world. The balls elicited the biggest groans from Hassan so Eddie concentrated on them. He opened his mouth wide, breathing hot air on them, then closed his lips round them, clamped them round the scrotum and pulled back gently so the balls bulged in his mouth.

“Oh fuck … shit that feels good,” Hassan moaned. “Man, it’s gonna make me cum.”

Not if Eddie had anything to do with it. He knew he could make his master cum at any time, but his talent was to tease a man, to taunt him to the brink of orgasm, then deny him and drive him crazy with desire and frustration. He released the soldier’s balls, opened his mouth and zeroed in on the prime target of his attack … the long thick cock straining for release. At last he closed his mouth over the head and swallowed the whole shaft without a trace of gagging.

Hassan reached down, put his hand behind his boy’s head and pushed his face even further down until his face was buried in the Marine’s wiry tangle of black pubic hair. “Yeah,” he growled, “fuck that feels wild. Feast on your master’s rod, boy. Work it hard … make me shoot my loud in your mouth.”

Eddie pursed his lips and pulled slowly back along the cock, pausing when it was about to explode, then letting it slide gently in and out of his mouth. Hassan gazed down at his boy’s eager face and at his own huge shaft disappearing into his mouth. “Damn I’ve missed you kid … missed your mouth on my cock … missed your pretty body pressed against me at night. I love you, boy. I wanna cum in your mouth. Let me do it, kid.”

Nothing easier, thought Eddie. He pulled open his own shorts and stroked his cock with one hand while the other held onto the waistband of the soldier’s pants. And now he moved in for the kill, pounding his face down on the bulging cock until it shuddered and … “Aaagh.” He heard the Marine’s deep voice howl as the cock erupted in his mouth and blasted a river of semen down his throat that he swallowed thirstily.

Eddie pumped his own cock and shot ropes of creamy jizz over the soldier’s combat boots, then pulled off Hassan’s cock that pumped the last of its juice over his upturned face. When Hassan looked down at him it was the sight he loved most, his boy’s cum-splashed face shining with joy, eyes sparkling, cum oozing from his mouth and running down his chin.

“God, I love, kid,” Hassan said in his deep, accented voice. “But look what you’ve done – you spilled your load over my boots. What you gonna do about that, eh?”

“No problem, sir,” Eddie grinned. He fell onto his stomach at his master’s feet and lapped at his heavy boots, sucking up his own jizz and licking the boots clean. Hassan bent down, pulled Eddie up on his feet and took him into a bone-crushing hug, locking their lips together and sucking in his own sperm from his boy’s mouth.

When he finally broke away he stood beside a beaming Eddie, grabbed his hand and raised it high in the air like a triumphant boxer. “So what d’ya think guys? Has this Marine Captain got himself the finest boy a soldier ever had, or what?”

The deafening cheers and applause from the awed spectators was all the answer he needed.


Master and boy walked over to the group, Eddie swaggering now and smiling proudly as he tucked his cock back in his shorts. Quite a difference, Mike thought, from the boy’s former nervous insecurity. Ben, one of Eddie’s ‘three amigos’, ran up to him and gushed, “Dude, that was so cool, don’t ya think, Larry?” Larry, who had watched spellbound, said, “Sure was. Man, I wish I could do it like that.”

“Dude,” Eddie said, “I’ve been offering you lessons since you hooked up with Uncle Mike. We’ll do it while us guys are out here – sixty-nine each other, the way I trained all the other boys.”

“Eddie,” Hassan interjected, “did you have a safe drive out here, and have you turned over your old truck to Larry?”

“Yes and yes, sir. Him and Ben and me were gonna take it out for a test-drive after you got here, to show him what a great truck it is. Can we go now, sir?”

“Sure you can, only no racing, no showing off.”

“What me, sir, show off?” On Hassan’s stern gaze Eddie gave his jaunty salute. “Aye-aye sir.”

As the three boys ran off Mark grinned at Hassan. “What you said about your boy was right on, soldier. He’s a great kid and he’s plumb crazy about you. You should have seen him before you got here – nervous as a kitten, all his insecurities out in the open.”

“Insecure? Eddie? What about?”

There was an embarrassed silence. Mark and Jason were reluctant to get involved in the relationship between master and boy, and Jamie, in the company of four senior men, had the good sense to stay quiet and listen. But Mike, an older man with the accumulated wisdom of his years, had no such scruples about giving men advice and felt freer to broach the subject.

