After a long day on the road (as a sales rep) I had just checked into a motel in a smallish town in regional New South Wales (Australia) and as I often do on these overnight stays I had started eyeing out opportunities to meet other motel guests and i started fantasising about meetings I might have as I checked into my second level room..

I am a 30 year old married guy, in reasonable nick, but as my wife does not have much of a sex drive, i often find myself on the Internet trying to arrange hook ups with other guys. I had given men oral sex on a couple of occasions some 6-7 years ago but since then i have talked a lot of talk but wanting to be a cock slut, be dominated by a man and be treated like a piece of meat, but I haven't walked the walk always finding excuses not to go through with discreet meetings that are proposed. When staying in hotels and motels, i like to turn on the lights, not draw the curtains and walk around in a towel (or sometimes less) in an effort to grab someones attention. I know the chances are slim to nil, but i like the thrill and makes me feel like i am at least trying to be slutty.

This particular night was hot and steamy and when a storm hit the region, there was a lot of thunder and lightening about and around 10pm there was a blackout. Air conditioning, TV, lights everything gone. I stepped out of my room in just my boxers, (it was too hot to wear anything else) where there was a small outdoor table and chair, sat in the chair and put my feet up on the railing that went along in front of all the rooms. The whole town was in darkness, so it was cool sitting on the balcony watching the lightening crack over the dark country sky.

After about 5 minutes the door to the room next to mine opened and a man stepped out. He was a bigger man, probably about 50 years old, a little over 6ft tall, strongly built but quite overweight (about 125kg's or 275 pounds). He was dark, with a moustache and unkept goatee/beard with a big tat on his left shoulder which he had clearly had for a long time as there was lots of body hair growing over it and his entire body. He stepped out wearing short shorts and a truckers singlet, grunted a hello with the nod of his head and asked "do you mind if i smoke?". I hate the smell of smoke, but not knowing this guy from a serial murderer, i wasn't about to tell him no, so just said it was fine.

He lit up his cigarette, leaned on the rail and looked out at the sky then looked back at me, before looking down at my crutch. It was at this point i realised that with my legs up, he would be able to see at least my balls, possibly my cock, as these particular shorts tend to slide up and reveal just about everything. He clearly saw something and thought "game on", because he then turned around and introduced himself as "Steve". I introduced myself and just exclaimed - "blackouts annoying isn't it?"

"Yeah, not much you can do in a motel room in a blackout" he said and then added "when you're on your own...."

My heart was racing. I had flirted by showing my junk, but despite all the fantasies about getting fucked by strangers, i wasn't sure i wanted this and i started thinking about ways to slowly back out.

I tried to take the conversation to a more generic place, asking him what he was doing in town and as we chatted for a couple of minutes, the storm moved in closer as rain started to pour down. A few gusts of wind kicked up and one large one blew through and slammed my door shut. It would have blown Steve's shut to but as he was standing he was able to put a hand on his door before it closed. I went to try and open my door, but it was now locked! Shit! what am i going to do? The managers office was closed for the night, and i was stuck on the balcony!

With the wind up it was kicking the rain in on the balcony, Steve said, you can stay in my room if you like, don't worry, I don't bite" What choice did I have, I thanked Steve as we stepped into his room still covered in darkness from the blackout. He closed the door behind him, but it was the use of the additional latch lock that gave me reason for concern.

I offered to sleep on the floor but Steve said "no" and told me to hop on the bed while he switched off the lights and TV at the wall, so they wouldn't wake us when the power came back on. I felt around, found the bed, and curled up on the edge facing away form the centre of the bed, leaving as much room as possible for Steve. I didn't get under the sheets because it was too hot in the poky little room and because i wanted to be able to jump and run if need be.

I could hear Steve slowly making his way around the room, before listening to him go to the toilet. When the toilet flushed, i knew he would be coming, so i just hoped all he would be interested in was sleep.

As Steve's weight hit the bed my heart was pounding out of control, "please just go to sleep" I whispered to myself about 10 times...

Then Steve rolled over on his side, facing me, he shuffled his body across, put an arm around me and pulled me into him. Oh oh! I could instantly tell he was naked as my back was pressed right into his hairy chest and I could feel his soft meat resting against my ass. He wasn't hard, it felt like one of those extra thick juicy sausages (uncooked) you can get from the butcher. I was starting to shit myself.

