Chapter 15


 The Chinese twins broaden their sexual experience in the tribe. First they work out in the tribe’s gym with gypsy boss Randy, a tough trainer who puts them through their paces then fucks their asses. Later they watch the handsome Hispanic Miguel face-fuck the gardener Finn. Then they spend the night in Miguel’s hotel room. “We love to serve macho muscular men like yourself, sir,” so the twins go to work on the naked hunk. 

In the previous chapter

Identical Asian twins Lee and Toni were visiting the tribe in Los Angeles and had already had an introduction to the men and boys that ranged from mild to wild.

They had first made love to the tribe’s twins Kyle and Kevin, and had later discovered a taste for rough sex, which they put to the test as captives of the tribe’s three tough construction bosses.

Young redhead Will, the boy of Kyle and Kevin, was initially wary of the newcomers but he warmed to them and the time came at last for him to sleep with all four twins. Normally rather shy, Will felt empowered now and in a dramatic role reversal he took charge of a spirited boy-orgy and a dual spit roast of the Asian twins.

The ecstatic sounds made the tribe’s founders drop in after the session was over to check that all was OK. The handsome Bob and his lover, the rugged gypsy Randy, were impressed by Will’s top-man performance and Randy said, “Hey, Red, I was thinking you and me could get together in the gym in the morning.”

He flashed a smile at the Asian twins. “Maybe you two guys would like to join us for a workout. You got great lean bodies but a bit more muscle wouldn’t hurt. Only thing is, workouts always make me horny so I’d probably have to fuck you both afterwards.”

“No problem there, sir,” Lee grinned. Will agreed and the gym session was set for 6am.

Randy warned, “I’m a tough trainer so be prepared to work hard, kids. You’ll have to do everything I tell you – and I mean everything. And don’t be late or I’ll whip your asses.” Leaving that threat hanging in the air, Randy and Bob went out and left the boys alone.

Next morning in the twins’ apartment five boys still lay together deep in sleep. Will was having a dream where he was annoyed by a constant pinging noise. It kept getting louder until he swam into consciousness and realized it was a dripping tap in the bathroom. He opened one eye … and saw the clock. Five past six … five past six?’

He sat bolt upright and shook Lee and Toni. “Hey, guys, get up … now! We’re late.” Within seconds they were out of bed, a burst of adrenaline shocking them fully awake. They pulled on gym shorts and sneakers and rushed from the room as Kevin’s drowsy voice said from under the covers, “Have fun, guys.”

They sped downstairs, across the lawn and down to the basement gym, where they came face to face with Randy, bare-chested in gym shorts, his arms folded across his chest.

“You’re late,” he growled. “You know what that means.”

******************   BOOK 10: CHAPTER 15   ******************

Gym Rookies

Will and the Asian twins wilted under Randy’s fierce gaze. He was a scary sight, the big muscular gypsy with rugged features, a square stubbled jaw, shaggy black hair and piercing blue eyes that fixed on the boys like lasers.

“Sir,” Will stammered, “I’m sorry we’re late. It’s all my fault. I should have …”

“Stop right there, Red. Don’t make it worse with lame excuses. I said 6am and you weren’t here. You know what I said I do to boys who are late.”

“You whip their asses,” Lee said, wincing.

“Damn straight.” As the leader of the tribe, the so-called King of the Gypsies, Randy was always a formidable presence, but especially when he trained guys in the tribe’s gym. He was the tough task-master who subscribed to the no-pain-no-gain, if-it-hurts-it-works way of thinking.

But Will, who knew Randy well, now detected a little gleam in his otherwise stern gaze as he said, “OK, Red, you should know better, but this is the twins’ first time so I’ll go easy on you. I won’t whip your asses. Just give me twenty pushups.

Will immediately dropped into a push-up position, hands and feet on the floor, body stretched straight. The twins, who had not done structured workouts before this, followed Will’s lead – well almost. “No,” Randy barked, “hands closer together on the floor, body straight. Don’t raise your ass in the air or arch your back. And press all the way up, full range of motion.”

He straddled each one in turn, clamped his hands round their waist and pulled them into the optimal position. The result for each boy was a stiff boner as they felt the strong hands gripping their bodies. That broke their concentration and seemed to sap their energy, and they got only to twelve before both collapsing flat on the floor.

“One more,” Randy barked. Somehow they managed one more slow, painful pushup before collapsing again. “One more … push!” But this time they couldn’t move. Will, who had done this many times before for Randy, sailed evenly through all twenty and jumped to his feet.

The twins staggered painfully to their feet and faced Randy with hang-dog expressions, “Sir,” Toni groaned. “We’re no good at this. We’ve never worked out in a gym before. Please, sir, just punish us and let us go.”

“Sit on that bench,” Randy said, his tone softer. Obediently they sat side by side on a bench and Randy sat on a bench facing them, leaning forward, elbows on his knees. “OK, kids, listen up. Number one – no boy I’m training ever walks out on me before we’ve even begun. Number two – it don’t matter that you couldn’t do twenty. You got to thirteen and that’s a start.

