The bedroom in the guest cottage was impressive. It was huge, with a sheet of glass from floor to ceiling making up one wall. It faced dense woods and, although the room had an open and spacious feeling, the woods made it seem very private. Immediately, I began to strip off my clothes.

Julia, a lovely girl whom I had met at an LGBT sponsored sports event, had invited me to spend the weekend. We had become good friends when we found we had interests in common but, of course, no romantic entanglement. I had had no idea she came from such a wealthy family, as evidenced by the estate I found myself on. The only hint I had had of it was her suggestion that I bring lots of clothes for the weekend because, as she put it, "We dress for dinner."

I had arrived late on Friday afternoon. The train ride from the city, I admitted to her parents, had left me feeling grimy and hot, and I told them I looked forward to showering before changing for dinner. One of their servants helped me with my luggage and led me to the guesthouse, which was situated quite some distance from the main residence, which added to the feeling of privacy.

There was a large mirror on one wall in the bedroom and, as I stripped, I couldn't help admiring myself in its reflection. In my European-style, large-pouched, white briefs, I still looked aroused. Still, I say, because on the train a sexy guy, about my age - the mid-twenties - faced me across the aisle and kept adjusting himself until I noticed him. For the rest of the trip, he kept staring at the huge crotch-bulge I had, as his truly large, long cock worked itself down his pants-leg, pointing at me and causing a wet stain to appear. Under any other circumstances I'm sure we would have ended up together when I would have followed him off the train at his stop, but I was committed for the weekend. But we enjoyed the mutual show. It left me, no doubt, very horny!

I slipped my briefs down and kicked them over to the pile of my clothes. In the mirror, I looked terrific! My cock was as long and as puffed up as it gets without starting to rise; my balls were up very tight against the base of my cock, making the cock look even bigger; and my entire well-muscled body looked primed for a great jack-off!

As I stared at my reflection, I thought I caught a movement at the edge of the woods. I turned to look but got only a mere glimpse of tan as something moved deeper into the cover. The servant who had helped me, a man of about forty, had been wearing dark green, so I figured he had not circled around the cottage to spy on me. It was probably a deer I had spotted, and I put it out of my mind. I was too horny. Nothing was going to interfere with my jack-off. But I decided to go into the privacy of the bathroom.

Was I wrong! The bathroom was as large, or larger, than the bedroom, and the floor to ceiling glass wall continued right through. Another wall was completely covered by mirror. The shower was simply a showerhead in the opposing wall near the glass wall, reminding me of the open showers I had found in German hotel rooms during summer vacations. At the other end of the room were a large, sunken, marble bath, a commode and a bidet. I was surprised. I had the feeling I would almost be showering in the great out-of-doors. But, once again, the feeling of privacy provided by the woods took over and I felt my dick going on the rise. As I said, I was horny, and my reflection in the mirror looked like a horny man ready and willing and needing to jack off.

You know how great it feels to grab hold and skin back a rapidly rising erection. Thrills surged throughout my body. My balls flattened even tighter against the base of my cock. My muscular abdomen was ablaze with raging currents of pleasure. As I stared at my reflection, I was yet again presented with the delightful picture of my cock zooming to full erection in record time. I pumped it, up and down, a few times and smiled at myself. This would be a great jack-off, I knew.

At about the fourth stroke, I thought I caught another movement in the woods. I looked directly towards the movement. To my surprise, and delight, I saw a fist on a large cock. Mainly the body behind the sexy display was hidden behind underbrush. But the sight of the big cock being fisted by a knowing hand was no illusion. Someone was watching me and was starting to jack off with me. Because he was hidden, I figured he would vanish as easily as he appeared if I reacted badly. But that wasn't my intention.

I pumped my cock obviously as I turned to face my new jack-off buddy. I knew he could see me both directly and in profile in the mirror. I smiled broadly and slid a hand up my chest to fondle and pinch a nipple. As I expected, he slowly advanced towards me, coming out of the brush, and pumping the big cock as boldly as I was pumping mine. For some reason, I couldn't get a clear view of his face, which he seemed to want to keep hidden behind some tree branches, but his body was fantastic - well-muscled, trim, tanned without swimsuit lines, and, well, spectacular! I knew he was enjoying his view of my equally impressive body.

