beginning of summer break, June 1-14.

Evan made my cock twitch when I first laid eyes on him. There, amonest the new hires, he stood out like rose amongst the thorns, yet he had the roughness of a catholic boxer, blue eyed and innocent. He looked like the gay porn actor, Mick Lovell of Rebels, a bel ami video, I kid you not. He may not have been as big all round as Mick, but Evan could have been his brother. I assumed he was underage, most of the new hires were high school students and that meant it was going to be a look, don't touch kind of summer, as the new girls were far to young too. I was sure I would have to look else where for my summer fuck buddy.

Thankfully, the park manager, (Staci) a hot young woman close to my age was flirting with me from the day she hired me. It would be easy to hook up with her and I figured spending my whole summer between her thighs wouldn't be so bad. My cock had twitched for her too.

But eventually my mind, like my eyes, kept going back to Evan. I imagined what he looked like naked, with his erection ready for me to lick and suck. I suppose my want for him was because I had, had my share of pussy during the school year and only one cock. (Thorsten's, My Second Cock) I don't know why I didn't sleep around with other guys at school, I just never did. It knew it was time to have some fun with another guy. I wished Evan was of age.

I acquired a taste for cock when I was 16 (My First Cock). I still can't believe that I just asked Daren if I could suck him off, and he let me and not just once either, it was many times and in many places. I began to wonder if I was just experimenting with Daren or I was truly gay. Because, after my first time with him I started fantasizing about other hot guys in high school while masturbating. It was about, about six months later I knew the answer. I lost my virginity to Samantha, my girl friend at the time. (story to come) From then on I would flip a coin to determine gay or straight masturbation sessions, heads for gay and tails for straight. I had gay sex with Daren and I made love with Samantha.

Sadly, looking back now, I didn't have the nerve to ask any other guy in high school and there were a number of them, if they wanted to "experiment". (Dean, the best of the bunch was in my dreams and fantasies. Story to come) It wasn't until university that I got to play with Thorsten, and then Andrew, the married construction worker. (My Third Cock).

Anyway I digress, it was the summer between second and third year. I worked as a slide supervisor at the local water park. I was also one of the first aide attendants. It was very cool place to work. My job was to wonder around making sure all the people remained safe. The hot flesh selection was unbelievable, the best T and A, to A and P (abs and package) in the skimpiest bikinis and swim suits around. Young women would be popping out of their tops coming out of the slides, while the water pressure would shove their bikini-bottoms into their snatch producing wicked camel toe. The hot guys would wonder around putting on a show in wet shorts that outlined their packages nicely. I was in heaven.

I quickly organized the male staff to notify each other and myself, as to the babe situation in their areas by walkie-talkies. Babes were sighted all over the park and their location relayed to the rest of us using codes I came up with. It was all hush-hush of course and it worked out really well. Of course I never notified them of the hot guys I was checking out.

It was soon after we started the program that I noticed Evan didn't seem as keen to our game as the rest of the guys were. I began to wonder if he was gay, which I hoped or just religious or shy which he probably was. It was hard for me, (pun intended) I had a hard-on for one of the young new hires and I couldn't tell him.

For the next couple days I suffered greatly; I had cold showers; I had dry mouth around Evan and my heart would race from his look. I had to cover my growing erections with a clip board and would quickly look away from him. I asked myself, "What the fuck... how can he be so hot? Why can't I stop fantasizing about him?" I was jelious of him. He could have any girl or guy he wanted. I saw it too, all the girls were all over him, flirting and some of the guys would sneak peeks. Evan took it all in stride and just coyly flirted back.

I was unable to masturbate without thinking about him and what his cock looked like. I wanted to suck him. I wanted to ride him. I wanted him to sit in my lap so I could caress his firm pecs and abs, while he rode me to climax. I wanted him to fuck my face- I came violently in my hand over that one.

June 15-30

I found out, by accident, one day that Evan had turned 19 in May. "Fuckin' eh!" I said to myself and getting hard, "I thought was sixteen. He's up for grabs after all!" But, I thought, "I'm still his boss... ah fuck it!... If he came to me?... No... I'd have to do it, I'd be rude not to... Come on, its the moral thing to do... But he's the hottest guy I've known... "Alright, if he flirts with you first," I said to my now fully erect cock.

I quickly befriended all my staff and let them know that if they had questions about anything or a personal problem that they could come to me and I would help them as best I could. A lot of them did just that. So, when Even came to me and wanted to ask me a bunch of questions about University, I jumped at the chance.

I suggested that we should get together on our day off. He suggested the coffee shop across the street from the park. I suggested the cabin my parents have at a local lake.

"We could get a pizza and beer. Maybe go for a swim. They have a private dock," I said.

He readily accepted.

That Friday, Evan arrived at the cabin dressed in kaki shorts and a tight T-shirt. On the way he picked up pizza. I had other snacks and beer in the fridge already. I wasn't at all surprized when Evan produced a baggie of bud and rolling papers.