“See, I will always push a boy to do more. The whole idea is to push your muscles to failure. But that don’t mean you failed. It means that you pushed your muscles to the max. Our goal is to slowly increase that max – and to keep perfect form while you’re doing it. For first timers you did great, kids. OK sure, you can leave if you want to, but personally I would like you to stay and work with me.”

Will watched the expression on the twins’ faces change as they gazed into Randy’s blue eyes, eyes that were infinitely kinder than the laser eyes that had pierced them at the start. And Will knew what was happening. The twins were falling in love with Randy, as all the other boys had soon after their arrival in the tribe. They had already been in lust with the savage construction boss, but now his kindness sealed the deal – they were in love.


The Ultimate Reward

So of course they stayed – and worked harder than they ever had before, wanting to please their sexy trainer. Randy took them through entry-level moves on most of the equipment and skillfully used the more experienced Will as an example, to encourage them.

But Randy’s own physical presence was encouragement enough. The closer he was to them the more inspired they were. When each boy in turn lay on his back on the bench-press Randy stood behind his head to spot him. He leaned slightly forward and curled his hand loosely round the bar, helping the boy lift it the last few inches so it fell into the cradle.

Looking upward the boy saw his ruggedly handsome face staring down at him, saw his huge cock hanging down under his shorts over his face, and felt the sweat dripping on his face from the gypsy’s flexed muscles.

When they came to the cable flies a boy stood between the uprights, reached up in a V to grab the handles and Randy got behind him to guide him into the best form. He placed his hands over the boy’s, and when they leaned slightly forward the boy felt Randy’s bare chest press against his back and the bulge in his shorts push against his ass.

The close proximity of the shirtless gypsy increased the twins’ lust for him, just as his kind, encouraging words had increased their love. They were inspired to work hard for him, harder than they thought possible. When he pushed them to greater effort, urged them to do one more rep, their bodies strained to please the master. And when they got the deep-voice reward – “Good job, kid, you’re doing great” – they almost creamed their shorts.

Which is why Randy was such an effective trainer. His workouts were always intensely sexual, as the rugged gypsy himself oozed sex appeal, and no boy ever went through one of his training sessions without a permanent hard-on.

It was always the reason why, when a boy ended the session physically exhausted, his body felt alive, his muscles rippled. He was ready for the ultimate reward.

The Chinese twins were no exception. When they reached the final cool-down exercises the only part of them that didn’t cool down was their rock-hard cock – and their craving for sex.

“Guys, you did great,” Randy smiled. “Best first-timers I’ve had, ever since young Red here blasted through his initial workout.”

As Randy tidied up the equipment the three boys stood shoulder to shoulder, resisting the urge to pull out their cocks and jerk off watching him. Finally he looked up and flashed one of his gleaming smiles. “Damn, workouts sure make a guy horny, don’t they?”

“Yes sir!” they chorused.

“I could jack off just looking at my pumped body in the mirror – flex my muscles, do a few bodybuilder poses.” He proceeded to do just that and the boys watched spellbound as the swarthy muscle-god admired himself in a narcissistic display of body worship. They could have cum just watching him, but hadn’t he promised them more than that?

Will knew that Randy was cock-teasing them. He had done the same at Will’s first workout and that had ended up with the gypsy’s cock pounding his ass. They were at a peak of frustration when suddenly Randy turned away from the mirror and stared at them.

“Hey, why the hell should I rub one out looking at myself when I got three hot, pumped guys standing right here? Come to think of it I ain’t punished you three yet for being late. I said if you did that I’d whip you asses. Let’s see … turn around, boys, and show me your asses.”

They turned their backs to him and dropped their gym shorts that pooled round their sneakers. “Damn, three hot young asses – what more could a horny gym trainer ask for. Seems a shame to whip them though, mark them with red stripes. But what else is a guy to do to punish them?”

Will looked back at him over his shoulder, his eyes sparkling under his owl glasses. “Just so long as you don’t shove your cock up their asses, sir. It’s so huge it would hurt too bad.”

Randy roared with laughter. “Red, you know me too well. You sure know just what buttons to push. OK, twins, your pal Will just got you into a mess of trouble, throwing out a challenge like that. When a guy tells me not to do something that’s exactly what I do. See that big workout mat over there – on your backs – now!”

Casting grateful looks at Will the twins did as Randy ordered and lay on their backs side by side looking up at their trainer in anticipation. Randy dropped his shorts and the twins gasped as his long beer-can-thick weapon sprang out. He stepped out of his shorts, buck naked except for his sneakers, and stroked his cock.

“Red, I know you’ve got lube in your pocket ‘cos you never leave home without it, but we don’t mess with lube around here. Spit’s good enough for any boy who gets butt fucked in this gym, even beginners. OK, who’s first? You I think, boy. Lee, right?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“This is punishment for being late so it should be a dry fuck, but as you’re new I’ll go easy on you.” He spat on his cock, Randy’s version of ‘going easy’ on a boy. “Show me your ass, boy.”

Lee hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, offering his ass to the man he craved. Randy knelt behind him, leaned forward between his legs and braced his hands on the mat level with Lee’s face. His cock pressed against the boy’s ass and Randy could see he was trembling.

“You scared, kid?”

“A bit, sir. It’s so huge.”