“Oh, I don’t think it was anything too serious, Hassan. Eddie just had a sudden attack of nerves and self-doubt. You know, wondering why a tough, handsome Marine captain would ever choose a boy like him. It hits a lot of youngsters his age, a sudden inferiority complex about their status in life. In Eddie’s case, he worries that he won’t measure up, him being the assistant houseboy to the tribe while the other boys have career-building jobs.”

“But that’s crazy,” Hassan bristled. “After all, he’s got me to protect and guide him, ain’t that enough?”

Mike frowned, treading carefully. “It’s not quite that simple, buddy. You know, the relationship between master and boy is complex, kinda one-sided in a way. I mean, all the power is in the hands of the master. The boy is totally dependent on the master who, in extreme cases, can get so mad that he even throws the boy out.”

“Oh, like I did to him, is that it? OK, so I got that wrong, behaved badly and hurt him. But that’s water under the bridge, all in the past. He knows he’s safe now.”

“Well,” Mike shrugged … “it seems that incident left its scars and I think Eddie suffers flashbacks now and again. Like when you left him alone a week ago you were, naturally, preoccupied about the job you had to do out here at the base and maybe he took your silence as, I dunno, a sign of indifference to him. Anyway, it seemed to spark this latest bout of insecurity, with memories of that time you got mad at him.”

“That’s bullshit,” Hassan protested. “Look at Mark here. He got mad at his boy Jamie and threw him out on his ear, even tried to remove that tattoo, but they made it up and look at them now, solid as a rock.

“Hassan, Jamie is more mature than Eddie. He’s one of the most senior boys and he’s the manager of the company’s business office for chris’sake, so …”

“And anyway, who the fuck are you to tell me …” He saw Mike wince and fell silent, closed his eyes and turned his head away. When he turned back he looked Mike straight in the eye. “Mike, I’m sorry for blowing up and insulting you like that, the last man I should be mad at. That was just the dumb hard-ass Marine talking. Of course you’re right, you make a lot of sense.”

Hassan frowned, “See, trouble is I’m just a soldier, with that Marine discipline of sucking it up and keeping personal feelings bottled up. My only relationships are with young Marines I have to keep in line. So I’m a bit out of my depth with his master/boy thing … hell, Eddie’s the only boy I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, I love him like crazy … he moves me and I want to protect him. But I guess I don’t tell him often enough how much I love him …” he grinned, “… except when he sucks my dick like you saw just now.”

“Well that’s a helluva start,” Mike chuckled, glad that the mood had shifted in the right direction.

“So what do I do now, Mike? You got any advice?”

“Hmm,” Mike mused, although he had astutely worked this out in his mind some time ago. “Did you, er, plan on going out to that little house you’ve got out there in the desert this trip?”

“Well, sure, I always drop in when I’m out here to check up on the place. Matter of fact I was gonna take a run out there as soon as I got out of this military gear and freshened up. After that I’d play it by ear.”

“Well, Mike said, there’s certainly plenty of room here for you and Eddie. You can have Larry’s room ‘cos he sure won’t be using it. He sleeps with me. On the other hand, you er … I mean if you did decide to spend the first night out at your place, you might, er, take Eddie with you and …” He let the thought hang there.

Hassan flashed a smile at him. “Mike, you are a wily old fox, you know that?”

“Well, I try,” Mike grinned. “Gotta keep the troops in line.”

“Thought that was my job,” Hassan chuckled. “As it happens I might have some news on the job front but I wanna run it by Eddie first. Great, well right now I’m gonna take a shower.”

“You can use our shower,” Mark grinned. “It’s already seen plenty of action. You’ll have plenty of room … it fits four.”

Hassan looked at the grinning faces of Mark, Jamie and Jason and laughed, “Fuck you, guys, is that all you ever think of … sex?”

“Pretty much,” Jason said. “Works for us.”


Half an hour later Hassan was out sitting with the guys again, all freshened up in fatigue pants, boots and an olive green sleeveless T-shirt. He was discussing the training he had headed up earlier with Mark and Jason, when they heard a vehicle pull up outside, doors slam and excited voices as Eddie, Ben and Larry burst through the gate.