We pumped in unison, slowly speeding up the beat, until we were both at the point of knowing there was no turning back! Until both chests were heaving, balls were squirming, and stomachs churning.

Suddenly, a spurt of white lightening shot from the head of his large cock. Immediately, a jet of sperm flashed from my cockhead, sailed into the air, and landed with a loud splat on the floor near the wall of glass. A mutual orgasm overtook us both. Shot after shot of cum sailed towards each of us. It was magnificent! It was so much better than a solo jack-off. It was so much better than a simple relief-finding jack-off to comfort the horniness I felt after the train ride display. In fact, it was one of the best jack-offs of my life, remembered so clearly that it could have happened yesterday.

I pumped out the remaining residue of a truly great orgasm and slowly moved to the shower. He kept pumping his big one as I moved. I started the shower and began rinsing off semen and grime, and saw that he continued to play with himself as I showered. We kept our eyes on each other. Then, when I had finished showering and began to dry off with a luxurious towel that was provided, he slowly melted back into the woods and disappeared. I dressed for dinner and went to the main house.

Julia, her parents and I were standing in the living room having a cocktail before dinner and getting to know one another, when Julia looked over my shoulder and said, "Hi! Where've you been?" I looked back behind me and saw a very handsome man coming into the room. He was exceptionally well dressed, looking strong and tanned, and my immediate thought was to wonder if he had been my jack-off partner.

"This is my brother, Rod," Julia declared, introducing us.

"I'm Jack," I said, feeling flustered as I grasped his outstretched hand for the usual handshake. Julia had not mentioned she had a brother. He surprised me by grabbing my wrist with his other hand as we shook and announced, "I'm happy to meet you."

Was he the guy? I wondered. God, he was handsome.

Julia grabbed my arm and sort of pulled me away from him, saying, "Com'on, let's get something to eat." As the others went into the very formal dinning room, she held me back and whispered into my ear, "I wanted you to meet my brother." It sort of surprised me, but at the same time, since she knew I was gay, it made me feel that she was telling me HE was gay, too, and seemed to make it even more likely that he was my jack-off partner.

The meal was as spectacular as the house. The conversation was light and friendly and Rod proved to be well educated and amusing. I felt inexplicably drawn to him. It was even more than just hoping he'd been the guy in the woods. I didn't know if it was my longing or imagination, but I felt he was directing all of his conversation towards me. I loved it!

We all seemed to lounge at the table long after the meal was over as if trying not to break the wonderful spell of a good meal and good conversation. Finally, Julia and her parents announced it was time for them to go to bed. I was surprised that so much time had passed.

"Wasn't this a great evening?" Rod asked when they were gone.

"Yes," I agreed, "and it was a great meal."

"No. I mean early this evening." He emphasized "early" in such a sexy and husky way that I knew immediately that he had been the man in the woods. His smile was heart-wrenchingly appealing and made him look extremely handsome and desirable.

"It was you, then" I whispered, my voice strained with excitement. I felt a swelling in my pants.

"Damn right!" he admitted eagerly, "and I've had this hard rod in my pocket all evening just looking at you."

I smiled at his use of the word "rod." "Rod's rod," I said softly.

He laughed.

"We should do something about it," I ventured.

"I was hoping you'd say that. Let's go to your room."

We left immediately, a feeling of urgency in our step.

Sometimes sex is fast and furious and sometimes it is well-paced lovemaking. With Rod, it seemed to be both. We slowly undressed each other. Both of us were fully erect when naked. Both of us started to jack off looking closely at each other, remembering the mutual jack-off but, then, I grabbed Rod's rod. Sparks seemed to fly. My mouth was drawn down to his huge cockhead and I swiped at it with my tongue, tasting his manly juices and smelling his arousal.

I stood up, looked him in the eye and said, "Wow!"

"God, you are sexy," he sighed, and bent down to take my entire cockhead into his hot mouth, swirling his tongue around it and making me shudder with pleasure. He came off of it with a pop, and said, "Let's do it on the bed!"