“OK, here’s what you do – just concentrate on my eyes.” Lee stared up at the steel blue eyes and heard the deep, hypnotic voice as if it were coming from a distance. “You want it, don’t you boy? You want to feel your master’s cock in your ass?”

“Yes please, sir.”

“Good. Look at me … keep looking at me …”

Lee was mesmerized by the eyes set in the handsome stubbled features, and by the gypsy’s low deep voice. There was a short stab of pain … and then ecstasy as he felt Randy’s cock filling his ass. It slid in gently at first, becoming faster and more insistent as the muscled body moved up and down over him.

His ass was on fire and its warmth flooded over his whole body. He stared at the handsome trainer who had pushed his physical limits and was now satisfying his sexual cravings. Lee reached up and pressed his hands against Randy’s rippling pecs to make sure he was real.

“Yeah, I’m inside you, boy,” Randy smiled. “It’s what you wanted, eh?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you sir. It feels so good, sir. Would you please do the same for my brother?”

Randy was reminded how the brothers took care of each other and shared everything. “You’re a good kid, Lee. You sure you wanna give up this thing you’re feeling.”

“Oh I won’t be giving it up, sir. I’ll still feel it. My brother and I always feel what the other is feeling. Fucking Toni will still feel like you’re inside me. Please, sir. Do it to him.”

Randy was moved and exhilarated by the love and intimacy these handsome young men shared. And as he pulled gently out of one and eased into the other the soft velvet sensation on his cock was identical to what he had just experienced with the brother. For him too, fucking one was like fucking them both – a unique sensation that he only ever felt before when he made love to Bob’s twins Kyle and Kevin.

He moved seamlessly between the twins, gazing down at their exotic faces with their flawless skin and almond shaped eyes. They looked so vulnerable that all his protective instincts surged and we wanted to take care of them – right now and during their stay with the tribe.

The boys were holding hands as they lay together and smiled at each other when Randy changed from one to the other. Randy could almost read the unspoken thoughts that passed between them. At least he could sense their feelings, the essence of a great fuck when the feelings of top and bottom merged.

Randy wanted that sensation to be absolute so he looked up and grinned at Will, who had been watching the twins’ pleasure with affection and more than a little envy.

“Hey, Red, seems you were quite the alpha stud when you took charge of that boy orgy yesterday. You wanna show me how you did it? Damn, I like the idea of being topped by a gutsy redheaded kid like you.”

“Me, sir? You want me to …”

“’Course, if you’re not up to it – maybe yesterday was just a one off, not really real. If you’re not up to it, I …”

“Sir, you know me better than that. You said you always rise to a challenge – well so do I.”


A Great Team

Still naked Will stood behind Randy and grinned down at the twins as they got fucked in turn by the boss. They still didn’t grasp what was happening until Will reached down to his discarded shorts, pulled a tube of lube from his pocket and greased up his cock.

Was he going to take turns with Randy fucking them? If so why was he dropping to his knees behind Randy? They couldn’t see what was happening behind Randy until the gypsy’s eyes opened wide in a dazzling smile. “Fuck, yeah. Damn you feel good inside me, Red. Fuck me, boy. Come on, pound your master’s ass. Let’s see what you got, kid.”

Will felt a surge of power run through him as he looked in the gym’s mirrors and saw the swarthy construction boss on his knees fucking the twins, with his own ass impaled on the young redhead’s shaft. As Randy pumped in and out of Lee his ass drove back onto Will’s cock and banged against his pubic hair.

Quickly Will eased into the rhythm of the three-way fuck – as Randy’s ass pulled back from the boy he was fucking, Will drove inside it. Simultaneously fucking and being fucked he felt the same sensation as he saw on the brothers’ ecstatic faces.

Will pounded ass like never before and grinned over Randy’s shoulder at the amazed twins staring up at him and Randy. It was as if each one in turn was being fucked by the big boss and the young redhead. And the whole homoerotic scene was infinitely reflected in the mirrors surrounding them, like multiple pornographic scenes of a muscular gym trainer fucking two of the gym boys while a third ploughed his ass.

That stunning image, coupled with the sensual warmth that infused their bodies was bringing them all close to their climax. Randy, as usual, took charge of that. “Hey Red, as boss of this outfit I can do most things – all except fuck two boys at once. You wanna give me a hand here?”

“Sure thing, sir,” Will smiled, feeling he had just got a plum assignment from the boss. He pulled sharply out of Randy’s ass and knelt beside him. Randy was fucking Toni at the time so Will knelt behind Lee who looked up at him expectantly. Randy grinned at Will. “OK, stud, let’s do this thing.”

Will pushed Lee’s legs back and drove his cock deep inside him. “Way to go, kid. Damn we make a great team. OK, partner, let’s fuck.”

In perfect sync they pounded the identical asses as the twins gripped each other’s hands on the ground between them. They looked up at the riveting sight of the master and the boy fucking in unison, then turned to face each other and kissed.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Randy groaned, “two brothers making love to each other while we pound their asses. What d’ya think we should do to them Red?”

“How about filling their asses with jizz, sir?”

“Not a bad idea, kiddo. “You think we can make them cum without stroking each other’s cock like they usually do?”

