The doorbell had already rung several times before I even decided to answer it - when you work nights, you don't welcome Bible salesmen and AVON ladies.

Besides, I usually don't wear anything when I sleep, and I had to find my robe in the closet before I could answer the door. I jammed my arms into the sleeves, yanking the cord tight around my waist as I headed for the front door of the house. Once I looked through the small window in the door and saw who it was, I didn't mind being awakened.

Matt was the letter carrier for my block, a good-looking fellow with sandy brown hair and a lean, attractive body. Sometimes he would bring the mail before I had settled down to sleep, and I would spot him heading my way. I enjoyed seeing his long, athletic stride coming down the block, and I loved watching his ass retreat from view as he continued on his appointed rounds.

We briefly spoke once or twice, so I knew his name, that he was unmarried (which always meant, in my mind, that there was hope), and that he had worked for the Postal Service for five years, though only one of them on this route.

Now he was standing at my door, holding a small parcel wrapped in brown paper. In the moment before he spoke, I looked him up and down; he was tall and slim, but from the was his uniform shirt hugged his torso, it seemed that he was put together very nicely indeed. I could tell it was going to quite a warm day: he'd pulled the brim of his hat down to shade his blue eyes from the bright morning sun, and a little crescent stains of perspiration already marked his armpits.

"Gotta collect on this," he said, holding the package just out of my reach. Although the wrapper was discreet, I could tell from the label that it was the new DVD I'd been expecting.

"You want to come in?" I asked, "I haven't got any money in this..."

Matt followed me into the apartment, and I took my wallet out of my jacket pocket. "They make enough on these videos," he muttered absently as I counted out the money. "You'd think they could make sure the postage was right." He put his initials on a small receipt and handed it to me.

"Is that the new one?" he asked. "I've been wondering whether to buy it myself."

I couldn't believe my ears: I'd used this exact dodge more times than I could count, but now I was on the other end. "Why don't I put it in the machine," I offered, "and we can take a quick look at some of it. I'll just go put on a pair of jeans..."

"Don't bother," he said, smiling for the first time. "You look great the way you are." He leaned forward and undid the sash on my robe, so that the front fell open. "Yeah," he said, "that's just fine."

"What about you?" I asked, my mouth suddenly dry. He opened his belt, and lowered his pants, kicking his shoes off. He wore no briefs, and his shirttails still covered most of his ass and genitals, but what I could see tantalized me.

I loaded the DVD into the player and then pressed the play button while he checked his watch. he was teasing me, and I didn't mind it a bit. The muscles of his legs, after five years on the job, were exceptional, bulging everywhere along his smooth thighs and calves. He un-buttoned his shirt slowly, exposing his chest, also hairless, from which his nipples poked, already erect. If his upper body lacked the powerful curves of the lower, it was still taut and seductive.

Now he turned his back to me, and removed his shirt altogether. His ass was just made for fucking, and I could feel my cock begin to stir as I looked at it. I told Matt to stay where he was, while I hurried into the bedroom to get a rubber from my drawer. Through the doorway, I could see only his back as he watched the movie.

When I came in and Matt turned around again, he was fully hard, his cock visibly throbbing and bouncing as he stroked it lightly. It was nice and long, about 9" from my guess, and it pointed straight at me, inviting me for a closer inspection. I went down on my knees and kissed the bulbous head of his cock as he lowered his hands to his sides.

My own hands circled his waist as my tongue worked its was around his know. In both cases, I liked what I felt very much; so did he, to judge by the way his fingers dug into my shoulders. Once I had moistened his entire cock, I went back to just the tip, opening my mouth wide to accommodate it.

Matt moaned once as I sucked him in bit by bit. Then he leaned away from me, sliding out until only the head was between my lips. The next time I took him in deeper still and the moan was louder. Then I concentrated on relaxing my throat, and he pushed in gradually until I could feel the soft curls of his pubic hair brushing against my nose.

He squatted a little to change the angle of his cock in my mouth, and his thigh muscles popped out in bold relief. I ran my hands over the warm, silky flesh, pressing down on the strong curves, feeling the resistance and tension under the skin.

