I discovered sucking cock early. In middle school, I had a couple of guys in my class that I was blowing on a regular bases but by high school I was taking cock up my ass. I was so cock crazy that my grades took a hit so by the end of Jr. year, I was a half credit short if I didn’t fail anything my sr. year of graduation so summer school was how I started summer vacation that year. One class, two hours a day, four days a week for a month and I could start my final year caught up and graduate on time. Summer school classes were held in another district so I had to drive to another town for my class. Funny thing, this was the same high school that my mother graduated from many years before. Anyway, the first day of class, I walk in and find a mixed  bunch of kids from several area schools and some from that one too. I take a seat in the back row and students are filing in and finding places. A lot of kids already knew each other but no one from my school so I was alone. As I’m waiting for class to start the door opens and in walks the hottest looking guy. Shorter than my 6.1, he’s around 5.8 or so but he was built. Latino guy with his darkly tanned silky skin and raven black shoulder length hair and coal black flashing eyes, he was a stunner. Dressed in the most shocking pink polo shirt and stark white mid thigh shorts and white tennis shoes and no socks, his out fit just made his warm brown skin seem even sexier and it didn’t hurt that those shorts were ball busting tight and left nothing to the imagination. Several people already knew him, he went to another school across town and obviously was rather popular, I could see why. He scans the room and we make eye contact but he moves to a seat in the center of the room and I have a clear shot of him and can see into his lap so I can see his bulging shorts. We never spoke in class and for several days things really didn’t change. He would glide into class seconds before the bell rand and always flash those dark eyes at me and then take his seat. He always dressed in a very sexy but covered up way. He was showing plenty but it was never in a vulgar way. As I only had the one class, I didn’t hang around and would walk to the parking lot and ether head for home or go find something to do before I went to work in the afternoons at the mall. One morning as I pulled into the lot, I spotted him sitting in his car, a convertible wouldn’t you know. As I got out he did too and for the first time spoke to me.

“Hi, whats up?”

“Not much, just trying to get moving”

“I’m John, by the way. I see you in class all the time but you never say anything”

I introduced myself and told him I didn’t know anyone and I just got my one class done and headed out. John had on another pair of those snug fitting shorts and I couldn’t keep from glancing down at his bulging crotch. This guy was so sex and he always made me horny. As we were walking to class, it’s all I can do to keep from getting a hard on. I thought class would never get over with, I wanted to find a place and beat my cock. Class ended and I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door when John stood up infant of me as I was cutting across the room and I ran right into him nearly knocking him over. I grabbed him to keep him from falling and he reached back and grabbed my arm. 

Fuck, now I had my hands on him, I could smell his clean musk/soap sent and I was hard again. We got settled and he walked out to the lot with me. 

“Don’t you have another class? I asked

“Not on Thursdays, I’m done for the week. What are you up to? You always had out as soon as that bell rings”

“No plans, was gonna go hang out at the mall or something”

As we get to the parking lot, he stays with me to my car. No one in this part of the lot and we are between my car and another and he is so close to me. I keep looking at his buldging shorts and I swear it’s getting bigger. He is leaning against the other car and his hips are pushing out at me and I’m losing it, I can’t take my eyes away. John hooks his thumb into his pocket and with his fingers is stroking his mounding shorts. 

“You wanna suck my cock?”

I snap my head back up, looking in his beautiful  face. He’s on to me. I’m shocked and can’t answer.

“It’s ok, I want you to if you do.”

“OK” was all I could say.

“Follow me, I know a place we can go”

He runs over to his car and I pull out and get behind him and we head out. I follow him to a new housing development not far away. It’s a construction area but 5 model homes are finished and have a white picket fence around them with the first house with a reception/office space set up in the converted garage.

“If anyone’s around, let me do the talking”

I just nod and follow him in the door. You have to walk threw the first house to access the other 4 houses. No one around for what ever reason so we walk on over to the last house and walk in. Quite, no one here ether. He grabs my hand and pulls me into the master suite, into the bathroom and into the walk in closet and shuts the door. Obviously, he’s done this before. He starts stripping out of those  shorts and now I know why he looked so hot in those shorts, nothing on under them. His uncut cock fell out of those shorts and I was on my kneed sucking it down my throat. We have to be quite so we can listen for  people comping in. 

“Can I fuck you?”

“Oh yeah”

Two horny 17 year old boy, hormones raging, can you imagine what would have happen if some realtor opened that closet to show Mr. And Mrs Joe Blow the lovely walk in closet and found this hot little naked Mexican boy with his cock up the ass of this taller naked white boy? No one came in but with in a short time he was cumin up my ass. He is pumping that hot cock up my ass like his life depended on it and he was slamming me hard. After he finished unloading in me, he slipped out and rolled me over in the floor and started sucking my cock. The odd thing about that is, unlike every other gay man I know, I’m not into getting head. It doesn’t do anything for me but he liked it and it got mim hard again.

“Can you come again?” I asked 

“Yes but it takes me longer. Why?”

“I can’t get off getting head, with you fuck me again?”

He looked up at me and grinned and raised my legs up and pushed them back until my leaking ass was open and exposed and he slid his hard cock back into my wet ass. He watched as he raw cock was sliding in and out of my ass and his last load was making that wet sound in that empty closet. It sounded so hot as he fucked me. He would watch his cock then look up at me and grin. He was getting off on this. After a time, I start getting that feeling deep in my balls and I know I’m going to shoot. 

“I’m gonna cum!” I started gripping down on his cock and soon I was starting to blow my load and that set him off and he started shooting his second load up my ass. As he started humming he pushed my legs even farther up and my shooting cock started shooting in my face.  

We got ourselves together and cleaned up and got out undetected, that was fun!

John started working at the mall not far from where I worked and we would hook up there all the time. He fucked me in the back hall in the maintenance area several times. He was a lot of fun and a great fuck. 

Slutty Texas Btm
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