“Sir,” Larry said to Mike, “the truck is awesome. Ben and Pablo have tuned it up so it runs like gangbusters.”

“Good … did you wear your seatbelts like I told you?”

“Of course we did, sir. Man, its years since I had a car of my own. ‘Course I had my motorcycle in St. Louis ‘til I had to sell it, but this truck is totally awesome.”

Hassan cleared his throat. “Um, Eddie, I gotta take a run out to my old house in the desert. I have a local guy who takes care of it but I like to drop in and spend time there whenever I’m in the desert. And I was, er, wondering if you’d like to come out there with me. It could wind up being an overnight, so we’d have to rustle up our own dinner, and then we’d be back here in the morning for breakfast with these guys. ‘Course, if you’d rather stay with your buddies here I’m cool with that …”

“Of course I’ll come, sir,” Eddie said eagerly. “I can clean up the place for you, cook dinner for you and … and anything else you need. I’d be taking care of you, sir, just like a boy should.”

“Well,” Hassan grinned, “I didn’t ask you just for the cleaning and cooking. I just wanna spend time alone with my boy, that’s all.”

An excited Eddie looked at Jamie who smiled and winked. “Way to go, kiddo. Have fun.”

Mike said, “Larry, we don’t want them to have to go food shopping, they’ve got stuff to talk about. We’ve got a ton of supplies here so why don’t you take Eddie to the kitchen and load him up with whatever he wants to take out there – food, booze, whatever.”

“Sure thing, sir.” He grabbed Eddie’s arm and said, “Come with me, dude, we’ll get you set up.”

Hassan smiled at Mike. “Buddy, maybe I’m wrong, but I could swear you had this whole thing planned right from the start, with that devious mind of yours.”

“Me? Nah, I see an opportunity to do stuff … and I do it. I just push the boat out a little. It’s all up to you now, captain.”


A short while later a military jeep was barreling along the empty desert road headed for what seemed like nothing but sand dunes. The Marine captain was driving, his swarthy features bearing the trace of a smile. But the boy sitting next to him had more than a trace – his face sparkled with a gleaming smile as he reached over and rested his hand on the soldier’s thigh.

“You feeling OK, kiddo?”

“More than OK, sir. I’m feeling much better now.”

“Now? Meaning better than before, eh? Oh, don’t worry, kid, Mike mentioned how nervous you were before I got there, and some of the things that were bothering you. Listen, Eddie, I’m not good at this stuff but I wanna tell you that I love you to bits. I like seeing your face light up when I come in, I like living with you, sleeping with you … hell, just sitting here with you now.”

He shrugged, “I know I don’t tell you that very often, but I feel it all the time. Like I told Mike, I’m just a hard-boiled Marine, and you know how Marines are – tough, silent, suck it up, don’t show your feelings. I’m surrounded by young soldiers all day, a lot of them real hot looking, and I know a lot of them would like to get in my pants.

“But you know what? I get tired of their macho Marine act all the time, showing off to each other how tough they can be. And I start to long for you, for your face, that lopsided smile of yours, and when I get home and see you run out of the house with your arms wide open … my sweet boy … godammit it’s the best moment of my day. I feel like a million bucks.”

Close to tears Eddie said, “Sir, do you mind if I do this?” Hassan was steering with his left hand and Eddie grabbed his other hand, pulled it over and rested it on the growing bulge in his shorts. Hassan grinned, knowing what his boy wanted. He stroked the bulge, then squeezed it and felt it shudder, felt Eddie tense, and heard his deep sigh … “aaah!”

“You just creamed your shorts didn’t you, kiddo?”

“Yes, sir. I wanted to show you how happy I am.”

“That’s another thing I love about my little gusher – the way you can cum over and over again. Tell you what, let’s see how many loads you can pump out between now and tomorrow morning and you can boast about it to your buddies then. And I’ll be your witness that it’s true, OK?”

“Oh they’ll know it’s true sir,” Eddie grinned. “The guys know I don’t have to make that stuff up.”

“OK, it’s a deal. Now listen, there’s something more serious I wanna run by you. It’s about your job. Now you shouldn’t think for one minute that the job of houseboy is anything to be ashamed of. All the guys from Randy and Bob on down really appreciate the work you do.