The movie continued to play, unnoticed, so I grabbed the remote and muted the sound so I could hear the noises Matt was making, the low groans and growls that accompanied his increasing excitement. "Suck me, yes, suck my cock," he demanded. I had thought he was completely hard before, but his cock continued to swell in my mouth, growing almost another inch while I worked on it.

Then I moved my way up from his dick, tracing the lines of muscle in his firm stomach with my tongue, flicking at the tips of his erect nipples. I could smell the salty odor of his armpits as he expanded his chest into my face, and I greedily dove into the nearest one to me, burrowing in the fine fragrant hair with my nose.

Matt's hands were all over me, feeling my arms, my back, squeezing my ass as we pressed our bodies together, grinding our groins into one tangle of hot flesh. Dropping to the floor, he slurped all over my crotch, lubricating my slow thickening cock. When I reached for the condom, he took it out of my hand, saying, "Let me, please."

He unwrapped the condom, and kept it ready while he continued to bathe me cock with his saliva. It felt great to have his tongue dancing between my balls, and I was soon hard as a rock. "Is your cock always so big?" he asked me. I looked down at him, and smiled: "Only when I really want someone..."

I ran my fingers through his close-cropped hair as he slipped the condom over the tip of my cock, carefully smoothing it down my hard monster, making me get even bigger. Then Matt bent over the sofa, offering his upturned ass waiting for m invasion. I straddled his body, striking one cheek then the other with my condom-wrapped monster. "Give it to me," he said, almost too softly to be heard; but I heard it.

Spitting into his ass again, I used the tip of my cock to smooth the liquid into his crack. Beneath me, he pulled on his cock with rapid motions, working himself into a frenzy, his exclamations getting louder every minute.

When he yelled, "Oh, Jesus, fuck me!" I was glad my upstairs neighbor worked regular hours, I plunged into him, rather harder than I had meant to; instead of pulling away, he pushed his ass back to meet me.

Reaching around, I grabbed his stiff cock, and began to ply it in time with my own thrusts, his sphincter tightening around the base of my cock. I could sense the pressure building in my nuts, but I took it easy, running my other hand over his chest and stomach.

Matt started to work my cock with his ass muscles, tensing and relaxing them; my stomach was getting tight as well. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath, and Matt pulled away, my cock slipping out of him. Then he laid on the sofa on his back facing me. Then he put his feet around behind me, guiding me back into his hot ass. Inch by inch I pressed in until I could go no further, then I took his cock in my hand again and resumed our quest for climax.

Stroke on stroke, pushing with all my might until Matt had to grip the arm of the sofa, I could feel his lean stomach quivering beneath my fingers as he panted and gasped. I squeezed and twisted his hard cock, making him feel as good as he was doing for me.

I barely heard Matt's warning cry before he exploded hot cum all over us. I let go of his spasming cock and grabbed his legs as I tried to drive myself deeper into him. Each shot from his cock caused his hips to buck and his ass to clench on my dick. For a brief moment I was aware of my cock growing larger than ever, then nothing but the crash of pleasure as I climaxed into the condom.

The next thing I knew, we were both on the sofa in a heap, holding each other tight, with my cock still buried deep in his ass. I ran my fingers up and down his beautiful legs as we lay there, catching our breath.

I wanted to hold him a bit longer-I guess I'm the romantic type-but he got up too soon. He did let me dress him, though, sliding the trousers over his hips and buttoning his shirt. He stuck his finger into the abandoned condom, and smeared a little bit of my cum on his wrist, where it dried. By the time I refastened his belt, and my hand brushed over his crotch, he was hard again.

"I have to go," he sighed, looking at his watch once more. he didn't stop in again for quite some time....

I saw him every day during that time, of course. I watched for him now, and didn't go to sleep until I'd seen him come by. His long strides, his graceful body, his good looks gave me a hard-on every time he passed the house.

I love to write letters, and I get a lot of mail, so each day he'd come up the steps and bend over to push the letters through the slot in the door. Day after day, when I'd see his ass pushing against the fabric of his slacks, I wanted to jack-off, but I always decided to save it in case he came back...but it had almost been two weeks.