“If you can I can, sir.”

“What d’ya mean, if I can. You’re talking to a master here. OK, stud, let’s do it.”

The resulting quadruple orgasm was a worthy end to a muscle-crunching workout and fuck-fest. Randy and Will leaned forward and pinned the twins’ arms to the mat, holding them captive, and as they pounded ass side by side Randy said, “You ready, kid?”

“Right there with you, sir.”
What about you two?” Randy grinned down at them. “You wanna feel me and my boy filling you up with our jizz?”

“Yes please, sir,” the twins chorused eagerly.”

“Damn you two look hot. OK, guys, let’s give this session the climax it deserves. … here it comes, guys … yeaahh … I’m gonna cum … let’s do it boys … Now!”

As the twins felt the cocks swell and erupt in their asses they turned and kissed each other again. Their cocks reared up and sprayed cum over their flexed abs and smooth chests, with drops splashing as far as their cheeks, like tears running from their almond-shaped eyes.

“Fucking spectacular, guys,” Randy panted. After a few seconds he and Will pulled out and Randy jumped up and went over to a pile of old clothes in the corner.

“I gotta get to work,” he said. “I got a construction company to run.” He pulled on jeans and boots, then picked up a ragged tank and rubbed it over the pools of semen on the twins’ chest. “That way I’ll remember you two all day,” he grinned, pulling on the cum-soaked tank. “Great job, guys.”

And he was gone, leaving the three boys together with stars in their eyes. Will said, “Right, we gotta get a quick shower, dudes, and I’ll go help the twins with breakfast.”

“Can we help, Will?”

“Nah, five in the kitchen is a crowd. Besides, you can’t spend your whole vacation working. Why don’t you just relax, wander round the garden before breakfast.” Will grinned mischievously. “It’s surprising what you stumble across sometimes.”


The Gardener’s Penance

Will’s flippant remark turned out to be more accurate than he could have imagined.

After they all showered in the apartment Will shared with Kyle and Kevin, Will ran downstairs to the kitchen where the twins were in the middle of cooking breakfast. Will pulled on his green apron and chef’s hat and seamlessly joined in the action as the third chef.

Upstairs Lee and Toni were pulling on their shorts and polo shirts, still tingling with excitement after the gym session with Randy. They were still talking about it as they went out to the garden and began strolling around the extensive grounds.

Their way of communicating was unique, as each intuitively knew what his brother was thinking and they completed each other’s sentences in the same tone and cadence. So to the casual listener it would have sounded more like a monologue than a conversation between two boys.

Although it was still early the sun was already warm and it promised to be another hot Southern California day, a welcome change from their home in Chicago with its chilly winds that whipped off the lake. The warm air was filled with a mix of fragrances from the many blooms and bushes the gardeners had planted with the skill and foresight that were marks of expert gardeners.

Will had given the twins a comprehensive who’s-who of the tribe, so they knew that the lush landscaping was the work of the tribe’s young gardeners Finn and Tyler, supervised by some guy called Mario who lived in a big house with his lover, a guy called Grady.

Lee and Toni searched their collective memories back and forth for what Will had told them about the gardeners

“Will said that Tyler is Pablo’s boy and …”

“… and Pablo is that that hunky chief mechanic who is …”

“… also Randy’s adopted son. I think Will described Finn as the former …”

“… former bad-boy, that’s right. Will said he used to be a street hustler but he was tamed by that hunky guy we saw …”

“… named Miguel, I think. He’s the head chef at the Ritz Carlton in downtown L.A. and …

“… and Will has actually worked a few shifts there as a junior assistant chef, lucky him.”

They walked on in companionable silence, breathing in the scented air. And whatever other communication that passed between them was through the thoughts and sensations they shared, and the almost psychic bond they had developed over the years.

So it was natural that they now both heard the deep, accented voice at the same time. They stopped, grabbed each other’s hand and listened. “That’s it boy, make your master feel good.”

It was coming from behind a cluster of bushes, a small secluded area on the edge of the grounds, a place that guys of the tribe often went to unwind and play. And it was a place the twins knew well as it was here they had been introduced to rough sex by the three construction bosses. It seemed that something like that was happening now.

Lee gripped Toni’s arm and they moved stealthily forward and peered through the bushes. They stifled a gasp at the sight that met their eyes.

On his knees was the young gardener, the tattooed bad boy Finn, his arms wrapped around a tree behind him, tied at the wrists. He had apparently been working early in the garden as he was in his work clothes – grubby jeans and an old white T-shirt streaked with dirt, as was his handsome face.

And in front of him was his master, the man the twins knew was the musclehunk Hispanic Miguel. It was he who made the twins’ jaws drop – shirtless and barefoot in jeans, his stunning physique and chiseled square-jawed face staring down at the helpless gardener.

It was obvious what he was about to do as his rock hard cock was out of his jeans and pointing straight at the gardener’s mouth. “Open up, boy … here it comes …” The twins watched as the master’s hips lunged forward and his cock plunged into the open mouth.

“That’ll teach you to walk out on me when I wake up horny, boy.”

