A Surprising Sunday Afternoon

By : A. Williams

     It’s a nice bright Sunday afternoon and I find my fridge empty of my favorite beer. With the football game coming on later I know I will need a few Bud Lights, so I climb into my old Cadillac and head down the road to my favorite country convenience store. Ya’ll know the type …where the older folks gather to hang out talking, drinking coffee and catching up on the latest gossip.

     Sure enough the place is full of all the regulars, I say my hellos and grab an eight pack of 16oz. cans of Bud Light from the cooler. As I’m stand in line, I notice the guy ahead of me. He’s tall about six foot, shoulder length brown curly hair but it’s his beautiful ass that really catches my eye. It’s nice and full and perfectly round mounds, totally fuckable. He looked to be about 50 years’ old, nice blue eyes and sporting a salt and pepper graying goatee and mustache on his handsome face.

     He smiled at me as he placed a case of Bud Light on the counter and that’s when I noticed his rather substantial bulge in his tight Levis.

 “Those all for you?” I asked chuckling.

“Oh I do know. Give me a ride back to my place and I could probably share,” he returned.

     Today just got a lot more interesting I thought to myself but out loud I answered, “Sure, no problem, just let me pay for mine…meet you outside.” I added with a wink.

     I walked out of the store, beer in hand and saw him talking to a guy in a black Ford pick-up. I nodded and got in my car, cranked her up and waited. A a few seconds later he was in my car telling me his name was “Charles” and giving me directions to his place before I could tell him mine. I knew the road…this town ain’t that big. Pointing up ahead, Charles said, “Take a right in the next parking lot.”

     His place turned out to be one large room. He had a full size fridge, a T.V and a stereo. A worn but comfortable looking recliner sat in the corner with a nice queen size bed on the opposite wall. I sat down on the edge of the bed and told him my name was Andy as he turned on some southern rock and put the beers away.

    “Here man,” Charles said handing me a Bud. Then moving to the corner, he sat in the recliner with a beer of his own and lit up a cigarette. We both drank and listened to the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    Soon his beer was empty and got up for another. I could see he had an erection so when he tried to slip pass me to get to the fridge, I grabbed his hips making him stop with that wonderful boner inches from my face. I rubbed his cock through his jeans, a good 8 inches I thought and what felt like a large mushroom head.

     Needing a taste, I unbuckled his belt, lowered his zipper and mouthed his cock through his tight white briefs. He moaned, “Uuugh,” and shivered while placing his hands on the sides of my head. I pushed his jeans on down to his feet and lowered his soaked briefs.

      When it sprung free, he had a lovely cock. It was perfectly straight, heavily veined with the big mushroom head on the end like a baby’s fist. A nice set of medium size hairy balls and a big thick clump of pubic hair.

     I pressed my face in for a smell, yes so musky …so manly. Opening my mouth, I slipped my lips around his head and swallowed him whole.  

     “Oh fuck Andy that feels so good. Yeah, suck my dick, buddy, suck my fucking dick,” he groaned almost painfully as I tightened my lips and bobbed my mouth up and down on his cock, coating it with my spit.

     Minutes later he was hunching his hips, meeting my downward thrusts. "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," he stammered but it was more of announcement than a warning.

      It only took about 3 minutes for him to shoot in my mouth, a sweet and spicy thick load of cum. “Sorry man…it’s been awhile,” he apologized. I did not reply to his statement but instead, pushed him down on the bed.

     Then I roughly pulled off his Nikes and then his jeans and briefs over his feet and off. “Turn over,” I ordered him.

“Yes…Yes…” he moaned turning over onto his belly.

     I rubbed my hands all over that smooth big ass of his and spread his cheeks. I get a look at his hole, so pink, nice and hairy. “I’m going to eat your ass and fuck you hard.” I informed him.

     I grabbed his ankles and pulled him to the edge of the bed and buried my face in between is butt cheeks. I take a deep whiff of his sweet ass, Ooohhh yeah. His odors have my cock leaking and straining to get out of my Wranglers.

     I let my wet hot tongue travel down the length of his crack, then spit on his hole and force my spit in with my finger. I pull his butt checks apart and the spread his pussy open letting my lips and tongue get him good and wet. I want him ready to take my cock.

     I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pushed them down along with my boxers to my ankles. I cover my leaking cock with a condom, spit in my hand and lube myself up. I slowly work my 10 inch fat monster past his sphincter and inside his twitching pink hole. “Fuck you’re big… go easy,” Charles groaned trying to stay relaxed.

     He was tight, hot and velvety smooth inside. It took me a few minutes to work myself in and when my balls hit his sweet ass, we both moaned in deep pleasure. I held still, letting him adjust to being so full of my big cock. I started my hips moving slowly in and out and then grabbed his hips squeezing them hard. When I increased my speed and my deep thrust he moaned, “Yes …Yes fuck me. Do it man, feels soooo good.”

     I fuck him hard and deep for about ten minutes…. He was screaming my name over and over and begging me not to stop. I grinded my hips into him and push in deep as I shoot a huge load deep in Charles’s ass.

     I pulled out of his ass with a loud pop, flipped him over roughly and removed the condom full of my cum, “Open your mouth.” I told him. I placed the full condom above his eager mouth and let it empty. He swallowed my thick load with a big smile on his handsome face.

     I could see his lovely hard cock needed another release, so once again I slowly let my lips cover that large mushroom head and savored the feel of his cock in my mouth. I could taste a trace of sweat from his balls being confined in his jeans all day. As he gripped the sides of my head, I let him fuck my face so hard that his balls slapped against my chin and my nose and lips were pressed into his smelly clump of pubic hair. So hot I thought.

     “Fuck… Yeah suck me Buddy. Fuck… here it comes.” He warned me. He erupted in my mouth with force this time. So much cum I had a hard time keeping up with his shots but I clamped my lips tight not wanting to waste a drop. I cleaned him up and left him on the bed. I dressed and grabbed another beer and sat in the recliner watching him recover.

     What an interesting day it had turned out to be, I thought as I drank my beer and watched Charles get dressed. “Hey man, I need to go. Gota’ game to watch.” I stood to leave and Charles grabbed my hand.

     “Here Andy, my number,” he said as he slipped the paper in my hand. As I closed the door I smiled, I just might call him I thought…….

         Thanks for reading……. and Posting comments………. A….


A. Williams

[email protected]


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