We eagerly and energetically formed an athletic sixty-nine. I believe we were both delighted to find that we both sucked dick like experts. I mean we both were cocksucking champs and could deep-throat cock with the best of them. His cock was a big as mine. Neither of us wasted time in getting our cocks down our throats. It was fantastic! Sucking cock, rolling around, him on top, now me on top, now side by side, feeling up each other's great bodies, I'm sure we both felt we were made for each other; we fitted together so perfectly and wanted each other so completely.

Actually, when I reflect upon it, I had never had very many opportunities for sixty-nining before this. Maybe only three or four or five or six times or so, or more now that I think about it, a lot more, but I sometimes found it sort of discomforting, not fitting together very well or my partner not very experienced at sucking cock, or both. But, this sixty-nine was very different. It was perfect! Like some others. I was able to put my hands on his hips and push him in and out of my mouth, helping him to fuck my mouth with his giant tool. He followed my example and we were really sucking cock! It was so great, and lasted so long, that I was thankful we had jacked off together earlier, lessening the need to explode on contact.

But we were too good! I felt myself getting harder and harder, steel hard, and I felt his cock becoming iron-solid in my mouth, his cockhead nearly twice the size it had started out and hard as stone, too, and I knew we were about to erupt into a magnificent, mutual, simultaneous ejaculation! Suddenly, he hummed on my cock, sending waves of ejaculatory pleasures throughout my body and I hummed on his cock in return, as we notified each other of the immediate spurting of our sperm. And spurt we did! Impressively! Humping, jarring one another, forcing semen in huge spurts into each other, coming mindlessly! It was dazzling! At the pinnacle of my orgasm, pumping my love into him, swallowing down his heavy load, I hoped this would never end.

Neither of us waited for our cocks to deflate before we disconnected and both sprang up to meet in the middle and kiss passionately, swiping tongues, tasting mixed semen and saliva. It was a remarkable kiss.

"My god, you are perfect," he sighed as we broke the kiss to catch our breath.

"You are perfect," I insisted in all sincerity.

"Yeah," he said with a laugh, "but I'm all sweaty. Let's take a shower." With that, he slapped me hard on my naked ass and moved off the bed. My ass tingled where he had slapped it. I watched his powerful body as he walked away towards the bathroom door and felt a great longing to be with him, to not be separated from him. I recognized it as a very strong emotion. I knew then that I had fallen for this sexy guy.

That ass-tingle seemed to spread to my groin. I followed Rod into the bathroom with a full erection leading my way. He grinned when he turned and saw my hardon, then he started soaping up his ass as he poked it out at me. It was as clear an invitation to fuck as I had ever been given, as if he had spoken the words out loud. Words were unnecessary. My erection aimed itself at his ass with a mind of its own, as he spread his legs and offered his muscular ass to me for my pleasure. As my lust-strained cockhead slowly penetrated in between the enticing mounts of his well developed ass, a wave of euphoria overwhelmed me and I plowed into him oblivious to any discomfort he might be experiencing.

"Ooh," he groaned.

"Am I hurting you?" I asked with concern.

"No, man," he sighed, "I love the strength and size of your big cock as it enters me. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me HARD!" he chanted with lust-filled enthusiasm.

So I gave it my best effort and fucked him for all I was worth, really humping and pumping into him for the longest time, proving to him that I was fucking him HARD! It was awesome! But I couldn't help it, after a reasonably long time, I simply had to spew my orgasm into him, filling him up with my cum! It was breathtaking! Pumping my semen into him seemed to take an incredibly long time, leaving me drained.

He let me slowly catch my breath and calm down, but as soon as he felt my erection begin a slight deflation, he pulled forward, releasing himself, turned and said in a lust-filled plea, "Take me, man, I'm gonna cum!" The magnificent erection he offered overwhelmed me with lust and I went down on it without hesitation. Its size, heat, strength, taste and oozing lube delighted me and caused me to give my best effort to bring him to that orgasmic plane we all hope for. I'm good at it and I knew he would spurt his sperm into me quickly.