As the twins later found out, Finn had got up early to do some work on the garden before breakfast. Miguel had stirred, with a hard-on, and told his boy to take care of it. But Finn’s rebellious spirit had flared and he left, saying he had work to do. Miguel had lazed in bed for a while, then pulled on his jeans and gone in search of his boy. He overpowered him, pushed him to his knees and roped his hands behind him round the tree.

The twins watched spellbound behind the bushes as the muscle-god pounded his boy’s face, tears rolling down his cheeks, gagging on the huge cock.

Finn’s body flexed as he tugged helplessly at his bound arms, his head forced back against the tree by the pile-driving cock. After a fierce pounding Miguel pulled out and growled, “What do you say now, boy?”

The mouth sagged open and spit ran down his chin. “I’m sorry, sir. I’m sorry I disobeyed you. Please fuck my face, sir, cum in my mouth … make me cream my jeans.”

“That’s better. I like to hear an arrogant young stud like you beg for it.” Miguel reached up and braced his hands on the tree above Finn. The hidden twins gasped as they saw the muscles ripple in his broad back, the flared lats sloping down to his tight waist, his slim hips and firm round ass in his jeans pounding back and forth, his shaft driving into the bad boy’s face.

“Here it comes, boy … drink your master’s jizz … I’m gonna cum … fuck yeah … aaagh!”

He pushed his cock down Finn’s throat one last time and poured jizz inside him, then pulled out and splashed the rest of his load in the handsome face while Finn creamed his jeans.

Behind the bushes the awestruck twins were jerking each other off and groaned loudly as they pumped their juice onto the ground.

Miguel spun round and shouted, “Hey, who the fuck’s that?” Come out of there – now!”

The twins emerged and stood side by side, blushing deep red, fumbling to cram their cocks back in their shorts. Miguel zipped up his pants and glared at them. Were you two watching me fuck my boy?” They answered talking over each other.

“No, sir …

“… we mean yes, sir. But we didn’t cum, sir …”

“… except we did, sir. We didn’t mean to watch …”

“… but it was so hot, sir, and …”

Their stumbling excuses were cut off by Miguel howling with laughter. “That’s quite a compliment to me and my boy. Ah, no sweat, boys, we kinda like an audience, especially Finn here.” Miguel untied the cum-drenched gardener and pulled him to his feet in a tight hug and grinding kiss.

Then Miguel grinned at the twins. “So you’ve just witnessed the punishment my boy gets for disobeying me …but things are not always what they seem, kids. I sometimes think he defies me deliberately so I’ll tie him up and fuck him, in the face or the ass, or both. That right kiddo?”

Finn flashed his bad-boy grin. “I learned on the streets that there’s lots of devious ways to get what you want – and I just did, sir.”

The twins relaxed and their blushes faded as they saw the upbeat attitude of the master and his boy. Miguel said, “Hey, I’m starved. Breakfast should be ready by now so come with us and grab a bite, kids. There’s something I wanna talk to you about.


Miguel Makes The Twins An Offer

Intrigued by Finn’s bad-boy reputation and his still-arrogant expression despite being bound and face-fucked, the twins approached him tentatively. “Can we clean you off, Finn?” Lee asked.

“Be my guest, guys,” Finn grinned. The twins glanced at each other, then worked together licking Miguel’s cum from Finn’s face. They not only found the ex-hustler way sexy, they also wanted to taste the juice of the gorgeous hunk who had sprayed it on Finn’s face.

Miguel laughed, “Come on guys, better you get your protein from eggs than semen.”

Finn smiled at the twins – “Thanks, guys” – and they followed Miguel to the terrace by the pool where the buffet breakfast was spread out. They helped themselves and sat together at one end of the long table.

While Finn ate hungrily and watched his master admiringly, Miguel engaged the Chinese brothers in conversation, mostly about their background, their work at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago and their future plans for themselves. As usual the twins spoke in tandem.

“See, we’re tired of being just waiters, sir, and …”

“… we really want to join the kitchen staff and work up to being chefs …”

“… like Kyle and Kevin and Will, though we’ve got a long way to go to get to their level.”

Miguel said, “I’ve heard that since you got here you’ve been working a lot with Will.”

“Yes, sir, he’s been real good about teaching us and we’ve already learned a lot from him …”

“…. but he says that working in a great big kitchen at a posh hotel is a whole other thing.”

“Well, he’s right there, of course. I was able to give Will a couple of days’ work at my hotel, the Ritz, and he saw for himself that teamwork is the name of the game. Actually, a few months ago I went to a convention on fine dining in Chicago at the Stephens Convention Center. A bunch of us executive chefs got together and I met the Four Seasons head chef, Josh Trucker. Go to know him quite well, actually – we kind of hit it off.”

He let that thought hang in the air for a while, then added, “I don’t know if you’d be up for this, guys, but while you’re here I could have you work a couple of shifts in our hotel kitchen to get a sense of what it’s like. We sometimes have interns come through and work as junior assistants. Is that something you’d be interested in?”

Their eyes were shining as they exchanged excited glances. “Absolutely, sir,” Lee said, we would love that …”

“… but we don’t really have much cooking experience, sir, nothing like Will and the twins. When we cook for ourselves it’s usually Chinese food, the kind we always ate back home in China.”