"Pizza's always better when high. Do you smoke?" he asked.

"I'm a university student," I replied. I wanted to lean in and kiss him right there, which I found strange. I had never kissed the other guys I had a had sex with. It just never occurred to me to do so, I never had the desire. But I wanted to kiss Evan, looking back now I know it was his feminie features, he had that Hilary Swank/River Phoenix look going on.

"Cool," he said.

He started asking questions right away about the University as we smoked our first joint, ate the pizza and drank a beer, but we covered everything.

"Do you like any of the girls at the park?" Evan asked.

"Yeah, but they're too young," I replied.

"What about Staci, Pat. Bet you like her."

"Yeah, she's smoking hot. Give me a woman like her with curves and brunette over a skinny pole any day. How about you, Evan?" I asked, "The girls all like you."

"Not Staci. No...a bit too old. The other girls are all pretty sweet I suppose," he said, "But, not my type... They're too, young."

He was hiding something. I was sure he was gay now, the girls were hot.

"-you're going to love Uni, Evan. With your looks, you'll have premo-pussy lining up outside your dorm, all shapes, sizes and ages. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel," I said.

"Sounds great," he said with mild interest, "But, I'm...,(slight cough) I have a girl friend."

I was sure he was going to say something else, but played along.

"What happens in Uni stays in Uni," I said, "You can just sleep around. In some cases it's expected. Sports fucking," I said.

"That's cool," he said with more interest, "I hadn't thought of that."

"Man, with you looks... Fuck it, I'm going to say it, you're an attractive guy. If I were a girl, I'd be all over you. I'd let you do all sorts of nasty things to me."

Evan laughed, "For you. I could think of a few things," he said.

"For me, eh?"

"I mean... You said it first... Not that I ....Hey how about that swim?"

I almost had him. It had to be him to ask me for sex, it seemed more ethical for me that way.

"Oh. sorry we can't swim. There's a swimmers itch advisory, let's hit the hot tub."

"Okay," he said.

I lit a second joint.

"What another beer?" I asked.

"Sure," he said sheepishly. I grabbed him another. I wanted to make him relax. I was egging him on with girl talk to make him want to tell me, I wanted to make him uncomfortable.

"Staci's got a really sweet ass, don't you think." I said.

Evan got very quiet I handed him the beer.

"Yeah. Thanks."

"I'd do her doggie style,"

"I don't think we should be talking about this. I'm..."

He was really uncomfortable now, I thought it was the girl talk. Had I gone to far? Turned out it was more interesting than that, but I'm saving that for another story.

"Ah shit, you're religious. I'm sorry," I said.

"No, it's not that..." he paused.

"You can tell me, Evan," I said, I've told you that from the start."

"I like guys, Pat." he said.


"Oh!" I paused.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"I think we should get naked and get in the hot tub."


"I said, I want to see you naked and in that hot tub."

"You're gay?"

"No." I said, "I like guys, I love girls. I have sex with guys, I sleep with women," I said. "I'd love right now to see you naked. I want to see your dick."


"Absofuckinglutely." I went over to him and held his face in my hands and kissed him full on the lips. He responeded in kind. We made out for several minutes. He broke away.

"You're Bi?"

"Yep." I began to undress him. His shirt came off first and was dropped to the deck. I ran my hands over his chest and abs. I went in for another kiss which expanded to another make out session as he took my shirt off and explored my torso. His pants came off next, I stood back. Evan was now standing before me, nearly naked. My cock was bursting with so much blood it hurt. I quickly released my cock from my pantsand underwear in one maneuver. I went to my knees and took a eyelevel look at his crotch. His white, see through, boxers left little to the imagination. I could clearly see his hardening cock though the material.

"You've done this before, Evan?" I asked


"Have you ever had a guy suck your dick?"

"Sort of," he said, "but not really, I sucked him mostly."

"Sounds like my first guy." I said as I put my hand over his fabric covered dick, "And I sucked him off a lot."

"Really, me too."

"I liked doing it. I still love doing it. " I said rubbing him harder. He pressed his cock into my hand and put his hand on the back of my head.

"Can I take your boxers off?"


I pulled him closer with my finger tips in the waist band of his shorts and my palm on his shaft.. His cock head had popped out above the waist band, between my fingers like a cork. I went in for a lick, salt and warmth were welcome on my tongue.

"Can I suck your cock?" I asked.

He nodded. I slowly pulled the shorts down over his hips, exposing his hard rod. It was just as long as mine, but a bit thicker and throbing with his pulse. Foreskin covered the fully engorged, purple head about 3/4 of the way up. And a nice pair of lightly hairy, balls hung low between his legs. I helped him step out of his shorts.

"You are okay with this right?" I asked.

"Abso fucking lutley!" he said, "Can't you see my cock wants your mouth?"

"I want your cock, Evan," I said, "But, tell me what you want me to do. Treat me like the dirty cock sucker I am."