"Oh, man, I love the way you suck!" he sighed.

I wanted to back off and lengthen the time of this wonderful connection, but I wasn't able to reduce my pleasure, or his, and I sucked at my most effective level.

"Ah! Here it comes!" he called out with pleasure, his voice tense with passion.

Semen filled my throat. I swallowed and rose up to the cockhead and savored the multiple spurts of his tasty cum in my mouth, swallowing often.

When it was over, we caught our breath and wound down from such wonderful sexual heights. We smiled at each other and took a shower together, lathering each other, touching, bumping, staying in physical contact and completely enjoying the pleasure of being naked together as only two well-matched men can do. We toweled off and went naked into the bedroom.

"I'd better get dressed," Rod said simply.

"Why?" I asked.

He looked surprised, like he felt a couple of orgasms finished us for the time being.

"Do you HAVE to leave?" I asked, sounding surprised.

"I don't want to leave, but I figured you'd want to rest after a..." he paused with a sexy gleam in his eye, "...busy day."

"Com'on," I said softly, taking his hand, "let's lie down together and rest."

"Okay," he sighed with a note of enthusiasm in his voice.

We snuggled together on the bed, happy to be with one another, and I fell asleep.

Daylight woke me and I was alone. And hard! I fought off disappointment figuring that Rod had gone back to his bedroom before someone found him missing, which might cause questions, and then problems.

I went into the bathroom, showered and shaved. Got some fresh, casual clothes, dressed and went into the main house. No one was around, but I went into the dinning room. I saw a large table set up for breakfast and a buffet holding covered, heated serving dishes.

"You should have something to eat," a quiet, masculine voice said behind me. I turned and saw that it was Rod's father, Burt. He looked amused. I wondered why, feeling like my fly was opened or something.

"Com'on," he said quietly, as if not wanting to be overheard or wake any one up, "let's see what's for breakfast. He led me to the buffet and opened one cover after another, displaying a tempting array of breakfast food including, to my surprise, kippers.

"Kippers!" I exclaimed without thinking about it.

"Ah, you know what they are. Excellent! Few Americans know them and fewer know how to prepare them correctly." He handed me a large plate. "Pile on," he said pleasantly.

I put a kipper on my plate, added a hot roll and some butter, and set it down at the place I had eaten at last night.

He sat a teacup of English-style tea with sugar and cream next to my plate, saying, "If you like kippers, you like tea." He was right.

He put his plate and teacup right next to my place and sat down. I thought that was very cordial. He had been at the head of the table for dinner last night.

We ate in silence for a few minutes, and then he said, "I'm glad you can spend the weekend with us, Jack."

"Thanks," I said, "you've got a beautiful place, here."

"Yes, and last night, after the Missus went to bed, I took a walk around to get some air."

"Oh?" I questioned.

"Yeah, and, you know, I'm glad I never let that fairy designer put up those damn drapes he wanted for the guest house!"

"Oh!" I exclaimed in surprise, alarmed at the implication.

"I wouldn't have missed the performance you two put on last night for the world!" he sighed enthusiastically, sounding completely turned on.

"Performance..." I sputtered.

"Don't be scared, Jack," he insisted. "I LOVED watching my son and you making out so effortlessly together. It was better than any porno film I've ever seen! I wanted to join you two, but I knew that'd be disturbing. Yet, when I realized how talented and inventive you both were, man, how athletic and sexual you were, I had to whip it out and shoot a load with you guys, out there in the back! It was thrilling."

"Gosh!" I sighed, not knowing what to say, but I took a more careful look at him and realized that he was a very handsome man, well built and sturdy. Rather than thinking of him as a parent, I realized I was looking at him as a sexy only somewhat older version of his son, and, well, it started to turn me on! So, you know me, I quickly decided to fan the flames of his interest!

"Man," I sighed in sexual tones, "I'm happy I'm here for the whole weekend, Daddy!"

"Damn! You are so sexy I can't stand it. Com'on," he said grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the table. "The fuckin' kippers can wait."