“Well, you’d only be doing simple stuff like chopping vegetables and mixing sauces but you’d get to see how a major kitchen operates. One of my managers, a young guy named Colin, is great working with interns and showing them the ropes.” He paused, pondering on something the twins had said.

“Actually, I’d like to pick your brains, guys, after what you said about cooking Chinese. See I’ve been thinking about adding more authentic Asian dishes to the hotel’s menu. Situated in Downtown L.A. we’re close to Chinatown, Little Tokyo and Koreatown and we get a lot of Asian clients. But I don’t want to offer them the usual Americanized Asian dishes. They’re more discriminating and want food they had in the old country. Before I hire a Chinese chef I want to get up to speed myself so I know what the hell I’m talking about.”

“Before coming to the U.S., sir, we worked as waiters in a small restaurant in Shanghai …”

“… so we know our way around a Chinese menu. There’s only one thing, sir …”

“… we’re only in L.A. till the end of the week, sir.”

“Hmm, tell you what. If it’s not too soon for you I could have you work dinner this evening and breakfast tomorrow morning. Bookings are fairly light for the next day or so, so the kitchen wouldn’t be frantic. I could drive you down there this afternoon. And, er, I’ll be staying overnight in my room at the hotel. Rather than have you Uber home late tonight and back to the hotel at crack of dawn tomorrow, you could stay with me in my room if you wouldn’t mind.”

Finn grinned at the twins and nodded his wide-eyed encouragement, though the twins needed no urging from anyone else. Their excitement was palpable as Toni said, “We would have to check with Kyle and Kevin first, sir …”

“… but we’re sure they’ll be all for it. Thank you for the offer, sir.”

“It’s a pleasure, kids. I love to nurture new talent in the business. And if you really enjoy the work tonight and tomorrow I’ll email a letter of recommendation to J0sh, your potential new boss at the Four Seasons. That should help quite a bit ‘cos, like I said, Josh and I really hit it off when I was there.”

As before, that thought hung in the air, along with all the other fantasies already circling in the twins’ minds.


The Tempo Heats Up

Kyle, Kevin and Will were cleaning up after breakfast when the twins rushed into the kitchen and they blurted out their news. When Lee had said the twins would be all for the idea it was an understatement. They and Will were almost as thrilled as Lee and Toni.

They went upstairs on their break between breakfast and lunch and the Chinese twins peppered them with questions, including, “What should we wear, guys?”

“Best to wear black pants, comfortable shoes and your polo shirts. Miguel will give you the hotel’s kitchen uniforms which are real snazzy – white with dark blue piping and a double row of buttons down the front. You’ll look great. We remember Colin, he’s a young manager under Miguel and he’ll tell you everything you need to know. Guys, you’re gonna have a blast.”

In mid-afternoon the twins were nervous when they piled into the back seat of Miguel’s SUV and he chatted to their reflections in the rearview mirror. In the kitchen I’ll turn you over to Colin and he’ll get you kitted out and show you the ropes. If I seem distant it’ll be because I have to oversee the whole operation, but I’ll be keeping an eye on you to make sure you’re doing OK.”

Miguel had his own labeled parking spot in the staff carpark and they went in through a back entrance. The kitchen was already a hive of activity and everything happened as Miguel had said. Colin was friendly and enthusiastic. “Don’t worry, boss,” he said to Miguel, “I’ll take good care of them. Great to have some new blood coming into the trade.”

The twins were in rather a daze for the first twenty minutes while they put on the white uniforms Colin had given them and he oriented them to the layout of the kitchen and the functions of each station. He put them to work chopping vegetables, which they could already do with a professional flair thanks to Will’s training. Colin worked at a station next to them and explained the staff hierarchy and the various job descriptions.

“Miguel is a great boss. Before he came we had a monster and quite a few staff left. But since Miguel became the executive chef it’s like a whole new place. He can be real strict but he’s fair and never makes anyone do anything he wouldn’t do himself. All the staff are devoted to him.”

The twins exchanged smiles, both thinking the same thing. Some of the staff are not only devoted, they’re in love, the twins thought, and when he puts his arm over their shoulder and praises them some of them have major hard-ons – just as Lee and Toni had right now. As for Miguel being strict they knew just how strict he could be, having seen him discipline the rebellious young gardener by tying him to a tree and shoving his dick down his throat.

They also knew that whatever respect, admiration or even love the crew had for Miguel, they were the only two people there who would be spending the night with him.

As the dinner service began, the tempo in the kitchen heated up and they understood the necessity for close teamwork. And the handsome Hispanic was in the middle of it supervising the whole operation, like an orchestra conductor, they thought, ensuring that everything meshed into a harmonious whole.

Miguel was not too busy, though, to keep an eye on the twins. He was impressed by their calm demeanor and the meticulous way they followed instructions. In their cool inscrutable way they seemed to be unflappable, exactly the temperament that was needed in a kitchen when things got heated. Yeah, he could honestly give a glowing recommendation to his opposite number at the Four Seasons, Josh Trucker whom he remembered so fondly.