He then leaned his mouth into my ear breathing heavily with his tobacco stained and smelly breath said "lets have some fun hey"

my whole body felt weak. "listen", I whimpered, "I'm not sure i am up for what you are after"

he continued to breath deeply adjacent to my ear

"what do you mean?" he asked slightly sternly

"well, I don't have a lot of experience, and I am not sure I will be willing to do the things you want me to" i meekly responded

"So you're saying you don't want me to fuck you?

"sorry, but no thank you"

there was a pause as a huge flash of lightening and giant clap of thunder reverberated around the room. I could sense Steve was pissed

"hmm. So you sit outside my room flashing your little junk, you then come into my room, in the dark of the night, get into my bed and now you decide you don't want to fuck?!"

"I'm sorry, i didn't mean to lead you on. but i didn't expect this to happen, and.. and well i have never been fucked" - i was back pedalling as hard as i could

"Have you ever sucked a cock?" Steve asked

"Twice" i said, "but it was like six or seven years"

"why did you stop?"

"Well, i talk to guys online alot, but nothing comes of it"

"hmmm sounds like you're a little tease" said Steve, still pressed up against my ear as he moved his arm that was wrapped around me up to my nipple which he took firmly in his fingers rubbing his fingers coarsely across my nipple

"I'll tell you what. You suck my cock, make me cum, and I will let you sleep. no fucking"

Given I had no where to go this was probably the best i could hope for, and knowing the expectation of anal was off the table, i felt more comfortable sucking his cock.

"Thank you Steve" i said.

"I ceased to be Steve when it became apparent you are just a tease. You can call me Sir from this point forward. Understand?"

"Yes" I replied. my nipple was squeezed harder, "Sorry, Yes Sir"

"Now get to work"

And with that, Sir rolled over on his back and I carefully made my way fumbling in the dark over his leg and crouched down between his legs.

Having been in the room for sometime, my eyes had adjusted enough to make out some silhouettes and there was just enough light for me to take his flaccid cock in my hand. it was thick and heavy - more so than my own. I tentatively leaned down and began to lick the shaft of his cock. I was happy to suck his cock but at the same time, was still hoping he was a reasonably quicker shooter so that this did not go on too long. After several long licks of his shaft, i gently placed my lips over the end of his mushroom head and slid my mouth down his now saliva lubricated cock and sucked my way back up. Sir let out a muffled groan of satisfaction with this, so i continued with the same technique. Up and down his cock i moved sucking on the way back up the shaft. I could feel his cock slowly growing firmer in my mouth. He put his hands on the back of my head as i went down his shaft. "Take it all" he groaned. I tried, but i couldn't. "I'm sorry sir, but you are too big" i said while stroking his growing cock.

"Lie down on the bed and hang your head of the end" he ordered. I did so as he rolled off the side of the bed and walked around to the end.

"You are going to learn to take all my cock slut", as he slapped my face with his thick meat. He rubbed his cock all over my face before sliding it in my mouth and down my throat". He slid in and out a few times, before saying relax and take it all, i relaxed (as i had seen on countless Internet videos before) and he slid his cock all the way inside my mouth and throat till his low hanging balls were pressing on my nose and upper lip. He held it there for several moments before i started to gag. He repeated this several times but i quickly adjusted to the length and width of his cock. He took his cock out and dipped his balls in my mouth. "Suck them" he ordered before he moved himself further along and sat his hairy ass on my face. He used his hands to open his ass cheeks and then buried his sweaty ass on my mouth. He gained pleasure form this for several minutes before rubbing his cock all over my face again. You are enjoying this aren't you slut?" he quizzed.

I nodded.

"What?" he asked with jilted anger that i had not responded appropriately

"Yes sir" I answered. "I am enjoying it very..."

and before i could finish he had stuffed his cock back in my mouth.

Fucking my face he leaned forward and put his hand on my cock - "hmm you are enjoying this aren't you". There was no denying it. I was rock hard and leaking.

Sir then put his arms under my upper thighs and lifted my legs off the bed till only my shoulder blades were on the bed. We were essentially in a vertical 69 position with his cock in my throat. He grabbed the waste band of my boxers and pulled them up and off, unconcerned about the discomfort to me of pulling them over my hard cock..

With his arms wrapped around my body holding it upside down against his he placed his hands on my butt cheeks spreading them apart. I then felt a big blob of fluid (obviously spit) drop into my hole which he then massaged into my hole. he repeated this before decreeing

"Seems you haven't made me cum yet, so I have decided I am going to fuck your virgin ass ok?"