He led me down a hallway to a door, opened it and led me into a small bedroom. It looked like a maid's room, or a very small guestroom. By the time the door was closed his shirt was off. He quickly ripped off his pants, kicked off his sandals, and started to undress me. I let him enjoy the unveiling. I was rock-hard by the time he opened my pants.

"Wow! Up close you are spectacular!" he sighed quietly, letting me realize that lots of noise wasn't a good idea. "I wish I had some lube here, man. I want to fuck that perfect ass of yours!" He seemed to tense up, perhaps thinking he'd gone too far.

"No problem," I whispered, smiling at him, "I'll suck your cock and get it nice and wet so you can slip it right into my hot ass!" I figured dirty talk would only make this more interesting. I was right!

"Oh! God!" he whispered right back, "I love getting sucked..." He stopped because my mouth has just slipped over his cockhead and I was sucking like crazy. He humped cock into my mouth and it quickly penetrated deeply into my throat.

"Um!" he hummed. He was enjoying himself. "That's it! That's it!" he whispered in an amusingly withheld way.

I was enjoying myself completely. I had his giant cock down to the balls and was beginning to ride that hard man-rod with skill and delight! And when I said "man-rod" to myself I almost laughed, wondering what Rod was up to.

Suddenly, Burt grabbed my ears and sighed, "Enough, enough! Com'on, man, ease up, I want to get my rod up your ass."

This almost did make me laugh out loud. Rod seemed to be on both our minds. So I relented and slid up off his stalwart cock.

He basically manhandled me into position and knowingly, like he'd done it many times before, spun me around and punched his cock between my asscheeks like a true ass fucker!

I worked with him, opening myself to him, and he had me plugged and happy in a hurry! I loved it. It was a standing fuck with greatly exaggerated thrusts and parries, pumping cock into my fully and withdrawing almost all the way out. A genuine, major butt-fuck! And he was good at it! But so was I!

"Oh! This is so good!" he whispered.

"Yeah," I sighed, "fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy!" I was sure I was right when I pegged him for a guy who loved being called "Daddy" to help complete his enjoyment of male-to-male sexual pleasure.

"Oh, Boy, you sexy Boy, I'm gonna cum in your ass! Now!" he huffed quietly, and then stiffened against me, legs solid, abs hard against my ass, hands holding onto my hips tightly, and I knew he was blasting off deep in my ass! It lasted an amazingly long time.

"What a great fuck!" He whispered to me as he withdrew. He grabbed a tissue from a nightstand and wiped his cock off. He looked very well pleased with himself when I turned and looked at him. I realized that he kept himself in excellent physical shape. I had really enjoyed the fuck.

"Now," I said in a husky voice, "turn around!"

He sucked in his breath! "You wanna fuck me?" He seemed surprised.

"Suck my cock. Get it wet for the ass fucking I'm gonna give ya," I demanded quietly.

"Oh!" he yelped. "I never..." But as he watched me waggle my lube covered erection at him, showing him how aroused I'd become, I think he realized I wasn't playing around. I was a man with a serious hardon, and it needed immediate attention. He bent to the task and, as he sucked in my cockhead, applying strong suction, he hummed with pleasure. He had done this before!

"Okay, okay," I sighed after a very short time. He knew I was telling him that getting my prostate massaged by his fat cock had wound me up like a tight spring and I was about to burst with cum.

"I like it on the bed," he told me shyly, embarrassed by his lascivious behavior, I figured. He flopped onto the bed on his stomach, clearly offering his ass to me for my pleasure. I didn't keep him waiting!

Slipping it to him was easier than I had expected. This guy had been fucked before. But it had given him some training and he knew how to take a fuck as well as give one. We quickly fell into a terrific, athletic fuck! I knew I couldn't hold out for long before cumming because I was so primed for release.

Suddenly, the door opened quickly, someone darted in, and the door closed quietly. In that first split second, I figured it was a maid he was fucking on the side. We both looked shocked as we turned our heads to see who it was.

"I figured this'd be where you'd be, Daddy, when Jack wasn't in his room," Rod said with a grin, and a bulge in his pants.

The three of us laughed quietly.

I knew this was certainly going to be a phenomenal weekend!


Jack Sofelot


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