“But I was talking to Adam and Nate before I left L.A. and they told me that some time ago when Brandon was Nate’s assistant houseboy, there were plans for them to form a house servicing company. But when Brandon went to work for Jamie in the office those plans kinda fell through.

“Well we talked of reviving them – with Nate and you heading up a new company that takes care of all the houses in the tribe. And you’d eventually branch out, hire more guys and service other houses too. It would be a ton of work, but I think you’re up to it. What d’you think, kiddo?”

It took a moment for all of this to sink in, but when the whole idea became clear to him Eddie said, “Sir, it’s the kind of thing I’ve always wanted. And I know I could do it. I know I could.”

“OK, we’ll get together with Adam, Nate and Bob when we get back. But for now this is just us, kiddo – all on our own in the desert. Tell me what you want for the rest of the day.”

Eddie thought hard and grinned. “Sir, what I really want is to take care of my man.”

“Oh you do, do you? OK, I’m all for that.” Hassan smiled to himself. “You know, all the times I’ve come out to this remote house in the desert there comes a point where I wish I could pick up the phone and get a boy to come out and service my needs – you know, cook for me, look after me, maybe massage my aching body – just generally give me whatever I want.” Eddie’s cock was already hard again in in shorts.

“But I never did it ‘cos I’d probably get some young hustler just in it for the money. But I’ve heard that some young guys would get off servicing a lonely Marine living alone, and some of them even advertise a home-help service for that. Trick is to find the right guy.”

Eddie was so turned on that, for once, he didn’t know what to say. But his thoughts were racing on a fantasy track of what it would be like for a young guy to get a call like that in reply to his ad. But he could also imagine that when the kid discovered that the caller lived way out here in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, he would get nervous about what he was getting into. Eddie was wondering that too.


Eddie’s vivid imaginings were driving him into a fantasy world when they suddenly pulled off the deserted road onto a sandy track and bumped along it for half a mile further into the dunes until they arrived at the small, remote house standing bleached and forlorn under the hot desert sun. Eddie got a surprise when Hassan jumped out of the jeep without a word, strode to the house, went in through the front door and closed it behind him.

Eddie was expert at not only playing out a fantasy but, when it was exciting enough, to step inside it and become part of the reality, including real-time emotions – which was happening now. As he stared at the door it looked forbidding and he was nervous, like a young stranger afraid of what lay behind it. He got out, pulled the groceries from the jeep that he and Larry had packed up, walked to the door and took a deep breath like a boy suppressing his fears.

He turned the handle but the door was locked, so he knocked … and waited. He imagined the fears of the boy and his urge to turn round and run away but then heard sounds from inside, heard the lock turn, and the door opened. He saw the tall, muscular soldier with a swarthy Arab/Asian looks that could have been intimidating for a boy all the way out here in the dunes.

The soldier, wearing a Marine uniform shirt hanging open over his T-shirt, yawned and stretched as if he had just woken from a nap. He stared at Eddie and looked him up and down. “Yeah, I guess you’ll do … and good, you brought the food I ordered. Bring it in the kitchen for later. When we’re done you can give me the receipt and I’ll reimburse you.”

Eddie put the bags on the kitchen counter, the soldier shrugged off his shirt and Eddie gazed at him in his sleeveless T, at his muscular bare arms and shoulders. “Here,” the man said, “let me show you where they go.” As he reached up and across him to open a cupboard, his armpit pressed against Eddie’s face and the boy breathed in the pungent smell of the soldier’s sweaty black armpit hair. His already hard cock jolted in his shorts and he tensed to avoid cumming.

“Right,” the soldier said, “you’re here to service me and do whatever I tell you. I’m a Marine captain and I’m used to being obeyed by my troops … and that applies to you. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Eddie said meekly.

“Actually you just woke me up from a nap and I was planning on getting some sun out on the back patio.” He reached behind his neck, pulled off his T-shirt and tossed it on the floor with the shirt. Eddie stared at the handsome soldier, now stripped to the waist, as he reached up, yawned and stretched again after his nap, flexing his biceps, pecs and shoulders, his body striped by the sun pouring in through the slatted window blinds.

Eddie stared at the bare torso, gleaming with sweat in the heat of the kitchen, and was mesmerized by the sweat dripping down his sides his armpits, and running down the deep cleft between his pecs.