When the twins got fully into the rhythm of the busy kitchen they hit their stride and loved working as part of the crew amid all the action. This is definitely what they wanted to do in the future, and they were grateful to Miguel for giving them a head start. They hoped that later they would have the opportunity to demonstrate their gratitude – in one way or another.


Sleeping Arrangements

When at last the hectic pace slowed and most of the late diners were on coffee and dessert, the twins had mixed feelings. They were sorry the hustle and bustle was winding down but increasingly excited about the prospect of spending the night with the handsome head chef. Although there was a staff of dishwashers the twins energetically joined in the kitchen clean-up.

Finally Miguel drew them aside for a quiet word. “Guys, I have to do a bit of paperwork and close the dinner accounts for the office. Should take me about half an hour. Here’s the key card to my room – the number’s on it. Just go up and make yourself at home and I’ll join you soon. You did a great job, guys. I’m proud of you.”

Their hard-ons lasted all the way up to the room and didn’t go down as they waited eagerly for Miguel. The executive chef’s permanent room was quite spacious with a king-size bed (only one, they noted) and a small sitting area with a couch. They took off their kitchen uniforms that they would use tomorrow and sat together on the couch in their smart black pants and blue polo shirts. They chatted a little about the evening but mostly enjoyed the silence and intimacy of their brother’s company.

It wasn’t long before they heard the door open and Miguel came in pushing a food cart. They jumped to their feet as Miguel smiled, “Hey guys, here’s a little reward for your fine performance in the kitchen – coffee, brandy and my favorite dessert.”

He unbuttoned his white chef’s jacket and pulled it off. They inhaled sharply as they saw him in the white T-shirt he wore underneath that hugged the contours of his muscular torso. The short sleeves gripped his biceps, and his solid chest and ripped abs were clearly etched under the white cotton fabric. He cricked his neck and stretched his arms high.

“You know, I love the rhythm of the kitchen but supervising that lot for five hours sure makes me feel bushed. I need a drink.”

The twins sprang into action. “Sir,” Lee said, “it’s our turn now to take care of you …”

“… waiting tables and room service are what we do for a living …”

“… so take a seat, sir and leave everything to us.”

With a beaming smile Miguel did as he was told. The twins opened the flaps of the cart into a table, set the desserts, cups and brandy glasses on it and poured the coffee. They stood by the table side by side with napkins over the arms like dutiful waiters expecting their orders.

The orders they got surprised them. “First of all, guys, you’re not waiting on table now, you’re my guests so you’re gonna join me. And second of all … there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you ever since you barged in on me and Finn fucking this morning. I would love to see those trim bodies, guys. Would you take your shirts off for me?”

“Of course, sir,” they said together. “Slowly, elegantly, and in perfect unison, they pulled their shirts up over their abs, chest and faces. They folded them over a chair, then ran their fingers through their long black hair so it fell gracefully round their necks.

“Jesus,” Miguel breathed. “You two look so fucking beautiful – those lithe flawless bodies, the smooth skin, not an ounce of fat, and your gorgeous faces with those sexy almond-shaped eyes. No wonder the twins and Will are crazy about you. And no wonder my lover Zack, and Randy and Seth worked you over in the garden. Did you get off on that?”

“Very much, sir. We discovered that we like rough sex …”

“… up till then we had only made love to each other and the twins …”

“… but we found we love to serve macho muscular men like those guys and …”

“… and like yourself, sir.”

They sat down and now that the ice was broken they enjoyed Miguel’s company, the coffee and dessert – and several refills of brandy. Miguel asked them about their lives in China and they became more animated, less ‘inscrutable’, which Miguel found charming.

But the fast-paced activity of the last few hours started to take its toll and Miguel said, “I’m gonna hit the sack soon, kids. Now there’s only one bed but it’s a big one so we could share it. Or I’ll sleep on the couch and you take the bed. Or I can always call down to reception and get you a room of your own. Whatever you prefer.”

“Oh, sir,” said Toni in a minor panic, we want to … we’d love to …”

“ we wouldn’t mind sharing your bed at all, sir.”

“Good, I was hoping you’d say that.”


Taking Care Of The Boss

“Sir,” Lee said hesitantly. “My brother and I were talking earlier about what it must be like when you have finished in the kitchen and come up here and get ready for bed ‘’’

“… so now that we’re here sir we would …”

“… we would love to see that, sir.”

Miguel grinned. “Remember what I said to you in the garden? Guys like Finn and me, we like an audience. So sit back and relax, dudes.”

Miguel stood up, picked up his uniform jacket and hung it on a hanger in the closet. He stretched again, then pulled his T-shirt off, held it to his face and sniffed, then stuffed it in the dirty laundry bag. The boys held each other’s hands as they watched the dark muscle-god walk round the room stripped to the waist, his muscular physique gleaming in the ceiling spotlights as he moved under them.

He sat on the edge of the bed, unlaced his black shoes and pulled them off, then his socks. He put them neatly in the closet, then paced the room, barefoot and bare-chested in his tight black dress pants hugging his slim waist, his perfect round butt and his muscled thighs.

He unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop. He picked them up, folded them over a hanger and hung them in the closet. Wearing just black briefs the hunky Hispanic stud threw himself on his back on the bed. Mesmerized, the twins stood up and gazed down at him, rubbing the bulge in their pants.

