The first time I had sex was a blast it occured between me and my step-brother. We were both straight and never thought about guys in that way. I'm 19 and Bi now and he's 20 still straight damn what a waste of dick haha. Then I was 18 and he was 19. Our sex experiences or (our love affair) as I like to call it happened about two summers ago when his mom sent him to stay with us for the summer vaction.

You see my mom and dad seperated;

after my parents divoreced several months later my mom hooked up with this black guy. Before I knew it I was walking my mom down the aisle at their wedding. I was told i was gonna have a step-brother and that during the summer when he came down I would have to share my room. I was shocked I've always had my own room since I was an only child. But I kinda wanted to have a brother around.

Anyway he came and I remeber the day he came. I was sitting on the sofa watching tv when the door opened and my mom and new step-father were carrying in bags. And behind them stood a 6'2 god. I was confused because when I saw him my heart almost skipped a beat. That had never happened before and on top of that I had a girlfriend. But there he stood a mixed(white and black) fucking sexy as hell boy. He was of a light brown skin color and had the face that could kill. He had two slits in both eyebrows and a concieted smile to him. In good shape as I could tell by the way the tank top fit nicely along his semi-ripped body.

While I didnt realize that I was really staring he was already upon me. Hand out and asked 'You must be Micheal, I'm Trestan your new step-brother.' It took a minute to fully regain senses and take his hand to shake. I might actually like this brother stuff I told myself. My mom suggested I show Trestan to our room.

I lead him up the stairs to my room which we made small talk. I found he was pretty good at basketball and loved the ladies. When we got into the room he said 'This is bigger than what i got back home, wheres my bed.' I had to explain to him that my mom was already on it and in a couple of days he would have one for now though he had to sleep on the floor. If he wouldn't asked to use my bed I would have given it to him hell if wanted the whole room it was his. I showed him my private bathroom where we both would have to share now. There was one problem I had taken the door of the bathroom off many years ago just because it was never shut. He didn't seem to mind just asked to have his privacy. The rest of the day was spent in the backyard at the inground pool. I lifted weights on my weight bench that stood near the pool. He didn't have any swimming trunks so he asked If I had a problem with him swimming in his boxer briefs. I told no problem I did it all the time. His shorts fell to show bright red tight boxer briefs that looked sexier asgainst his skin tone. There was his crotch big as fuck I couldn't help but to look. Out of nowhere he said haven't a black guys cock before. I hurried and replied no no no why u ask. He said dude chill just playing with you get a sense of humor. I tried to laugh it off but I was afraid he actually caught me looking at his dick. I always wondered if black guys dicks were bigger. Anyway he jumped and we both spent hours out there. We talk about everything from the past to the future. I went in before he did I could stand it any longer seeing him in those briefs made me so hard.

I almost ran to my room to blow this load I checked to make sure I locked my door and went to work. Before I knew it was seconds later and there was nut all over my white chest. I cleaned up and tried to recollect my thoughts when I heard knocking on the door. I had forgot the lock so i ran to flush the toliet before i got the door. Trestan was coming up to tell me that dinner was ready. After a long dinner we went back to our room both of us pretty tired went to lay down. I changed into my shorts and night shirt then began doing some quick minute texting. I had to glance up when Trestan was taking off his shirt and there lay nice brown six pack and a big T on the left side of his chest. It was amazing how sexy he looked shirtless. He layed down on his pallet of blankets and was knocked out. I turned off the lights and tried to sleep myself but my curiosty had taken over. I had to see what his dick looked and how big he was.

So I slowy and quietly as I could I got out bed. He was there still in deep sleep. I kicked his leg gently to see if was a light sleeper. He wasnt he still was asleep but to make sure I had to budge him harder still sleep. I started to get nervous and scared thinking about what if woke up with my hand in his shorts. My heart was racing so fast I thought if he was awake he would hear it. I knelt down before I was going to change my mind. Thats when i grabbed the top of his shorts and slowy eased them off. It was a breeze he was still alseep. My eyes were glued to that little bulge in those boxer briefs. Not paying attention my hands had already taken off the boxer briefs, out bounced that nice dick. It was so sexy and on soft it was about 4-5 inches. I held it my hand which made me hard as hell. I played with it a whole minute, when i wanted to taste it. I brought my mouth slowy down near his penis my nose deep in his pubes. My mouth gobbled it up and it was amazing having his dick sit in my mouth. I got all hot and before I knew what was happening I was cumming. I suddenly got this guilty feeling so I put his clothes back on and went straight to bed.

I awoke to the running water from the shower. Thinking about last night had gotten me hard again. I sat up in bed and grabbed my phone to finish texting. When I see trestan standing in front of me still wet from his shower wearing new boxer briefs. 'Hey man what the fuck was last night'

I looked literally confused and tried to responsd that way. 'What do you mean' 'You know you came down here last night thinking I was alseep and was playing with my dick' I didnt want to respond anymore because I was caught but damn I thought he was alseep. 'I would've let you suck me up hell I was on a ten hour flight yesterday and very much aroused from sexual tension' There he dropped his briefs prodding out was a eight inch brown cock. A god's gift it was perfectly shaped and had an extremly large head. 'Want it or not' I didnt have to think for to long 'hell yea'.

I used one hand to grab it and used my other to rub over his lower back and ass. I started by licking from his belly button down his happy trail. Licking around the shaft made him moan loudly. I kept that up before licking down to his nuts. There I sucked and licked all over. I realized his knees were now shaking to the point where he had to sit on the bed. Because of the change of position I grabbed his dick and steadied my tongue on the tip of his dick. I knew he liked that because his eyes nearly went backward. My tongue speed up all over his head making it turn a hot reddish pink. With his whole dick in my mouth I started slowy going down before picking up speed. The more I went faster the more his dick pulsated and feeling the rush of blood flow I knew he was about to cum and with one slow slide down I tasted an explosion of cum actually hit the back of my throat. I ate and ate he came more and more I never knew anybody had that much cum. When I got done I was sastifed and I wanted to know he was willing to do more. I asked wanna take another shower this time with me. He said he'll think about it.

To be cont............. ;)




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