Totally lost in the fantasy the boy wondered what it would be like to service this powerful muscle-god Marine, what demands the soldier would make of him. Eddie felt like he was in a porn movie, his imagination ran riot, his cock bulged in his shorts … and this time he couldn’t hold back. His body shuddered and he gasped “aaah” as his cock erupted in his shorts.”

The Marine lowered his arms and frowned. “Anything the matter, kid?”

“No, sir,” Eddie stammered. “Nothing at all.”

“Good. OK, pick those shirts up off the floor, put them in the bedroom and follow me outside.” Eddie did as ordered and his cock stiffened again as he took the shirts to the bedroom and saw the disheveled bed with an old tank-top and khaki jock-strap strewn on it. He went outside to the patio where the soldier was standing, his arms folded across his chest.

“On your knees, boy, and unlace these combat boots.”

Eddie quickly obeyed and pulled the boots off one by one. Still on his knees he watched the Marine unbuckle his fatigue pants and let then drop to the floor. He was wearing khaki shorts underneath that he slid down his legs, making the boy gasp as the soldier’s massive cock sprang free. He walked round the patio buck naked, doing more stretching exercises to get the kinks out of his neck, his huge cock swinging between his muscled thighs.

Eddie was salivating at this homoerotic image of the naked, muscular Marine with the olive skinned Arab features – square jaw, high cheekbones and jet black hair. Finally the man threw himself down on his back on a large army blanket spread on the wooden deck and propped himself on his elbows. “OK, boy, strip naked. Let’s see what you got.”

Eddie hastily complied, kicking off his sneakers, pulling off his T-shirt and dropping his shorts. The soldier looked at him in his boxer briefs and said, “What’s that stain on your briefs? Did you piss your pants, kid?”

“Er, not exactly sir … I ...

“Never mind. I said get naked, boy.” Nervously Eddie pushed down his boxer briefs and blushed as his cock sprang out stiff as a pole. “Hmm,” Hassan said with a slight smile. “Not bad … yeah, you’ll do. You always sport a boner like that?”

“Pretty much sir. Especially when I’m with a man like … like …”

The soldier turned over on his stomach. “There’s a bottle of suntan oil over there, boy. Kneel astride me and oil my back. Eddie was again quick to obey and he knelt over his waist, leaned forward and spread oil on his warm flesh. “Mmm,” the captain groaned, “yeah that feels real good. Massage the traps good, boy.” Eddie did as he was told and worked his fingers hard, starting with the sexy nape of the soldier’s neck covered by his long black hair, then down over his rippling trapezius muscles.

“Lower now, boy.” Eddie shifted back to kneel over his thighs and massaged his waist, his cock lying between the soldier’s ass cheeks. Then he ran his hands over the hard mounds of his ass and massaged his glutes. Almost by accident his fingers slipped between the cheeks and touched the hole. The captain groaned loudly, “Oh yeah, that’s it. Push them in boy.”

His heart beating wildly Eddie pushed his oiled finger inside the hot ass and felt his own cock oozing pre-cum again. The muscular body was writhing beneath him and the deep voice spoke again. “That dick of yours still hard, boy?” Eddie gulped, “Yes, sir.” “OK, shove it in.”

“You mean …?”

Hassan growled, “Do it, boy!” So Eddie did. He pushed his dick between the cheeks and slid it slowly down the hot chute until it came to rest deep inside the Marine’s ass. He couldn’t believe his cock was inside this macho soldier. He reached forward, pressed his hands on the oiled, flexed muscles of his back … and the pornographic fantasy was too much for him. “Aaagh!” He shuddered and jizz poured from his cock deep in the captain’s ass.

“No!” The soldier spun round onto his back, yanking himself off the boy’s cock. “Fuck you, boy. Did I tell you to bust your load? Did I? You’re no use to me now, kid. You better get out.”

“No, sir – no, sir, please. I can cum again, I really can. Look, sir, my cock’s still hard.”

Hassan lay back and linked his hands behind his head, his elbows outstretched, biceps bulging. “OK, boy, here’s the deal. If you can fuck my ass, cum inside me so I get my rocks off you can stay the night. Maybe I’ll even chain you up in my dungeon downstairs and keep you there for a while as my sex slave, to fuck whenever I want. OK, let’s see what you got.”

