The breach was completely deserted when I arrived. The spring sun was shining from an intense blue sky and I felt good being alone. I needed some peace and quiet.

I placed my things beside the towel, slipped off my swimming trunks, laid down and relaxed, keen on getting some sun. Enjoying the warmth of the spring sun caressing my body, I must have dosed off, relaxing in the warmth of the sun, because I woke up with a gigantic hard-on, feeling so horny that I would have to cool down or jack myself off.

How long I had dosed off, I don't know, because I hadn't brought my watch, but I was rather drowsy from the time in the sun. At that exact moment I notice a silhouette walking along the beach in my direction. With a reflex of prudence I turned over, lying on my stomach, hiding my hard-on, which insisted on my attention, as I tried to forget it and focus on the silhouette coming closer by the minute. Trying to ignore with throbbing cock, hidden away in my swimming trunks, I began to fantasize about the silhouette as it neared my spot on the otherwise empty beach. It was hard to see any definitive features, but the silhouette's outline indicated that it was a male, big and tanned with curly hair. The silhouette had a relaxed walk, and he seemed to be enjoying the small waves reaching the edge of the beach, where he walked.

When the silhouette arrived at the spot, where I was lying, he turned towards me, walked to my spot and laid down in the sand next to me, letting his fluorescent green swimming trunks slide slowly down over his crotch and his long muscular legs until he was completely naked! He stretched out in the warm sand and yawned, offering me a total view of his firm body.

'Como esta? Muy bien?'

Well... my Spanish being a bit weak at the moment, I gave him the thumbs up, letting him know that everything was shipshape. As he closed his eyes and pretended to dose off, he gave me a chance to really examine the hot male basking in the warm sand next to me. And he was hot as hell: his curly jet-black hair, three days worth of stubbles, a beautiful hairy chest from where the curly black hairs winded down his muscular stomach towards his crotch where his cock, which seemed to be semi erect - as far as I could determine from my current position - was lying gently against his right thigh

the view and the closeness of this hot male troubled me enormously, as I felt my own cock swell and grow beneath me, aching for some much needed attention.

Without warning he opened his eyes and met my gaze, and he emerald green eyes sank into mine without as much as a hesitation or a blink. I have seldom seen anyone more inviting than the unknown Spanish guy lying naked with a growing hard-on next to me.

Without saying a word he invited me to follow him into the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Again my Danish upbringing reminded me that it wasn't a good idea to be walking around butt naked on a public beach in the northern part of Spain, even if we seemed to be the only ones there at the moment, so I grabbed my swimming trunks, pulled them on and tried desperately to organize my hardened cock in such a way that it wouldn't be too obvious that the naked guy was turning me on. But little did it help; by now my cock was rock hard and throbbing against the thin fabric of the swimming trunks, and my prudence and my obvious failure of hiding my hard-on made the unknown guy laugh out loud. His laugh revealed a perfect set of shining white teeth and an honest laugh, making me feel totally idiotic, and without a second thought I slipped off the swimming trunks again and followed him to the edge of the salty water.

Barely had I reach the edge of the water, before my newfound Adonis splotched water all over me before he dived into the big bleu, leaving me alone, feeling wet and a bit disappointed. He soon returned to the surface and we spend a nice moment playing around in the water, spraying each other with water, brushing each other's bodies every so slightly, scuffling and playing. I was sure he was tried his best to be gentle and I could feel his cock brush against my thighs even so often.

After a pleasant moment in the water we went back to my towel, and before I could lie down, he grabbed my hand and led me away from the open beach and towards the sand dunes. My heart began to pound in my chest.

Quiet rapidly he had found us a hollow spot in one of the larger dunes and we lay down, side by side, on my towel. The sun was even warmer here because the mild breeze couldn't reach us in the hollow, and we were totally protected from prying eyes. . Assez vite, il trouve un creux dans la dune et on s'allonge sur ma serviette, côte côte. Though I didn't see anyone at the beach beside us; perhaps it was still too early in the season?

Before I had time to think of what was going to happen, I felt his hands on my thighs He began to dry my wet body and remove the sand which clung to my skin with his smooth hands. His touch was smooth and gentle all over my aching body. He was very skilled leading to believe that he was either a physiotherapist or a professional masseur. Needless to point out that hi caresses affected my cock - it sometimes seem to lead a life of its own - and it quickly rose to the occasion, beginning to leak precum.

I was getting hotter by the minute. And then he totally surprised me by leaning forward and beginning to cases me with his curly hair. His curls floated down my belly reaching my cock and then my nuts. It was totally wild... I was so horny by then; I grabbed my cock and smeared the precum all over his handsome face. He seemed to like it as he kept caressing me and giving me small lick with the tip of his tongue, giving me a titillating feeling all over.

Gently he began to b nipple me, starting at my aching nuts and slowly making his way towards the head of my swollen cock; his lips remained only half opened when he reached the head. Wow, what a sensation! This was the beginning of one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. He really knew what he was doing! And moreover he loved it. Several times I was on the brink of shooting my load, when he eased off ever so slightly, without letting go of my cock and balls.

Obviously, it was too good to be true, because the curly haired guy had other ideas in his head.

Suddenly, without any warning, he let go of my hard cock, leaving it exposed to the harsh sunlight. It glistened wet and slippery of his saliva. And then he grabbed both of our cocks in his hand, robbing them together, finding a slow rhythm, very slow indeed, that we both enjoyed. His cock was thicker and longer than mine, even though it wasn't fully erect yet. The closeness between us and the feeling of his cock against mine, the touch of his gentle hand robbing back and forth, his fingers slowing down and playing with the precum from our cocks, and his other hand playing hide and seek with our balls, was really getting to me.

God he was handsome, kneeling in the sun with both our cocks in his hand, the sun playing in his curls, giving them a different color everything the light shifted. Not a single second did his green eyes detached themselves from mine.

Little by little, with an infinite gentleness, he accelerated the jacking pace, and it was clear that he wanted us to come at the same time. I grabbed his tight as checks with both my hands and saw his excitement rose; he speeded out the pace another notch and used both hands on our cocks. His breath accelerated as did mine, he began to pant, and I followed his pace and growing pleasure. In an explosion we both came almost at the same time, big goblets of his white sticky cum hit my chest and chin, and mine hit his belly, running slowly down towards his cock.

After the last shot of man juice he fell laid down next to me, totally satisfied.

I must have dosed off again because when I woke up, he was gone without a trace. I looked everywhere for him, but he had vanished.

Every morning the rest of my stay I went to the breach, but he didn't return. There was no sight of him. Nada!



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