Miguel grinned up at them. “OK boys, you got what you wanted. Now it’s your turn.”

Already shirtless the twins bent down, pulled off their shoes and socks and dropped their pants. Then they slowly pushed down their boxer briefs and their cocks sprang out stiff and proud. “Damn,” Miguel said, rubbing his cock through his briefs, staring up at the identical Chinese boys, butt naked. “Fucking beautiful.”

“Sir,” Lee said. “We are so grateful for you letting us work in your kitchen. It was thrilling …”

“… and we would like to show our gratitude. You are tired so we would like you to relax …”

“… and let us take care of you, sir. Like we said, we love to serve handsome macho men, and you are so sexy, sir.”

“OK, guys,” Miguel smiled. “I’m all yours. …”

The twins first turned and kissed each other, always their prelude to making love, and Miguel was mesmerized. Then they knelt on either side of the bed and kissed Miguel’s face – his forehead, his eyes, cheeks and lips, then rubbed their cheeks against the thick stubble of his jaw. Synchronizing their movements they licked his neck, the cleft below his Adam’s apple, then down over his pecs, where they clamped their teeth lightly over his nipples.

Miguel moaned with pleasure, reached down and ran his fingers through their jet black hair. They ran their tongues along the ridges of his washboard abs then down over his waist. Then suddenly they shifted on their knees so they were level with his bare feet which they kissed gently, an act of worship to the near-naked muscle-god. They licked his feet, then his legs, up past the muscled thighs to their ultimate goal – the bulging black briefs.

Miguel linked his hands behind his head and looked down at the identically beautiful Asian faces. “God,” he sighed, “you two sure know how to turn a guy on. OK kids, go for it.”

Their faces pressed together and their mouths clamped over the bulge in the briefs, exhaling warm air over it and feeling it stiffen against their lips. Lee licked the length of the long cock through the briefs while Toni closed his wet mouth over the bulge of his balls.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Miguel groaned. He unlinked his hands from behind his head but Lee said, “Please, sir, stay like that. If you touch yourself you will cum and we don’t want you to do that. We want to do that for you.”

“OK, you’re the boss. But damn you bring me close.”

The twins pulled the briefs down over his legs, tossed them aside and stared at the long, thick shaft standing up like a pole. They buried their faces in his thick black pubic hair and breathed in deep, savoring the pungent taste and smell of man-sweat. Then they worked on his balls, each in turn sucking them in and pulling on the ball sac.

Miguel groaned loudly now, loving the sensation of being serviced by the exotic Chinese twins. He gasped as they began work on his cock. Starting at the base they licked the huge cock, one up each side, until they came to the head. They flicked out their tongues at the hard, sensitive corona and felt his body shudder.

Miguel raised himself on his elbows and looked down at the identical boys worshipping his iron-hard shaft, and he almost busted his load. “Guys, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. You bring me so fucking close.”

“You can cum soon, sir,” Lee said. “We will make you cum.” Together they licked the head of his cock, then Toni opened his mouth and lowered it over the shaft, taking it all the way down his throat before clenching his throat muscles round it. Miguel gasped and was about to cum when Toni pulled off. The boys paused until Miguel’s ragged breaths subsided, then it was Lee’s turn to go down on his cock. He held it in deep until Miguel gasped, “Fuck, I’m gonna …”

But Lee pulled off just in time. And that’s how it went, the boys torturing the musclehunk’s cock in turn, bringing him to the edge of his climax but always denying him an orgasm.

Miguel was now lying flat on his back, his body writhing, his chiseled features grimacing with frustration and desire. “Fuck … I can’t take any more, guys. You’re torturing my fucking cock. Make me cum … let me cum. Dammit, I gotta bust my fucking load.”

The twins smiled at each other and pressed their open mouths against the head of Miguel’s cock, kissing each other over it. Miguel looked down at the beautiful brothers kissing, with his cock between their mouths, their tongues licking it on both sides. His cock was on fire and the erotic sight pushed him over the edge at last.

“Fuck, here it comes … drink it, guys … I’m gonna cum … aaahh!” His cock erupted in their mouths and they both gulped down the semen of the handsome chef they had earlier seen commanding the kitchen. They drank the last of his cum and at last he sank back exhausted.

The twins smiled at each other, then knelt on either side of the dark Hispanic face. They pointed their cocks down and stroked them and Miguel instinctively opened his mouth wide to receive the twin jets of cum that streamed into it. He swallowed hard and when the stream stopped he grinned up at them with cum oozing from his mouth and over his stubbled chin.

“Come here you little devils.” He pulled them down on either side of him and wrapped his arms round them.

“Damn, you kids know how to treat a man. We gotta get up early for the breakfasts but when that’s over we’re gonna come right back up here ‘cos dammit I gotta fuck those sweet asses. I’m gonna keep you captive in this hotel until I’ve jack hammered both of you. Is that clear?”

“Whatever you say, sir …”

“… you’re the boss.”

“You bet your sweet ass I am,” Miguel smiled. “In the kitchen and in bed. Now go to sleep.  Long day tomorrow.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Book 10: Chapter 16

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