“Thank you, sir,” Eddie said breathlessly, knowing full well he could do all those things – even the sex slave part. He pushed the soldier’s legs back and once again slid his hard dick inside him. “Damn that’s hot,” Hassan moaned, “getting butt-fucked by a kid like you.”

Eddie leaned forward again, this time running his oily hands over the captain’s chest, feeling the pecs and then the abs flex under his touch while his cock massaged his ass. The Marine reached up and squeezed the boy’s nipples.

And then, as they gazed into each other’s eyes, it was as if the light gradually changed as in a movie, and the fantasy slowly dissolved until they were once again Hassan and his boy Eddie. And that brought a new dimension to Eddie’s euphoria. He was not a nameless boy fucking an anonymous soldier, but Eddie in the rare act of topping his master, the man he loved so much.

“That’s it, kiddo,” Hassan smiled, “fuck my ass. Fuck your old man. You wanna cum in my ass? OK, jerk me off and when you see me bust my load I wanna feel your jizz inside me again … if the can cum again, that is.”

“’Course I can, sir,” Eddie grinned, “you know that.” He took one hand off Hassan’s chest, wrapped it round his thick shaft and stroked it hard while his own cock pistoned harder and faster in his ass. A warm smile spread over Hassan’s face and he said, “I love you, boy. So damn hot. God, you feel good inside me. You ready, kid? You wanna cum again? Fuck, I’m gonna shoot. Here it comes, boy. Fuck yeah … fuck me … pound that soldier’s ass … aaagh!”

Eddie gazed down in disbelief at the heaving body, at the swarthy Arab features, head thrashing for side to side as the soldier’s cock blasted ropes of white juice over his flexed abs and chest. It was one of the most beautiful sights the boy had ever seen and his cock was on fire as it built to one of the most explosive orgasms so far in his young life.

He had fucked is master. The boy had fucked his master.


A bit later they were lying together on the blanket on their sides propped on their elbows gazing at each other. Their heaving bodies and racing heartbeats had subsided though there was still a heavy aroma of tanning oil and semen in the air. “Well, kiddo,” Hassan grinned, “that was some trip eh? Maybe we can pick it up again after we’ve cooked dinner and eaten together.”

Eddie grinned mischievously. “Even the bit about the soldier’s young sex slave chained up in the dungeon, sir?”

“Especially that,” Hassan laughed. “Hell that room down there has seen some heavy action in its time. I remember the time Mark chained me naked to the wall and worked me over, paying me back for the time I interrogated and tortured him when we were enemy soldiers in the Arab war. We can’t match that, but it’s possible that young guy who placed the ad for home-help will get more than he bargained for from the horny Marine captain.”

Hassan smiled contentedly. “But that’s for later maybe, kiddo, depending how we feel after we’ve rested and eaten. On the other hand, could be we’ll be so tired by then we’ll just wanna curl up in bed and watch a movie on TV until my handsome boy falls asleep in my arms.”

“Mmm, I’d like that,” sir.

“OK, but right now I wanna hear all the gossip about what’s been happening in L.A. since I left.”

“Well, sir,” Eddie said with wide-eyed enthusiasm, once again the talkative kid Hassan loved so much. “Me and the boys were talking and we think there’s something going on with Randy and Pablo, something about Pablo’s job. I mean, you talked about me and Nate taking on more responsibility, which is great, and we think something like that is in Randy’s mind for Pablo.”

“Yeah, kid, well I’d say that’s overdue. I mean, Pablo’s not a boy anymore. He’s what, 25 now? Same age as Darius and the oldest of the senior boys? Hell, you only have to look at the guy. He don’t wear those old dungarees anymore, held up by one strap like a young grease monkey. He works in old blue jeans and boots, with no shirt, and he looks damn hot, a real muscle-stud.

“I’ve seen the way Randy looks at him. I wonder what he has in mind for him. It’ll probably involve Bob too. Hell,” Hassan chuckled, “everything with Randy involves Bob.”

“Anyway, kiddo, we’ll see how that turns out when we get back. In the meantime we’ve got the weekend ahead of us with Mark, Jason, Mike and their boys, and we’ll have a blast. But tonight it’s just you and me, kiddo, out here in the desert in the middle of nowhere, and I think it’s time we rustled up some chow. Dinner and a movie? What d’you think?”

Eddie flashed his lopsided grin and saluted. “Aye-aye, captain.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial of Strength” – Chapter 353



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