I tried to object but I couldn't speak, my mouth was stuffed full of cock.

"Given that you have nothing to say, and you have a hard cock, I take it you have changed your mind". Lie down on the bed with your ass hanging over the edge

slut, and prepare to lose your virginity".

Sir let go of me and I rolled free and stood to the side of the bed to try and plead my case without insulting him.

"Sir, I am happy to suck your cock for you, but as much as i thought i wanted to be fucked, i don't want to, beside all of that, and I obviously don't have experience with this sort of thing, but my ass isn't appropriately cleaned or ready"

I couldn't make out his face, just the outline of his body as he walked toward me.

He stopped just infront of me, took my cock in his hand and squeezed it, almost bring my knees to buckle..

"listen slut, the way i see it, you are a naked guy in my room with a hard-on, you can run if you like but where is a naked guy with no where to go in a town which is completely blacked out going to go hey?

He was right and i was screwed. "But what about the fact that my ass isn't cleaned and ready?" i asked naively.

"Thats not your concern, now get over here and take it" and with that he led me across the room by my own cock and pushed me down on the bed. He then reached into his adjacent toiletry bag, took out a condom and put it on himself. Then he stepped over put something on the bed beside me, lifted my legs up on hi shoulders spat some giant gob on his fingers before massaging it against my hole.

"Now relax your muscles just like you deep throated before.

I was helpless, i took some deep breaths as for the first time in my life i had a cock slide into me. "arrrghh" i screamed

"oooh fuck that it is tight" sir exclaimed. He didn't have to tell me!

He withdrew a little bit before sliding in a little further, withdrew a little bit and slid in a little further then just said "relax" before sliding all the way in. ohh fuck what a feeling was all i could think to myself

He slid his cock in and out with reasonable restraint for a minute or so before withdrawing. At first i wasn't sure why, but he had decided to remove the condom and replace it with a clean one.

"ok boy that was just to clean you out and get you ready, now it is time to be fucked." "Beg me to me fuck you" he ordered as he placed his cock at the entry to my ass

"please fuck me.. ahhh" is all i said as he popped his cock in me

"Beg!" he demanded

"please fuck me si.. ahh! he pushed his cock deep into me

and with that he started pounding me with a steady rhythm he would plunge his cock all the way up my tight ass then three quarters of the way out before plunging back in again. Back and fourth he pounded. he groaned and grunted has he hammered away, i could feel beads of sweat dropping from his forehead onto my cock which was bouncing around as he fucked me. The fucking went on and on. Just my luck my first fuck had the stamina of a marathon runner! He placed a hand on my cock and squeezed it roughly as he fucked. A giant blob of precum came out of my cock, he scooped it on his cigarette stained finger and stuck it in my mouth for me to lick clean.

He continued to pound my ass revelling in his new tight toy hole squeezing more than stroking my cock until i let out an almighty groan and it eventually spewed cum over my stomach. He slowed his rhythm a little to scoop up what cum he could find in the dark and again fed it to me.

He stood back up and the sweaty beast returned to his power pounding. I was spent, my libido well and truly gone, but i needed him to cum because he showed no signs of slowing and the more he pounded, the sorer i was going to be tomorrow. I tried to clench my ass muscles around his cock he looked up at me with a smirk. Jackpot, that's what he wants. I clenched my ass nice and tight as he thrust deep into me before he started to let out some strained grunts and a final roar as he dumped his load in the condom buried in my ass. A few more thrusts to get it all out and he was done.

He slipped his cock out of me, carefully pulled the condom off of his cock and before i could move, straddled my on the bed, his weight planting firmly on my chest with his right hand he placed it behind my head, lifting it to meet his slowly deflating cock,. "be a good slut and clean it for me". He wasn't really giving me a choice as he pressed it against my lips, till i opened them and he put it in. I gently licked his cock clean getting the aroma of latex, cum, ass and sweat in my nostrils as i did. then with the condom in his left hand he told me to open wide as he held the condom over my mouth for me to take the cum that came out of his condom. While waiting for every last drop to cum out he said

"See slut, you can't tell me you didn't enjoy that. Your sweet little ass is mine. I fucked it, I broke it and no matter what happens to you form this point forward, you will always know I took your ass"

With that he removed himself from the bed and made his way in the dark to the bathroom where i assume he disposed of the condoms. I rolled onto my side and he came back and like he did before pulled me into him in the spooning position. He was drenched in sweat and my back was now drenched in his sweat also.

TBC..... Yes there was a little more....



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