"Lick my balls and shaft," he said.

I held his shaft to his abs and slowly began licking his balls all over. I sucked each ball into my mouth and swirled my tongue over them. I relished his musk and saltiness as it burst forth onto my tongue. I licked my way up his shaft, and the down again and again.

"Open your mouth, cock sucker."

I opened my mouth and was rewarded with his cock head. He had pulled the foreskin back and was circling it around my lips. I began licking the head of Evan's beautiful cock, my tougne darting out and swirlling, my taste buds a fire with flavor. He pushed further into my mouth, I closed my lips around the shaft. He slowly pushed in, not knowing how much I could take. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him closer. His cock kept slideing in, I relaxed my gag reflex. The head was now down the back of my throat, his balls at my chin.

"Wholly fuck, " he said.

I took his hands and moved them to the back of my head and with my hands pulled him back from my face and then back in again. I wanted him to fuck my face. He obliged. He was slow at first then gradually increased the tempo until his balls were slapping my chin. With one hand on his ass and the other on his balls I stroked his taint. He was building fast I knew he wouldn't last long.

"I'm going to cum!" he started to pull out.

I grabbed his ass with both hands to keep him fucking my mouth. After what seemed another full minute, he grunted and exploded in my mouth. The cum hit my tougne with a flavour burst, some leaked out of my lips and ran down my chin. I managed to swollow most of it. He stood before me panting and spent, his cock lossing strength and glisting with cum and saliva. I took it in my hand and proceeded to lick it clean.

"That, was fucking insane. No one has ever done that for me. You took my whole cock, how'd you do that withouit gagging?"

"My room mate has a big cock that I suck a lot." ]


"Yeah, when ever he doesn't have a date."

"You know what you're doing, when you suck cock," he said.

"Do you?" I asked stroking my cock.

"I think so," he said. "My friend came a few times."

Evan guided me back to sit in a chair. Then he got in front of me and took my cock in hand. Starting with my balls, he licked them like they were his favorite candy. He lapped and lapped at them. Then sucked each one into his mouth. He did this thing that blew my mind and nearly blew my load. While he suck each ball, he pressed his tongue up catching each ball against the roof of his mouth. My new little cock sucker knew what he was doing. He let my second ball go with a pop and smiled as he trailed his wet tongue up my shaft and his mouth closed around my knob. He took all that he could of me and then started to bob up and down on my shaft as he played with my balls with his right hand. It was not long before I was near cuming.

"I'm going to cum!"

He took more of me down his gob as I blew my wad. He managed to swallow most of what I gave him. he stood up looked into my eyes.

"You missed a drop," I said and kissed it off his cheek. We held each other spent, sweaty and content.

"Let's get in the hot tub," I said.

We climbed in with more beer and another joint. It was sad to see his cock disappear below the surface. But, I knew I was going to see, touch, taste and feel his cock again that night and I certainly did.

"Is there a group for bi.. gay guys like me on campus?"

"Sure," I said.


"I said it before, with you looks... You're a fucking hot guy. You'll have all the girls and gays lining up at your door. Shit, I'm bi and I wish I were gay to have you to myself. If, I were a girl and you were straight I'd be all over you. I'd let you do all sorts of nasty things to me Does that sound weird?" I asked.


"Because, I've never kissed a guy before you."


"Yes, I've sucked off three different men. I never kissed them, they never appealed to me. You are the first guy I kissed."

I went over to him and pulled him into my arms. We began kissing again.

"I want you to fuck me, Evan, " I whispered in his ear. "Go to my bedroom, I'll meet you there."

"Okay, " was all he said.

I ran to the bathroom and lubed up my ass so it was nice and slick. I wanted to be sure I was ready to take his cock without any trouble. With Thorsten I learned how to take a large cock up my ass. It was plenty of lube and some pre-fucking to which I mean starting small to large. I had the anal plug in the bathroom that I used to prepare for Thorsten, so I lube it and slowly sat on it, expanding my ass for Evan's large cock. I really feel full and good with a cock or dildo up my ass, I don't know why. I suppose the prostate likes it.

Anyway, I pulled the plug from my ass and headed to the bedroom. Evan was dozing. I woke him up with a blowjob, getting him nice and firm. I stratelled him and lowered myself on to his cock. I relaxed as his head entered my ass and only had to pause briefly when his cock head pressed the second sphinxter. Soon he was balls deep in my ass. I rode him slowly at first and the faster and faster. I wanted it to last but I knew he was close. I got off of him and got on my hands and knees. He got behind me, pushed my head into the pillow and proceeded to enter me from behind. Slowly, at first, he fucked me, them he gradually increased pace until he was pounding me. I loved it, my head spinning. insides turning and prostate was buzzing. He fucked me until he came deep in my ass.

He collapsed on me, rolled over and we held each other until we fell asleep.

I awoke to Evan blowing me to a powerful orgasm.

Evan stayed over when ever he could and then something weird happened.



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