The second time, he had already delivered my mail, and continued on down the block as I watched through the half-parted curtain. Then suddenly he stopped short with a batch of letters in his hand, and came back toward my house, holding one apart from the others. He rang the doorbell and I ran out to open the door for him.

"I forgot this deliberately," he told me as I unzipped him in the hall, stroking his stomach at the same time. "I had to get Mrs. Turello's mail to her so she wouldn't complain again-that feels goooood-like she did last time."

His cock sprang from his trousers already hard, before either of us had even touched it. "I've been thinking about you since I turned the corner," Matt said softly, reaching down to fondle his insistent boner. "I thought I was going to bust out of my pants before I could get here."

I put my arms around him, but he broke the embrace gently, "I can't stay too long today," he said as he ran one hand through my hair, and loosened my fly with the other. "We've got to make this one fast." Pulling him into the apartment. I wasted no time getting the full length of him into my mouth, swabbing his shaft with my tongue, and sucking like a sonovabitch.

Matt fucked my face with enthusiastically, urging me on with his gasps and yelps. I stretched my jaw to give him room, fumbling meanwhile with his belt. Slipping one finger between his ass cheeks, I teased him with it, moving nearer to his hole by degrees. When I could see his knees trembling, I put it where he wanted it. He leaned over me to hold the wall as he swung his hips back and forth.

"Faster, faster," he barked and I poked in and out of him as quickly as I could move my hand. I could taste the first dribble of precum as I finger-fucked him, and I wanted to taste his man juice as well.

My own hard-on was bobbing back and forth in my lap, but I couldn't do anything for it while I was so busy getting Matt off. But that was okay: it felt good just to listen to him carrying on about how hot I was getting him. The sweat was pouring off him, making his skin slick as I massaged what I could reach of his body.

Then Matt stood perfectly still, and I knew he was about to pop, his balls grazing my chin as they tightened into place. I licked twice at the very tip of his cock, and was rewarded with blasts of cum into my mouth, his cries becoming one long moan of ecstasy.

I chugged it down as fast as his dick could spit it out, but there was just too much for me, and I felt his hot jizz sliding down my jaw. Then, when we were quiet, I could hear his breath whistling over my head, an the chime of the local church clock.

"Shit...I've got to go," he said, kissing me. "People are waiting for their mail..." Buckling his belt and jamming his shirt back into his pants, he ran out so fast that he forgot his uniform hat.

I paced around for a few minutes after he left, still very much turned on by the sight and the feel of him. Then I picked up the hat and held it over my face, breathing in his smell from the lining and the brim, and jacking off with my cock in the other hand. I tried the hat on, but it was the wrong size.

Then I had a wicked idea, and set the hat on the floor in front of me. Straightening up, I looked down at my dick, throbbing with excitement, the head a ruddy pink color. I spat into my hand, and with a few quick strokes brought myself to full erection.

Nobody-no matter how good they are-can do for you the handjob you give yourself. I like a good blowjob, and I love to fuck, but most of my favorite climaxes have been solitary, just my five fingers making my best friend feel good. Now I thought of Matt as I gripped myself, increasing the pleasure his visit initiated.

I got real close two or three times, but pulled gently on my balls to slow myself down, and give my load a chance to build up even more. With the taste of him still in my mouth, though, there was a limit to how long I could hold back, even if I wanted to. As my cock swelled that last little bit, I aimed at Matt's hat, and came into it, one big jet of spunk, the three other squirts saturating the material.

His next few visits were a quickies-beginning with a stop to retrieve the hat-which didn't make either of us very happy. I wanted a lot more from him than I could get in fifteen minutes, and he was so worried about being reported to his supervisor that he couldn't really enjoy himself.

The next time he brought me a parcel, he made my house his last stop. He stayed so long, I got no sleep and had to call in sick, but it was well worth it, since I got three big loads out of him (and put two big ones into him, as well!). Even then, one of my stupid neighbors saw his cart out front, and complained.

Neither of us wanted him to risk his job any further, but by now we were both eager to continue what we had started. Finally, there was only one solution that we could see...

Now that Matt's moved in with me, I don't have to wait for a special delivery for the male to come!

The End



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